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July 27, 2017, 10:03:09 PM
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Author Topic: Carpathianís are Yummy. (F seeking M or F)  (Read 477 times)

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Carpathianís are Yummy. (F seeking M or F)
« on: September 16, 2011, 03:00:34 AM »
"Sweet love, sweet love
Trapped in your love
Iíve opened up, unsure I can trust
My heart and I were buried in dust
Free me, free us
Youíre all I need when Iím holding you tight
If you walk away I will suffer tonight

I found a man I can trust
And boy, I believe in us
I am terrified to love for the first time
Can you see that Iím bound in chains?
Iíve finally found my way

I am bound to you
I am bound to you

So much, so young, Iíve faced on my own
Walls I built up became my home
Iím strong and Iím sure thereís a fire in us
Sweet love, so pure
I catch my breath with just one beating heart
And I embrace myself, please donít tear this apart

I found a man I can trust
And boy, I believe in us
I am terrified to love for the first time
Canít you see that Iím bound in chains?
Iíve finally found my way

I am bound to you
I am bound to

Suddenly the momentís here
I embrace my fears
All that I have been carrying all these years
Do I risk it all? Come this far just to fall?

I can trust and boy, I believe in us
I am terrified to love for the first time
Can you see that Iím bound in chains?
And finally found my way

I am bound to you
I am, ooh I am
Iím bound to you"

Why hello there!

Welcome to my request thread and thank you for taking the time to glance around. As you can see I am seeking to RP in the Carpathian verse developed by author Christine Feehan in her Dark series. I will not be using any main characters in person, perhaps mental communication but do not in any way wish to try and depict the characters Christine Feehan has created.
I have a few ideas where in I can play either a male for female lifemate weather it be to a male or female carpathian/human/leopard/mage and the like. Iíve been dying to write a Carpathian story for ages but havenít found my inspiration. Well I am reading the book series from start to finnish so I am beyond inspired. It would be just lovely to find someone whoíd like to play in the dark, passionate, dangerous and seductive world of the Carpathians.

Donít know what Carpathians are? I can help with that.

Deep within the heart of the Carpathian Mountains a race was born with time, ageless and tranquil. Honed by honor, loyalty, hope and endurance they lived in harmony with the world; already ancient when man was young. They develop quickly in childhood a severe weakness to sunlight causing skin to blister and eyes to swell. This as well as the need to sustain their life with the only substance to hold creation as well as  the way they slept in rich healing soil made man hesitant with the Carpathians from the start.

Still they lived amongst eachother in a world filled with such wonders which have been lost as myths in our time. Children are born far and in between but in equality because there is only one mate for every Carpathian. When born it is the Carpathian belief they are born with only half a soul meant to wait until their soul's meet and emptiness is replaced by a complete feeling unlike anything even Love could explain. This does not mean to live an empty life by any means. No indeed from birth life for Carpathian children is like any child would have been in those times. Dictated. As they grew and began to develop as the powerful species they were born to be educations shifted depending on sex.

Females are cherished more than anything, lifemated pairs protecting one another and their people while always in deep love. Any females unmated were still treated with respect and understanding while under sometimes severe protection. The females are compassionate, caring, the star to illuminate the crouching darkness within every carpathian male. Healers some, all are beautiful inside and out with some graceful gift bestowed upon them to better their world.

Males are chisled, brooding, protective and very stubbornly old fashioned. From adolescence they are made into warriors unless some other talent arises. They are created to fight the ugliest enemy to this world. An enemy their very race's existence created; the Vampire. Many with lifemates continue to hunt the Vampire but it is the males who are unattached which fight that disgusting evil. It is forbiddin for the women to be involved with the monster a Vampire truly is.

At puberty or shortly after, every Carpathian male loses their ability to see colors and feel emotions. They can call on the memories of such things but in truth they become en empty shell seeing in drabs of grey without feeling, this is how lifemates are discovered in truth. When a male Carpathian finds his lifemate or she him, emotions and color return in the blink of an eye. When this happened before the Great war both would recite the binding ritual words, making their souls the whole it was meant to be.
Sometimes this can be centuries is coming, as children are born so far apart and lifemates could be hundreds of years older than their other half. The males are taught to endure, to remember affection of family, honor to their people and the knowledge that somewhere, someday his lifemate would be with him. Many fall to the darkness forever crouching, hiding a beast which always fought for supremacy. They would ask fellow brothen to end their existence or seek the dawn if they had any honor. Many chose a different path, giving up everything they are for darkness.

The Vampire is a monstrous thing, without feelings or the half a soul they were born with but bloated with the powers of their race. Vampires are Carpathian males who gave up their soul, seeking the rush of fleeting emotion in the kill while they feed. They become hideous creatures capable of deceiving and brutalizing the human race and women of their own people. Any Carpathian woman, paired or not is at risk with a vampire near by. They will steal the women, brutalize them and try to bind their souls together with blood exchanges. Death is usually the fate of any female to become a Vampires prey.

Being born of Creation the Carpathian people are granted great power and are bred to respect that power. Shape shifting, speed, strength, telepathy, telekinesis, spirit-seeking, fiber and energy manipulation are among those gifts. Not every Carpathian is capable of all such wonders but each has their own skill to hone and perfect. As time has changed the Carpathians have learned to appear human in their lives to retain some kind of peace.  Until the Vampire got out of hand this was a reality yet has man grew more powerful and greedy so did the Vampire.

 With vampires about it was not long before they whispered to the human mind about the Carpathian people. Painted the whole race to be as nightmarish as the Vampires themselves become. This was when carpathians faded into the background, interacting very little with humans and appearing human themselves when forced to. Alienating theCcarpathians and like species from the human masses gained the Vampire an advantage. Humans are easily used and Carpathians are honor bound to protect them, with all their weaknesses and ignorance's.
In this hidden world of shape shifters, Carpathians, vampires and Mages there was always conflict. Conflict became war when a Mage named Xavier became jealous of his Carpathian friends. He banded together with the Vampires and over threw the Carpathian prince of his time. The attack centered around women and children, nearly driving the species to extinction. Centuries past between children and most from the women left were males when the baby survived.

Fast forward to our time and the race is still barely survive in a corrupt world. It has been found out by the reining Prince of the Carpathian people that humans with psychic abilities can be lifemates, as his own was. The Carpathians had tried to convert humans before, to create lifemates but fate denied them. Most humans went insane in the conversion was successful but many died and their deaths were not easy. This knowledge gives the Carpathians the hope they'd begun to lose and restored faith to them as a people. Children are being born and a solution to the mysterious infant deaths, barren women and overage of male births has been found.
The vampire is crafty and with the mage also working for them the Carpathians are having to fight even harder to maintain this progress. They are a strong people and will find a way to stop the Vampires and find peace once again. Perhaps all they need is a reminder about where they come from and how great they truly are.


Once the binding ritual words are said, the two become one. Once three blood exchanges are made they truly become one life. If one dies, the other will follow or risk going mad and becoming Vampire. One blood exchange allows for open mind links and location. They will always know where the other is in the world. Two and they can open explore eachothers minds and become dependant on eachothers affection. Three and it's literally "I can't live without you"

The binding ritual words: (has an effect like a massive dose of euphoria)

You are my lifemate.
I claim you as my lifemate.
I belong to you.
I offer my life for you.
I give you my protection.
I give you my allegiance.
I give you my heart.
I give you my soul.
I give you my body.
I take into my keeping the same that is yours.
Your life will be cherished by me for all my time.
Your life will be placed above my own for all time.
You are my lifemate.
You are bound to me for all eternity.
You are always in my care.


Carpathian males are generally very dominant and sex driven, determined to please his lifemate in all ways. The lifemate bond is very heated and at the same time very deep, it's hard to explain but this of the love that's only seen in dream and intensify that ten times over. That's how the lifemate bond feels. To a male centuries maybe thousands of years without color or emotion that bond is life. He will fight heaven and hell to keep his lifemate with him ever more.

Time to get real again, Le sigh.

I have a few plot ideas which involve this beautiful race of beings who touch my heart deeply. I am play either a Carpathian Male or Female and write well as both. I am seeking a partner who can see the beauty of this race and appreciation the sacrifices they make in this fictional world. Deep, right? Lol, I just really appreciate the concept of the Carpathian. Perhaps even if you don't see them as I do, you will once the writing begins.
Again not playing main characters or developing into the main story this is purely for my inspiration. I am writing other stories right now, a comic and a novel and use my Rping as inspiration to keep me going. I am really hoping that there is someone here on E who appreciates Christine Feehanís verse as much as I do or who wants to learn about that lovely place. Please message me with the word carpathian in your subject line so I know you read up to here at least. My O/O is linked in my signature and I am online several times a day to reply. Any questions, just messages me and Iíll try to elaborate anything I have to for you. The Dark verse is very complex and I tried to get the gist of it down for you while explain the Carpathian race.

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Re: Carpathianís are Yummy. (F seeking M or F)
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2011, 03:02:58 AM »
The song on the top is just a beautiful heartfelt song by, yes Christina Aguilera titled Bound to You from the 2010 movie Burlesque. :) Hope no one is confused by the request I put alot of time into lol. Have fun guys, enjoy your search and maybe I'll hear from some of you. XD Bumping in a month, but may post more information about the Carpathians. Ciao.

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Re: Carpathianís are Yummy. (F seeking M or F)
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2011, 07:42:22 PM »
Updating; Currently only seeking a male character to partner with as I am playing a male myself with two others. Sorry ladies, if this changes I shall update again. :) Thank you for the interest!