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Author Topic: Im Back! {F for M}  (Read 1691 times)

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Offline EvilEyeTopic starter

Im Back! {F for M}
« on: August 16, 2011, 03:57:16 PM »
Hello My dears, Its nice to see all of your lovely faces again.
If you don't know Im EvilEye, I have been MIA for almost a full three years and I am back.

Just for you all to know I have grown in my writing skill and I would love to play with my old friends but I always welcome new ones.
I know my thread looks bare but I am trying to fix it so it looks neat and tidy.

So a couple things first!
I have gained some rules over the years I have been gone.

1) Don't post here PM me.
2) No text talk.
3) I know I dissappered but please don't do it to me, I am back to stay.
4) Communication.
5) No one liners, except when you really have nothing else to say or your muse is missing.
6) Don't even ask about something if it is in my No's.
7) Check my OO's they are in a link in my signature.
8) Have Fun.

Popular chick/Nerd
Shy Girl/ Bad boy
Witch/Witch Hunter
Angel/ Human
Angel/ Werewolf
Human/Greek God
Criminal/Bounty hunter


No incest though.

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Re: Im Back! {F for M}
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2013, 03:26:19 AM »
Friend Themed Stories

1) Forever and Always

Forever and Always~ Parachute
Possiable Character Apperance

Fate, it conspired against the young girl sense long before she was even born by putting her mother together with her best friend in High School. Allowing them to get married, pregnant, and give birth at the same time. It didn't help that sense birth she was always forced to spend time with the young boy who her mother told her over and over was to be her best friend. The little boy didn't appreciate having to spend time with her and constantly picked on her, not that she minded because she loved him even from a young age. Soon he got over having to be with the freckled faced girl, they became best friends and he protected her from bullies and she helped him with his homework. They were unsepretable until he got a girlfriend in Jr. High. The girlfriend was snotty and mean to the little girl, it didn't help that the little girls heart had been broken by the simple fact that he didn't want her. Slowly the girlfriend pulled him away from the little girl, the grew distant and soon they only spoke when their parents got together, he started to hate her because to him, she was lower in everything. She was a nerd and way to clingy.

The little girl decided to go to a boarding school in England, it was a good opportunity for her and it would get her away from the past. The happy memories that she apparently couldn't get back with the boy she still loved even if he didn't even act like they knew each other. Five years she lives away from her family and her old life, she grows into a beautiful girl, though dainty she isn't awkward and stands tall. When her mother calls saying her father has cancer the girls flies back, putting her career on hold, halting her college. She doesn't care about the boy anymore, she remembers him fondly but she doesn't suffer from a broken heart and when she sees him again smiles, but the longer her father is sick and in the hospitable is the longer she stays in her home town, and the longer she stays the more she grows affectionate towards the boy who had been her best friend who is now at her side as she and her mother struggle through her fathers illness.

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Re: Im Back! {F for M}
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2013, 10:56:18 PM »
A List of Roleplay Plots I have enjoyed in the past.

1) Under World Circus~ Hades is looking for a personal assistant who's soul he can devour once he gets tired of her. He finds a young and poverty stricken girl who needs a decent wage to take care of her elderly grandma. Can she change this Demons heart of stone or will his soul forever be his?

2) Unwanted Guest~ A retired Marine lives in a cabin miles away from the nearest city, about a mile away a young girl moves into the only other cabin. She is young, violate, pure, and hyper which is the exact opposite of the Marine. While on a walk she goes to say hello only to have him mistake her as a girl scout, which makes her call him some foul names. A blizzard abruptly starts and she knows she wont have enough time to get back to her own home. How will these two survive the storm? ( This would be a Short One-shot story.)

3)The Quest~ Two Demi Gods go on a quest to find the males lost brother and his team who went missing while looking for an artifact that could destroy the world if hades got his hands on it. While on the quest both Demi Gods come to find things out about each others, themselves, and their families they never thought to find out.

4)Alittle bit more then 'Special Agents'~ The world is evolving, people are gaining super powers and the Government is making a special force to deal with the people who are doing bad things with their powers. When the Ex Vigilante is forced to join the group is paired with their youngest agent who is also their top agent. She had been born with her powers and could use them better then anyone else in their group, of course he is competing for that spot without him even knowing it.

5) Tutoring Sucks~ When the most popular girl is forced to be tutored in history she is paired with the one boy who hates her. Why? Because while at a party that she was at she opened the door in the middle of 7 minutes in haven where his pants where down and the girl that had been in there with him was laughing. Though she hadn't meant to open the door on him, he ahs sense hated the popular girl. While tutoring her, he starts to take advantage of her; Telling her to take of her shirt or else he wont help, or talking dirty to get her flustered. He thinks she is a dirty slut, where really she was a victim of cruel ex boyfriends who would say she did sexual things to keep their rep when really she had broken up with them for pushing her.

That's it for now, when I think of more I will let you know.
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Re: Im Back! {F for M}
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2014, 06:14:47 PM »
Hell/Devil Ideas

1)Hell isnt Hot


 Who ever said hell was hot didnt know the truth, hell isnt hot. Its not cold either, its rather normal. Like earth, there isnt fire all over the place or screaming souls. It honestly looks just like Earth just... Destroyed. Cerci is a huntress, catching the hell bound souls that try and escape their fate. See, just because the souls arnt screaming at every corner doesnt mean that the life that they would live once in hell would be a good one. Honestly, once here they will be twisted and turned into demons. Cerci is to capture those who try and escape, while still hiding from Hades. Cerci is good at her job, until the soul she is trying catch happens to be you/your charge. Then her demonic life gets complicated.

(In this idea you would be playing two characters either the soul and the devil or the souls guardian angel and the devil as Cerci[mc] trys to figure out what to do and is tempted by both the light and the dark.)