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Author Topic: Adventures of Iron Tail: "Hero to Hero?" (FazzEagle and Crazy Jay)  (Read 790 times)

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Offline FazzEagleTopic starter

During harsh times where war between kingdoms may be on the horizon, many have become desperate for a 'Hero' to save them all - obviously through fond memories of the 'Great Hero' from ancient past. One day, their wish was heard and a young, new Hero was born. Chosen by the Magical Bracelet, he battled a Warlock bent on taking over the kingdom and eventually engaged in many battles against the returning Great Evil.

However, this was a story for another time; this is a story of another Hero:

Back before the arrival of the new Hero, another Hero had been saving the innocents from the harshness of current reality. Swooping from out of nowhere, this Hero went from saving the smallest of animals to stopping the largest of crimes. This Hero lived in the town of Oaksland, a town still trying to adapt to welcoming the newest technology known as a 'train' - the only topic of the town that rivals rumors about this mysterious Hero. But it just so happened... that a young Hero-To-Be had heard of his tales, and like everyone else who had heard them...

... he hoped to one day meet him.

"Wow..." Iron Tail said as he read a piece of paper, showing an article of the famous 'Hero of Oaksland' - apparently filled with assumptions and perhaps tall tales of the person in question, "The 'Hero of Oaksland'... I wonder what kind of person he really is? He sounds like a real, true Hero!" He allowed the thought to roam around his head before he finally hoped off the bench, and returning the piece of paper to another child sitting next to him. "Thanks for letting me read it!" And so, the young Hero started to walk away, passing through the little crowd in this calm afternoon.

The town was always a friendly place ever since the Hero of Oaksland came to protect them. No longer did the people worry about being attacked by bandits or walking alone during the night. The shop owners were able to call out customers as much as they wanted; children were free to play around the park and street; of course, needless to say social visits were now frequent. Several people Iron Tail had passed talked about the railway tracks that were currently under construction, and many were so eager to see this 'vehicle that could carry more than twenty people through long distances' - though at the same time Iron Tail had passed those who were complaining that it would cause trouble to the town in the future by bringing in more outsiders to their homes.

Most importantly: will the Hero of Oaskland still be around to watch over them then...?

***Hero to Hero***

And so the story begins...

Offline Jason

Re: Adventures of Iron Tail: "Hero to Hero?" (FazzEagle and Crazy Jay)
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2011, 07:28:43 AM »
A land quite far away, a large desert. This Hero travelled here to do somthing...The sun was setting in the horizon, the sky filled with the orange-going crimson. The canyons where he stood were silent, empty, nothingness ruled throughout the small lands. Yet life did exist, at his foot an armadillo rolled by, later burrowing it's way to avoid the nocturnal predators of the land which woud soon and surely take aim at any who stood alive in the open. Yet he stood, silent and arms crossed, tucked in to his feathery body as his unbroken gaze admired the majestic descent of the mighty yellowish sphere as it bade farewell into the horizon. A gentle breeze blew through his feathers as he finally spoke: "One day."

The figure then began to descend from the plateau where he once stood, the wind now blowing behind him along with the sun's descent. He carefully scaled the small crevices and cracks in the ground below and he reached the other side of the rock, where he removed his gloves and tied them around his waist, revealing his mighty wings upon which he flapped as he let out a mighty cry before leaping off the rocky plinth and taking flight, soaring through the air gracefully, a numinous feeling would affect those who saw this marvel at flight. The sandy winds behind him furthermore increasing his already impressive velocity, he soon began to descend to a small cave bloked with a wooden pallet, pressumably his cave to avoid the harsh desert's cold.

And so he landed, two feet on the ground below, he stood and placed his gloves on once more and opened the door to this cave, closing and locking it behind him. "The coyotes won't be snacking on me tonight, nor will they ever." He said to himself, possibly to reassure himself of the situation he was in. He then turned on a gas light and the dark cave lit up, revealing a small and comfy-ish home where this creature lived. He walked down the small "hall" and came into the main part of this small cave, in which a bed was at the edge, along with what appeared to be a window, a table and some photos. This man, an eagle, sat down on his bed and looked over at a photo. " day. I will return to Oaksland and I will return with your father..." He said to himself as he pulled over his covers and went to sleep, the sky now dark without the sun's light.
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Offline FazzEagleTopic starter

Re: Adventures of Iron Tail: "Hero to Hero?" (FazzEagle and Crazy Jay)
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2011, 06:41:14 AM »
"Ehh? What do you mean the 'Hero of Oaskland' isn't here??"

The next day, Iron Tail began his search for this mysterious Hero, but unfortunately the search had come to a sudden halt when Iron Tail learned that no one had seen nor heard of the person in question for weeks now. According to one of the residents of the fine town, the Hero had stopped showing up suddenly for no known reason. The crime rate had gone slightly high since then, but thankfully it had been just simple burglary or thievery - perhaps the criminals assuming that a larger crime would risk bringing back the masked crusader. While nothing serious had happened since his disappearance, some were worried that he was gone for good...

"Someone stole some of my goods three days ago and the Hero didn't even bother showing up," the man said before sighing, "I'm starting to wonder if we're going to have to stop relying on him. Feh, 'Hero of Oaskland'! Thankfully for him nothing really bad had happened." And just like that, the man walked away, grumbling to himself about his stolen belongings.

'The Hero's gone...?' Iron Tail thought to himself, 'But... why? A good Hero doesn't just leave their responsibilities like that... do they...?'

Offline Jason

Re: Adventures of Iron Tail: "Hero to Hero?" (FazzEagle and Crazy Jay)
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2011, 03:24:25 PM »
Far away the Hero was at a cave's entrance yet it seemed strange. The whole opening was a metallic sheet, blocking entry to the inner caverns. "Emily. Your father is in here. At long last I've found him." And the Hero slugged a mighty punch at the metal sheet, followed by a barrage of fists, flurrying at the now weakening metal which soon gave way, tearing open as the Hero roared "HYAA!" with a final slugger. The door was now opened and the Hero walked inside, lighting a torch with some flintrocks. "Hmm, this cavern is very wet and humid. Why would they seal it? Then again, why woukd they drag an innocent old man into this shabby cave."

Soon after searching multiple paths, he had reached a dead end, a group of thugs surrounding an old man. "Whewe's the gold?! You wowked here, right? Then you should know whewe they buwied it!" a terrifying thug with a lisp yelled at the old man, curled into a ball in fear of what these people would do. "B-b-but I haven't worked here for the p-p-past sixteen years! I cannae remember!" the old man timidly replied in a slight accent. "Then you know what you get." a smallest thug sneered as the large one readied a fist.

"Hey!" The thug's darted their view to the origin of this voice. "Argh! We've been spotted!" the random thug said. Then the smallst thug ordered "Get him! Drown him in the pools, we can't let anyone know!" followed by inrtructed thugs leaping towards the eagle who leaped back, allowing the thugs to form a pile of confusion, before running and booting them into the pool of frosty water himself. "AIEIEIEIE! Get him!" The ringleader ordered as the huge behemoth loomed over the eagle. "You're going down, wittle biwdy." The thug taunted, lowering a collosal hammer of an arm at the hero, who crossed his arms over his head to sothen the impact. Then, latching on the the now raising arm, the eagle leaped over and kicked the thug's face into the dirt, followed by a blunt slugger punch to the cheek, sending him flying through the cavern wall. "Who-who are you!?" The small little man said. "The Hero of Oaskland. But you can call me Houston!" The eagle proudly stated after dealing a overhead shot, pummeling the villain into the ground.

After brushing himself off, Houston asked "You're Ray Tesla? Maria's father?" "Aye, that's me. Thank fer savin' me skin there. I would've been a gonner if it weren't for you to show up." Houston smilled and said "All in a days work. They mentioned gold. Where is this place?" Ray looked around the disgrace of a place and said "I don't have the faintest Idea, and who are you again?" Houston said "Your ticket home." realising this man had short memory, which is why this Maria Tesla looked after him.

As the sun began to set once more, Houston was flying over to Oaskland, Ray on his back holding his gloves, as he prepared to make his arrival home and reunite Maria. Ray was now fast asleep, which made Houston's flight much more difficult, but he prevailed and valiantly carried onwards. "I'm coming home Oaskland."