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March 29, 2017, 08:34:39 AM

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Author Topic: My Neyaphem Love (X-Men Fandom)(M/F)(Need F-Character)[UN]  (Read 584 times)

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Offline JagerinTopic starter

My Neyaphem Love (X-Men Fandom)(M/F)(Need F-Character)[UN]
« on: September 26, 2011, 06:52:10 PM »
Much like the Doctor Who Universe, the X-Men universe intimates me. Mostly because of the sheer vastness of it all. Again, like Doctor Who, even though I've known about it almost my whole life and been a fan of it for most of my life, I don't know it like other people do. Other than a handful of the comics and random episodes of the original series, I only know the movies and X-Men: Evolution. While I found Evolution to be completely amazing and deserving of being continued, I know a lot of people who thought it was just some kind of affront to the comics. Honestly, that doesn't matter much to me. I'm a forgiving person when it comes to most movies. I never expect them to be like their source material and I honestly don't think anyone should. It's the character personalities and abilities that I care about.
I like Nightcrawler. He's always been one of my favorites, but I will shamefully admit that I never bothered to look beyond what X-Men Evolution said about his character history till the cast list for X-Men: First Class was put up. I saw one of my favorite actors on the list (Jason Flemyng) as playing the part of Azazel. When I read it off to the hubby he asked 'Who's Azazel?' and I responded that I didn't know. As usual, I don't like not knowing something so I googled it! I quickly wondered why none of my X-Men fanatic friends growing up never bothered to tell me that this was the father of Nightcrawler. I debated messaging them all and demanding answers, but google told me everything I needed to know about Azazel.

In all honesty, his character disappears into his grief never to be heard of again...till X-Men First Class! While I dislike the downplay of his character's abilities, it's not like they say much about him. In truth, I like thinking that Azazel is just going along with it all for his own agenda. That he's playing the part of the 'good mutant minion' while going about his own life when he disappears and comes back like a good boy when called for.

Now, onto the plot bunny!

I don't really have a specific time frame for the game, but I would like for it to be in the X-Men First Class setting. That means that Azazel is working under Shaw with the Hellfire Club to start World War III and put an end to humanity so that mutants can be the next ruling species. This also means that the year would be around 1962 and the X-Men don't technically exist yet. Their group consists of Shaw (the leader), Emma Frost (second in command), and the two underlings Riptide and Azazel.

Azazel is kind of like Shaw's personal assassin. He teleports in, does his job, and teleports back off to the unknown. No one really knows where he goes or what he does. No one knows where he comes from or the full extent of his mutation. Or the fact that he has a very seedy agenda of his own beyond simply wiping normal humans from the face of the Earth.

In truth, Azazel has a very big plan of his own. Helping Shaw search out mutants only helps him further his own goals. Azazel's big secret is that he can only stay on Earth for periods of time. He was banished many years ago to a fire and brimstone dimension and the only way to stay on Earth forever is to sacrifice the blood of his children. To do this, he needs children. And even though mutants can produce mutant children with normal humans, he would prefer not to chance it and chooses all his mates to be mutant women. Preferably ones that can be considered Gamma Level Mutants (mutants with extreme power levels and/or inhuman appearance that can't be switched off at will...such as Blob, Beak, Marrow, Nightcrawler, Azazel, Beast, or Feral) to ensure that his children will not only be mutant, but be powerful as well.

I plan on playing Azazel, so I'm looking for someone to play a female mutant of the Gamma Level class. Preferably one with a physical difference as well as a high power level ability, but not someone from the canon universe. I would also prefer my writing partner to be someone that has some knowledge of the X-Men universe. I'm not asking for an expert (cause that would scare the hell outta me) or even someone that has the knowledge level that I do (I get obsessive about things and don't stop till I feel I know everything about the subject). If all you've seen is the X-Men movies, that's perfectly fine with me. If you've not seen First Class (see it!), then at least have some idea of the character of Azazel (google him).

The game itself would include Azazel finding the mutant girl. This is a time when mutants are widely unknown to the world, so she would likely be in hiding herself (since I would prefer her to have a physical difference). Him bringing her to places where mutants are considered acceptable and seducing her between his work for the Hellfire Club and having to go back to his exile dimension. Maybe even bring her into the Hellfire Club to become a member.

Once pregnant, he would want to keep her close and ensure the safe delivery of his child. Meanwhile, he would be doing the same to all the women he's impregnated (maybe 3 or 4 other women). I don't like the idea of being rough to or abusive towards pregnant women (or anyone in real life), so maybe he keeps her in his cabin aboard the Hellfire's submarine and her powers don't allow for her to be able to escape.

Anyway, I have a lot of ideas for this game. It would last, at the very least, nine months to a year of in-game time. It could extend longer depending on how we decide to run their relationship.

PM me or post here for more info or if you're interested.


Offline Kuroneko

Re: My Neyaphem Love (X-Men Fandom)(M/F)(Need F-Character)[UN]
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2011, 07:47:51 PM »
Are you sure you won't take a canon character, 'cause Marrow is one of my all time fave X-characters, and I've played her on my own X-board in a different version for a long time.  Plus, it would just be fun to RP with you ;)

Offline JagerinTopic starter

Re: My Neyaphem Love (X-Men Fandom)(M/F)(Need F-Character)[UN]
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2011, 07:55:30 PM »
I could be convinced depending on the canon female. Marrow is certainly an interesting one. She wouldn't be able to escape should he decide to keep her on the ship, but she would prove to be one hell of a distraction and problem should she decide she wants off the ship.

Would you be okay with using a canon female (Marrow) in a non-canon storyline?

Offline Kuroneko

Re: My Neyaphem Love (X-Men Fandom)(M/F)(Need F-Character)[UN]
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2011, 08:06:59 PM »
I'd be totally okay with using her in a non canon storyline.  My board's an AU, so it's completely non-canon anyway.  Hell, my Wolverine there is a woman, lol. 

Would you be okay with Marrow having some degree of control over her powers, so she's not uber grotty down in the sewers Morlock Marrow with bones sticking out everywhere, but rather with visible bone growths that make more physiological sense?  Like, forehead, elbows, knees, shins, forearms, down the spine, etc?

Offline JagerinTopic starter

Re: My Neyaphem Love (X-Men Fandom)(M/F)(Need F-Character)[UN]
« Reply #4 on: September 26, 2011, 08:21:15 PM »
I'll PM you so we can discuss. ^__^