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I usually play through IM or IRC but recently my muse is really pulling at me and I want to try a few forum games after the last one I tried went so well. So here are a few ideas.

Well I figured it was time that I finally started this thread as the old one has become quite a bit cluttered lately. And I also figured it was time for me to add some new ideas into the mix and to trim out some of the old ones so I will very much be writing and updating this as I progress along. I'm looking for partners at all times really, I have a lot of free time on my hands lately and I am seeking partners that are on during the day as well as during the evening hours.

This first one received some positive response so I am going to list it again here first and foremost. A lot of this plots will contain elements of Non Con, and what I like to call a forced seduction where the girl is held down and teased to orgasm over and over against her will which I find immensely more fun than regular Rape. However, do not fret because these ideas will also contain elements of romance, and whatever else really comes to mind at the moment.

Best friends or Lovers?

This plot is quite simple and basic but also oh so much fun. Two best friends, Alexis and (Insert your girl's name here), are having a sleep over. Ages range from 16-18, for a typical highschool setting and to respect the rules of the site. The two girls are never separate from one another, they do everything together, shopping, studying, sleep overs, they've even practiced kissing a time or two and then promptly broke down into a gigglefit right afterwards. Unfortunately for her best friend Alexis  has a rather big secret she's been keeping from her friend. A large, thick, throbbing cock. She's always been attracted to her best friend, a fact that she's kept well hidden along with that rather big cock. One night during a sleepover however, Alexis wakes up with her large soft breasts curshed against her friends back, rubbing against her back warmly through the little babydoll tee she wears to bed and gasps in shock as she realizes that that big hard cock she's kept hidden all these years has somehow wedged itself between her best friends thighs, right up against the folds of her sex through panties. Her friend is still sleeping and Alexis can't resist grinding against her, touching her, tasting her. How far can she go before her best friend wakes up? How far -will- she go before she wakes up?

Sound fun? I thought so as well. Naturally I imagine the plot would come from the two girls having to deal with that night together, all these strange new desires, the new dynamics of their relationship. How will this relationship proceed, with Alexis being the agressor and forcing her best friend into more lewd and strange scenarios, is her best friend willing and is this more of a romantic exploration from the start? I don't know but I am open to almost anything, suggest it, ask me, talk to me about it, maybe we can swing it. Do they experiment one day after sports practice alone in the shower? Her best friend caressing Alexis's big cock and blushing hotly as she explores it a second time. Uh oh, was that a noise? Will they get caught? I don't know. That's the fun of it. Lets talk it out, lets decide what -we- want to do these poor girls.

Feel free to PM me as always expressing interest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Plots involving Possible Incest combinations as well as mild non/con, forced seduction, blackmail and coercion

The Film Project

I want to start out by saying that I left this plot under the incest setting because I see it as a mother/son or an aunt/nephew pairing but it could just as easily be played in the same vain as To Tame a Housewife further down between a younger male 18-20 and the mother of his best friend, can we say MILF? Fun stuff.

This is another incest based plot, however, it could be done in the same vein as To Tame a Housewife between a younger male and one of his friends mother's. Also the age difference here does  not have to be extreme either, as long as it realistic. The general idea here is between a mother/son or an aunt/nephew. The young male in this story, lets call him Jack is recently returned home from his first year away at Film School where he is studying to be a director. Now, he's always had an attraction to the female lead character in this story (whether it is his mother/aunt/best friend's mother or what have you) that he has always had to keep hidden and secret. During his stay away from home at school, he's experimented and has found that nothing is able to quell the secret attraction he has for the female leading character. So while he is away he comes up with a plot that he decides to enact when he returns home for his first break.

He goes to his mother/aunt/best friend's mother or what have you and then confides that he is close to failing his first semester of film school and flunking out of the course. He pleads with her, knowing that when she was younger she wanted to be an actress, and knowing that she would do nearly anything to help him out. He pleads with her for help, telling her that he has to complete a film project in the one week he has at home. The film project will have to be a love scene and that he doesn't know anyone else who can help him out. She agrees, reluctantly, but willing to do this to help keep him from failing provided that everything remains professional.  The story would progress from there, I imagine, with the scene ending up going much further than she had planned and then the two have to deal with this new wrinkle in their relationship.

It could proceed from here as a blackmail story, or a romance, or really whatever we want and involve anything from impregnation to whatever other sort of drama and kinks we can come up with together to toss at the story.

Non/con, Blackmail, Coercion, Manipulation, Forced Seduction, Kidnapping, Possible risk of Pregnancy in one Plot are elements you'll find here

The Divorcee

This plot is a bit different that most of mine but it still contains a popular theme and pairing for me. It is a mother and one of her son's friends, I imagine it anywhere from 16 to 20ish for the age of the son's best friend. The general idea here is that she is recently divorced and feeling down about herself, wondering if she is still attractive and very vulnerable. She's always been the cool of sort of parent, buying alcohol for her son and his friends and letting them party at her large house provided they all stay and no-one leaves to go driving drunk. So one weekend after the divorce, she is feeling lonely, vulnerable and unsure of her looks so at one of her son's parties she gets very drunk. Drunk flirting with her son's best friend leaves her feeling attractive, alive, desirable again and one thing leads to another and the two end up sleeping together. Afterwards she is remorseful, she regrets it, she wants to end it right there. I imagine this proceeding with the son's best friend being the aggressive sort, he's always liked her and this night between them was amazing. He knows that she likes it, that she likes him, but the age difference, the taboo of the relationship is holding her back.

I imagine her as very conflicted about all of this, it feels so good, but it is so wrong in her mind. It could proceed as a romance, or something darker. It's all up to you. Let me know what you think.

The Auction

This is one I have had fun with before and it plays on of my favorite scenarios in a game. The seduction and corruption of innocence. This plot is set in either a Victorian Era real world setting (no history freaks here, some accuracy is welcomed and I am willing to research for a game but I'm just looking to enjoy the restricted morals of the Era and setting here) or in a fantasy world populated with whatever sorts of races and beings we can imagine here that is very similar to a Victorian Era Earth in terms of the morals and tropes and the repression of sexual desires on the surface, with that dark undercurrent of rich sexual deviance among the noble elite.

The premise for this game is that there is a sort of Nunnery, or Convent where young women are sent, usually orphans who have no parents so that they can be raised to join the order and keep it going. However, this organization is not funded, it has no means of raising it's own money other than through a very special event held every year. The young girls who have come of age (16-18ish) here all young, youthful, curvy, buxom young girls, preferably on the big doe eyed, naive, innocent side here, are set up to be auctioned off for the night. They're all dressed up skimpy, revealing little gowns and auctioned to the nobility, the rich, who all have very perverted desires and tastes. The order knows this, the  Church knows this, the nobility knows it, but the girls have no idea what they're in for as all that they are told is that they're being auctioned off for a night, they are to go to the nobles house, they are to follow his orders and they are expected to behave and not cause trouble.

Now, if things go well, the noble can decide that he wants to keep the little vixen as pet. Something that he can mold, torment, corrupt into his perfect, pretty little plaything that he can show off at special parties and events amongst the other nobility and so forth, things like that, I think. Beyond that, we're free to decide amongst ourselves where it will go and what will happen. Perhaps she is rebellious and needs forced into her lessons, perhaps she is meek at first, perhaps she will try to escape? Who knows but it certainly sounds like fun to me.

The Promotion

This is another plot nugget. A bare bones idea that has been in the back of my head for a while now and in the same light as The Bachelorette just below it in that it's inspired by my craving for loving wives, adultery, cheating, and all of that yummy fun. In this scenario I imagine a handsome older man and a younger woman. He is the Boss of her husband and the CEO of a large company. After meeting the lovely young vixen at a corporate event he becomes enamored with her for one reason or another and makes designs to possess and claim her as his own. This comes about in the form of him 'promoting' her husband to manage one of his out of state branches leaving the poor newly wed young bride at home for long periods of time feeling neglected emotionally and sexually. This is where he would move in approaching her one night after her husband has been out of town for the first time.

Now from here this story can branch off in a number of ways, perhaps the corporate event was a Halloween party and after meeting the lovely young newlywed bride the boss tells the husband that he needs him to switch masks with him for some reason, maybe he tells him he wants to avoid someone at the party, the husband agrees of course thinking nothing of it and the boss then comes up with some errand for the husband to run. He finds the beautiful new bride alone in the party, she mistakes her husbands boss for her husband and he lures into a passionate sexual encounter that night and then somehow blackmails her into continuing things with him. Or perhaps we go with the original outline and play it out a bit more slowly, building up the sexual tension. Who knows, pick your poison, or your pleasure as the case may be if the story interests you and send me along a PM's.

The Bachelorette Party

This idea stems from my love of the Loving Wives section of Literotica as well as my fascination lately with cheating, adultery, blackmail, a bit of forced seduction and all of those yummy and wonderful things. This one is again set as a modern theme and as of right now it is a small nugget of an idea with the possibility for expansion. I can see it as a one shot or expanding in a number of ways. The basic plot is that a young woman is getting married. As is typical for me, I do prefer curvy, buxom, vixenesque women. A friend of mine calls them the 'va-va-voom' type, haha. At any rate she is getting married and her best friends throw her a bachelorette party. They hire a male stripper and plan games and things like that and as the women are drinking and getting inebriated things begin to get out of hand quickly. They dare her to touch his cock, to stroke him, to suck him, to let him put it inside of her for a few seconds and so on and she ends up getting carried away and having lewd, dirty sex with him right there on the spot.

It's good smutty fun and it can end right there as a quick one shot. I also happen to think it has the potential to go much further, however, and be expanded into a nice kinky little story. Perhaps the stripper gets ahold of the tape one of her friends was filming and shows up on her doorstep when she is back from her honeymoon and he decides to black mail into various dirty things and she has to try and hide this from her husband. Perhaps she gets pregnant and the stripper finds out, he threatens to tell her husband that the child isn't really his unless she goes along with his evil desires, who knows really, the possibilities are endless here and limited only to our imaginations.

Greek Week

This is really the barest bones of a plot but one I have had an itch to try out for a little while now. Basically it centers around an event on a college campus called Greek Week. It's a competition where Frats team up with Sororities and hold events to see who which team can raise the most money over the week with the proceeds donated to charity. Over the years this has become a huge deal with huge bragging rights going to the Frat House that can raise the most money. Almost anything goes and the School Board and Dean largely look the other way during Greek Week since it's become so popular that attempts to tone it down or tame it would raise trouble with the student body.

Now that is all well good, but where does it leave us? The scenario I have in mind is that your character is a young, buxom, curvy Sorority girl. She's one of the few, however, that rarely parties hard and rarely ever attends a lot of the raucous campus parties, even with her boyfriend who is extremely jealous and over protective of her. Then enters my character, a typical frat guy, young, charming, handsome, parties hard and always has a cute girl on his arm. He desires your character, he wants her, she's the biggest prize on campus and most of all because you're the girlfriend of his best friend. So he decides to approach you at the start of Greek Week asking you to help him run the events for his Frat. It would start out innocently enough, this year all of the Frats are putting on plays and each night the plays gets progressively more daring and rique to draw in more and more people each night. My character knows yours is a theater major, he asks her to star in his play, tells her that she'd have to be wearing a small little skimpy bikini on stage because he makes the play sexy since sex sells. He'd rationalize it by telling her the other Frats are doing far more risque scenes, and tell her that there'd be a love scene between them. Each night it would get progressively more and more bold and lewd, the second night asking her to remove her top for the scene and so on each night as it progresses. I think there is a lot of room for fun here.

If you like the idea as always feel free to contact me through PM's.

Assistant to Pornstar

A woman comes to interview for a personal assistant job, the man interviewing her is shocked to learn its the very same girl who used to tease him and be a little cocktease in Highschool. He asked her out once and she agreed going out with him only to get him incredibly hard and then left giggling with her friends. He looks different now than he did then, he's muscular, athletic, good looking and so she wouldn't recognize him but he recognizes her because he has been harboring a revenge and lust fetish for her ever since high school.

After looking at her resume and her background check, he finds out that she has a crushing debt looming over her head and needs the job, needs money badly. So he decides to tell her that the assistant position has been filled. Before she can leave, however, he mentions that his company handles 'models'. She has no idea what the company really does, but its actually a very successful internet porn company. He tells her that she can come down and audition just to 'model' for him and attempts to see how far he can get her to go. What she doesn't know is that the whole time of this so called audition, there is a hidden camera in the room running and taping the entire thing.

He would then, of course, turn to using the tape against her as blackmail. Threatening to show it to her family, her boyfriend, to post it on the internet where no doubt all of her old highschool friends would see it. I think there is room for some fun to be had there and some plot to be developed as well.

Her New Life

This is a new idea that I've been toying with for a while now. The inspiration comes heavily with a roleplay that was began with another but which never progressed much past the first session. At the moment I am still toying with the details but basically it centers around a woman. A very vanilla, very straight laced woman who for all intents and purposes has been a bit of a prude most of her life when it comes to anything and especially when it concerns sex. All of that changes on the day she wakes up from a coma and finds herself staring a strange man claiming to be her loving husband. The only problem is that she can't remember him, she can't remember herself, she can't remember anything at all. The doctors tell her that she is suffering from a sever case of amnesia and that she might not ever remember anything about her former life. The general premise behind the plot is that this man is not her husband, but her husband's best friend a man that she cannot stand and a man who has always harbored a secret desire, a secret lust to see this extremely beautiful, straight laced woman become his perfect vision of sexual desire. He goes to great length to create a fake background of her 'old' life married with him where he is the owner of an Production Company, and she as his wife is the number one star and fan favorite in all of his Adult Films. I think the plot offers a lot fun for deception, and plot as well as lot of heated sex driven scenes where this straight laced woman is forced to finally confront all of the sexual desires and kinks that she's repressed all of her life.

To Tame a Housewife

This one I sort of like because it indulges a favorite old fetish of mine that I often ignore, the mature fetish. It would involve a young man, recently turned 18 and just sent off to college. His best friend Randy has also recently left for a different school out of the area, however Ben's attending a local community college. All throughout his life Randy's mother has been like a second mother to him and Randy's home has been a second home to him.  Ben, however has always held a secret, lusty desire for Randy's mother. She had Randy at a young age and she was always working out to keep her wonderful figure which has only matured and improved over the years. large breasts, plump hips, toned body, she was quite attractive and deep down she knows it.

That is the hook that Randy uses to snare her and lure her into the trap that he's been working on for the past several months. He's taken most of his saving and put them into renting out a run down building which he has been restoring and then filling with rented furniture to make it look like a modern office. One room is even set up like a Photography studio which just happens to be Ben's major in college or so he's been telling everyone, especially Randy's mother whenever he stopped by to visit her. So, one night he sets up a fake email address and a fake website for a modeling company and then sends an email to Randy's mother who he knows still harbors a deep desire to achieve her dream of modeling that she never obtained when she was younger due to becoming pregnant with Randy.

Once she arrives at the address, the office that Ben has been restoring, of course he greets her at the door. He makes up some story about the company being new and needing photography talent and that he applies and got the job on the condition he worked for nothing more than being able to add it to his portfolio. He'd then invite Randy's mother back into the studio and begin taking pictures, flirting with her, making her feel good, working at seducing her with the camera and seeing how far he could push her with the goal of eventually blackmailing her with the photo's that he'd taken of her and making her submit to him.

Fantasy Non/Con section

Paradise Island

The ideal characters for these plots will be young women, very busty, a lot of curves and quite innocent. That is one of the premises behind and the driving ideals for a lot of these themes. I find it quite erotic and sexy to be interacting with shy, innocent, corruptible young girls here. The kind who've never really had sex and in a lot of ways are oblivious about it and how beautiful they look and what they do to the men around them.

Now if that sounds like something you'd be interesting in playing out with me then please by all means read on. I've listed one plot that is ideal for this situation and I have many more in mind that I'll be happy to discuss at length with anyone that wants to pm me or contact me via YiM.

This is a new idea that I had the other night and is inspired from a very hot hentai manga I was reading the other night that involved the girls from the DoA video game. Keep in mind, this is a non canon story, however if you are familiar with the DoA girls I might be interested in discussing it with you, but for the most part this is strictly non canon. (the previous was bolded as I tend to get a lot of feedback from people saying the don't know what DoA is and while the hentai manga about the characters from the inspired this knowledge of the characters and setting are not required.)

The general premise is that my character Raven has gone to great lengths and personal expense to purchase a tropical island and turn into a paradise. He's built a luxury spa in the middle of a remote tropical jungle island with every amenity and luxury service you can imagine. The sole purpose of this island paradise is to attract the most beautiful, buxom, busty, shapely women in the world. He sends out invitations to every beautiful woman that captures his attention. Now, this story, will most likely be played a blend of modern/fantasy settings. Think Final Fantasy technology, with magic allowing for most of the modern technology that exists in the world.  The thinking behind that concept, is that allows for the first character on his list to be invited.

This first character (which is merely a suggestion of the first character I am open to hearing or seeing what kind of character(s) you might have in mind after all he is looking to build a harem here) is a elf maiden, except that unlike her waif-like kin, she is busty, voluptuous and curvy. Because of those attributes in this world she has become a starlet, a famous actress using her looks to get famous through B movie roles (think Shannon Tweed, Shannon Whirry-esque late night Skinimax movies here). Because of that she was the first to catch Raven's attention through her sultry, seductive sex scenes in her multiple movies. In real life, however, she a bit shy, naive, even demure and not like her on screen character. She accepts the invitation, glad to have a chance for a vacation on a secluded island away from the leering eyes of her fans. Little does she know what Raven has in store for her though. I see this story featuring impregnation, dom/sub relationship, forced non/con (and what I mean here is a slow forced seduction on Raven's part, making her want it, making her want him, making her squeal and moan against her will) sex toys, and any other kink we can think to throw into this story. From there, if the initial relationship gets a little stale and we want to try something different, you can make a new character that will arrive at the Island. There does not need to be, nor do I ask for there to be any multiple characters played at the same time, lesbian interactions, any of that required though I wont say no if you ask for it specifically. The characters will each be kept in different rooms, locked away from each other with only interactions going on between Raven and each girl as he forms a harem from the characters you create for him.

Now there would be a lot more to be added here as well as he trains and slowly plans to impregnate and breed these women from the harem he is building. It would allow for guards, servants, people he has to bribe to keep quiet and so forth to be involved with the women as well and allow me from time to time to take on the role of other NPC's. There would be rules that each girl would have to follow once they were trusted enough to be let outside, ways they had to act, ways they had to dress on each different day, things they have to do on different days. If those orders were not followed then Raven would, for instance, turn that particular girl over to the guards on the island. Let them line up to rape her and have their way with her until she is raw and can't walk straight while Raven paraded the other women out to watch the consequences of breaking the rules of the island.

That is just a few instances of what I had in mind here, please, feel free to contact me and let me what you think if you're interested at all in this idea.

Sound fun? I hope so. *grins* Here is a picture of the first girl, the busty elven actress that inspired this whole plot line to get you thinking on her or other characters that you might be interested in bringing into this setting. Keep in mind this modern and fantasy blended. Elves, fae creatures, humans, the sky is the limit here for what kind of character you want to make and you can feel free to make new characters at any time. The object here is pure creative freedom blended with modern and fantastical elements. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=2151806&user_id=18626&member&np

I like this idea because it provides a -lot- of potential for fun and indulging any and every kink we can think up for the hapless captives. Also, it saves itself from ever becoming really stale because the moment one pair becomes a little old together a new female character can be introduced by you, the potential partner and the game begins all over again, fresh and new.

Virtue's Seduction

This is a Fantasy setting and it is basically an idea that I really adore and find myself returning to over the years. The central concept is here is the seduction and corruption of Innocence.  In this particular instance I also expect that there will Romance involved eventually, that blossoms out of a sort of love/hate relationship. I also expect that will be elements of Dominance and Submission quite heavily, as well as some bandage along with grand adventure, lots of bloody violence  and all sorts of naughty fun.

The story centers are the tale of a young, buxom, busty, innocent young Priestess. She is quite literally the last of her kind left in the world. If she falls to peril, then magic, knowledge of the Gods magic and the light of healing will forever perish from the world leaving it a dark and bleak place indeed. At one point, some several hundred years ago there was a great and terrible war that erupted and left the world in turmoil. The kingdom of Valmere was once ruled over by Wizards who possessed powerful arcane magics. There were some who recognized that magic was beneficial for the world and there were some who were jealous of the Wizard's power over them.

The Kingdom was soon divided into two opposing factions. One side embraced magic and the rule of the Wizards while the other was vehemently opposed to it and put forth that men should rule over themselves with the might of their own sword arms. Naturally, as mentioned above, this lead to a terrible conflict where the Kingdom of Valmere was split into two distinct factions. One side, Valmere, still supported magic and upheld it while the other side, Kirkland, opposed magic and hunted down any and all Wizards and anyone born with any sort of magical ability at all. It came to the point that as this war raged on over the last several hundred years that less and less people were born into the world with the gift of magic.

Magic is dying out and there is only one person left in the world who possesses any sort of magic or has any hope of returning magic to the world. That is where your innocent, buxom, busty young Priestess comes into the story. She knows that the situation is dire, that she is the last hope, but at the same time she wants to help the armies of Valmere end this war so that magic can return to the world. There is a problem, however, the Temple where she was raised has been under siege. She must be smuggled out and she must reach the Bastion in Valmere to join the armies, but her guardian has been found murdered. The head of the temple is at his end. He has no one but one man he can trust, a savage Barbarian born out of the Wild Lands but raised at the Temple as a child.

He turns to him and seeks out his help. The Barbarian agrees but he informs the head of the Temple that will be no simple journey. It will be dangerous and perilous and worse yet, the Wild Lands that must be crossed to reach Valmere are a savage place. Barbarian hordes, border towns with little to no law, save one. Women are property. They are sex slaves. They exist to serve a man, to please a man. If the Priestess is to be escorted safely across to Valmere and remain out of sight of murders and thieves and spies then she will have to become the Barbarian's personal sex slave. She will have to learn the ways of a slave, learn to embrace the lifestyle and serve her new Guardian without fail or both will come to harm in the Wilds.

Can she do it? Will she do it, her resolve is set. Valmere needs here, the world needs her, her Guardian needs her. Let's see how it plays out, shall we?

A Daughter's Ordeal

This one I imagine being set in Victorian times but please be aware that I am not a history major and I am not looking for complete historical accuracy here. This story will center around the Daughter of a Nobleman. Her father is rich and powerful, at least, he was at one time. The family is on the verge losing everything that they have and becoming paupers and everything rests on the shoulders of the Nobleman's youngest, most beautiful daughter. She is buxom, busty, pale skinned, beautiful and quite innocent in terms of her sexuality as per the morals of the time.

She is set to be wed to one of her Father's oldest and dearest friends, a rich and powerful man from France. His family deals in arms and supplies and her father needs this marriage to happen so that his own businesses can merge with those of his oldest friend. What her father does not know about his friend, is that behind closes doors, he is dark, dominant, and quite twisted in a lot of delicious ways. This story will have a lot of non/con, forced seduction, dominant and submissive themes, bondage,  and whatever kinks we can think of to throw into it really.  His daughter will soon find herself cast in a depraved world of sex, depravity and perversion.

How will she deal with it, will she fall prey to her own lusts, deep down even if she has trouble admitting it to herself, does she love the dark and twisted things that her new husband to be and master does to her? Lets find out together.
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