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June 24, 2018, 01:51:28 PM

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Author Topic: Kitty's ideas! (For Male or Female!)  (Read 485 times)

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Offline KittyLana92Topic starter

Kitty's ideas! (For Male or Female!)
« on: August 17, 2011, 06:02:56 PM »

Well, I was day dreaming and thought of an idea, I liked it so I thought I would share it, and maybe a few others. here we go:

Tia is a cat girl, cute little kitty ears and tail. This RP is of how she (and other cat people) are treated as "slaves" so to speak, but she is bought by a man (or woman), who doesn't want to treat her like an animal, (hes not alone with that thought) but wants to treat her as a person. But seeing as she was raised as an animal, she doesn't know how to do a lot of things, no cat person can do these things unless taught how to, their not even supposed to walk up right, they can, but while in the "stores" they're whipped or punished in so me other way if they stand to walk. The man (or woman) who buys her, treats her almost as a daughter, but slip up, and fall in love instead. Over time Tia has come to hate and not trust the humans, but can who ever buys her teach her that not all humans are mean creatures?

Kara is an orphan girl, many people have looked to see if they wanted her, and but after they see what she's hiding they always change their mind. Kara is a cat girl, sweet and innocent as can be, but also broken on the inside. Kara starts to think she'll never be adopted but then a family comes in, who are (also cat people or) completely human, and find her ears and tail to be adorable, even the teen boy or girl they have finds her adorable, (hot/sexy even) at the time of her adoption Kara is 14, but over the years her new sibling watches her, waiting for the perfect time to take her, having had dirty thoughts about their new little sibling since the start. Although Kara isn't completely innocent on this subject either, she finds her self to have fallen for her sibling, What will happen?

Talia is new to her school, her family just moved into the city. Talia is (yes ) another cat girl (bear with me ok? :D) She gets made fun of for a while because of her ears, people even fallow her home and say "here kitty kitty" Eventually Talia starts hating those around her, until one day, the most unlikely person defends her, stopping the people from picking on her, this guy/girl is always so quiet but has a bad temper towards idiots, which Talia is not. Talia is very intelligent, just a bit...Ditzy :) Her and this guy/girl wind up liking each other, even dating each other. The boys/girls parents love Talia, and Talia's parents love the boy/girl. win win right? wrong. People don't want them to be together, so they must be secretive about their relationship until people can accept a cat girl and a human being in love, or, until they can graduate, and their family's and them move to a place they can be together. They don't see whats so wrong with it, but who knows what will happen?

(I want to think of a fourth but I cant T-T I'm sort of obsessed with even numbers so only having three ideas is! its gonna drive me bonkers >.<; ah well, hope you like them!)
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