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Author Topic: ~A Master's Ring~ Role Play based on an Original Story by ElSol  (Read 5446 times)

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~A Master's Ring~ Role Play based on an Original Story by ElSol
« on: September 25, 2011, 09:29:37 pm »

**This request is meant for serious writer(s) looking for something more... what exactly that is even I do not know yet ~smiles~ my idea is to have one person other them myself writing this, I might be talked into two but truthfully I think the complex nature of this would be better as one on one ... one side playing the sibling(s) aspect and one the brother **

     I originally found this Novella on Literotica, it drew me in and I absorbed it and long to read more, but sadly there are only 59 chapters to it and I can only hope that at some time the author 'ElSol' will continue it.

    However I can also hope that there is a special female out there that like me enjoys reading and writing erotica and wants to continue what ElSol stopped back in 2005... Basically I am looking for someone who is willing to read all 59 chapters first, and then from time to time take on the aspects of the below charecters highlighted in red, as I will take on the aspects of the others in blue, my hope is that the two of us will continue where the story left off.

    Now this may seem like a lot, but read the books IE story in the link and if it draws you in as much as it did me, then I think you as I will think it is worth it.

    The Books I, II, III and part of IV can be found in the link below. I ask that if anyone is considering taking this on the please contact me and let me know first so that we can speak and I can lock this request until such a time as they are ready to continue.

(Below is taken directly from the Author ElSol)
Master's Ring Character List
(Some Spoilers)

Timeline - The original version of AMR was started before the new millennium, this version is still 'dated' at the beginning of the story at 1996-98

The Brotherhood or The Society -
A secret society with two classes drawn from idealized versions of Samurai and Geisha

Brothers - the 'dominant' caste; this caste calls the organization the Brotherhood

Siblings - the 'submissive' caste; this caste calls the organization the Society

David (Brother Ekaterina) - the narrator and main character; short, bulky, black hair, dark brown eyes, unnaturally strong and with keen senses; an Ekaterina Bloodline Brother

Melisa (Sibling) - Short, symmetrical, green eyes, champagne-glass breasts. Melisa is David's First Sibling and in charge of his training. Melisa is the ONLY Sibling that is not indoctrinated.

Doris Alex (Sibling - Alexander) - Tall, burnished red hair, green eyes with brown imperfections. Doris Alexandra Smith is considered the best product of the Alexander Bloodline of her generation. She has two sisters, both older than her.

Janet (Sibling) - 4'11", brown hair, brown eyes, described as having plump curves. Desperately in love with David, she leaves his side to protect him from the uncontrollable elements of her emotions.

Michael (Sibling) - Tall, sandy blond hair, dishwater blue eyes.

Dr. Jeremy Ryan (Brother) - Creative writing professor, David's supply master in his mission as an Enforcer.

Samantha (Brother) intelligence specialist for David's branch - tall, blonde, athletically trim. Mentored by Anna, Samantha is considered the second best discipliner and trainer of Siblings. Like Anna, she has taken to augmenting Sibling training after they are indoctrinated and finished their Brother tour.

Robert (Ruling Council Brother) - Black, homosexual

Roderigo (Brother) - tall, dark, handsome, Spaniard and Robert's heir to the council seat. Anna's grandson; he is considered too ambitious by the Brotherhood but it is believed only he can guarantee their survival in the new millennium. Limiting the reach of his ambition is the reason that David was originally chosen to be an Enforcer.

Melisa's Dad (Brother) - Melisa's adoptive male parent, a uniformed police officer.

Gerald (Non-member) -- president of the Tau Fraternity

Alyssa (on the verge) - 5' 3", dyed blonde hair, plain blue eyes, curvy, the girl-next-door

Dr. Susan Lawren (Sibling) - David's height, short black hair, symmetrically feminine. A challenging Sibling. After a failure to twin with Stephanie, Susan was labeled untwinable. Her relationship with Stephanie is very close.

Marie (Indoctrinating) - A waitress at the restaurant David works in. Red hair, green-blue eyes, a very nice ass. After her affair with David, she decided to accept the white Ring.

Rachel -

Malia (Sibling) - Black hair, brown eyes, hawaiian surfer girl (Reader request, I hope he likes what happens). Malia and David are discovered to be incompatible; normally, a Brother and Sibling that naturally do not get along would avoid each other. In David's case, because Malia was imported to give him stability, avoidance was not an option. Their incompatibility forced Doris Alex to act to separate them permanently.

Heather (Sibling) - Brown hair, brown eyes, thick with curves; her twining attempt with Malia. She has returned to the Brother that recruited her into the Brotherhood taking Janet with her.

Anna (Brother) - Older woman, retired Enforcer; a legend in the Brotherhood having held the position for thirty years. Anna is considered the best trainer of Siblings in her branch; Siblings who have gone through her program are highly prized. She is Roderigo's grandmother although none of her direct children were a part of the Brotherhood.

Leonard (Sibling) - Anna's Sibling trainee, and assistant

Krista (Sibling) - Asian sibling, twined with Leeann, has a close association with the Foot, sharing duties with Leeann as Leon's First.

Leeann (Sibling) - curvy, brunette, twined with Krista, has a close associaton with the Foot, sharing duties with Krista as leon's First.

Cori (Sibling) - brunette fitness model; David has a hobby of collecting her pictures (Author's personal note; I posted her chapter and like fate she started modeling again :)

Keli (indoctrinating) - Blonde, blue-eyed fitness model; Cori's companion

Sandra (on the verge) - Tall, black hair, dark eyes, porn star curves. A sorority sister attracted to David.

Emily (on the verge) - Very short, strawberry blonde, a bundle of cuteness; A sorority pledge attracted to David

Joseph - David's sophomore year roommate; A Tau Brother

Stephanie (Sibling) - A Sibling that was raped. David murdered her rapists. She has moved into David's home to make her healing process easier. Sometime after her rape, she stopped responding to indoctrination command phrases.

Nancy (Sibling) - a psychologist responsible for profiling Sibling and Brother candidates. She is working with Stephanie to get her through the repercussions of the rape.

Characters only mentioned or hinted at thus far

Simon (Sibling) - Samantha's male trainee; a hulking baby-faced brute

Jason (Non-member) - David's 'big brother', died during David's last official military mission.

Elizabeth (Sibling) - Samantha's little sister

Katherine (Ekaterina) - David's biological younger sister; he is unaware of her existence; the Brotherhood knows of her existence but is keeping that knowledge from David.

Iane - considered the best product of the Ian Bloodline for her generation. Iane is nicknamed "Aphrodite", her arrogance and pride are legend in the Brotherhood. She has been chosen to be the mother of the reborn Bloodline Matthew by her mating with David.

Author's Notes on the Brotherhood

Enforcer - The three smaller branches of the Brotherhood have the responsibility of securing its secrets. Each small branch recruits one Enforcer brother empowered to kill Brothers and Siblings for violating the Brotherhood's laws.

Indoctrination - Sibling process to ensure obedience, loyalty and silence among their caste. There are three levels of indoctrination; normal, indoctrinator, Bloodline. Normal requires six months, indoctrination requires nine months, Bloodline requires two years. Bloodline differs from the other in that a Sibling indoctrinated in this fashion does not react to the command phrases.

Twining - Sibling process for matching two Siblings to reinforce indoctrination. Not all Siblings are twined and not all Sibling can be twined.

Cresting - Siblings are considered the pleasure of Brothers. A Sibling with a specific Brother's crest is considered that only Brother's pleasure.

First - Two different meanings to the word. For Brothers, a First is the Sibling that assisted in their training and transition into a full Brother. Most of the times, a First leaves the Brother as soon as his isolation period is complete. While Siblings call the brother that recruited them their 'first', the word has no special significance unless they have returned to that Brother to become their crest Sibling.

Crested First - A Brother's First who becomes their Crest Sibling. Siblings have extremely fine gradients of Rank thus; a First that left and returned to become a crested Sibling is different from a First that stayed but was not the first Sibling to receive a crest from their Brother; each possible combination is weighed differently. The highest standard value is given to a First that remained and became that Brother's first crested Sibling; this is considered an unassailable position of power in a Brother's life and while that Sibling is still subject to Rank their word is considered law when it comes to her/his crest Brother. Prior to Melisa, the perfect transition was considered to be; having your own parent be your first Brother, indoctrinated in your own home, to have a Brother tour that only included Brothers of one sex, then to be the First for a Brother of the opposite sex from the ones on your tour, finally to be that Brother's first crest Sibling.

Rank - Siblings power game; a Brother's favor or displeasure is heavily weighed in rank. For the most part, anything is allowed a Sibling with higher Rank but certain things are inviolable such as a crest Sibling being touched only by their crested Brother.

Bloodlines - Ten Sibling lines descended from the first ten people that swore oath to the Brotherhood as Siblings. The Bloodlines are revered by some Brothers; believed to be the Brotherhood's strongest asset by others; and still others think of the Bloodlines as the Brotherhood's pet project.

Any Bloodline Sibling bears the name of their progenitor. Six of the Bloodlines have been preserved (Elizabeth, Constancia, Marie, Ian, Alexander, Ekaterina). Two of the Bloodlines will be reborn in the form of David's children with an Ian and Alexander Siblings (Sarah, Matthew.

The Bloodlines are highly competitive against each other to stand as the favorite among Brothers. Historically, the Ekaterina was the most treasured Bloodline. While other Bloodlines had children that were NOT a part of the Brotherhood, every Ekaterina child became a Sibling from their ancestor until the line was considered lost. Ekaterina Sibling were fanatically loyal, and obedient so much so that the original intent of indoctrination was to emulate Ekaterina behavior. Due to these factors, cresting an Ekaterina Sibling became one of the few status symbols among Brothers, and the only one that involved Siblings. It is believed that until the line was lost every Ekaterina child (from the original Ekaterina who was the daughter of a Brother) had a Brother for a parent. This prevented any manipulation of the Bloodline to improve it as the other Bloodlines were.

On the Verge - Sibling term for someone on the cusp of accepting the Sibling lifestyle; they believe someone on the Verge only needs their first sexual relationship with a Brother to begin the process of indoctrination

Bloodline Brother - There have only been three Bloodline Brothers in the history of the Brotherhood. The first two were born of the Alexander Bloodline (the first female Brother and the Brother who moved the Brotherhood's heart from Europe to the United States. David is the third.
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