The Teacher's Project (Interest Check - F seeking M)

Started by Zillah, September 30, 2011, 10:10:16 AM

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Well, since my last request for a clichéd theme has worked out beautifully well … here’s hoping I can find a good partner for this as well. :)

My character’s a high school science teacher – married, but not happily so. Now in her mid-thirties, she once attended the high school where she now teaches. The few faculty who were there when she was a student remember her reputation as a wild child, a cheerleader who liked to party. On occasion, rumors about this pop up through the school … oddly enough, though, it’s the students who dismiss it, mostly because they can’t believe their teacher – always prim and proper, dressed so conservatively with her hair up in a bun – would ever be like that.

Your character would be one of her students, who isn’t doing terribly well in her class. Maybe he visits her after school for extra help, or perhaps they meet by chance outside of school. Whatever the case may be, they engage in a dirty little tryst that certainly is not appropriate for a teacher and student to have.

Afterwards, the student decides he’s going to blackmail the teacher into an ongoing relationship (the clichéd part of this story), making her his personal sex toy. However, when he tries to do so, he learns that there’s a problem to his scheme – the teacher also knows something damaging about the student, and could make his life a living hell as well, if she ever revealed his secret. So, each one can effectively blackmail the other, putting them into an uneasy stalemate.

While the two don’t trust each other, and perhaps don’t even like each other … they’re both really turned on by the sex, so they continue their affair, which each successive encounter becoming riskier and riskier for both of them – they’re getting off as much on possibly getting their partner in trouble as the sex itself.

I’d like this RP to be somewhat collaborative. While I have some strong ideas about what it ultimately should (and shouldn’t) be, I’m leaving the concept for the student character fairly open. If you’re interested in playing the student character, he can be the quiet geek, or the popular jock, or outgoing and popular, or an inexperienced virgin, or have a girlfriend, or, well, whatever – it’s up to you. I’m also up for whatever ideas you might have for this, though I do want to keep it at least slightly plausible and realistic. (And I’d be more happy if you do have some ideas for this – I like collaborative RPs much better than ones where I come up with ideas, and my partner simply reacts to them.) This particular RP can go anywhere from “Light” to “Extreme”, as far as I’m concerned, so keep that in mind as well.

As with my last request, very important: While this RP will certainly have its share of sex and smut, I don’t want this RP to be nothing but sex. In addition to exploring the teacher and student’s sexual relationship, I’m interested in exploring other things that happen between them as well. Do they ever learn to trust each other, or is their relationship a bunch of uneasy – but really hot – sexual encounters? If they do wind up trusting each other, does their relationship become romantic as well? How do they act around one another in public, in front of other friends and family? What happens if anyone finds out about what they’re doing – one of his friends, maybe, or perhaps her husband?

This part of the RP is as important to me as the sex, if not more so … so if the RP becomes “lots of sex, short post explaining what we do between the sex, more lots of sex”, it’s not going to last long.

Also, final note: none of my RP requests are ever “first come, first served”. If anyone tells me they’re interested, I’ll look at what ideas they have for the character and the RP, their O/Os, and probably some of their posts, to get an idea of writing style and tastes. I’m going to try to work with whoever I think would be the best fit for the RP, not necessarily the first person to respond. 

So don’t worry if you think you might be “too late” to ask … until I close the thread, I haven’t decided anything. 

Interested? Or have any questions? Please PM me.

Thanks for reading. :)


I am intrigued by your statement and would like to subscribe to your newsletter *clicks link* :-)


This interest check thread is now closed.

My thanks to everyone who responded. :)