the dealer [f for m]

Started by sunbeams, September 14, 2011, 05:09:07 PM

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Isabelle Stone is a nineteen year old college student, living in a nice townhouse just a few miles from the university she attends. She rents it by herself, her combined bills easily reaching over a thousand dollars a month, but the jobless girl is always able to pay them. That's because she proudly holds the secretive title of neighborhood pot dealer, and has a lavishly set up grow operation in her basement. Isabelle is quiet in social situations and usually doesn't care to make the effort to really get to know people. Her tongue is sharp and her mind works fast, and she always seems to be a bit distant, spacing out, and often tripping over herself or other people.

I'd like to play her against one of her neighbors, whoever that might be. Also, I'd like for the male character to be at least 27. The professor of a new class she's taking? A police officer? Her uncle? One of her buyers? On a more fantastical note, her new neighbor, a brilliant gypsy with a special quest for her? Someone with a bigger operation looking to take her out? And so many other options, yeah? Let's get cracking!


Hmm...interesting scenario and I would like to play as a police officer if that is fine by you.