Male and Female Writer looking for Additional Male for M/F/M RP.

Started by Naiad Burial, August 28, 2011, 11:51:35 PM

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Naiad Burial

The title says it all. We're looking for a straight male to join a M/F/M group RP. Thoughtful writing, decent characterization, and some amount of romance/sex is all that's nailed down. Everything else we're open to discussing, though make sure you're able to follow through a scene.

Possible scenarios include but are not limited to concepts involving public transit, gangbangs, student/teacher, etc. Most likely non-con evolving to consensual. 

We prefer to answer questions and describe tastes person to person, but my Ons/Offs are available in the link and a list of ideas, original or canon, pairings can be viewed on the links to my homepage.

Please PM with your YIM name and we'll take it from there.