A Few Starting Stories (New Ideas) F Seeking M

Started by Zealously Jaded, September 02, 2011, 08:57:23 AM

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Zealously Jaded


I have two starting posts...if one strikes your fancy people send me a message and we will see how this will take us.

The Merchants Daughter
Lily sighed as she took the last look at her room, it was bare now, all books where removed the bed stripped of its linen and the dressing table devoid of any jewelery or scented bottles. Sighing to herself she checked herself out in the mirror for the last time, her dark red hair pinned up held in place by the dark grey hat, that matched her full length coat.

Taking a breath she headed out of the room, and down the stairs. “Are you ready?” Her mother asked as she rebuttoned the top button on her coat. “Yes mother I’m ready.” She spoke, her voice was as cold as her blue eyes.

“Right, well.” She lent in kissing her daughter’s cheek. “I shan’t go to the dock with you, Mrs Pike is going to be your chaperone on board. I hope that we will see each other once you are married.” Lily didn’t smile she looked at him. “Goodbye mother.” Picking up her small bag she headed out the door to where her father was waiting for her.

Getting inside the journey to the dock was painful, her governess, Mrs Pike, and her father were talking of general things, mostly how long the journey to America would take. Sighing she looked over at her father, “How long will it take?” She asked looking over at her father.

“Oh…it should only take 2 weeks to get to the new world, you’re not flying you’re going by sea, I trust the men but not the skies, there are many things that can go wrong.” He before turning back to the older woman, he didn’t want to speak to his daughter she was 23, she should have been married years ago but kept putting it off, now she was being taken to her fiance since he had no time to come over here.

Once at the dock she refused to say goodbye to her father, as she was shown to her room, it was a large stateroom, with a smaller room for Mrs Pike. Sighing she headed back out onto deck wanting to see London off, standing at the railing she looked as the houses disappeared quickly into fields and long sweeping bends until out into the channel.

The Stowaway
Viola wrapped the scarf around her neck and over her long dark red hair, she fastened her coat around her, sighing she grabbed her bag taking one last look at her bedroom. A room that was once filled with trinkets and jewels now bare, each and every item sold to save her family from each and every bad decision they made.

Walking out of house she headed down towards the docks, she had not enough for passage but enough for food…she needed to find a ship and stow away. Viola was destined to the new lands to be in a new invention; moving pictures.

She moved quickly to the docks she had little time before the full moon rose up, and she was discovered. The men at the ship had left, there was no sentry, slipping on board was the easy part, she walked on her toes to stop the heel of her boot from causing a sound. She found the cargo hold, there was a gap behind the crate, a man could not get there, but a girl of 5ft4 and slender build might squeeze inside the gap.

Settling inside she pulled a blanket from her bag wrapping it around her as she slowly started to fall asleep. What would tomorrow bring…not a lot, she hoped.

Zealously Jaded