Jedi Padawans [F dom looking for F or M sub]

Started by elfguy, August 21, 2011, 02:46:27 PM

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Janie was a young, 21 years old Padawan, well on her way to become a great Jedi Knight. She was physically strong, skilled with a lightsaber, and had a great connection to the Force. But she had a terrible secret. She started to study the Sith art several years ago, and came to the conclusion that the Jedi were wrong, instead deciding to become a Sith.

Her best friend was another Padawan, someone who had entered the Academy at the same time as Janie. Her friend was a good student, but weaker and less skilled, looking up at Janie like one would a big sister, trying to emulate her. The friend had no idea of the terrible secret Janie held. On this day however, Janie decided to tell her friend her dark secret. More than that, Janie decided to leave the order, and to take her friend as her new Sith Apprentice, whether he/she wants it or not.

For this RP I'm imagining two best friends, Janie being the strong one of the two, with the M or F friend looking up to her, and then Janie would reveal her big secret, and the friend would be stunned, confused, wanting to stay with the Jedi, so Janie would tie him/her up and abuse him/her, breaking her friend down until he/she submits to her and agrees to become her apprentice, so they can both leave the academy together.

If you feel like playing a Padawan that is about to have their life turned upside down, by being abused by a sexy girl, apply within!



Applying! I am whiping up a character right now, female, graceful it not strong. Lemme know if you're still looking or what not. I shall PM you right meow.

Seeking 2 New Roleplays


I would love to be your padawan.

Eris Veran, she is only 20, one year younger and while she is very energetic and enthusiastic the truth is that she is too naive and she lacks the natural aptitude of Janie.

When she realices what Janie is up to she will try to convicne her that that is the wrong path, and when Janie insist on taking her Eris will try to fight Janie only to have her ass served to her, quite possibly losing parts of her clothing with every stroke of Janie's saber just to be disarmed and defeated in a humilliating way, then Janie can procede to tie and abuse her.

What do you think?
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