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December 09, 2022, 01:02:36 am

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Author Topic: Batgirl vs. Imperial City [Incest, NC] (looking for M--thugs/villain)  (Read 1710 times)

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What I'm looking for here is to play as Batgirl with someone playing the thugs and/or villain here.  I had thought that Batgirl's dad (bastard and divorced) would wind up being a Joker-type called Jester.  Batgirl is undefeated as of yet and the two and half years she's been doing this, no one has been able to so much as cop a feel.  However all good things must come to an end, whether that's a new supervillain or a gang that's come up with an idea of how to trap and beat her. 

I want plot in the game intermingled with smut.  Her getting her ass kicked and raped would be excellent.  I prefer costumes to stay on for the most part, but a good stripping is nice from time to time.  Bondage, cum, oral/vagina/ass rape, humiliation, bondage (did I already say that? =P) vibrators, forced orgasms, orgasm denial and so on.  Basically I want this 19 year old heroine to realize the mess she's gotten herself into.

My ons and offs are linked in the signature of the profile.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  Below is a description/first post for the game. 

Jessica Rockwell has a life.  Though her most recent boyfriend seems to think that she has a life without him.  He'd called her on the day before her birthday to tell her that they were through.  The only worse timing for such a break up could possibly have been on her birthday.  Dyson thought she was cheating on him.  In some ways she probably had been.  But for two and half years she's been doing something that no other person has so much as dared in this part of town.  The things she's accomplished around here make the people have hope, they can go outside, at night, and not fear that they're going to get shot, or raped, or mugged.  They have a dark guardian watching over them.

Two and half years ago Jessica and her best friend Samantha Brewer came to terms with something.  That the city, especially where Jessica lives, is going down the shitter.  Even at sixteen both girls could see that something would have to change.  Truthfully, it had been Samantha's joke to become a heroine that sparked the idea.  Jessica has a mom that's divorced from an abusive husband, Rockwell is her maiden name, and one that Jessica was all too happy to take.  However even as her mom works three jobs just to keep food on the table, she still manages to make every swim meet, she attends every event, and somehow scrapes together money that she probably doesn't have to help fund Jessica's "luxuries" in life.  Such as a cellphone, or TV, though that was recently cancelled due to Jessica calling the cable company to cancel it.  She'd rather have a buffer of money and food on the table than watch some senseless show.  They live in the worst part of town, and yet, it's not half as bad as living with the absentee/abusive jackass of a father. 

Jessica's been interested in comic books ever since she can remember.  As soon as she turned sixteen she got a job working at a local restaurant called the Bahama Beach resort.  Funny since they live in the northern United States where there's a coastline, but it's no where near the Bahamas.  It requires Jessica to wear a silver swimsuit which she looks amazing in, and pays little by the hour.  However the tips are amazing.  They employ both men and women, leaving them to dress up in swimsuits (though there IS a code to how much they have to wear) and then serve dinner to the customers.  It earns enough money that she could support her love of comic books, and help out her mom a little. 

Samantha, on the other hand, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  Yet her and Jessica's situations are entirely too similar.  Instead of a violent dad, though, he's just negligent, never actually spending time with his daughter.  And unlike Jessie, Sam can't leave the house.  Or at the time she couldn't leave the great big mansion.  However she could spend her daddy's money on just about anything and everything so that he would "make her happy." 

When the subject of superheroism was brought up, it had been meant as a joke.  They were complaining about how awful each of their situations were and wouldn't it be great of there were someone out there like Batman.  After some lengthy discussions they found out that they both have the means and the skills necessary to pull this off.  Jessica has been enrolled in mixed-martial arts with Sam since they were both "knee high to a grass hopper" or around age five.  Picking on them is about as wise as Japan bombing Pearl Harbor.  They could and would kick someone's ass for trying to hit them.  It took months, but they both wound up with new identities.  Jessica would patrol the area around her house while Sam would take on the more white-collar crimes.  Together though, they've been cleaning this hell hole up.

Jessica took the mantle of Batgirl.  Her favorite heroine from the comics, but only because the girl is so damn smart.  So smart, that the comics guys felt it was evened out by her ability to get herself into trouble.  Jessie didn't quite take after that part of the role, just it gave her room for designing the outfit.  The outfit itself is solid black, appearing to have no zippers on it at all.  The wet-lycra look makes the suit highlight her curves while also allowing her to hide perfectly in the dark.  Instead of yellow accessories though, she's gone with all black.  No heels for her either.  Instead she wears thick gothic boots that carry some weight with them.  Her utility belt has all kinds of gadgets within it, also solid black.  She has her suit tailored so her gloves are worked into the suit itself.  They're outfitted to emit small electric currents based on the way her hands are positioned.  One way sends an electronic signature to unfasten her belt from her shapely hips, another reveals the zipper, another makes her cape detach, and then there are two more.  One allowing her cape to take shape as a parachute for longer falls, the other allowing it to take shape for gliding.

The only color is a dark-red bat that sits on the top of her chest.  Her cowl reaches up over her head covering it just like the girl's in the comic.  Her hair spills out from the back in a mass of beautiful brunette curls.  What's more is that the entire suit is made out of a material called FlexSteel.  It's a composite material that's dipped in some kind of fluid, but the end result is that it looks like spandex, but absorbs low velocity impacts alright, while the higher velocity ones are stopped dead in their tracks.  Meaning she's essentially bullet proof, especially from high-caliber rounds.  People would have more luck with punching and kicking.  Though with her skills as a martial artist and knowing how to break a bone...well she's been sending more people to the hospital over the past two and half years than to jail.

It's hard for a vigilante to keep a person in jail.  Pretty easy to keep them in the hospital under so much pain that even morphine doesn't do the trick.  Her neighborhood went from being the worst place to live two and half years ago, to one of the best up-and-coming neighborhoods.  Sam has had a lot of success as well, busting many white-collar criminals and abusive dads in rich homes all over.  Sam goes by Mistress Masque ironically based on a naughty superheroine story she once read.  However nothing about Sam's or Jessie's career has been naughty.

Tonight, like every other night of Batgirl's career, she's out on patrol again.  The most she's ever cheated on her boyfriend is by going out at night and jumping the rooftops in a skin-tight outfit.  Now, at 19 she's in college on too many scholarships to count.  She's also living with her mom both to help her keep the apartment, and also to keep a close eye on the neighborhood.  Batgirl's been cleaning up a bigger and bigger area.  Cops now patrol the streets regularly where it's safe, which keeps it safe, and she patrols the outer bits of the safe-zone to make more and more safe for others in the area.  Criminals seem to respond better to getting their bones broken than the legal system.  This way the punishment is quite severe, making criminals afraid of what goes bump in the night.

Jessica Rockwell

Samantha Brewer