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Author Topic: Fallen Blade's Interest Check/ OOC  (Read 409 times)

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Fallen Blade's Interest Check/ OOC
« on: September 12, 2011, 09:22:30 AM »
Bumping this old idea I had that never seemed to take off. Its an idea that remains with me and finally I just want to get it started. Keep in mind you can choose any faction.

[ This will be an Adult Themed Roleplay, Sex, Killing, Raping. Hope you enjoy =) ]

"Welcome to the world of Chaos, Civil war and Slavery. Without the rightful Heir to truly lead the people the country has fallen from once it's glorious position in the world. The once proud people, became looters and hookers. The cities are now havens for criminals to do what they will. Walls of the cities can be seen crumbling down from lack of upkeep. The fields without crops, the starved peasants are forced to steal to live... or worse, Kill. There are four main Provinces vying for control of the country. However the rightful Heir is on the move, The banner of the Blade Family flies high. Flanked by his own family, and loyalists. It's time, to bring this Country back to what it once was." The Troubadour stopped in the middle of his tale with a slight grin curved upon his mouth. "Who dare's play a part in such a historic time, Come one.. Come all, Welcome to a dangerous game." His voice had become low and dark as he began to speak " The rightful King, Adrien Blade is coming. Will you take up arms with him? Or against him. Beware though there are others who would seek to kill just for the excitement.." The man broke out into a laughter as two daggers fell from his sleeves. Tossing them in random direction's not caring if he hit anyone. "Do, Come play... By all means take up arm's and decide the fate of this Kingdom." The man makes a rather hasty Exit.

Faction List and Description:

The Blade Family Army: Led by Adrien Blade, Rightful heir to the throne. The Blade Army is made up of remnants of the old kingdom. Knights are the main force, horseback and decently armored units. There are five different regiments within the Blade Family each led by one of the Family members. The Blade family are bound by blood, therefore loyal to each other no matter if they disagree at times. Each Blade family member has a tattoo on their right shoulder signaling their royal blood. To cross the path of the Blade Family will result in lives lost.

If interested in playing a Blade Family member there is a limit of 5 first come first come first serve. I do ask that you be remotely active 

Sister: Open [ In my first attempt to Make this rp, The sister and Adrien developed a romantic relationship. Though do what you may with her, They can develop one or they wont. Up to you! ]
Brother: Open
Middle Brother: Open
Youngest Brother: Open

All members are older than 18

The Amal Knights: Once loyal soldiers to the crown, they no longer serve the realm. Instead they have staked claim to more than 60% of the realm. Instead they serve an usurper who claims to have a legitimate claim to the throne. This force is the main force who threatens Adrien the most. Its main force are Horseback Knights similar to The Blade Kingdom.. Due to its expansion it has 8 regiments making it the most powerful Army in the country.

The Villianese are a tribe more than anything, known for their horse archery. The Villianese may be a tribe but their tactics rival the best tacticians in the country making their tribes a force to be reckon with. They lay claim to 20% of the country and have 25 scattered tribes over their land. In times of war however they can be consider 7 regiments strong. They do not surrender, fighting to the death enables them to always fight at 100% weakening any enemy morale they face.

The Proud Adenians, known for their elite infantry and pikemen. In a way they are the only other faction that can rival all three other factions due to their pikemen. Making Cavalry fall at their feet. They control the last 20% of the country. Not a single faction will go against them at this point in time. However they are slowly taking control of Villianese territory.

Welcome to Hell.

Faction: Ex; Blade Family Armies

Feel free to include whatever else you would like. Also i will post my own shortly.

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Re: Fallen Blade's Interest Check/ OOC
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2013, 01:20:31 PM »
Bump to get this thing started finally. Just got a new laptop and finished two roleplay's so this is on my list to do.