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Author Topic: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted So That You Can Make Them Come True) M for F  (Read 19382 times)

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You can check out my profile for specific stuff. Here are plot ideas and general pairings I'd like to try. PM if interested

Rock Star and Traditional Brazilian Model

My idea for this one was for YC to be a Brazilian lingerie model (dark hair, smooth bronze skin, exc) who despite her occupation still maintained some of her traditional Catholic values and wanted to remain a virgin until marriage. MC would be a rock star who was somewhat of a womanizer and sets his sights on her. There would be a lot of flirting and she'd be willing to go on the edges, so maybe they'd make out or she'd give him a lap dance one time. Maybe it could end with them getting married and finally having wedding night sex.

Older Woman Rock Music Idea

I want YC to be the experienced frontwoman of a hardcore punk band in her 30’s/40’s. For her look she can have rock star abs with either a short red bob and freckles or a super short dark haircut with it buzzed around the edges. I’m always a fan of those tight tartan pants too. MC would be in a comparatively mainstream garage band that have just gotten big and he's always idolized YC. I was thinking he'd be in his early 20's and more the skinny and pale type look.

I am not sure how they will meet, she could either come to one of his band's shows or he could come to one of her's (maybe she steals him away from a crowd of girls in either case) and they hook up. It could also be some kind of general music event too. Anyway, maybe he wants to do less mainstream music in the future (not necessarily the kind of stuff she does but just more out there) and she mentors him and helps him stand up to the record company and maybe his bandmates in addition to all the sex.

Rock Star and Groupie Stories

I've done a number of groupie stories before, but it is usually where the groupie is sweet and innocent. I like that fine, but I'd like to do one where the groupie is wild, outgoing, and hypersexual. Maybe she has a lot of experience travelling around with bands but of course this one is her favorite. I was thinking she'd be obsessed with MC in advance and want to find out everything about him. I was picturing her with a short red bob, freckles, and a big ass in tight jeans. I want MC to be in an alternative rock band, not a hair metal type thing. I am open on his body type and age. He could be older than her in his 30's or they could be a newer band with them about the same age. It will probably be a switch dynamic with them in bed.

A variation of this is for them to be a young rock band in the 18-21 range who aren't signed or anything. I was thinking I'd make them a punk/garage rock type thing. YC will be a girl who becomes their first really big fan. Maybe make her a few years older with some experience with other bands. So she might take on a bit of a mentor role helping MC build confidence and of course being his first groupie and having sex with him. I was picturing the same type character above here. This could maybe be spun off into a long term story with her sticking with the band throughout their whole career and rise to fame.

Another idea was for her to be a more sensitive, free spirited, hippie type. Long, willowy dark hair would work for this and she could have a tight, toned body from doing lots of yoga, maybe put her in yoga pants and a lacy, flouncy crop top with lacy, pretty panties underneath. She'll still be very sexually minded due to being in touch with her body and all its sensations. Maybe she can give him a massage first.

Female Superhero and Normal Man

For this one I was looking for a reversal of the usual superhero dynamic with a female superhero and a male she saves in various situations and eventually develops a romance with. I thought he would be tall, thin, shy, and bookish. For the superhero I wanted her at least somewhat muscular with crazy abs and superstrength in addition to other powers that you can decide, with an OTT costume. You can decide if she has a secret identity or not. I was going for a lighter tone, maybe a bit humorous. We can have an overarching story with a supervillain and MC having some kind of connection to it if you wanted or have it be more episodic. I did want it to be a bit smutty with exploring the possibilities of superpowered sex, but also have some sweetness with her being protective and looking out for him and him adoring and practically worshiping her. Some action would be good too with her beating up lots of men with him watching in awe. I could go either way with her having more of a wholesome "all-american" type personality or having lots of casual sex to let the edge off. I did want her to have the usual confident, heroic personality either way, though.

Older Woman-Younger Man Tennis Idea

For this one I want the top women's tennis pro to take a new male tennis player under her wing who has just won his first big tournament. She'll give him advice about his career and obviously sex will be involved. She can be retired in her 40's or still playing in her 30's on the back end of her career. I'd like MC as young as possible but I would go as high as 22-23 if you were not comfortable with a 19 year old. If he is on the younger end he might be a virgin but on the older end he would realistically have had some experience with tennis groupies or other young female players on tour. For YC I was picturing a classy European like Steffi Graf. MC would be young and well built. Maybe you could throw in her being divorced and having lost some of her confidence for some backstory so being with MC puts an extra spring in her step.

General Pairing ideas(my role in bold)-
Anything with an older woman
Widower- Governess
Repairman/Yardworker- Housewife, maybe in the 50's
Older Man-friend's 20 something daughter he hasn't seen since she was a child
Older Man-blind/disabled HS/College girl
Hapeless man-female athletic trainer
average/thin man - muscular woman
pro athlete-pro athlete
sports writer-pro athlete
Sports/movie star-average woman
Sports/Movie Star- Actress/Music Star/Model
Sports/Movie Star-Agent/Manager
Male fan- Female Actress/Music Star/Model
Stepson-Stepmother/Foster Mother
Man-Wife/fiance/Girlfriend's Sister
Man-Wife/Girlfriend/fiance's worst enemy
Teenage Boy/young man-Date/Girlfriend's Mother
Man- Stripper/dancer
Nude Model-female artist
Conned man-female thief/con-artist
man-Goddess/Angel/demon/other heavenly being; maybe a superhero
god- goddess
Passenger-Flight Attendant
Cosmopolitan Man-Rural woman
employee his boss/SO's boss
Priest or Monk- Nun

A few canons-
Star Trek
Captain- Yeoman
Human Male-Vulcan female
Man-Orion slave girl

Star Wars/Knights of the Old Republic
Grey Jedi/smuggler/rogue- Bastila from KOTOR or Padme (or similar OC's)

Mortal Man- Aphrodite
Mortal Man- Artemis

James Bond
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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2011, 09:13:06 pm »
Updated with a few new pairings and some changed wordings.

Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

Updated with a third major plot idea, and a few new pairings, plus my new interest in maybe playing as a woman. I've also removed a couple pairings that no longer interest me.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2011, 09:25:14 pm »
Added a pairing and removed another. I may be adding another big idea soon.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2011, 12:16:44 pm »
Added 3 new major ideas and added a few pairings. Check it out. :-)

Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

Altered a few of my ideas yesterday.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #6 on: November 20, 2012, 09:23:06 pm »
tweaked the layout a little bit and added some new pairings.

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added asterisks

Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

Added several story ideas that I had posted in threads of their own just to get everything consolidated.

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Added about 4 plot ideas and a new paring.

Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

Added the extensive second plot idea and a new pairing

Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

Added another idea

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #12 on: September 11, 2014, 10:02:03 pm »
Added another main plot idea and changed the formatting significantly.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #13 on: November 12, 2014, 07:59:03 pm »
Added a couple more ideas.

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Re: The Duke's Wildest Dreams(Posted Here So That You Can Make Them Come True)
« Reply #14 on: November 23, 2014, 01:20:16 pm »

Slightly Older Girl/Friend's Younger Brother

I thought it would be fairly light, at least at first. She could be very outgoing and he could be a bit shy and smart. Maybe his sister is like that too so their friendship is kind of an opposites thing. He could be a freshman and college and they are seniors . She and the sister might have been friends since they were kids so she might have known the brother since he was little and always liked him and enjoyed teasing him.

For the actual content I thought she could tease and flirt with him a lot, and maybe his big sister is a bit protective of him and doesn't like it. She could be all touch-y with him too to make him uncomfortable. One scene I thought of would be that she catches him reading a girlie magazine and teases him about it asking him which girls he likes and so on. That could then build into her giving him advice about girls and teasing him and asking him why he doesn't have a girlfriend when he's so cute. At first she might just be doing all this stuff for fun but sexual tension would develop later. If we wanted it to get a little serious later his sister could find out and there would be a big blowout.

I also had some ideas for the character's appearances that we could talk about if you were interested.

WWII Soldier and Nurse

This is a simpler idea. I wanted an American soldier and classy English nurse. I don't do face claims but I'm picturing someone along the lines of the old actress Deborah Kerr in the King and I for the nurse. One of those elegant mid century "great ladies" like they had in the movies. Maybe a bit of an age difference with her being 35-ish and him being young in his early 20's. I'd like it if he was a virgin and it was a "gently guiding him into manhood" thing but if you don't want to go there we can leave that element out.

For this I'd just want to RP her doing things like washing his wounds, changing his bandages, giving him sponge baths, and maybe massaging his temples and scalp. She can give him a handjob to help him relax and then climb into bed with him for full intercourse later when he is healthier. They will talk some but this will be more physically oriented. He can be a little shellshocked and afraid of going back to the war so that could be something they talk about. She might be starved for attention and affection from working so hard in the war and like that he's more sensitive than some of the other soldiers. Maybe we can do a wrap up scene where they bump into each other somewhere many years later and say hello.

Nerd/Party Girl

MC would be shy, tall, and thin. I was thinking a more bookish type who is intelligent and reads all the time. Anyway, he'd somehow wander into a wild college party, perhaps or entirely by accident or maybe his roommates threw one without his knowledge and he was out late that night in the library. Anyway, YC would be a wild girl who liked parties and hooked up all the time. She would see him and immediately think he was cute and set her sights on him. She might startle him at first but eventually she would get his guard down and they would hook up. It could be a one shot or lead to some kind of longer story if it is going well. MC could be a virgin or maybe he's had a girlfriend before. I was picturing her with a short red bob, freckles, and a big ass in tight jeans but it was fine if you wanted her to look different from that.

Roman Lady and Gladiator

I thought this story would be an unhappy Roman lady who becomes a fan of a gladiator. Upon seeing his brave heroics she will summon him and become his sponsor and want to take him as her secret lover. I can describe his dramatic matches and they can have their meetings afterward. Perhaps later in the story she will try to help him escape so she can run away and be with him. I also thought an interesting wrinkle could be that he has a sister who is a slave somewhere else who he will want to find before running off. I am not an expert on ancient Rome so I might need some help there or we can just not worry too much about historical accuracy and have it be more of a fantasy thing. I have just always liked this dynamic. I might want her a little older but we can discuss their ages.

Rock Star and Pop Star

I will play a 40ish rock star in this one, more of an eclectic alternative rock type guy. For YC I thought she would be a pop star in the 20-25 range. Not sure where they would meet, perhaps at a music awards show they have him playing while she sings or something. Could also be in the artists area at a music festival. I like the idea of her not being overly familiar with his music at first but they hit it off when they meet and hook up. Perhaps she has some daddy issues for him to take care of and is drawn to an older man, being flirty with him right away. Afterward there would be a number of issues in their relationship to deal with, since it would be very high profile and draw a lot of reactions from other people.

One idea I had for YC was for her to be Latin with long unruly curly hair and a big butt that is somewhat famous. She'd wear elaborate costumes with garters and stockings and stuff. The other idea I had was for her to be more the bad girl androgynous image with short hair buzzed around the edges, a toned body, and just wearing boybriefs instead of lingerie. Of course if you had other ideas for her look that would be fine too

Athlete and Shy Bookworm

I thought we would set this in college. MC would be the star Senior quarterback who is somewhat of a womanizer. I could also make him a defensive back or something if you didn't want him to be as famous and he might be a bit more muscular then. YC would be in college studying to be a librarian. Somewhat of a Plane Jane brunette but still feminine and pretty. Wears glasses, cardigan sweaters, and long plaid skirts. Shy but intelligent and sweet when she comes out of her shell. I was looking for this to be a light, frivolous story about her having great sex for the first time.

For how they meet maybe she's stuck with rowdy roommates so she comes back to a big party in her room one night where she meets MC. Maybe he sees that he is somewhat distressed by all the goings on and helps her work around the crowd to get to her room where of course things could take off. My initial thought for this was a one shot but it could be expanded if it was going really well.

Housewife and Younger Man in 50's

For this one I'll play a young man who is either in college or high school. YC will be a housewife in her late 30's/early 40's. She'll be very lonely in her marriage with her husband never paying attention to her. She generally feels unloved, neglected, and unappreciated by her husband. He could be an overweight and rather dim. He wouldn't consider her opinions at all and she'd have no respect for him. He could also neglect her needs sexually, viewing sex as something only men enjoy.

My idea for MC is for him to be thin, introverted, and read all the time. They could maybe meet at a party where they are both bored and have ducked out into another room. They could become friends and she will like how he is so much more sensitive and intelligent than her husband and decide she wants to "make him a man". So she seduces him and takes his virginity and then starts teaching him how to satisfy a woman in their later encounters. He'll be insecure about his appearance and masculinity so she will reassure him and of course he will be very affectionate and practically worship her which will give her a big boost. This one will be a bit slower.

For scenes before she seduces him I thought she could want him to be more confident and show him how to talk to girls, letting him practice on her. Scenes of her showing him how to dance and teaching him to kiss might also create build up.

I also thought it would be nice if there was a maternal element. So she'll be touchy and give him small bits of affection like hugs, little kisses, and calling him pet names like sweetheart or baby once they are familiar and he'll love it since he's never gotten that from his mother. Other things could be fixing him food, getting him patched up if he hurts himself, or holding him when he cries about something (perhaps telling her about his mother or how lonely he is) could fit in here too.

For this one I was picturing a voluptuous redhead like Christina Hendricks. For "fetishes" I'd like her to wear old fashioned lingerie like garters and stockings during the sex scenes.

Older Actress and Kept Male Model

In this story I am looking for a significantly older female character than in other age gap stories, like in her 60's or early 70's but still quite attractive. Like Sophie Loren or Raquel Welch aged. MC will be a struggling male model, obviously quite attractive but not making it at all. He'll be socializing at some showbiz event trying to find work and meet YC and she'll seduce him and bring him back to her big mansion. He'll have zero issues living there due to his precarious financial situation. We can have lots of scenes of them having sex, them hanging around the big mansion making use of all the weird themed rooms they have in those big Hollywood houses, and maybe some stuff with him praising her and watching her old movies and stuff. A bit like Sunset Blvd. but not so spooky and with the woman being attractive.

For a plot twist maybe she knows she is about to die. That's something we could incorporate in general discussion, and maybe she leaves him a bunch of money and/or the house for bringing her so much joy at the end of her life. I also thought maybe she could "hand him off" to another actress friend of hers who is maybe a bit younger in her 50's and in the same boat of her career being more or less over and feeling unappreciated. So the story could continue. That is optional, though.

Female Professor/Student

My idea for MC is for him to be thin, introverted, and read all the time. I thought YC would be an English or literature professor and be stuck in a marriage to neglectful man who is not as smart as she is. They could become friends in her class and she will like how he is so much more sensitive and intelligent than her husband and decide she wants to "make him a man". So she seduces him and takes his virginity and then starts teaching him how to satisfy a woman in their later encounters. He'll be insecure about his appearance and masculinity so she will reassure him and of course he will be very affectionate and practically worship her which will give her a big boost.

I also thought it would be nice if there was a maternal element. So she'll be touchy and give him small bits of affection like hugs, little kisses, and calling him pet names like sweetheart or baby once they are familiar and he'll love it since he's never gotten that from his mother.

I was thinking she would be volumptuous with big breasts and a big butt and have the classic professor look with a dress shirt, pencil skirt, and garters and classic stockings underneath. Perhaps the first encounter could be the classic "sex on her desk" scenario and then later he could sneak over to her house when her husband is out or they could get hotel rooms.

Football Player/Tomboy Athlete

For YC I was picturing a soccer player. I was thinking she'd be used to being the plain tomboy her whole life and doesn't know she's hot. I was picturing her with brown hair in a ponytail and a great fit body. MC would be the star quarterback for the local NFL team. YC could play for the women's soccer team in town and be a star on the national team. It would be easy to see how they could meet, maybe they interview each other for publicity before their respective seasons or meet at some kind of local charity event. I was imagining it as a FWB thing at first with them hooking up to let off steam before or after their games and perhaps a romance blooms later.

Football Player/Sideline Reporter

For this one I would play a famous football player, either a quarterback or maybe like a defensive back if you did not want him as famous. YC would be a young and attractive sideline reporter who does a 1x1 interview with him in advance of a game. There is immediate flirtation and sexual tension and he seduces her and they have sex. Obviously that is not allowed with her job as a sideline reporter so they would have to keep it a secret. Maybe she can have a boyfriend as well if we wanted to amp up the "forbidden" element. It would be the kind of thing where she knows she shouldn't be doing it but she just can't help herself and stay away from him as they have an affair.

A little bit of an age difference might be nice with him being late 20's/early 30's and her being maybe like 23 or 24 right out of broadcasting school. I was kind of picturing a redhead here with a short bob and a fit, lithe body (maybe she played sports in college or just works out) but I am negotiable on her appearance.

Female Athlete and Normal Man

This could be either with a professional athlete or one in college. I am also open on the sport, tennis, track, volleyball, soccer, swimming, rowing, a fighter, whatever. She wants to let off some steam after a particularly intense practice or workout before a big event and aggressively comes on to MC. Maybe she thinks he's cute and sees him fumbling around at the gym. This could also be extended where maybe he really takes the edge off (maybe he is hung like a horse and gives great head) and she does great the next day, so she always wants to hook up with him for good luck before games/matches going forward. They could run off to a shower at the gym or go back to a dorm if it is at college. For future encounters there could be a wider variety of settings. I wanted her somewhat muscular. Not hypermuscle or anything, just realistic to her sport so really toned with abs and strong legs. I'd also want her on top, at least during the earlier encounters. I wanted an average/thin build for MC for the contrast.

Aunt/Nephew Incest Idea

In this story a teenager (we can make him 18 if you want) has to stay with an Aunt he doesn't know all that well for a significant period of time. She has somewhat of the stereotypical "fun aunt" personality, but is also hypersexual, and so she is drawn to her attractive young nephew, while he is badly sexually confused by her being a relative he doesn't know that well heaping attention on him. I would love to do this with the Aunt being a fitness model/instructor. He could walk in on her in a number of compromising workout poses where she's all sweaty and in general she would prance around in skimpy workout clothes which would only compound his confusion as he would find himself undeniably attracted to her.

I'm thinking the scenes we can do are him first arriving at the house, with her being all sweaty and in workout clothes (he won't know she's a fitness model going in and he idolizes them so he'll be excited when he finds out) and we can have that scene bleed over into her making him good health food for dinner and really spoiling him with feminine energy (running her fingers through his hair, massaging his shoulders, exc). The next day he can walk in on her working out and maybe shyly ask to touch her flexed abs or leg, or she asks him to rub oil on her. Then that night we can have her walk in on him while he's masturbating to fitness model pics on his computer and then she decides to give him the real thing. They can both have crazy sex drives so we can have a number of other sex scenes after that (in the shower, her giving him a lap dance, her pinning him on a workout machine, exc). If you wanted to drag it out a bit more before they have sex for the first time we could have her bring him to a fitness shoot one day early in the story where he's overwhelmed by being surrounded with sexy bodies.

Father/Governess Gothic Romance

A man's wife had tragically died, so he retreats to a remote estate with his little girl and throws himself into writing or academic work. YC, a governess is hired to look after and educate his daughter. Initially I want to play as the little girl, who will mention a variety of things about her father to YC, building admiration for him although he will remain a mysterious figure. Eventually she will finally meet him and the romance will develop from there, maybe the little girl wants them to dance while she plays the piano when they first meet. I thought MC would be older than YC, but we can talk about the exact ages. Maybe she is sort of on the brink of spinster-dom and he is in his 40's or maybe 50ish. I was sort of imagining her as shy and sensitive like Jane Eyre but you can do what you want with her personality.

However, I thought there would be a gothic romance element where the house is haunted, perhaps by the spirit of the dead wife. For another layer perhaps the wife had been possessed by an evil spirit from hell or whatever and was driven to commit suicide, but the spirit still lives in the house. So it will be a combination of the nice early scenes with the governess and girl, then the romance developing, but also spooky horror movie type stuff. Looking for an atmosphere like Hitchcock's Rebecca or Crimson Peak from a few years ago. Not sure how I want it to end.

Not a huge stickler for historical realism and I am not an expert, but I thought I wanted it pre-Victorian. So no phones/telegraph, rail transportation, or anything like that. It will keep them isolated at the big spooky house.

Male Prostitute and Clients

For this one I would like to play a big time male prostitute who is a perfect specimen and an expert at pleasing women. Lots of oral and he'll be extremely well endowed with plenty of stamina, maybe he can use some toys too. It would be fun to play him opposite a variety of female characters if you were willing to play them. I was thinking a lonely housewife, a somewhat overweight (not full blown obese) girl who is insecure, a virgin bookworm type with glasses, maybe a wild party girl who just wants to try him, and maybe him entertaining a whole bridal party. It would also be interesting to cover how they get in contact, maybe sometimes he could be suggested or hired by a friend or they could reach out to him themselves online and we could RP their interactions and I could describe his secret website or whatever.

French Arthouse Actress and Hollywood Leading Man

I've been wanting to play a sophisticated romantic leading man from the early 60's.

For this one we can go with one of those classy French art house actresses with short dark hair for the other character. They'll be doing an arthouse film in Europe in the 60's. With the studio system beginning to collapse in the early 60's MC will be able to go to Europe to make a more adventurous film. She'll think he's a good actor, but generally not like Hollywood films and be wary of his ways with women, but of course still inevitably succumb to his charms. Their age difference could come into play too since he'll be a bit older in his 40's or 50's, maybe give her some daddy issues that he'll take care of.

Privateer and Foreign Governor's Daughter

In this story I'm looking to play a dashing "Gentleman Privateer" hired by a nation to engage in piracy against only its enemies who begins a romance with a governor's daughter from an enemy country. We could have him in her city incognito (maybe to buy supplies under an assumed identity since the local merchants wouldn't sell to him otherwise) and he'll arrive at a governor's ball and dance with her and begin their romance. He can make another secret visit to her, this time with a rare gift (maybe something she'd mentioned wanting previously). We can have some excitement after that. Maybe a male relative (an overwrought younger brother, perhaps?) catches him in bed with her the morning after his return visit and challenges him to a duel. He'll have to figure out a way to wiggle out of it to avoid killing him. Later she can ride off with him on his ship. Maybe she has the final part of a treasure map and she travels with him for them to find it, making them rich so that he can retire from the sea in comfort and live happily ever after with her. I'd be more comfortable playing an English privateer since I'm more familiar with that culture, your character could be French. 

Therapist and Patient

I'm looking to do a story about a naive, virginal boy who has just gone off to college and goes to a university therapist because he is embarrassed and insecure about being a virgin and doesn't know if he can satisfy a girl. The therapist will help him more than he could have anticipated by warmly and gently introducing him to sex. Whether that was her plan all along and she is "predatory" or whether it's something she decides to do later due to wanting to "help" him and finding him attractive is up to you. I am interested in her character being more of a "caregiver" dominant, nothing brutal, we don't want to hurt the sweet young man I'll be writing, do we? ;)

Old Hollywood Actress and Writer

For this one I will be playing a sensitive, intellectual writer who had somewhat of a career as a serious novelist in the 50's, but not a particularly lucrative one, so now he is a studio hack writing movies. YC will be a classy 50's actress in the vein of Audrey Hepburn or Deborah Kerr. She will be very unhappily married to an older producer, a shallow movie star, or a normal man who resents her success. MC will have written the script for the new movie and YC will relate to it in such a way that she will have to meet the man who wrote it. Maybe we could start with her coming to his office in the studio to congratulate him, she might be surprised and more intrigued when she sees he's handsome. Then they could start an affair later during the shoot of her movie.

Younger Girl and "Sugar Daddy"

For this one I would play a middle aged man (maybe divorced) who takes on a so called "sugar daddy" role for a college girl estranged from her family or whose family can't pay for college. He can pay her tuition and also take her on nice dates to expensive restaurants or high culture events she would not be able to do otherwise, maybe take her on a trip at some point. This will of course be in exchange for sex. She might grow a bit fond of him after a while and he could soothe any daddy issues she might have. He can take her around and show her off too, maybe to make his ex wife jealous one time for a funny scene.

I am just looking for vanilla sex here. She can be a pretty brunette with a nice ass and have her wear pretty lacy panties for him. Maybe she can give him a lap dance one time. MC will be a somewhat average middle aged man (not fat or bald or anything but a huge stud like a movie star either) who has not had sex for a very long time which is why he will be seeking out YC and he'll need some breaking in. I figured they could just meet online on a website dedicated to that sort of thing unless you had a better idea. We could start with their first real meeting or actually RP their online correspondence. I was picturing her with a killer body like this, I don't use FC's but it was just the general kind of thing I was picturing.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Married Man and "the girlfriend experience"

This idea is just about a married man whose marriage has grown cold and emotionally unfulfilling getting a prostitute to give him "the girlfriend experience" essentially paying her to act kind and loving towards him when he stops off at her apartment for an hour or so before he comes home from work every day/week/month. He will not (at least initially) be paying her for sex, he'll just want the emotional intimacy and still be physically loyal to his wife. Whether a physical relationship develops over time will depend on how the story goes and how the dynamic between the characters builds. We'll start with him first getting into contact with her and their first meeting where he explains what he wants, and then just detail his visits.

Female Rock Star and Male Groupie

This is definitely a female domme idea. I want MC to be young, thin, pale, innocent, naïve, and absolutely idolize YC and her band. I want YC to be the frontwoman of a punk/garage band. She can be young or an experienced act in her 30’s/40’s. For her look she can have rock star abs with either a short red bob and freckles or a super short dark haircut with it buzzed around the edges. I’m always a fan of those tight tartan pants too.

Anyway, this will be a fairly simple idea where she’ll see him waiting in the crowd of people for her autograph after a show and see him as the perfect guy for her to have her way with completely. She’ll take him back to her room and use him to satisfy herself and then just take off the next morning, so it’s more of a one shot. She could maybe be a little tender with him at times, though.

Older Actress/Younger Actor

For this one an actress in the 35-50 range is cast in a Graduate-esq older woman/younger man romance alongside a younger actor. She either recently had a humiliating divorce or is in a terrible marriage. The actor used to be thin and played boy next door roles but bulked up to be the eye candy in this film. Sparks will obviously fly and they will begin an affair. We can do the initial tension building as they film their love scenes and then obviously their real ones off screen. This could be extended to a long term idea with them continuing their affair after shooting wraps and potentially causing a scandal when they're exposed in the media.

Older Woman/Younger Man Idea in the 50's

For this one I'll play a young man who's either an 18 year old HS Senior or in his early 20's. YC will be a housewife in late 30's/early 40's. MC will be hired to do work in her yard. She'll be very lonely in her marriage with her husband never paying attention to her. She generally feels unloved, neglected, and unappreciated by her husband. He could be an overweight and rather dim. He wouldn't consider her opinions at all and she'd have no respect for him. He could also neglect her needs sexually, viewing sex as something only men enjoy.

I thought we could have a changing dynamic for this one. MC will be muscular from doing so much physical work, but romantically inexperienced. He will be introverted, mature, and serious. At first she'll be the one to seduce him and take control, taking his virginity. But over the first few times she'll teach him and then he'll be able to take control and ravish her with his youthful virility. For her, it would be her first orgasms in ages, or maybe even the first ones she's ever had.

There are a number of other things that could complicate matters. Her husband could get suspicious of something later if he sees that she's bought new lingerie or has been given flowers by someone. Potentially my character could be there one time when he berates her or even shoves her into a wall, and then comes and defends her. I also thought that my character's mother could not get along with her. This could add drama if she starts to sense attraction from either party, even if she doesn't know anything is actually going on.

For this one I was picturing a voluptuous redhead like Christina Hendricks. For "fetishes" I'd like her to wear old fashioned lingerie like garters and stockings during the sex scenes.

Hometown Return
This could be considered a smuttier variation of my older woman ideas. A young man returns home one summer from college, with his appearance and demeanor much changed. He's put on lots of muscle and has an incredible body and is much more outgoing, assertive, and sexually aggressive. He takes to seducing all the women in the neighborhood, most of whom are older than him. There could be an intelligent woman (maybe a former university professor) who feels bored as a housewife, a shy woman from a conservative family within whom he awakens hidden desires, or an ex model bored with her drab husband. They don't all have to be married, there could be a lonely divorcee and a high powered businesswoman who has neglected her sex life. I'd like it if one could be a former teacher of his from high school. This would pretty much be a series of non-connected scenes with my character and a variety of women. Some could just be the seduction and sex, while other might require more preliminary scenes. There could maybe be a few references to other scenes, maybe one of the women could hear one of the other women's cries of ecstasy and then later saw my character emerging from the house, piquing her interest in his sexual prowess. Or the woman even told her about what a great time she had. This would especially work well for a shyer character since it would help her get "over the hump" so to speak.

Fitness Model and Normal Man

I'm looking to do a story about a man with a thin/average build (we can still make him good looking though) having a relationship with a woman in the fitness industry, whether it be a model, an instructor, or whatever else.

When they meet it could be an opposite's attract type thing where they meet coincidentally, with him in his suit and her all sweaty and in workout clothes. I'm not really into roleplaying "dating" so we could either have them be super attracted to each other right away and hook up before starting a relationship, or skip ahead to her seducing him after they've been dating for a while. After that we could deal with some of the issues that might crop up in their relationship, him getting jealous of her spending all day with very muscular men (and her trying to relieve his jealousy), people's reactions to them in public, and maybe bondage in the bedroom if you're into that.

Images showing the body type I'm looking for here-

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Classic Hollywood Ideas

I've been wanting to play a sophisticated romantic leading man from sometime between the 40's and early 60's. I have a few ideas for partners/stories. You can pick one if you have a strong preference, or we could do all three in one story in succession since they kind of cover the main periods of his career. PM if interested.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This one will be a bit more lighthearted. It will be in the 40's. MC is a contract star who took time off to fight in WWII and is just doing his first movie back. YC was the top pin-up girl for soldiers during the war, with a gorgeous voluptuous body. She's just breaking into the movies due to her newfound fame and has her first role in a romance opposite MC. MC will have had her poster in his tent through the whole war, and she'll already have a crush on him with him a being her favorite actor. Sparks will of course immediately fly given their mutual attraction. I want her to be outgoing and flirty.

Sophisticated Ingenue

Here I want a classy brunette like Roman Holiday era Audrey Hepburn. They'll be starring together in a big budget technicolor romantic epic in the 50's. We can have her be an unknown and start with her audition or have her already be a star. I'd want her to be a bit shy and nervous and have him taking the lead in seducing her.

Picture Idea

Recently I've really wanted to base a story just off this shot of Saoirse Ronan in Grand Budapest Hotel where she's backlit by the Ferris wheel lights and looks like an angel. Unfortunately I can't really think of a specific idea for it. I don't want to do a canon story about the movie.  If you get an idea from it, or just want to talk about doing a story based on it even if you don't have a specific idea, please message me and we'll talk. It could be set at a fair/carnival since the Ferris wheel lights are behind her (but we could just as easily have lights come from somewhere else). The thing I like about it is that the look on her face captures the moment when someone first falls in love, and how she's backlit and how pretty she looks generally embodies how someone sees a woman when he's first falling in love with her. The background music behind the shot in the movie is bittersweet, so we could theoretically give the story a tragic ending, although I would play it as a happy story too.  I was thinking it could maybe be a shorter story where a boy first professes his love for her and they sneak off to some quiet corner of the carnival to have gentle romantic sex with one or both possibly being virgins.

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A link to a video of the full seven second shot from the movie-

Tomboy Athlete

For the character here I think a soccer player could work really well. I was thinking she'd be used to being the plain tomboy her whole life and doesn't know she's hot. I don't do faceclaims but the soccer player Alex Morgan is sort of an example what I'm looking for here appearance wise.

For the story she could be a big hero in the World Cup, making the winning goal for the American team, and then comes to her new soccer club with much fanfare in the same town where MC plays. It would be pretty easy for them to meet at some kind of joint event or charity event. Maybe she sees him being nice to a young fan before she meets him (maybe a little girl like her at that age) which makes him less intimidating for her before he approaches her. Similarly to the idea below she could have been teased as a kid and be stunned that MC was interested in her as he sweeps her off her feet.

Literal Dream Idea

I have an idea about doing threads set inside of dreams. I think that could be interesting with a bondage idea, but I'd also be open to doing it without a bondage element. There could be a married man who keeps having sexual dreams about getting dominated by his wife's friend (maybe her fitness instructor for someone who would make sense as a dom) and then runs into her in real life and keeps having interactions with her that could be described as vaguely sexual (but not intentionally on her end) which would drive him crazy. Or we could do it with a high school boy and his teacher if you're fine with being the older woman.

A Paralyzed Woman, A Fitness Instructor, and Her Husband

A woman suffers a devastating accident and loses control of her legs. This makes sex with her husband exceedingly difficult, in addition to the various other obstacles  she faces. She constantly worries that her still virile husband will stray to another woman and leave her all alone. She’s given him “permission” to have casual flings out of the house, but he has so far refused, while her worries persist. Thus she enlists a woman she trusts and has befriended (her sexy physical therapist, built something like this- - who visits a couple of times a week to help her get a little exercise to keep healthy despite her sedentary lifestyle) to seduce her husband and satisfy his physical needs, without taking him from her. I will be the husband and you will be the therapist. I’m willing to play the wife the whole time (since I have kind of a specific idea of how the story will go) but we could switch off as needed (you play her when she interacts with her husband, I play her when she interacts with the therapist).

I have two ideas of how this will end, and am open to other suggestions-
I. We can go for a dramatic ending, with the husband and therapist developing feelings for each other and having to confront them, with the husband maybe learning to recommit to being faithful to his wife. We could also have it where just the therapist develops feelings for the husband, which both the husband and wife pick up on, making things awkward all around.

II. If we want more of a twist ending, I thought the therapist can start to feel guilty about the whole arrangement, realizing that it is still possible for a couple to have a sex life even if one of the partners is paralyzed, and that the real problem is that the wife has withdrawn from sex since she feels more like a burden than an object of desire. She then decides to seduce the wife while she lies in bed one day (with or without talking to the husband about it first) and has sex with her in order to reawaken her sexual flame. If we do this we’ll establish that the wife has a really transparent girl-crush on her therapist earlier in the story.

A Spy Story

We can set this in the modern day with a Western agent and a Middle Eastern girl. The dynamic I'm looking for here will be somewhat inspired by the James Bond movie "The Living Daylights".  Her father can be an oilman with connections to an arms dealer. She can meet the agent at a social function. He will charm her and easily recruit her. She will be somewhat resentful of her oppressive society and be a somewhat "dreamy" type who wishes she could travel and see the world, which will make her quick conversion believable. They'll have a few covert "dead drops" where she shares with him the information she receives (simply through eavesdropping) and everything will be going as planned. However, at the final scheduled meeting she will be spotted in an incriminating situation. She will have to escape the country with the male agent, with him protecting her from a variety of dangerous situations, and her eventually falling in love with him. Elements of sexual repression would enter into her character too.

Romantic Classic Hollywood Idea

So I want this to be a more romantic idea, with slow build-up and a little less emphasis on the sex. It's set in the so called "Golden Age of Hollywood" sometime in the 40's-early 60's. My character is a polished and sophisticated, but brooding and volatile, star, universally recognized as the "Best Actor in the World". (think Lawrence Olivier or Brando in the 70's) Your is a younger actress in her first major role who gets her huge break starring alongside him in a big budget romantic epic (think Roman Holiday/Sabrina era Audrey Hepburn for this character). We can go through every stage of their interaction, with the young actress first meeting him during her screen test. They'll have very little interaction early on in the shoot, with her being too shy and nervous to talk to him and him just being indifferent. Eventually they'll warm up to each other a bit (and film their love scenes for the movie) and he'll finally decide to seduce her. This is one of the roles where I'll play a more dominant role

A Newly Married Man With An Older Woman

 Another idea I have is to play as a newlywed, 25ish man working from home, while his wife goes to work every day. My character would have a  grave, intellectual personality, and would be good looking and muscular. The woman would be the 45ish next door neighbor, who, upon finding out about her new neighbors living situation, decides to try and tempt him. This character would be a more traditional "cougar" character who dresses revealingly, is in incredible shape, but has a slightly haggard face. She'd be very flamboyant and promiscuous. Maybe she got into a fight with his wife, and so decided to sleep with her husband so as to get "revenge." Or his wife could be a very timid "vanilla" woman making the man very tempted by his exciting new neighbor.

I want this to go into a bit of a darker direction later. My character can start to feel some guilt about it after the first couple times, but the woman blackmales him into continuing. Although he still loves the sex, he trys to figure a way to get out from under her thumb. Some bondage could sneak into this too.

Athlete and Shy Bookworm

I've been recently wanting to do a story about a high status, good looking and strong man being paired with a "average" woman, an athlete opposite a shy bookworm is what fits the bill right now. I was thinking he would be a famous quarterback who is known for being somewhat of a womanizer, but has a serious injury and starts to reevaluate his life a little bit, thinking about what he'll do after he stops playing, which would make him interested in a long term relationship. I also like playing characters who are smarter/more intellectual than they appear, so he could consistently be surprising her by having a well read mind.

I have an idea for how they could meet. She takes her handicapped little brother (could be in a wheelchair and/or blind) to some kind of event where he can watch the team practice and meet them afterwards. After he gets a somewhat generic greeting from the other players, who don't really know what to do, my character is very nice to him which surprises your character and improves her opinion of him and gets them in a conversation afterward.

For the other character I'm thinking that she's in college studying to be a librarian, while mine will be late 20's/early 30's, so there'll be a little bit of an age difference. She could have been ugly as a kid and been teased a lot, so it's left her with low self esteem so she's expecting to be teased when an attractive person like MC approaches her. Now she's a typical "Plain Jane" brunette but still feminine and pretty. Very smart and well read and sweet when she comes out of her shell. It might be interesting to have her family be very wholesome and idyllic while his is family background isn't so great, for a little contrast to be explored later.

Bondage Idea

The main bondage idea I have (and the only one I've played before) is one that revolves around a professional dominatrix showing up at the wrong residence. The man is confused by her arrival, and does not consider himself to be submissive, but she thinks that his resistance is part of the "game" and refuses to leave. Obviously she will eventually break him down and he will discover that he has truly been a submissive at heart all along and only needed the right woman to bring it out. This could just be the one scene or could be spun off into a longer story.

I like to play characters who are new to bondage. As for the dominant women, I like for them to be calm and composed, even when doling out punishment, not angry. That could in part come from the confidence of her knowing that he will inevitably submit to her. I tend to like for a dominatrix to be either voluptuous, with full breasts and hips, or somewhat muscular, like an athlete rather than a body builder. I like the traditional aesthetic of the garter belt and bustier for a dominatrix. My character could be forced to wear sexually provocative underwear, maybe made of leather, or in a gaudy, suggestive print that men almost never wear like animal prints or neon colors.

Punishment is a definite turn on for me. I prefer milder stuff like spanking/whipping, and maybe water torture or being briefly choked. Early in the interaction I would like for the dominant character to give mine some simple instructions, to test his obedience. In some stories he will refuse, or he will not do it well or will do it reluctantly, thus earning punishment and establishing the dynamic.

I would like for the main part of the sexual scenes in these stories to be built around sexual teasing and orgasm denial. She'll make him beg to be pleasured, but will only bring him up just before the point of orgasm. It could also incorporate her using stripteases/lap dances to show him what he can't have. Meanwhile, he will be expected to keep her pleasured, and give her orgasm after orgasm, with toys, or better yet with her sitting on his face. I like the idea of the mistress actually receiving sexual gratification from my character rather than being sexless. After she has been fully satisfied, she will allow him to orgasm, but only because she wishes it, not in a contractual sense. She will be completely in control of that stage and aggressive towards him, scratching him, biting him, pulling his hair and so on.
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