Hope I'm doing this correctly...... M seeking M

Started by MetalPup, August 17, 2011, 05:52:08 PM

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I've been recently, very recently, accepted as a member of E. I'm pansexual, but I lean more towards men, and I write gay.

I like rp-ing characters that already exist in the world, as I find it more of a challenge then writing as a character you can make up, especially since I've done both quite a lot. Simply not over the internet, but over text. I will write as an original character, but I tend to have more fun with characters in existence.

My Major Fandoms:
-Final Fantasy 6
-Final Fantasy 7
-Harry Potter
-Kingdom Hearts
-Dragonball Z (it made me figure out that I enjoy the male species a bit more then normal.  ;) )

My Major Kinks:
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-Rivals/'hate' dynamics
-Older top, younger bottom. 'Mentor' dynamic.
-Rough sex
-Mental torture
-Tops 'marking' bottoms in overly obvious places (I just find that one funny!  ;D)

Plot Situation:
Well, here's how I work: Give me the couple and what you really want in it or for it to be about. I can normally come up with a pretty good plot after that.

I'll also research and try just about anything, if you're willing to give me some details.  ;)

So, anyone willing to help out a newbie? ~puppy eyes~


1, are you a top or bottom? (I prefer to bottom, but that's up to you)

2, how about something Pokemon-based (human characters need not necessarily be in it) and it's either the whole "Rivalry" thing Ash and Gary do, or we can do the one where we meet as rivals and eventually fall in love like meeting that red-head in Gold. If not, I'm up for anything. :)