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Author Topic: The Widow Queen's Bloodbath ( [Extreme] Drow D&D 3.5/Pathfinder - TS/M or M/M)  (Read 1427 times)

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Offline PaleEnchantressTopic starter

UPDATE: This character and idea has been absorbed into a large group game. Abduxuel is the matron of house arch winter and if you want to work ...under him/her. Go ahead and fill out an app.  Its probably a bit less extreme then I originally planned to make it group friendly.

I'm looking for 2-4 people including the DM to run a specific story. The plot focuses on evil characters and male on male sex. Depending on my partners preferences my character can range somewhat feminine pretty boy to full out transgendered though by default he is somewhere between the two. Like most dark elf matrons my character is intended to be sexually dominant though power plays and non-co can make things temporarily different.

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Plot: All drow fear and revere Lolth though she only allows females to rise high in her clergy. The whims of the spider queen have been known to be fickle to the point of contradicting her own doctrine just to mess with the heads of her followers. Aduxuel Archwinter had been born first boy of a merchant house just on the cusp of rising to nobility. The matriarch of house Archwinter paid the expensive fees to get him into the arcane academy. He was frighteningly natural at magic, but his powers did not manifest as wizardly instead taking on a darker, spiritual nature. In many ways he was a treasure to his house, yet he opened himself up for rampant abuse when he claimed that he had the soul of a female which made his cunning and ambition equal to any priestess. These claims earned him resentment from male and female drow alike. For a while it was tolerated as an eccentricity until Abduxuel finally crossed the line by assassinating his oldest sister to take her place as first daughter.

He was imprisoned and taken to the temple to be sacrificed. The priestesses opened a portal to the demonweb pits sending him directly to the realm of the spider queen to be tormented and consumed for his heresy. It seemed like such a fitting end, at least until within the flickering light of the casting chamber Abduxuel. In his hand was a brilliant whip that ended in the heads of 5 white snakes: a universal sign of Lolths blessing.

When the family still proved reluctant to make him first daughter Abduxuel made his demands subtly known when the dead bodies of his rival females walked into his mother's presence and immolated themselves before her.   Now as the official first daughter the Matron Ysraena Archwinter finds that she has a heir who she can truley be proud of in all her cunning ambition. An unfortunate message that she herself may be the next victim of the beautiful witch that she now calls daughter.

Rules: The game title comes from the homebrew PRC Abduxuel will be taking [ this is necessary for me to have allowed even if other homebrew stuff is omitted] ( ) and that in his quest to be more beautiful then any female drow he performs black magic rituals and bathes in blood to make himself frighteningly beautiful. I want the Widow Queen to be something rare that garners a certain amount of respect and fear. They are perhaps considered something deadly from the past that most would be shocked to find still exist much less find there is one right in front of them.

As far as starting level I think 8 would be good but it depends on who wants to DM and what they decide. I don't really see lower then 6 being good.   I'm basically looking for a DM and a player to partner with. Im more then happy for the DM to also have a character and may be willing to add another player or make is me + DM only if needed. The campaign should detail Anduxuel's rise to becoming the matron of his house and elevating that same house into the ranks of nobility. This means lots of social and economic  actions, but there is plenty of justification for having a lot of traditional battle too. Rival hosue attacks, assassination attempts, surface raids, and of course "Tests of Lolth".

 A few ideas for potential characters to play opposite me.

The second boy of house Archwinter who sees his 'sister' as someone who is going to go far and that he could profit from allying with, though he also grows to find the witch more and more alluring.

The consort of the current matron deciding to throw his lot in with Abduxuel to avoid being killed when he takes over as matron.

An undead black knight who preys on the fringes of dark elf society recognizes the signs of a blossoming widow queen and seeks to ally with it. perhaps he lost a lover ages ago or perhaps he views undeath as a state of perfection.

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- I am willing to play a different plot if the DM thinks of one as long as I'm still a Widow Queen and the game has a "expand your evil empire" feel with a focus on M/M sex. I was even considering posting a second plot idea  that deals with black comedy and occasional breaking of the 4th wall as some genre savvy evil overlords work their ways against various heroes and dungeon exploring. ("I filled your bath with the blood of 100 virgins Dread Master!" - *sticks finger in and licks it* "More like the blood of a dozen virgins and 88 liars" )

- I might be willing to make this a much larger drow society based game which can then include M/F or other sexual pairings between other PC's if the DM decided s/he wants to be overly ambitious.

So if your interested in either being a player or DM let me know.

PS: If your in a D&D game that would like to have Widow Queen Abduxuel in it hit me up. Perhaps even though he has Lolth's favor he was exiled and joined with the other PC's
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Offline Karasu

Thsi is hot indeed XD I sooo wish you were a DM yourself XD I'd join this in a heart beat.

Offline PeacethatPowerbrings

I love the concept. Unfortunately, I don't think I could take on the DM job, but I'd love to play a character opposite Abduxuel.

Offline Karasu

so would I actually XD

Offline PaleEnchantressTopic starter

I think both of you would make excelent partners. It is unfortunate that I am not willing to GM this, but if I did id just have to either downplay my own character or feel like I'm creating a Mary Sue. I couldn't really have fun when he plots on killing off the matron to take her place or experience the thrill of turning someone into a poisoned heart through seduction and feeding 3 nights in a row, Not then the outcome is also in my hands.

I adored our abandoned game PTPB and Karasu I have been stalking here on E so hopefully we do get a DM type.

Offline Karasu

so excited. if you want Pale, we can think of a different Idea to do int he meantime ^^

Offline PeacethatPowerbrings

Yeah, as a DM I'd never have my characters as more than plot aids. I really liked the concept of an undead black knight. I do hope someone will DM for us.

Offline Karasu

I usually play shyer types, or subby boys when it comes to much. Unless I'm playing a rogue or a wizard XD

Offline PaleEnchantressTopic starter

Pointing out there is an update. We have a gm and will be part of a larger game. Matron Archwinter needs his allies and underlings. A dregoloth son would be nice...