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September 27, 2021, 02:53:11 pm

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Author Topic: Something quick and dirty! (M/M, M/F, F/F, and does anyone do M/transmale?)  (Read 859 times)

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I generally like more story-based games, but right now I am BORED and I'm kind of looking for something to get my brain churning. Something... SEXY. If you would like to plan a more long-term game with me that is great too! But right now I'd like to do some one-off things, you know? Some kind of different things.

The first game I'm going to suggest is the one I want to do the most, but if it doesn't float your boat, keep scrolling! I've got something for everyone. But to say right off they mostly involve D/s elements and they're mostly science fictiony and lousy with aliens.
ps. All the drawings I ref in this thread are terrible and old as shit I KNOW! FIGHT ME

I'm mostly interested in (my character is bolded)
M/Transmale (that is, female-to-male, essentially)

Let's Make A Deal
My character is named Cyrrus and is a member of a genetically-engineered three-gendered race from a labor-colony colloquially known as "Hive." The colony was previously shrouded in mystery -- any contact with the outside world was made by the masked ruling caste, and no one really knew what was going on down there to make it so damned productive.
After the ruling caste was overthrown in a violent coup, the colony fell to anarchy, the disorganized and uneducated populace ripe for the picking by opportunistic slavers.
They are divided into three castes based on gender, rather like insect colonies. Biological males are drones, weak and short-lived, with a singular purpose. Larger and more aggressive breeding females are called queens, though only a select few females with certain desirable traits are chosen to become queens. Most are female, though from a young age they are given modifications to null their reproductive capabilities and cause them to develop large, muscular bodies suited for labor. They appear male -- masculine bodies, voice, no breasts -- but still have feminine genitalia.
After the fall of their ruling class, these labor slaves were picked up and sold off rather quickly, though now, a few years down the line, their numbers are dwindling as not much is known about their biology, and the lack of foresight means that drones and queens are now exceptionally rare, but not much more than the once-abundant workers.
Cyrrus is a  member of this working class. I kind of want him in a situation where, in an attempt to escape slavery, he's found himself in need of a ride or a job on a mercenary or pirate ship (I love space mercs dangit is it obvious?) The commander could make a good buck off Cyrrus by turning him in, but maybe he has other things in mind. Perhaps he wants to see if the rumors about Cyrrus's species are true...
I'd definitely prefer a male character for this line. An alien would be cool, especially if it is something sort of large and imposing. Cyrrus's species typically stands at least a head above most humans. Which are also cool. Just.. whatever, I really want to do this story! :D
btw here's an image of another character that is the same species as Cyrrus.

For this one... basically I want to play the larger character in the illustration getting all freaky with some dude (or maybe the right lady but pref dude). His name is Xor. He's part of a species called the qivashi that are like super high-tech but pointedly neutral when it comes to interstellar politics. Doesn't keep them from selling mad weapons to "lesser" races though, just for the fucking lulz, just to see what they'll do with them. Xor is a weirdo and got personally involved in a conflict, so the other qivashi don't like him much. He's also a perv and is way into some mad interspecies bangin'. Pic NSFW!

Monster/girl is so hot you guys...
This one is M/F. Basically I'd like to play either character in this kind of setup. Pics NSFW!
They're both fairly well-developed OCs for a fantasy/steampunk setting. The guy is a naga (unfnagasunf) who is part of a traveling circus. The chick is an airship mechanic. Here is a newer pic of her that doesn't suck ass! I don't know why but I really like pairing her with monster guys. :I

Last but not least! Alien weapons dealer. Female of the same species as Xor. These ladies are aggressive and dominating. Would like to play her with a female, or the right dude. No particular story in mind, just something I want to see happen. She's the third from the left here. The one with the uh... tentacles...

Anyways! Comment or PM a bitch if you're interested. Will play on forum, IM, whatever. Stay beautiful!