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Author Topic: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted So That You Can Make Them Come True) M for F  (Read 6718 times)

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Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

You can check out my profile for specific stuff. Here are plot ideas, general pairings I'd like to try. PM if interested

Bookworm Romance

I want to do a romance about two very smart, bookish people, probably in college, or we could make them older in their 20's if you wanted. They will be friends and the girl will be harboring a crush on my character, but be far too shy to say anything. We'll come up with lots of ways to torment her throughout the story, possibly having a more stereotypically attractive girl also be interested in him (I can play her) and have her generally always be embarrassed around him and have her various attempts to impress or woo him generally be failures. Of course there will be a happy ending as he will eventually develop feelings for her and realize that she feels the same way, with them having long overdue sex (hence the adult RP).

For your character I'm thinking that she's in college studying English or literature. She could have been ugly as a kid and been teased a lot, so it's left her with low self esteem. Now she's a typical "Plain Jane" brunette but still feminine and pretty. Very smart and well read and sweet, despite being shy. I'd want her to have a very stereotypical "bookish" look with cardigan sweaters, plaid skirts, and glasses.

I don't want mine to be the "popular guy" stereotype, he will be a similar type person to her but less shy and maybe stereotypically better looking which is why he attracts the attention of girls. He can be a very accomplished English/Lit major who has already gotten a number of short stories published, or studying to be a classic stage actor doing Shakespeare and stuff. That would probably be the sort of man that kind of female character would like best.

WWII Soldier and Nurse Idea

 A Farewell to Arms will be somewhat of an influence here. It's fine if you haven't read it, but the middle part of the book is representative of the kind of thing I'm looking for here. For whatever reason this hasn't worked out the couple of times I've actually tried to write it with someone, so we might want to talk about it a little first. The kind of stuff I'm looking for in the early sequences is for her to be soothing all his aches and pains while they talk and get to know each other. Later she can give him a hand job to help him relax (not an uncommon practice in either of the World Wars) and them having full intercourse later when he's a bit healthier. We could have it be set in an abandoned hotel or something that's been turned into a hospital, that way my character will be in a bedroom alone, making it logistically a little easier. Or we can have it be a French/Dutch girl who sees an injured allied soldier and hides him before the Germans get to him. 

I'm looking for a sweet-faced, "All American" brunette for the other character, like Millie Perkins (yep, she played Anne Frank)-

or Teresa Wright-

Or you could model her on Audrey Hepburn if you wanted to make her a British nurse or the European girl.

Pity Sex Idea

I'm sort of viewing this as a "writing challenge" to see if I can write a scenario like this in a way that's organic and believable and doesn't seem forced. As the title says, this is a story about pity sex, specifically a pretty girl having it out of pity for my male character. She can either be an acquaintance that he's on somewhat friendly terms with, or someone he's just met. I have two ideas for my character. In the first one, he's had a particularly humiliating and hurtful breakup. She'll see him looking like he's about to die (and desperately drinking if we set it at a bar) and ask him if everything's okay, setting off the interaction from there. Or he could approach her if he already knows her, just because he needs to talk to someone. My other idea was for him to be a virgin at a slightly old age, with her being very surprised by that. If they know each other sexual histories could just come up in a conversation after a while, or they could be playing a party game where they have to ask each other personal questions. The sex could either just be her giving him a hand job or actual intercourse.

This could be at a public place like a bar, or at one of the characters apartments if they already know each other. Another thing we would do if they know each other is just have her see him looking miserable walking down the street and ask him if anything's wrong. They'll go back to her apartment later. I'm pretty flexible in terms of what I'd be willing to do on this one.

 Literal Dream Idea

I have an idea about doing threads set inside of dreams. I think that could be interesting with a bondage idea, but I'd also be open to doing it without a bondage element. There could be a married man who keeps having sexual dreams about getting dominated by his wife's friend (maybe her fitness instructor for someone who would make sense as a dom) and then runs into her in real life and keeps having interactions with her that could be described as vaguely sexual (but not intentionally on her end) which would drive him crazy. Or we could do it with a high school boy and his teacher if you're fine with being the older woman.

 Superhero and Femme Fatale

This story is transparently inspired by the Batman/Catwoman dynamic. Your character is a master thief who keeps stealing diamonds and art from a local museum. The curator dispatches the local superhero (what town doesn't have one) to stop her. However, during their first confrontation, another thief comes in and steals a priceless, classic work of art, the crown jewel of the whole museum. Having an appreciation for art (and maybe being a bit jealous) your character finds this crass and decides to join forces with mine to track him down. Things get romantic in the midst of their big adventure. But maybe her plan all along was to take the piece for herself?

  I've had an idea for an OC superhero that I've wanted to play for a long time. His "gimmick" is that he dresses up like an old fashioned gentleman (white bow tie, tails, top hat) with a masquerade mask to disguise his face. He has "gadgets" in the form of formal accessories, like his pocket watch or decorative  cane, maybe a sulfuric acid filled champagne bottle to unleash on baddies as a "dinner gift". He'll be somewhat morally ambiguous, even more so than Batman; he'll be willing to kill people and sometimes act in vengeance for others, but generally promote stability. For his powers, I wanted to give him a hyperactive adrenaline/adaptive powers. In other words, in normal circumstances he's "normal" but is able to run at superhuman speeds if he's being chased, lift heavy objects if he's under stress and needs to exc.. I came up with this before I wanted to use him in an adult RP, but there could definitely be some interesting uses for that in sex scenes, now that I think of it  ;). I might want to make him facially deformed behind the mask, but can't decide if it's too angsty/Phantom of the Opera-like. For your character I'm just looking for an anti-hero/femme fatale. Clearly someone who would have a "chaotic" d and d alignment. She'd obviously be fit considering her line of work, with muscular legs and nice abs, and of course needs to be wearing a catsuit (I'd prefer red to black, but you can pick the color). Those types of characters usually aren't given superpowers, but you can give her some if you want. Super strength/stamina/constitution and enhanced flexibility would make sense. Pheromones could be fun too if you wanted, given the nature of the site and rp.

I would also be interested in one that just has them meeting both as their alter-egos and in "real life" and not realizing it. Maybe she's a ballet dancer and gets introduced to him (a wealthy reclusive patron) after a performance, while at the same time their alter egos form a rivalry on the street. Or it could just be that she becomes obsessed with the dashing, but angry and dangerous new superhero and sets out to find out who he is.

Rock Musician and Shy Folk Musician

I have a very specific idea for this one. For the female character I wanted her to be the member of a female folk duo. They came from a very religious background and ran off to join show business. She is immensely shy and plays the cello, sings harmony vocals and writes all the songs for the duo while her more outgoing sister sings lead and plays acoustic guitar. My character will be another "angry young man" in a garage rock band as in the example above, playing guitar and writing all the band's songs but not singing.

For the first scene they could both be playing at a smaller venue when they are both "up and coming". One idea I had was for it possibly to be a "rougher" venue and for her to have been heckled off stage when they tried to play and for her to be crying alone in a corner somewhere. My character will stumble upon her and as they talk she will be surprised by his intelligence (and sensitivity if she had been crying) and quickly develop a crush on him. However, from a distance she will see him with his band's sexy female lead singer and misconstrue their relationship, and quickly scurry out of the building, distraught.

I had two ideas for how they meet again. One could be that they both broke out commercially and play at the same festival later in the year. Another one is that they get assigned by the record company to interview each other as part of a promotional cross-genre thing with the connection being that they both write songs "in the background" so to speak. A romance will develop from there.

Picture Idea

Recently I've really wanted to base a story just off this shot of Saoirse Ronan in Grand Budapest Hotel where she's backlit by the Ferris wheel lights and looks like an angel. Unfortunately I can't really think of a specific idea for it. I don't want to do a canon story about the movie.  If you get an idea from it, or just want to talk about doing a story based on it even if you don't have a specific idea, please message me and we'll talk. It could be set at a fair/carnival since the Ferris wheel lights are behind her (but we could just as easily have lights come from somewhere else). The thing I like about it is that the look on her face captures the moment when someone first falls in love, and how she's backlit and how pretty she looks generally embodies how someone sees a woman when he's first falling in love with her. The background music behind the shot in the movie is bittersweet, so we could theoretically give the story a tragic ending, although I would play it as a happy story too.  I was thinking it could maybe be a shorter story where a boy first professes his love for her and they sneak off to some quiet corner of the carnival to have gentle romantic sex with one or both possibly being virgins.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A link to a video of the full seven second shot from the movie-

Therapist and Patient

I'm looking to do a story about a naive, virginal boy who has just gone off to college and goes to a university therapist because he is embarrassed and insecure about being a virgin and doesn't know if he can satisfy a girl. The therapist will help him more than he could have anticipated by warmly and gently introducing him to sex. Whether that was her plan all along and she is "predatory" or whether it's something she decides to do later due to wanting to "help" him and finding him attractive is up to you. I am interested in her character being more of a "caregiver" dominant, nothing brutal, we don't want to hurt the sweet young man I'll be writing, do we? ;)

Fitness Model and Normal Man

I'm looking to do a story about a man with a thin/average build (we can still make him good looking though) having a relationship with a woman in the fitness industry, whether it be a model, an instructor, or whatever else.

When they meet it could be an opposite's attract type thing where they meet coincidentally, with him in his suit and her all sweaty and in workout clothes. I'm not really into roleplaying "dating" so we could either have them be super attracted to each other right away and hook up before starting a relationship, or skip ahead to her seducing him after they've been dating for a while. After that we could deal with some of the issues that might crop up in their relationship, him getting jealous of her spending all day with very muscular men (and her trying to relieve his jealousy), people's reactions to them in public, and maybe bondage in the bedroom if you're into that.

Images showing the body type I'm looking for here-

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Custom-Made Woman

For some reason (maybe just as a participant in a science experiment) a man is given the chance of a lifetime: he gets to create his own ideal mate. She can be either an android or hologram, but either way she'll seem pretty much exactly human. We can talk about the traits she'll have over PM, but it would be more fun to actually have her creation be the opening of the RP, with you RPing the scientist. He'll ask my character a whole host of questions about what he wants (which could be a good/fun way for you to construct your character). He'll of course outline her appearance, name personality traits he likes, personalities of fictional or historical people that he'd like to be incorporated into her, and they'll have to come up with her life history since she'll be created as an adult. The scientist will then tell him to wait a while and at the appointed time he'll see her for the first time in a public place, and be able to come up to her and start a conversation. Everything will of course go fine at first, with her being tailor made to him and predisposed to love him. But he will wonder if she would (or could) love him independently of her programming. He'll eventually tell her who she is. I have no idea what her reaction would be or how it will end, but there's certainly the potential for high drama.

General Pairing ideas(my role in bold)-
Anything with an older woman*
Repairman/Yardworker- Housewife, maybe in the 50's*
Older Man-friend's 20 something daughter he hasn't seen since she was a child
Older Man-blind/disabled HS/College girl
Hapeless man-female athletic trainer*
average/thin man - muscular woman*
pro athlete-pro athlete*
sports writer-pro athlete
Music/Sports/movie star-groupie/average woman
Music/Sports/Movie Star-Agent/Manager
Male fan- Female Actress/Music Star/Model
Art House Director-Starlet
Stepson-Stepmother/Foster Mother*
Man-Wife/fiance/Girlfriend's Sister*
Man-Wife/Girlfriend/fiance's worst enemy*
Teenage Boy/young man-Date/Girlfriend's Mother*
Wedding Attendee-Bride
Male Stripper-woman, possibly engaged
Man- Stripper/dancer
Man-Pregnant Woman who's been jilted by the daddy
Nude Model-female artist
Conned man-female thief/con-artist
man-Goddess/Angel/demon/other heavenly being; maybe a superhero*
Passenger-Flight Attendant
Cosmopolitan Man-Rural woman
employee his boss/SO's boss*
Priest or Monk- Nun
Soldier- Woman in occupied, liberated, or invaded country
Political commentators who disagree*

A few canons-
Star Trek
Human Male-Vulcan female*
Man-Orion slave girl*
Captain- yeoman

Star Wars/Knights of the Old Republic
smuggler/rogue-female Jedi
Grey Jedi- Padme (or an OC who's a similarly aristocratic and high minded senator)

Mortal Man- Aphrodite*
Mortal Man-Persephone (while she is on leave from the Underworld. Of course Hades won't be happy about this.)
Mortal Man- Artemis*
Pygmalion- Galatea

James Bond

Gone With the Wind-
Rhett-Melanie (I've always hypothesized that all the problems in Gone With the Wind (other than Sherman coming) could have been avoided if Scarlet has married Ashley like she wanted, and then subsequently Rhett and Melanie could have fallen for each other. I can't be alone here, can I?)

*implies ones I'm most interested in right this second.
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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2011, 09:13:06 PM »
Updated with a few new pairings and some changed wordings.

Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

Updated with a third major plot idea, and a few new pairings, plus my new interest in maybe playing as a woman. I've also removed a couple pairings that no longer interest me.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2011, 09:25:14 PM »
Added a pairing and removed another. I may be adding another big idea soon.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2011, 12:16:44 PM »
Added 3 new major ideas and added a few pairings. Check it out. :-)

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Altered a few of my ideas yesterday.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
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tweaked the layout a little bit and added some new pairings.

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added asterisks

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Added several story ideas that I had posted in threads of their own just to get everything consolidated.

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Added about 4 plot ideas and a new paring.

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Added the extensive second plot idea and a new pairing

Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

Added another idea

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #12 on: September 11, 2014, 10:02:03 PM »
Added another main plot idea and changed the formatting significantly.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #13 on: November 12, 2014, 07:59:03 PM »
Added a couple more ideas.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #14 on: November 23, 2014, 01:20:16 PM »
This is an archive post. I'll post some story ideas here that I'm not interested in at the moment that used to be on the OP in this thread. This will serve to make the OP a little shorter and more readable, and also keep anyone from getting their hopes up about an idea I'm not interested. However, I don't want to lose my work writing the description, so I'll keep it here until I want to do it again, and then bump it back up to the main post. Feel free to ask about any of the ideas here if you really want to do one. You may be able to change my mind with the proper persuasion.

Alien Needs Man For Re population of Her Planet
In this one I'll play human man in the future who was sent to explore deep space alone in a small space craft. He passes by a planet in some kind of a reproduction crisis. Either they are "out of" men for some reason, or the actual men on the planet have become mostly or entirely sterile for some reason. They have built a scanner that detects biologically compatible men are passing by their planet and then pulls them either down to the planet or into a space station. My character will be "matched" with yours, and after he waits for a time your character will enter the ship and explain the situation with him. He will obviously be resistant, so the alien woman will have to seduce him and entice him by saying what a lavish lifestyle he will be granted. The first encounter could just happen on his space ship at the end of the first scene. After that he will just be a "kept man" in her house, who waits for her while she works during the day. We could do "human experiencing alien culture" scenes during this part with him having weird foods for the first time, or experiencing customs that are strange to him.

We can discuss how the aliens will look over PM. I'm not interested in any animalpeople type stuff. Their appearance could be somewhat sexualized, but not taken to the extreme. I might like to play that element for laughs, he finds an aspect of her incredible attractive, and she laughs at him and thinks its odd that he would find something attractive that's just a normal aspect of "everyone" to her.

Aunt/Nephew Incest Idea

In this story a teenager (we can make him 18 if you want) has to stay with an Aunt he doesn't know all that well for a significant period of time. She has somewhat of the stereotypical "fun aunt" personality, but is also hypersexual, and so she is drawn to her attractive young nephew, while he is badly sexually confused by her being a relative he doesn't know that well heaping attention on him. I would love to do this with the Aunt being a fitness model/instructor. He could walk in on her in a number of compromising workout poses where she's all sweaty and in general she would prance around in skimpy workout clothes which would only compound his confusion as he would find himself undeniably attracted to her.

A Newly Married Man With An Older Woman

 Another idea I have is to play as a newlywed, 25ish man working from home, while his wife goes to work every day. My character would have a  grave, intellectual personality, and would be good looking and muscular. The woman would be the 45ish next door neighbor, who, upon finding out about her new neighbors living situation, decides to try and tempt him. This character would be a more traditional "cougar" character who dresses revealingly, is in incredible shape, but has a slightly haggard face. She'd be very flamboyant and promiscuous. Maybe she got into a fight with his wife, and so decided to sleep with her husband so as to get "revenge." Or his wife could be a very timid "vanilla" woman making the man very tempted by his exciting new neighbor.

I want this to go into a bit of a darker direction later. My character can start to feel some guilt about it after the first couple times, but the woman blackmales him into continuing. Although he still loves the sex, he trys to figure a way to get out from under her thumb. Some bondage could sneak into this too.

Rock Musician and Reporter

I want to play a guitarist/songwriter for an "Angry Young Man" garage rock band that just hit it big who is being interviewed by a female reporter in his apartment. She'll be classy and somewhat snoody, and a bit nervous about interviewing someone with a reputation like MC since her background is in something tamer like classical music or standards. However, she'll be the one to peel back his rough exterior, discovering that his mother abandoned him when he was a little boy (the reason most his songs are about a woman leaving), that he is well read and cultured, and that he wants the follow up album to be an album of lushly arranged baroque pop love songs in the vein of something like Pet Sounds. I want it to be where the sudden connection they have overtakes them and they sleep together after the interview, but instead of being just another groupie he is in love with her afterward. This is a role where I would be a little more dominant once they got in bed.

I might like to do this in the late 70's with the band being a part of the early British punk scene, but I would also be fine with a contemporary setting.

Married Man and "the girlfriend experience"

This idea is just about a married man whose marriage has grown cold and emotionally unfulfilling getting a prostitute to give him "the girlfriend experience" essentially paying her to act kind and loving towards him when he stops off at her apartment for an hour or so before he comes home from work every day/week/month. He will not (at least initially) be paying her for sex, he'll just want the emotional intimacy and still be physically loyal to his wife. Whether a physical relationship develops over time will depend on how the story goes and how the dynamic between the characters builds. We'll start with him first getting into contact with her and their first meeting where he explains what he wants, and then just detail his visits.

European Woman and Kept American Man

My character will be an American graduate student who is about to graduate and has no career prospects lined up. He is at an academic conference in Europe and afterward has nothing to do but return home and probably move back in with his parents as he tries to find work; a depressing propsect. However, he meets and is seduced by a wealthy, beautiful, and sophisticated European woman (French, Italian, or Spanish; aged anywhere from 30's-50's). After their night together she learns of his predicament and he learns that she is very lonely after recently being widowed or divorced. He becomes her kept man who lives in her big house and waits for her to come home so he can satisfy all her sexual needs. It's a much better fate than what he was faced with before, although he could eventually grow restless.......

This is a story that will have me in somewhat of a switch role. She will be the one in control, but he will be sexually assertive and somewhat "ravage" her and be the best she's ever had.

I wanted the female character in this movie to be vaguely modeled after the persona put forward by Monica Bellucci's character in the recent Bond film. Just a dignified and sophisticated widow (or divorcee) who's been put through a lot of pain. it's fine if you haven't seen the movie.

Basically someone like this-
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Or this-
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

And especially this-
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A Paralyzed Woman, A Fitness Instructor, and Her Husband

A woman suffers a devastating accident and loses control of her legs. This makes sex with her husband exceedingly difficult, in addition to the various other obstacles  she faces. She constantly worries that her still virile husband will stray to another woman and leave her all alone. She’s given him “permission” to have casual flings out of the house, but he has so far refused, while her worries persist. Thus she enlists a woman she trusts and has befriended (her sexy physical therapist, built something like this- - who visits a couple of times a week to help her get a little exercise to keep healthy despite her sedentary lifestyle) to seduce her husband and satisfy his physical needs, without taking him from her. I will be the husband and you will be the therapist. I’m willing to play the wife the whole time (since I have kind of a specific idea of how the story will go) but we could switch off as needed (you play her when she interacts with her husband, I play her when she interacts with the therapist).

I have two ideas of how this will end, and am open to other suggestions-
I. We can go for a dramatic ending, with the husband and therapist developing feelings for each other and having to confront them, with the husband maybe learning to recommit to being faithful to his wife. We could also have it where just the therapist develops feelings for the husband, which both the husband and wife pick up on, making things awkward all around.

II. If we want more of a twist ending, I thought the therapist can start to feel guilty about the whole arrangement, realizing that it is still possible for a couple to have a sex life even if one of the partners is paralyzed, and that the real problem is that the wife has withdrawn from sex since she feels more like a burden than an object of desire. She then decides to seduce the wife while she lies in bed one day (with or without talking to the husband about it first) and has sex with her in order to reawaken her sexual flame. If we do this we’ll establish that the wife has a really transparent girl-crush on her therapist earlier in the story.

Hometown Return
This could be considered a smuttier variation of my older woman ideas. A young man returns home one summer from college, with his appearance and demeanor much changed. He's put on lots of muscle and has an incredible body and is much more outgoing, assertive, and sexually aggressive. He takes to seducing all the women in the neighborhood, most of whom are older than him. There could be an intelligent woman (maybe a former university professor) who feels bored as a housewife, a shy woman from a conservative family within whom he awakens hidden desires, or an ex model bored with her drab husband. They don't all have to be married, there could be a lonely divorcee and a high powered businesswoman who has neglected her sex life. I'd like it if one could be a former teacher of his from high school. This would pretty much be a series of non-connected scenes with my character and a variety of women. Some could just be the seduction and sex, while other might require more preliminary scenes. There could maybe be a few references to other scenes, maybe one of the women could hear one of the other women's cries of ecstasy and then later saw my character emerging from the house, piquing her interest in his sexual prowess. Or the woman even told her about what a great time she had. This would especially work well for a shyer character since it would help her get "over the hump" so to speak.

A Spy Story

We can set this in the modern day with a Western agent and a Middle Eastern girl. The dynamic I'm looking for here will be somewhat inspired by the James Bond movie "The Living Daylights".  Her father can be an oilman with connections to an arms dealer. She can meet the agent at a social function. He will charm her and easily recruit her. She will be somewhat resentful of her oppressive society and be a somewhat "dreamy" type who wishes she could travel and see the world, which will make her quick conversion believable. They'll have a few covert "dead drops" where she shares with him the information she receives (simply through eavesdropping) and everything will be going as planned. However, at the final scheduled meeting she will be spotted in an incriminating situation. She will have to escape the country with the male agent, with him protecting her from a variety of dangerous situations, and her eventually falling in love with him. Elements of sexual repression would enter into her character too.

Romantic Classic Hollywood Idea

So I want this to be a more romantic idea, with slow build-up and a little less emphasis on the sex. It's set in the so called "Golden Age of Hollywood" sometime in the 40's-early 60's. My character is a polished and sophisticated, but brooding and volatile, star, universally recognized as the "Best Actor in the World". (think Lawrence Olivier or Brando in the 70's) Your is a younger actress in her first major role who gets her huge break starring alongside him in a big budget romantic epic (think Roman Holiday/Sabrina era Audrey Hepburn for this character). We can go through every stage of their interaction, with the young actress first meeting him during her screen test. They'll have very little interaction early on in the shoot, with her being too shy and nervous to talk to him and him just being indifferent. Eventually they'll warm up to each other a bit (and film their love scenes for the movie) and he'll finally decide to seduce her. This is one of the roles where I'll play a more dominant role

Scorned Sex Symbol on the Rebound

A woman (maybe a model or socialite) who is widely known and adored as a sex symbol has recently been the victim of a sex scandal. Her husband has cheated on her in a particularly humiliating fashion, resulting in their divorce. The story will be set with her at some kind of gala event, still feeling depressed and embarrassed about her situation. My character will be an immensely attractive man (maybe an athlete) who has long admired her from afar and sees her at the event and takes the opportunity to talk to her. This will be a shorter story with her using him as her rebound, it might be expanded if it works out really well. I would maybe like somewhat of an age difference to enter into this; her in her 30's and him a young man in his 20's.

50's Housewife Has an Affair With a Younger Man

 I've long wanted to launch a long term RP centered around a 50's housewife having an affair with a young man who does work in her yard one summer. The woman could be in her late 30's early or early 40's. She generally feels unloved, neglected, and unappreciated by her husband. He could be an overweight and rather dim. He wouldn't consider her opinions at all and she'd have no respect for him. He could also neglect her needs sexually, viewing sex as something only men enjoy.  I picture the woman as having very light hair and skin(maybe a European immigrant?) and having one of those voluptuous 50's figures. Obviously she would have aged a bit too.

For my character, I thought he could be doing work in her yard over the summer. I'd like it if he'd be only 18, just because I have a thing for big age differences, but he could be 21 or something if the other writer didn't want him to be that young. I wanted him to be either attending or about to attend an Ivy League school, while the RP is set in the suburbs in somewhere like Iowa or Ohio. He's very mature, serious, and introverted. Other people in the neighborhood think of him as a "bad" kid not because he's gotten in any real trouble, but because he's not very friendly and is a bit too much of a nonconformist for comfort. He's tall and quite slim, but still wiry and strong. He has wavy hair and a firm harsh face that makes him look older than he is.

I want there to be a really slow buildup. We could just start with them having really short conversations after he works in her yard in the afternoon, when he comes to the door to get paid and she hands him a glass of water or something, but there'd always be sexual tension. Eventually she comes up with an excuse to invite him inside and seduces him. If we're going with him as just being 18 it could be the first time he ever has sex, but if he's older she'd just be the best he's had by far because of her experience. For her, it would be her first orgasm in ages, or maybe even the first one she's ever had. They would than carry on an affair that whole summer while he's home from school. He'd try to spoil her and be the first real lover she's ever had.

There are a number of other things that could complicate matters. Her husband could get suspicious of something later if he sees that she's bought new lingerie or has been given flowers by someone. Potentially my character could be there one time when he berates her or even shoves her into a wall, and then comes and defends her. I also thought that my character's mother could not get along with her. This could add drama if she starts to sense attraction from either party, even if she doesn't know anything is actually going on. Eventually my character could want her to leave her husband and go to New England with him and be his lover, leaving her with a big choice to make. 

Roman Holiday-inspired Princess Idea

I want to play opposite a Audrey Hepburn like princess from a real or fictional European country who runs away from her handlers one day. We can leave the reporter element from the movie out of it, I'll just play the young man she befriends (who may or may not know who she is) and with whom she shares a wonderful day.

A Newly Married Man With An Older Woman

 Another idea I have is to play as a newlywed, 25ish man working from home, while his wife goes to work every day. My character would have a  grave, intellectual personality, and would be good looking and muscular. The woman would be the 45ish next door neighbor, who, upon finding out about her new neighbors living situation, decides to try and tempt him. This character would be a more traditional "cougar" character who dresses revealingly, is in incredible shape, but has a slightly haggard face. She'd be very flamboyant and promiscuous. Maybe she got into a fight with his wife, and so decided to sleep with her husband so as to get "revenge." Or his wife could be a very timid "vanilla" woman making the man very tempted by his exciting new neighbor.

I want this to go into a bit of a darker direction later. My character can start to feel some guilt about it after the first couple times, but the woman blackmales him into continuing. Although he still loves the sex, he trys to figure a way to get out from under her thumb. Some bondage could sneak into this too.

Long term marriage/relationship idea

I'm looking to rp the big moments of a relationship and marriage, both sexual and otherwise. We could do the first time they had sex, his proposal, their wedding night/morning, stuff on their honeymoon, making up after a marriage threatening crisis, trying to get pregnant, finding out she's pregnant,  sex after the baby after a long drought, or her trying to re-establish his confidence when he's afraid he's becoming impotent later. We could also do less "event" oriented scenes, like them reconnecting after one of them comes back from a long trip, or him almost dying, or getting a serious injury and needing her to take care of him. For more fun ones we could have them doing sexually adventurous things for the first time together.

Teacher/Student With Some Supernatural Elements

A High School senior (or college student if you wish) somehow gains the ability to influence other people's minds. Maybe he finds an old artifact or gets some kind of electric shock; how he gets the power isn't important. He finds some interesting uses for it when he has a class with a hot teacher. This isn't a mind control story, he's only able to plant thoughts in people's heads, what she actually does is up to you. It'll start out with him only figuring out that he's able to do this, thinking about how he'd like her to unbutton a few buttons on her shirt or bend over a certain way, things she won't have any resistance to doing and will do right away when he thinks about it. Later he thinks about how he'd like her to stroke his hair as she walks by, maybe she reaches her hand out and then catches herself and pulls it back in, or actually does it. Images that he's picturing in his head of the two of them having sex start popping into her head, surprising her, and leading to some interesting things after class. My initial idea for the teacher character was an Amy Adamsish English teacher in a cardigan and pencil skirt; we could make it a super fit PE teacher too.

Director and Actress

I'll be playing an acclaimed writer/director/actor who uses the same actress over and over again (this will be like the fourth or fifth time) and they begin to slowly fall in love over the course of their new movie shoot for a romantic drama. Maybe the shoot get cancelled one day and so they spend the day together exploring big art museums (maybe on location in Italy) incognito. She could also get sick during the shoot and he could send her flowers and come to take care of her, which would be a change for him. I'm looking for light romantic stuff like that

 My character will be a quiet, brooding, creative sort of guy, who is somewhat reclusive when he's not making a movie, so the only times the two characters will have interacted will be during movie shoots, but they'll still be friends and very close to each other emotionally due to his having directed her so many times. She'll be the opposite of him, being outgoing and disorganized, and very much a romantic. I'd want her to facially be a plain/ordinary brunette (or at least not conventionally attractive) but with an athletic dancer's body, maybe from a stage background. We can outline our respective character's careers and romantic histories in the first post and talk about it over PM.

Athlete and Shy Bookworm

I've been recently wanting to do a story about a high status, good looking and strong man being paired with a "average" woman, an athlete opposite a shy bookworm is what fits the bill right now. I was thinking he would be a famous quarterback who is known for being somewhat of a womanizer, but has a serious injury and starts to reevaluate his life a little bit, thinking about what he'll do after he stops playing, which would make him interested in a long term relationship. I also like playing characters who are smarter/more intellectual than they appear, so he could consistently be surprising her by having a well read mind.

I have an idea for how they could meet. She takes her handicapped little brother (could be in a wheelchair and/or blind) to some kind of event where he can watch the team practice and meet them afterwards. After he gets a somewhat generic greeting from the other players, who don't really know what to do, my character is very nice to him which surprises your character and improves her opinion of him and gets them in a conversation afterward.

For the other character I'm thinking that she's in college studying to be a librarian, while mine will be late 20's/early 30's, so there'll be a little bit of an age difference. She could have been ugly as a kid and been teased a lot, so it's left her with low self esteem so she's expecting to be teased when an attractive person like MC approaches her. Now she's a typical "Plain Jane" brunette but still feminine and pretty. Very smart and well read and sweet when she comes out of her shell. It might be interesting to have her family be very wholesome and idyllic while his is family background isn't so great, for a little contrast to be explored later.

The Punk and The WASP

In general I'd really like to try a story centered around the relationship between a very modern "punk" girl and an old-school "square" guy in Brooks Brother suits who reads the Wall Street Journal. I'd want them to be about the same age, though. Other ideas for it (besides the one above) could be a very standard story about them having a normal relationship, which starts out with them getting along great before their differences start t cause problems, or we could do that type story in a "friends with benefits" type situation, which could make more sense since they might be too different to think about going out in the normal sense. It could also be a funnier story where they have a one night stand and then realize that they have even less in common in the morning than they had initially realized.

An Unexpected Relationship
This is a more romantic idea. A slightly stodgy, "old-school intellectual type" meets a modern, slightly militant woman. They butt heads over a couple meetings, but later on, he helps her in a bad situation. He could save her from getting raped, or for a less dramatic RP, she could be by herself crying outside, and he sees her and comes and consoles her. They run into each other again after that, and things go very well. After that they'd have to deal with their complicated relationship, first hating each other, then him helping her in a dark place, and then their having sex.

Bondage Idea

The main bondage idea I have (and the only one I've played before) is one that revolves around a professional dominatrix showing up at the wrong residence. The man is confused by her arrival, and does not consider himself to be submissive, but she thinks that his resistance is part of the "game" and refuses to leave. Obviously she will eventually break him down and he will discover that he has truly been a submissive at heart all along and only needed the right woman to bring it out. This could just be the one scene or could be spun off into a longer story.

I like to play characters who are new to bondage. As for the dominant women, I like for them to be calm and composed, even when doling out punishment, not angry. That could in part come from the confidence of her knowing that he will inevitably submit to her. I tend to like for a dominatrix to be either voluptuous, with full breasts and hips, or somewhat muscular, like an athlete rather than a body builder. I like the traditional aesthetic of the garter belt and bustier for a dominatrix. My character could be forced to wear sexually provocative underwear, maybe made of leather, or in a gaudy, suggestive print that men almost never wear like animal prints or neon colors.

Punishment is a definite turn on for me. I prefer milder stuff like spanking/whipping, and maybe water torture or being briefly choked. Early in the interaction I would like for the dominant character to give mine some simple instructions, to test his obedience. In some stories he will refuse, or he will not do it well or will do it reluctantly, thus earning punishment and establishing the dynamic.

I would like for the main part of the sexual scenes in these stories to be built around sexual teasing and orgasm denial. She'll make him beg to be pleasured, but will only bring him up just before the point of orgasm. It could also incorporate her using stripteases/lap dances to show him what he can't have. Meanwhile, he will be expected to keep her pleasured, and give her orgasm after orgasm, with toys, or better yet with her sitting on his face. I like the idea of the mistress actually receiving sexual gratification from my character rather than being sexless. After she has been fully satisfied, she will allow him to orgasm, but only because she wishes it, not in a contractual sense. She will be completely in control of that stage and aggressive towards him, scratching him, biting him, pulling his hair and so on.

Angry Sex Idea

A man and a woman meet in a public place(maybe a restaraunt or gas station/convenience store) and immediately get off on the wrong foot. There is some sexual tension, but they are complete opposites. He is a introverted intellectual and fairly traditionally minded. She is a hot tempered wild child who shoves her way through the world. A couple of incidents happen within a few moments, maybe he accidentally steps in front of her in a line and she flips out and they have a brief , but heated, argument and afterward she knocks a dent in his car. She is so frustrated that she needs to realease it through angry, very rough sex. She aggressively comes on to him, and they have semi-public sex. Afterward she steals his wallet and car and leaves him in a semi-humiliating position(maybe tied up naked.)

1920's Plot

If you've seen the movie It Happened One Night this might be a good idea for you. I wanted to do the same basic idea of the movie; a spoiled,  high society girl from the 20's/30's is stuck travelling across the country with a not so "high society" man. In the movie it he was a low-rent newspaper writer, but I've wanted to do an old time baseball story for a while, so I might be able to combine those two ideas and have him be a ballplayer, from back in the time when they were viewed a super dirty/unsophisticated.

City Slicker and Cowgirl

This is a variation on my rural/cosmopolitan idea. A wild/free spirited "rootin-tootin" cowgirl meets up with a businessman from the city. Maybe he's a business associate of her rancher dad. He shows up one day when he's not there and due to her outgoing nature she takes it upon herself to show him around the ranch in his absence, which includes such suggestive activities as wrestling in the mud, swimming, and her showing off her riding skills in more ways than one. He's a dashing, well dressed older businessman, and she has killer blue jeans, and killer abs from all her work on the ranch.

A Royal Arranged Marriage

A young noble (early 20's, my character) has recently ascended to his country's throne. He has entered into an arranged marriage with an older noblewoman (early-mid 30's, maybe from another country). In addition to having more experience in love, she'll also be far more familiar with the affairs of court, and have to teach him many things to help the nation avoid a crisis. I'm interested in doing this as a steampunk rp, but we could give it a generic historical European setting as well in a fictional country.

A Brazilian Supermodel

I’m playing a man who wins one of those raffles/auctions where people can win dates with attractive celebrities. You’re playing the Brazilian lingerie model with whom he wins the date. Despite these dates usually turning out to be extended photo-ops, my character has other ideas. He sets the romantic stage, arriving dressed to the hilt in full white tie apparel, providing her with nostalgic reminders of home (flirting with her in Portuguese and having a surprise of food and flowers from her country that she rarely sees anymore waiting for her at dinner) and impressing her with his dashing skills in the ballroom. He sweeps her off her feet, as the jet-setting lifestyle of a famous model hardly provides a girl with many opportunities to be properly romanced, and he gets to spend the night of his life with the most beautiful woman in the world.

Brother-Sister Incest Idea

I mention in my ons and offs that I'm generally not interested in incest stories with people who are a part of the same bloodline. That's generally still true, but I'd be willing to make an exception for this one idea I've been kicking around. It's inspired by the Ingmar Bergman film Through a Glass Darkly (if you've seen it, great, if not, read on). The sister will be in her late 20's-early 30's and the brother will be 18 or in college. With the age difference (and maybe a divorce or some other obstacle) they'll not have spent a lot of time together, but that will change in the RP. They'll be in some sort of contrived situation where they'll end up spending lots of time together, maybe at a family reunion at a remote house where the rest of the family leaves during the day to do outdoorsy stuff, which neither of them are interested in, so they'll be stuck in the house together. She can maybe help him with his homework, and be an enormous tease and flirt, hugging him, kissing him, and ruffling his hair just to make him uncomfortable. I'd be interested in including a version of the scene from the Bergman movie where she catches him reading a girlie magazine and teases him about it, asking him which of the models are his favorites. Initially she'll be doing all of this just for fun, but genuine sexual tension will build and unexpected developments will take place.

Fit Woman and Thin Man

The kind of woman character I'm looking for here is someone built like this- . The male character will be a good looking, masculine man, but with a thin/average build. Not emaciated. This one might be a shorter scene. They can maybe live in the same apartment building, or meet at the gym. One day after a particularly intense workout she'll have "the itch" and need to let off some stress. She'll want orgasms to make her forget about her aches and pains. My character will be the ideal candidate for her since she thinks he's cute and has a small crush on him already, and knows him a little bit, but not too well. She'll seduce him, either by following him into the locker room at the gym or coming up with an excuse to invite him over/come over to his apartment. We could possibly spin this off into a longer story if the chemistry is really good.

I'd also be interested in doing an incest variation of this story, with the same set up as listed below. In this one, she'll playfully challenge him to a wrestling match, and once she's pinned him on the ground, start giving him a hand job and make him beg for her to continue. Some elements bordering on "muscle worship" could enter in here.

Privateer and Foreign Governor's Daughter

In this story I'm looking to play a dashing "Gentleman Privateer" hired by a nation to engage in piracy against only its enemies who begins a romance with a governor's daughter from an enemy country. We could have him in her city incognito (maybe to buy supplies under an assumed identity since the local merchants wouldn't sell to him otherwise) and he'll arrive at a governor's ball and dance with her and begin their romance. He can make another secret visit to her, this time with a rare gift (maybe something she'd mentioned wanting previously). We can have some excitement after that. Maybe a male relative (an overwrought younger brother, perhaps?) catches him in bed with her the morning after his return visit and challenges him to a duel. He'll have to figure out a way to wiggle out of it to avoid killing him. Later she can ride off with him on his ship. Maybe she has the final part of a treasure map and she travels with him for them to find it, making them rich so that he can retire from the sea in comfort and live happily ever after with her. I'd be more comfortable playing an English privateer since I'm more familiar with that culture, your character could be French of Spanish. 

Controlling New Girlfriend

A man's new girlfriend is just dying for him to meet her new best friend, stating that she knows they'd get along great. The man is fairly high status and his girlfriend is really just a trophy. The friend isn't very attractive, she is slightly overweight and has some weird "alt." type features. She nonetheless gets along incredibly well with him and manages to charm the pants off of him........literally. They could either have a quickie in a closet or something right under the girlfriends nose or one of them could go home with the other after she has left. He's completely smitten with her, and soon leaves his gf for her, breaking her heart. He soon discovers her to be quite controlling, and she switches between being a perfect girlfriend and verbally abusive, but when she's good, she's good and he can't bring himself to leave her. He later figures out a pattern of behavior with her-She gets a female best friend, loses the friend because she sleeps with her boyfriend, and then "loses" the boyfriend. I have a few ideas for the ending that we can talk about over PM if you're interested. I'd probably want my partner to play the original girlfriend also.

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