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Author Topic: Fantasy roleplay (lolo & Slaven)  (Read 670 times)

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Fantasy roleplay (lolo & Slaven)
« on: August 25, 2011, 06:16:19 PM »
She stood on the edges of the forest her long black hair rippling in the wind. A single tear ran down her cheek as she looked back towards the guarded limestone arch, beyond which her old life lay. She knew her destiny.
Her nimble hands took hold of her hood and pulled it loosely over her head as she walked step by step through the dense, dark woods. The night concealed her from human eyes but she knew so much more lay dormant here, and would see her if she got too close.

She stepped carefully, her weapons of choice close to hand, her stance tense and strong, she wasn't alone.

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Re: Fantasy roleplay (lolo & Slaven)
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2011, 07:02:46 PM »
The clanking of steel and the rattling of chains quietly echoed off the nearby trees as the figure approached. A young, brown headed young man cautiously watched before himself with well trained jade green eyes. He wore the basic gear of a knight in training. A simple silver breast plate and chain mail to protect his joints with a short sword and shield to defend himself. The sword was of basic make, but the shield was emblazoned with the seal of Lord Carion, the prince. He could feel his heart beating under his chest, it rapidly pounding against its confines. He often wondered if he would soon be able to hear it thudding against his armor. This forest had always made him nervous, but none had listened when he suggested to go around. Now here he was, lost and separated from the others. A slight rustle, just one leaf scrubbing against another was all that it took to set the young man off. Without hesitation, his hand deftly slid to his sword hilt and the shiiing of metal scrubbing against metal echoed loudly as he drew his blade and whirled around to  point the tip towards where the sound came from. A few loose tendrils of long brown locks fell into his face, blocking his line of sight the slightest bit. Lucky enough for him, all that stood there was a very confused looking chipmunk.

The small creature gave the man a single glance than scampered up, up, up the tree and out of sight. Even with this ‘threat’ gone, he could not seem to slow the racing pulse thudding in his ears. Babump..Babump..Babump.. The sound pulsated in his ears time and time again and he shakily held his blade. “Damn you, Damion. Master said that you would get lost. Why didn’t you listen?” Damion spoke shakily to himself in attempts to calm down. This forest was known for people vanishing into thin air upon entree. Damion realized that soon, he might be the next victim.

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Re: Fantasy roleplay (lolo & Slaven)
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2011, 05:44:21 AM »
She hid, knowing she shouldn't have gone and that someone could be after her to drag her back to the castle. Her breathing slowed as she climbed up the tree, surveying the area below. Even though the deep forest was pitch black her black eyes could make out most. She'd left her contacts on her bed along with a note. Her heart sunk as she thought to what she had wrote to what she had left behind.

Tears fell from her eyes, streaming down her face as she cried almost silently. She had become oblivious of her surroundings as she just clung to the tree, hoping she could go on once the golden orb climbed its way up in the blue see of the upper land.

She figured she had drifted off as she awoke upside down, legs gripping the branch. Her head pounded with blood and her sight was hazy "ugh!" she tried to pull herself up with no avail. She struggled but knew she had no chance. She was too weak. She knew she had bare minutes before she passed out. She was going to have to fall.

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Re: Fantasy roleplay (lolo & Slaven)
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2011, 09:54:12 AM »
Damion shakily pushed himself forward, one wobbly leg moving after another as he cautiously stepped through the dense forest. Crunch..Crunch...Crunch.. Such was the sound of a booted foot pressing against the leaves below them. He was not stealthy in the least with this armor and with his fear, but the least he could do was remain alert. Every sound, ever movement with the wind was a potential threat to someone who feared for their lives.

“Alright Damion..It’s time to calm down. No one is after you here. You are safe..You just need to get your head together and get out of her here.” He leaned back casually against a tree and began to breath in and out then in and out. He had to regulate his breathing, it would help control his pulse. As his heart rate slowed and he could no longer hear it pounding in his ears, a small relaxed sigh slipped through his lips. It was then he noticed a sound he hadn’t before.

Drip..Drip..Drip.. The sound of a liquid falling and splashing against the chain mail protecting his shoulder seemed to echo in his ears. Damion once more became hollow. His eyes began to slowly raise, he a bit nervous of what he might find. Finally, his eyes reached their full vertical to look straight up the tree..Only to see something he had not expected. Was that a person? Or more specifically a woman, due to the shape of her legs and bottom. He couldn’t be too sure as the brush was thick even above his head thanks to the trees being so well knitted together. Perhaps it was his imagination?

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Re: Fantasy roleplay (lolo & Slaven)
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2011, 05:04:32 PM »
In an attempt to save herself from breaking her spine and possibly killing herself, Kaia had tried to swing backwards so to land on her chest. This proved to be a stupid idea as she hit her head on the branch behind her leaving her with a dangerous cut on her head... Upside down, and within seconds she was out for the count.

Throbbing. Its all she could feel, her legs were numb, painfully numb and her eyes hurt almost too much, her whole body was drained with her head feeling like a balloon of blood, yet empty too. So lightheaded, she couldn't take it. What had she done? Feebly she attempted to speak "hhhhhhh...hhhhhhh" no one would hear her but it was worth a chance. Kaia started to feel her whole head pulsate, her eyes felt like they would pop out because of their engorged size... And her legs, no longer could they hold.

As she slipped into darkness she fell in silence, not even a whimper passing her lips.