The Dark Side (Reloaded)

Started by Hart, August 13, 2011, 02:51:10 PM

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A couple of weeks ago I tried to start a Star Wars RP but that didn't really get off the ground... So here we go again!

Set during the Old Republic in a time of Sith domination, a young Sith is frustrated with servitude and after killing his master, strikes out on his own. Facing possible retribution, he decides on a whim to offer a young woman the chance to escape mediocrity and see the galaxy... as his new apprentice. Is it to train another hand in his defence? To pass on secrets? Or just to give the man a plaything to pass the time as he tries to figure out his situation...?

Though she would initially agree to serve him, the plot is largely NC as the Sith puts her through one trial after another to break her fiery spirit, ensure her loyalty and commitment to their (Read: his) cause and for his own enjoyment. Though at the same time there is the chance for them to forge a partnership (even one with unbalanced power) depending on how the story goes. I'm pretty flexible with developing the plot as we go along so I would appreciate a creative partner!

PM me if you're interested! Really do have the craving to get this going! ;D