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Author Topic: Anime, Fantasy, Incest, and more! (F seeking M only please! :D)  (Read 16634 times)

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Anime, Fantasy, Incest, and more! (F seeking M only please! :D)
« on: September 12, 2011, 01:46:55 AM »
I Will update whenever I can on these if not finished or have new ideas!  If any interest you, feel free to send me a PM ^_^
-I am only looking for MALE players!
-Looking for descriptive, creative RPer's.  I'm not asking for a novelist, but if you are, that's a plus! <3
-2 Paragraphs is the least I'll accept.  I don't do one-liners and a paragraph doesn't do much for me to write back on.
-Knowing grammar or at least being able to use the spell check button while writing a post will make me happy and keep me interested in continuing our conversations and RP's! <3  I'm a bit of a grammar nazi, so poor spelling kills the mood for me and will make me end RP's very quickly.  So PLEASE, if you don't know how to spell something, use the spell check button.  It's there for a reason(and I use every so often as well!) :/
-I'm a slow replier(I can dish out a few posts a day, but in a span of an hour, it's unlikely).  I like to think while I type, so if you're impatient and want a story to just go, go, go!, I'm not the RPer for you.
-Not interested in ANAL(unless it's a threesome--MMF), BEASTS(this include anthros/furries), GORE, VORE, WATERSPORTS, SCAT, PISS, get the idea, right?

Even though I'm straight, I have this fascination for playing girls with big breasts
First timers and/or innocent girls curious about boys..body parts
The sexy house wife/ girlfriend
Sex toys(namely vibrators)

Demon Brother/Sister incest
Note:  This one is based off my comic, 'Fallen Angel', where two of my characters(who are both demons FYI), Dominique and Dominic, have been having not much luck in their love lives and seek relief in each others company.

Now before we get more into this, here's some info between the two sibs you may want to know for future posts:
*Dominique is; more or less, a lesbian now.  In her current relationship with Alice(a female human), they need some time apart; or rather, Dominique needs some time to herself for a bit.  Her Ex-best friend is Sapphire(another female demon) whom she use to have romantic feelings for, but now just despises her.
*Dominic is currently with Sapphire.  They frequently fight, but after the last blow up, he needs time to cool off.
*They both have a close bond between siblings; aka, they have each others backs through thick and thin.
*Both of them are dominant in their current relationships(which would make for an interesting 'fight' during their roll in the hay lol)
*Despite looking human in appearance, they have no bellybuttons(just an FYI in case of naval-lick lovers)
*Both have black hair, purple/violet eyes, and pale skin
*They are NOT twins(but get mistaken for)

RP ideas
*One of them gets drunk, goes to see the other, and sex happens
*Same as above, but both get drunk together
*One of Dominic's fights with Sapphire somehow gets Dominique involved; causing them to all have a wild, steamy, kinky threesome in the heat of the moment
*Before Dominique even leaves the underworld, Dominic tries to convince her not to go; even going as far as ravaging his own sister and having hardcore sex with her so she'd be too exhausted to escape.
*Dominic goes to earth and upon finding Dominique, he manages to bring her back to the underworld(fighting, verbally, force) where she gets lectured and severely punished by the King.  Over a course of many hours, he beats her, lashes out at her, and even sexually abuses her.  What she doesn't know is that behind the closed doors of the throne room, Dominic was listening in on everything that happened.  When she's finally let go, she's surprised to find her older brother standing outside the doors, but instead of questioning him, she drags him off to her bed chambers where she begs him to have sex with her to rid of any traces left by their father on her.
*Dominique's sleeping soundly in her bed at home.  All seems peaceful, quiet, and calm in the kingdom.  At least as one would expect from the underworld.  What she thinks is nothing more than a wet dream, turns into reality as she wakes up to find her older brother, Dominic, cumming all over her face from tit-fucking her while she lay sleeping.  As she tries processing on what's going on, he's already readying himself at the entrance to her vagina and before she can utter a single word, plunges himself into her and proceeds to violently fuck her into the bed.  Though mortified at what's happening, will she fight him off or will she relish in his basic animal instinct and enjoy herself?
*Open to new ideas!

School life Incest(Still editing, but playable)
This RP idea was inspired by the Hentai(game/anime) called "Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi".  It is a 2 episode mini series found on
Girls to choose from
The story
Ever since she was small, a little girl quickly learned that she was very different than everybody else.  And for being different, she was frequently teased and bullied.  This drove the little girl to grow up into a quiet; nearly mute teenager.  When she did speak, the words that came out almost always made her regret uttering a single word, causing her to inwardly shrink and leave with her head hung low.  Depression set in deeply to a point where she wound up missing weeks upon weeks of school.  Despite not leaving her house; or her room for that matter(aside from the bathroom), she was still able to receive and send back her homework assignments, projects, and the like.  Mentions of homeschooling or having a tutor come and help her were out of the question.  Seeing doctors or therapists for her behavior didn't help much either.  Taking medication was denied on her behalf.  There was little to no hope for this girl it seemed.

Then there's her brother; who has to deal with all of this day in and day out.  After failing to try and get her to break out of her funk, he lets her do as she please, but still keeps a close eye on her for her well being.  While she's locked away inside her own little world, he still lives a 'normal' life; attending school and taking care of the chores at home(cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, vacuuming, taking the trash out, etc.).  He's always being asked by his parents, teachers, school mates, friends, and even neighbors about his sister's condition; quick to make up believable excuses off the top of his head to keep them at bay and to re-frame from prying further.  Meanwhile, he's struggling to come to terms with certain inward issues he's not fully sure on what to do.  One of them is his affection towards his sister; who, after losing her once radiant glow, still seems to capture him with her now sad and ghost-like charm.  Even her un-kept appearance still stirs something within.
Some nights; while making sure that she is sound asleep, he finds himself sneaking into her bedroom and silently watches her.  He doesn't touch her.  He just simply stands or sits by her bedside and gazes at her sleeping; a million and one thoughts racing through his mind.  On other nights when school or real life problems seem to get the better of him, he cracks open the door to her room just wide enough to get a glimpse of motionless form and stands in the dark hallways; furiously pumping out all the stress and frustrations life has been dealing him with his hand around his cock.
In simple terms
The idea for this RP is quite simple.  The sister can be played as either the older or younger sibling as can the brother.  I am not picky on either one.  The main point to this is that the sister has closed herself off from the world and prefers to suffer alone rather than being helped or fixed.  She knows this kind of way of life is wrong, but doesn't care.  Despite being locked up inside her room most of the time, she does appreciate all that her brother does for her.  Without him, she most likely would died at some point.
*As if waking from a long slumber, the girl decides to venture out of her room.  This alone is a big step in itself.  For a while one can see her lounging about on the sofa; reading a book or just laying there thinking.  She still didn't speak much and no real expressions were seen upon her face.  And then one day, ..................
*Open to discussion

Vampires/Immortals(Can also play as normal humans)<---Link to characters page

*Can be played as a vampire or an immortal
*Any time setting between the 11th century to modern/present day
*The only thing set in a timeline is her only(at the moment) child, Jaqc, who is born in 2009
*Her son, Jaqc, can be a playable character, and possible lover
*Free to discuss ideas


*Lara is a vampire
*Any time during the late 19th century to modern/present day
*Is a model and clothing designer, running her own shop
*Free to discuss ideas

Naruto(ALWAYS a favorite to play <3)

RP ideas (Genin, Chunin, and Jonin forms)
*Tsuki is a female kunoichi of the Leaf Village/Fire Country
*She's seen as emotionless, rarely speaks, and keeps to herself most of the time with her nose stuck in a book
*She has an older brother called Hiroshi, who's a nightly drinker and comes home drunk as a skunk to crash and do it again the next day
*She has no parents.  Both died shortly after she was born.
*She becomes a medical ninja at 13 and trains under Tsunade/The 5th Hokage, Sakura, Shizune, and Ino

Ideas to share
*Tsuki has been training under the 5th Hokage for some time now and while her physical strength is off the charts, her healing abilities need more tuning.  She decides to experiment in a little project and picks one/more of her team mate/s to be a/the test subject/s.  The end results in side effects of high hormonal levels, constant physical contact, and being able to go through continuous rounds of extreme intercourse.  Will she regret making this decision later?  Will her team mate/s agree to it?
*It's after the 4th Great Ninja War and Tsuki is working in the healing department caring for the wounded---which is many.  Her next patient is actually one of her team mates and while he seems quite beaten up, his lower regions still seem to show signs of life.  She notices this, but tries to ignore it.  Tired and stressed out, she finally gives into her slowly building cravings and winds up having sex with him behind a pulled over curtain.  They try to remain quiet as possible and Tsuki ensures those trying to get in that has things under control.

Takara of the Sand (Chunin form) (Jonin form)
*Takara is a sand ninja/kunoichi
*Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara are her younger cousins
*Like Temari, she can wield a giant fan and is very tomboyish and blunt
*Is an only child and parents are almost always away on missions

Ideas to share
*Takara finds out she's pregnant.  She knows who the father is, but how will he react to her surprising news?
*While on a mission, Takara gets hit with tranquilizer that cause her hormones to go out of whack and makes her sensitive to touch and very much aroused.  As much as she tries to fight off the feelings of lust, she finds it hard to restrain herself and winds up ravaging one/more of her team mate/s in the process, causing them to have kinky, hot sex right then and there.  (Note:  Would love to do a threesome with this idea M/M/F)

Hitomi Hyuga
*Hitomi is a Hyuga from the Main Branch of the Hyuga clan inside of the Leaf Village/Fire Country
*She has no siblings, but Neji, Hinata, and Hanabi are her younger cousins
*She's very soft spoke and acts lady-like, but in battle, she will show no mercy to her enemies
*She is engaged to someone in the Hyuga family, but not married yet

Ideas to share
*The night of the marriage aka the honeymoon.  Hitomi and her fiance finally get to know one another on a more physical and mental level.  Now that they are newlyweds, will their first night together be one to remember or a night wanting to be forgotten?

*It's during the battle of the 4th Great Ninja war.  Hitomi has confessed her true feelings to her fiance/lover and promises that after the war is over, that she wants to be with them forever.  How will he respond to this?  Will he accept her love and give it in return or deny her feelings?  Will they both of them survive the battle to be able to tell the other how they really feel?

*It's been 1 year after the 4th Great Ninja War.  Hitomi has lost both her cousin, Neji and her fiance; another fellow Hyuuga clan member, in the war.  Things have not been all that great lately.  She frequently spends her time locked away in her room, visiting the graves, or going out to drink away her endless pain.  She knows it's a Shinobi's duty to give their lives in battle, but can't bear seeing the world the same anymore.  Will someone; anyone try and bring her back to her happy, proud self and let the past go?

Medieval Fantasy(Heavy rough draft/still working on)
This story can fit into almost anything involving magic, sword fighting, mythical beings, and castles
Name: Queen N/A
Age:  37
Hair:  Fiery red
Eyes:  Green
Chest:  D cups
Body type:  Wide and curvy
King N/A(deceased)




Weapons: Sword(main weapon), dagger

Ideas to share

Stories with Centaurs!

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler(For those wishing to try and tame a rich girl  ;) )

(this image is what I'm using for her until I can draw one out for her myself like I have for my other charactes above)
Name: Annabel Foster
Age:  21
DOB:  October 18th
Height:  5'9
Hair:  Long, black(no particular style since she likes to try different ones)
Eyes:  Green
Body type:  Tall, slender, but athletic with a slight curvy figure
Mother/Father:  Mother is dying of lung cancer, Father is alive, but pretty much dead since he's almost never/never home
Siblings:  No full blood-related siblings, all are half/step.  4 brothers(3 older) and 1 younger sister
Lives:  England, UK
Strengths:  Reading, writing, singing, horseback riding, gardening, piano, violin, fencing, dancing(ballroom)
Weaknesses:  Children, animals(small cuddly types), cooking, alcohol(she is human after all)
Turn-ons:  Men who are not afraid to cook, clean, get dirty, adventurous, are all talk AND show,
Turn-offs:  Men hitting on her distastefully, necrophilia

Ideas to share
*Performing sexual acts without penetration
*Having sex with said Butler to relieve stress or sexual tension
*Sword/Fencing battles
*Getting overly drunk and flirting/touchy-feely with said butler that may have varied results (sex, fighting, more flirting/touchy-feely)
*Help her find her no-good father, who is actually dead this whole time!
*Despite the contract, what if somewhere down the line, Annabel becomes pregnant with the butler's child/children?  Will she/he/they let her live to give birth and then take her soul, take her soul anyways; not caring if she's pregnant and how far along, or have a change of 'heart' and let her live even after the birth?
*One day during tea time, someone/the butler slip something into her tea/food that acts like an aphrodisiac and watches silently in amusement at Annabel's reactions to being drugged.  She's never taken anything to enhance or make her horny before, so these odd feelings of sexual desire overpower her as she struggles to fight for control.  In the end however, she loses it and demands 'special attention' away from prying eyes and ease-dropping ears.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (based)RP!-------TAKEN
If you have not seen or heard anything about Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/ High Speed!, feel free to read here:!_-_Iwatobi_Swim_Club

Watch the show here:

Or click the back space bar if it doesn't peek your interest.  Have a nice day! <3

If you are however, still intrigued by this idea, then by all means, continue to scroll down and read! <3

This story takes place 5 years later after the famous Iwatobi swim club had won the swimming competition tournament.   A small group(5 in total) of girls/mixed group(preferably 2 guys and 3 girls) from Iwatobi High School decide to start another water-related club.  Their reasons for this are their own.

For a few ideas in regards to character relationships, my character could already be friends with your characters, most of them, or none of them.  Either way, they'll be the one who thought of the idea for the club and posts it up on the boards hanging about the school for ways for people to sign up.

Below are some other water-related ideas that could work if swimming is not your cup of tea or think that doing another story about swimming might be boring:

-Water skiing
-Synchronized swimming(mixed with swimming,  gymnastics, and ballet)--This one sounds best so far!  Just my opinion of course.
-Swimming--I know, I know, I said if you didn't like this one, I'd have other options, but for an easier/smoother RP, this can be a safety choice for everyone.

Now before we all decide to go all crazy on this, I'm just doing this as a test to see who would be interested and what I can write up before anything starts.  Let me know if you're digging it, have suggestions, and we'll go from there ^_^

In the mean time, here's my character sheet to get the idea:

Name:  Masaru 'Masa' Tachibana
Age:  17
DOB/Sign:  July 6th
Height:  5'9
Weight:  64 kg
Personality:  Masa grew up being the quiet type; due to the fact that she would scare kids her age and younger with her abnormal height and serious expression.  It was also strange to be around her because even when hurt, she almost-never cried or showed signs of weakness.  This makes those around her feel very awkward and tried to avoid her at all costs.  However, she grew up in a big family consisting of a lot of brothers and sisters.  Being among one of the older siblings, she plays the role of the big sister and cares for her younger siblings the best way she knows how.  When showing affection towards others, she tends to blush fifty shades of red from embaressment and be at a loss for words.  It's either that or she'll 'accidently' injure them somehow; ie:  crush them in a hug/headlock, kick, punch, headbutt without thinking.
Speciality:  Masa's strong points are above-average in physical strength(for a female anyways) due to her taking karate and archery classes and caring for her family(taking care of children and helping your parents are no easy tasks!).  She also has high levels in endurance; her stubborness to not give up easily being a big part of it, and agility; from going on early morning jogs and going by foot instead of using the train to get home after school.
Her weak points are is that she can be very stubborn when told to stop doing something like jogging in the rain or snow or when it's clear that she's over-exerting herself.  It's at this point that she becomes her own worse enemy; resulting in getting sick very easily.  But even when under the weather, she will try and continue to work out until she is physically forced to stop and get some rest. 
Other interesting tidbits about the character:  Masa is the oldest daughter among  7 children, but is the middle child.  She has 4 older brothers, a younger sister, and younger brother.

For those looking for a brotherly-sisterly taboo, but still following the same story line...
I've been playing this RP out with a friend of mine for a while and since Masaru has a HUGE family that mainly consists of brothers, why not play out my brother-sister incest RP fetish. And there's lots to choose from!

Below is her family(siblings only):

Minus Ume(who's Masaru's younger sister), there are 5 brothers; 4 older and 1 younger. I will play a little of Ume in the story if she decides to show her pretty little head anywhere in it, but will not play her either by herself or along with Masaru. She is; more or less, a side character. For this particular RP.

The ages for all said siblings are below; considering if you're gonna follow the story path I have set up at the beginning of this set 5 years later than the show it's based off of:
Oldest brother- Akashi(30)
2nd oldest- Etsuo(25)
3rd oldest-Isato(22)
4th oldest-Okito(19)
Masaru-17 <-----I'll be playing her
Younger sister-Ume(14)
Youngest brother-Yuzuru(12)

The more I play out certain characters, the more little tidbits I can write about them to put here to help those who are interested in playing one of my boys.  The only one I will not play with in his normal story line age is Yuzuru. He's 12; obviously underage and I don't do early-preteen and older-teen love stories.  If you want to play him so badly, make him at least 16-17.

Akashi: The eldest of the Tachibana children.  30, he's married and has a 2-year-old daughter.  He works at a book company in town with his younger brother, Etsuo.  He doesn't live with the rest of his family and rarely visits; what with his busy work-life and all, but he does drop his daughter off to be watched by his mother or one of his younger siblings.

Etsuo:  2nd oldest child and works under his elder brother, Akashi at a top-notch book company.  Recently moved back in with his family due to breaking up with his girlfriend. Among Masaru's 4 older brothers, Etsuo is the easiest older brother to get along with.  He silently observes others and won't say anything unless asked.  He takes his job VERY seriously; going as far as even bringing it home with him. He's also the one who tends to separate Masaru and Okito when they get into fights at home.

Isato:  The 3rd oldest brother.  He's 22 and currently overseas for college.  No one has heard from him since he left.

Okito:  He's the 4th oldest brother and the middle child among his siblings.  19, he recently graduated and is working part-time at a flower shop in town.  He also cooks for his family when their parents aren't around; which is often.  Despite sounding like a good person, he's actually rude, not afraid to speak his mind, and gets angry very easily.  Since Masaru and him are close in age, they tend to butt heads a lot.  He secretly worries about Masaru the most in whatever she does.

(He's 16-17 here FYI)
Yuzuru:  The youngest child in the Tachibana family. In the original story line, he's 12, but if you're looking to play this guy older, I have these pictures of him in his teenage years. That aside, he's the care-free, spirited type, who's almost always full of energy. Looking up to his older sister, he also participates in Karate and trains with her at home.

Double Trouble!(Another brother/s-sister incest story)-----TAKEN
This Roleplay is based upon a girl and her twin brothers.  No real setting has been placed yet, but I have a few simple ideas in mind below until I make it more concrete.

*The brothers are twins(main idea to 'double trouble')
*The brothers are actually step-siblings, so if you like having all 3 siblings the same age to fit the high school grades or make the story easier, this can work too!
*The brother/s can be older or younger
*I prefer this to be set in a High School setting. I will not play younger than 17(16 is pushing it).
*Anyone interested in this can either play as both brothers or one of them, if they are interested in making this a 3 player/small group roleplay
*The sister can be played as either older or younger
*As another idea, she's actually another twin; making all 3 of them triplets.  She's the second oldest among them; one being older than her, and the other being younger than her.
The lucky sister
Name:  Takahashii Mitsuru
Age:  17
Date of birth:  February 3rd(Beginning of spring/Setsubun)
Smoker/Drinker:  No/No
Job:  3rd year High School Student
Focus:  Graduating High School
Preference:  Straight
Martial Status:  N/A

Hair:  Long, black
Eyes:  Blue
Height:  5'6
Weight:  120
Body type:  Above average bust, small waist, and slight curvy hips
Scars:  N/A
Tattoos:  None
Piercing/s:  Ears
Personality:  Can be sweet, loving, and caring, but interfere with her school work and she'll become your worst nightmare.  She often scolds her brothers for not taking their studying seriously enough.  She also tends to feel awkward around boys; mainly because it usually ends with her ranting and raving at her brother/s for scaring them away.

Likes:  Studying, music, reading, cooking
Dislikes:  Slackers, lazy people, and people who have no dreams for the future
Strengths:  Persistent, stubborn, not afraid to speak her mind
Weaknesses:  She's a virgin.  She's never kissed a boy, had sex, or even seen the naked body of a boy(at least since she was a child bathing with her siblings).
Personality synopsis:  While not a class rep nor in any clubs, Mitsuru is more of a leader than a follower and often tries to get those 'lost' to find their way through her.  She likes being hands-on and helping others, but is quick to show her anger if they refuse to learn or help themselves.  She also knows nothing about boys aside from her classmates and her brothers, so anything intimate will be a first time for her.
Hobbies:  Ikebana(Japanese flower arranging), perfecting everything she does
Turn-ons:  Challenges; whether it's being outdone or having someone who think they can outdo her, the very thought of it makes her heart race and chills race up her spine.
Turn-offs:  Slackers and Failures
Fear:  Failure(school or a goal)
Aspirations:  To be useful to the world one day with the learnings she had acquired in school.  She also wishes one day to be a mother and raise a child/children to be something special.

Father:  N/A
Mother:  N/A
Sibling/s:  2 brothers
Lover/Spouse:  N/A
Children:  N/A
Synopsis:  Mitsuru is the only daughter to her family.  Her mother is a nurse at a hospital and her father works for various high-costing businesses around the world; which makes for being at home with his family very limited and not too often.  This leaves for the three siblings to mostly fend for themselves; which isn't too bad considering they just have to go to school, keep the house clean, and not cause any trouble.
Other:  Once Mitsuru's virginity is gone, she will flip on an unknown switch inside herself; quickly blossoming into a sexually hungry she-devil.  Her outer appearance to everyone else will still remain the same, but when it comes to her brothers, she will tease and flirt and drive them utterly insane to the point of making their dicks hard and her pussy wet.

In terms of smut-related ideas
*Double Penetration(this can be either stuffing a cock in both her vagina AND anus or both brothers trying to 'double stuff' one of her holes at the same time---which is a first for me, but am interested in trying out)
*One brother fucks her while the other forces her to suck his cock
*She gives them both handjobs and/or blowjobs at the same time
*Has sex with one brother while the other brother jerks himself off watching them
*The sister can be played as a virgin or a non-virgin. I don't mind either one
*The brothers don't have to be gay for one another, but a little bit of brother affection would make me love this RP idea even more  ;)
*One or both brothers (accidently) walk in while she's bathing.  Prepare for all hell to break loose, but maybe perhaps the brothers can convince her to forgive them after they have a nice steamy sex scene in the bathing room(the floor, the shower, the tub...)
*The reversal of the idea above, but with the sister walking in on her brother/s bathing.  Hell breaks loose and perhaps as a 'punishment' for barging in, they force her to service them or take her on the spot(leaving most of her clothes on, but still managing to fuck her is optional.  This also applies to ripping parts of clothing to get to the 'good bits', but still being dressed; though soaked by now)

Three is a Crowd(brother/sisters incest story)--------TAKEN(but I'm willing to do 1-on-1 stories)

Similar to "Double Trouble", this story revolves around a brother and his three sisters.  They all stay together under one roof and live day by day as best they can.  However, things take a drastic turn when love is in the air.  Feelings get hurt, jealousy sets in, and emotions are high.  Will they be able to keep the family together or will something else break them apart?

Here below are the three sisters for this story:

The Eldest

Name:  Masami(Masa)
Age:  24
Height:  5'9
Weight:  140 Lbs.
Likes:  Doing chores(cooking, cleaning, shopping...), helping others
Dislikes:  Fighting(physically or mentally), remembering her ex
Bio:  Masa is the oldest child and daughter in the family.  Since her early teen years(and old enough to get a job), she had decided to take on the role of caretaker; her mother dying shortly after giving birth to her youngest sister, Azami, many years ago.  Even though she's their sister, she's often mistaken and called 'Mother' by her younger siblings and any friends they bring over; finding it both sweet and heart-wrenching at the same time.  She works part-time at a flower shop downtown and keeps a vase of red Camellias on the kitchen counter in remembrance of their dead Mother.  Just recently breaking off an engagement to a guy she dated in High School, Masa's emotions concerning love are mixed up and thrown about.  Regardless, she's still a sweet and loving big sister that just wants to make everyone around her happy.
Side stories with Masami
Onee-san's Past
We all know that Masa had broken up with her boyfriend, but that doesn't mean the years spent with him were forgotten.  In this story, we learn that Takahashii had taught our loving and caring big sister a few useful tricks in the bedroom, but what if a certain younger brother grew suspicious of how her love-life had become over the year and half of being single?  Will he be able to stomach it or will it unleash a deep, dark secret inside him as well?

Story might contain:
-Light bondage(ropes, chains, handcuffs, blindfolds, wooden paddles)
-Sex toys(dildos, vibrators)
-Lotions and potions(aka aphrodisiacs)
-Heavy making out
Anytime, Anywhere...
As the title suggests, Masami is a point where she can no longer go without sex and will submit herself into doing just about anything to get it.  And with her brother being the only guy in the house, the temptations are quite obvious.

The Middle Sister

Name:  Miyu
Age:  17
Height:  5'8
Weight:  115 Lbs.
Likes:  Reading, studying
Dislikes:  Large crowds of people
Bio:  Miyu is the middle child of the family.
Side Stories with Miyu
Summer Nights

As the title implies, this story takes place in the summer time.  It could be during summer vacation from school or summer time after graduating in the spring.  Either way, Miyu is finally able to build up some confidence and changes her appearance a bit.  For one, she tends to wear her contacts more(she normally wears glasses), and dresses more girly(exposing bits she'd normally keep hidden away).  She still retains her shy and quiet nature, but maybe perhaps all of that can change when love blossoms.
Innocent Heart
Everyone had wondered why Miyu was always timid, shy, and awkward around people.  She preferred books and studying over interacting with the living.  The only person she comfortable being around was her older brother.  He made her feel safe and protected.  So, what happens when the brother stumbles upon a secret journal at home and reveals that they're in love with him?  Will he return the journal to its owner or will he confront them?  Is it a one-sided love or will he confess that he too feels the same for them?
Valentine's Day Vs. White Day
A story where Miyu confesses her love to her older brother in a secret love letter and a month later(March 14th) on White Day, the brother responds back to the confession, but doesn't know it's his sister until someone spills the beans...

This story contains:
-Fluff(innocent things like hugs, kisses, holding hands) at first
-Teenage romance
-Hormonal urges(more on the brother's part)
Flip Switch

In this story, it's after Miyu and her brother had had finally done it(at least once).  It's after school is let out and normally the siblings meet up to take the train home together, but what if Miyu texted Shinji to meet her back in the classroom after everyone is gone?  Once he arrives, he's practically attacked by his sister and before he knows it, she's doing things to him that he would have never imagined possible.  Had having sex with her set something off deep inside her to act this way?  Was she always like this from the start, but could finally reveal her true intentions to her beloved brother?

The Youngest
Name:  Azami
Age:  16
Height:  5'5
Weight:  100 Lbs.
Likes:  Teasing and tormenting others
Dislikes:  Being called "Cute"(she'll kill you!)
Bio:  Azami is the youngest sister and baby to the family.  She's foul mouthed, easily angered, and a troublemaker.  Despite her flaws though, she just wants to be understood.  She's also a tsundere, so expressing how she really feels is both a pain and cute.

Side stories with Azami
Sweet as chocolate
This little tale takes place during Valentine's Day.  Her brother receives chocolate from a girl(or a few if he's popular), but before he can eat it, Azami finds it, gets jealous, and decides to get rid of eating it herself!  But what if one(or more) of them had alcohol in it?  Since she's too young to drink, the consumption of all this candy leaves her with a bad ache; and I don't mean her stomach...
This story contains:
*Possible loss of virginity
*Extreme levels of cuteness!(If you're into tsunderes)

[Spoilers=Anything she can do, I can do better!]
Being the tsundere-type, Azami is known to get very angry and very violent at the drop of a hat.  But why does she do this?  Hatred?  Excitement?  What if it was because she was jealous?  Compared to most people, everything about her is small.  Her breasts.  Her ass.  Her pussy.  Her height.  Her weight.  The only thing that appears bigger than most is her attitude.  So, what if she wanted to prove her worth by taking a chance at doing things girls her age did.  And the lucky victim?  Her brother, of course.
Can you feel it?
Masami's not the only one who can do it!
Screw giant breasts, I've got my feet

Oh, brother! (A Shrine Maiden Tale)-------------TAKEN
Note:  Even though this is another brother/sister incest story, cousins, or non-related people can be played with this story as well.  Maybe there's a guy at school who likes her and upon finding out she's a shrine maiden(with a twist), he can either have his way with her or join her brothers in their sensual quest for the sake of protecting their shrine and all of Japan!

Name: Reiko
Age:  17
Hair:  Long, straight, and black
Eyes:  Brown
Chest:  High D cups
Body type:  Wide and curvy
Family: 5 brothers(3 older, 2 younger)
Weapons:  Her sexual aura/sex(she uses intercourse to gain her strength back; be it giving it to someone or someone doing it to her), physical being(hands, feet, head), talismans, holy water, holy get the idea, right?
Bio:  Reiko is the only daughter of her large family; consisting of five brothers and their mother.  Her father died when she was little, so she doesn't remember a lot about him.  She's a bit of an airhead, but only due to the fact that she lives up on a mountain away from town and mainly interacts with her siblings.  She does attend school, but the students(and teachers) there find her a bit odd in how she handles herself.
(The rest will be written out in more detail when I have the time to do so, but here's the main facts about her):
-Spaces out
-Doesn't realize how certain types of clothing reveal parts of her body to others in a sensual way
-Loves to cook for others
-Expert tea maker
-Is a shrine maiden
-Her brothers have a HUGE sister complex
-She's never kissed a boy before
-She's still a virgin
-Once she loses her virginity, the spirit of Inari(a female fox lady) fuses with her body and occasionally poses her

RWBY(work in progress)

This story is based off of the animated series known as RWBY.  It can be played before, during, or after the original series.

Name:  N/A
Age:  N/A

Weapon of choice:  An electric violin with a see-through base.  It has 4 different colored strings; each one representing an element it can put out when played---Fire(red), Water(white-ish-blue), Earth(golden brown), and Air(green), .  Depending on the tune, each of these elements will shoot out from the bottom end of the violin and towards its intended target.  Mixing the tunes will create other side elements(Example: Lightning, Ice, Steam...).

If unable to use the violin; due to it not being on her or destroyed, she can wield her bow that can transform into a rapier for combat.

Dream boyfriend/girlfriend(still working out details, but playable)

Thanks to a game app I had recently got myself addicted to, I decided to try out an idea of playing with robots/cyborgs.  Think of it kind of like the anime/manga Chobits; robots who outwardly appear human and act accordingly depending on how they're programmed.  The price to attain one however is fair from cheap, so unless one person is from a rich background or finds some other way to get one, the percentage of owning one is very, VERY slim.  Knowledge to care for and maintain proper function is suitable if you want to continue using this new 'toy'.

This story can go multiple ways:

The boy's side
-The boy is browsing online and comes across a site; be it a link from an e-mail, an ad that pops up on his screen, or maybe he has a secret fetish involving using toys(flesh lights that look and feel like pussies or mouths/throats)

The girls side
-The girl  is browsing online and comes across a site; be it a link from an e-mail, an ad that pops up on her screen, or maybe she's looking for some way to relieve possible built up tension.
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certainly wouldn't mind playing Romeo and Juliet with you, if you were willing to share the reins with a "newbie" such as myself ;)

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I would like in on the Tales RP if you don't mind. We can discuss ideas over there but just for starters we can have a lesbian RP if you're comfortable with that.

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I'll do the bro/sis. PM me

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Interested in the cross dressing story. PM me if it's open.

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Lot's of plots, I am somewhat eyeing your tales and Naruto ideas.

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I am a little interested in a 'Black Butler RP', care to explain a little on the idea? O rdo you want to talk about it a little more?

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I would love to do one of the incest rp's with you. Pm me if you wanna take up my offer. Thanks for reading bye now :)

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Update time!

So, after some much time away, I have gone back and done some MUCH NEEDED editing over my stories and prefs.

Stories taken down
-The great sex adventures(with an incubus!)
-RP ideas from Demon brother/sister incest

New stories added in
Danganronpa (Extremely/heavily rough-drafted, no RP yet)

Side notes:
Since we can't display images like we use to, I went back and replaced image links to all my characters