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Author Topic: NSFW-Spoilers are adult images, links are ok but site may contain adult material  (Read 1771 times)

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Offline SacrahTopic starter

Please read

-All I ask is that you give me more then a few sentences, try being descriptive, i hate when scense get cut short i get bored and i probably wont resond for a bit till i think of what is next.

-I am not the grammer police, for i know i may not be the best as long as you try. No chat speak exaple: R U ok? <----None of that.

-No god moding

-Talk about what we like through pms, tell me what you wanna see, and if i dont like it we can work something out.

I am big into these things below:

-Rape/rape play...I love rough,hard, cervical penetration, etc non con
-Dominate partners for i am Submissive,
-large/Hyper cocks, unique shapes and sizes and attributes (knots,barbs, bumps, you name it i am willing ti try
-cum Inflation
-some stories i like force pregnancies, or later on
- A BIG one is non human partners.
-orcs,ogres,minotaurs, centaurs, fantasy beings
-canine,horses, beasts
-Monsters/aliens, Hybreds, demons,

Basicly anything none humans, though I do like humans as well

-also please tell me if you lose interest in the game, or if busy, i hate people disappear. i mean unless something intervenes and you cant for few days let me know asap.


She never been accepted by anything or anyone, keeping to herself and heading to town only when she needs supplies, and even then she would stock up for months at a time. She was an Elven Drake hybred, though some may view her as goregous, stunning and unique, that was far and few inbetween. Or she had thought. She never really stayed long in one place. On a return trip from a town due east of her homestead that resided in the depths of a forest. She comes across an injure Drake hybred. unconcious along one of the paths. Her keen sense of smells told her he was badly injured and thus takes him home with her, tending to his wounds.

How will he take to her, though she looked more elven besides the obvious horns that protruded from the back of her head.

Watch me Dance

A young dancer, blessed with a body one would die for, captivating her audiance, that was until He(your character) Captivated her with his charms and good looks, and promises to hit big in the bigger towns and villages. He lead her on, used that sweet innocence against her, and she catches him flirting with otherwomen, groaping and the works, he brough some back to their rooms making her watch, and squirm or she left. Heart broken she decide she had enough. saving what money she could that he hadn't taken from her, and leaves on a rainy night. days passed and he has realized that he fucked up and sends out after her. Saving her from an group of hybrids, but that wasn't enough to mend the poor girls heart. She doesn't trust him but he ws determind to show that he has changed. all besides his dominate side in the bed.

Offline SacrahTopic starter

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Odd Love

One never told her that love came between any race, Until she met an Orc who showed her that of a more wild, yet intimate side that she had never known. It wasn't unheard of that two of different races were together, but  they were rare. Usually chased out of villages, or killed. In order to stay together both must sacrifice there people, keeping on a run, remaining hidden from people, those but a very select few who share past experiences. Will their love keep them alive, and be enough to sacrifice everything they knew?
Under the Waves

Always curious about life above waters, but she was more then fine in the ocean. There are always new adventures to be had, unlike her cousin Ariel the Red headed princess. Her tail fin was different, more siren based then a normal mermaids, then again King Titan's broth married a Siren the result was her.

She never hung around long in her small kingdom, taking off into the more dangerous territories of the sea, where she meets a rebel merman(or other fish based....besides octobus, or jelly fish maybe a great white.) He was a handsome being, but mean, yet caring. How can one be two such oppisite personality. who knew. He wanted her for himself, his dominating personality turned her on, though she got his creatures o use and abused her, and using a salve that returned her to her former virginity.

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Offline SacrahTopic starter

The Demand of the three-headed Dog God

Note: Looking for the God I play the girl

He demanded a sacrifice, a personal toy for himself that no other Gods could steal away. After causing Chaos on the centre plain (Earth) the God of the Gods made a deal with him, He was allowed one being, that would be granted ever lasting life until the  Three headed beast grew bored of she, but with her fiesty nature, and stubbornness he is never bored of her, coming up with new ideas to torment her and try breaking her spirit and submit to him. To add to his thrill she is cursed, her body forever remain a virgin, no matter how much he used and abused her body her body restore to a virgin state once more.

Offline SacrahTopic starter

Do you Understand

Her Tribe was attacked all were killed, men, women,childen, even the animals that they had for their companions, besides the horses that they rounded up and took with them. All but one woman survived and her trusted Buffulo, watching from the thick forest, stilled with horror as she watched the slaughter. then watched as they set her home ablaze. Never again will she trust a white man. Or thats what she thought.

She hadn't realized it at the time but one of the men watched her, and watched the other men slaughter the innocent. He wasn't like the others, He found the order wrong and unjust and wanted nothing to do with it. But as he watched the young native girl his heart pained. He turned away for a split second and when he looked back she was gone, and the was ordered to fetch her. He was an honest man, he tried little to lie for he knew it did no good. and thus he did as he was told and went after her.

She was stubborn like that of a wild horse, She wouldnt listen wouldn't cooperate with him. He liked that,eventually they grew closer as he tried time and time again that he  was different.  Could he convince her even though she fought her heat? Knowing she felt something towards this man..

Offline SacrahTopic starter

Big Dreams

She always dreamed of freedom, of adventure, but life as the princess of  Allu'dellan A small fairy kingdom her dreams where immediately crushed. Until one day after a fight with her parents she takes off at the dead of night. She was a grown fairy,  in human years she was 20. She was no child who couldn't make desicions for herself, she didn't need her life dictated to every degree, from her hobbies and studies, to her who she would marry.

But when she escapes things dont go according to plan. ( make a fairy like being, but larger) She is captured by some fairy hybred male. His intentions not overly nice as uses her young supple body for his every desire, along with whoring her ouot to the critters of the land. Being a fairy had one down faul, there body restoration kept restoring her hyman of her virginity. making the game to him all the more fun, but to her everything was both pleasureable and painful

Offline SacrahTopic starter
(possible male  if he gets tainted?)

Pray and Pray Harder

Side Note: I wanna Try being a domme, I've no experience, maybe a possible twist where he gets tainted and turns to make her his slave for the torment she caused him through the months.

She always loved to torement the holyest of Men, till she met him, a challenge. And she will break him no matter how hard he prays to his God.

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Pray and Pray Harder

I am interested in this rp please pm me if your interested.

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To Serve you

He had his choice of maidens, being a great Drake warrior after all. But he chose her, a Half breed. Why, there was just somthing in her blood that called to him, made him long for her. to crave her .

Offline SacrahTopic starter

now that im not sick im looking for more games