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May 23, 2018, 06:19:27 AM

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Author Topic: Scifi Female Mercenary seeks M/F/T/whatever for rivalry/ragesex! *edits*  (Read 646 times)

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Offline mulattaFURYTopic starter

*flips a table* I WANT TO DO A DANG RP OKAY LET'S GO


I have a badass mercenary chick that I've been DYING to rock out. Meet Friday.

She is a kickass money-grubbin' hired gun. I kind of want her in a situation where she's got some crazy awesome sexual tension with someone she works for or with. Human or alien is fine. Male or female is fine. Trans/intersexed/androgynous would be cool, but when I say that I think I mean something completely different than when the rest of the internet says it. I LOVE the idea of her being in a battle of wills with someone who has control over her -- a merc boss, for example, or the ruthless business shark that's financing her latest bad deed. If you want to rock the "capture" scenario, her being shanghaied or blackmailed into working aboard another mercenary ship would be RIPE for ragesex shenanigans.

Bio: She grew up in the industrial slums of Earth, doing what it took to get by. Violence and crime has always been part of her life, but instead of letting it be a crippling force she's honed it into a driving power. She began working in organized crime when she was fifteen, taking up the handle "Friday Black" (again, she was fifteen) and filling the niche of everything from robber to drug mule to hired tough. But despite her exemplary performance at any task assigned to her, Friday's only loyalty is to violence. When given the opportunity to leave Earth behind forever with a mercenary gang, Friday sold out her crime boss for an exorbitant sum of money, leading to a massive bust that cost the organization millions. With a price on her head and nothing tying her to ye olde 3rd Rock, Friday shot herself out in space, working as a hired gun in an impressive variety of offworld jobs.

She gained a hell of a reputation as a mercenary, to the point where she was more and more frequently sought out for private contracts. She eventually broke away from the gang to work as a freelancer, still occasionally taking up the basic bread-and-butter combat job because it's what she loves, but making the majority of her income from more secretive work, pursuing work in private-sector security, assassinations, and hush-hush operations for the massive corporations operating on and off-world.

Appearance-wise, she's shorter side of average, well-cut, dark skin, covered in tattoos with a combination of polynesian and celtic influences. She lost her right eye in a fight, which also left a massive burn scar across the right side of her face. It's been replaced with a cybernetic eye that allows her to see in infrared.

I generally play her in a situation where she's either a.) fresh out of prison, stranded on some crime-addled seedy rock somewhere, trying to find work so she can get back on her feet, or b.) her initial capture before her imprisonment. Coz I mean, chick's a rather wealthy, seasoned mercenary. Kind of lame to start with a character at the top of the ladder, you gotta knock 'em on their ass first.

I don't really want this to be a n/c game. Not that I won't RP it because I'll RP anything, but I don't buy into the enjoying/falling for a rapist -thing- and this character, well... rivalry is well and good because a certain amount of respect is implied. If someone raped or attempted to rape her, she would kill them or die trying, no turning back.

A final note: I'd totally be willing to do this as a Mass Effect universe RP. It wouldn't take much to shift it that way. This chick is pretty much half-Zaeed, half Jack, and half Vazquez anyway haha.


ps. You are totally allowed to IM me about this, too. I'd be totes down to play this on AIM or YIM. Just send me a message, I'll get it even if I'm not online. :)
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Offline mulattaFURYTopic starter

Found meself with some extra free time. Trimmed my post up and clarified a bit. Also adding this sketch-thing because why the hell not.