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Author Topic: A Slave's Painful Torment (m for M, NC)  (Read 884 times)

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A Slave's Painful Torment (m for M, NC)
« on: August 12, 2011, 09:06:18 am »
An excerpt from the short story A Slave's Painful Torment (Full story linked to here)

'He stood, balanced, though just barely. By force of will, the naked young man tried to remain absolutely motionless. But to do that was almost impossible. It was the point of his bondage, of course.

He stood erect, his legs spread wide by a metal bar strapped between his ankles forcing them apart. His arms were pulled behind his back, strapped together at his elbows and wrists, forcing his well-defined chest forward.

Sweat dripped down his torso and his bound arms all the way to his slim waist. He was gagged, his mouth stuffed with a ball gag and covered by a thick leather strap. Otherwise, he was completely nude.

That was the standard stuff, in and of itself arousing as it silenced and commanded his naked body, offering his shaved and bound cock and balls in wanton invitation. But there was more tonight — much more!

On each of his erect nipples was a small spring-clamp. These connected to a thin leather strap, which then connected together in a heavier strap. This went up to the ceiling rafter and over a pulley there. At the other end of this strap from his nipples, dangling just a few feet in front of the young man, was a metal weight. It rested no more than an inch above a box with a metal plate on its top. In fact, if he weren’t leaning back and away, his sore and distended nipples pulling at the strap, the weight would rest on the box. The young man arched himself backward, trembling, struggling to keep the weight away from the box. He had good reason to.

From the box ran a wire that wound along the floor until it reached the spreader bar that was forcing the young man’s legs apart, exposing his tormented cock and balls. The wire then continued up from the spreader bar, and was attached to a strap that was wrapped firmly around his bound scrotum. If he slumped forward, relaxing his pose, the weight would drop down onto the box, completing an electrical circuit. When the circuit was completed, the box would send a mild shock to his balls — just a few volts but enough to make him squirm from its fiery bite. If the weight stayed on the box, the current would continue for twenty seconds, stop for twenty seconds, then start again, and so on, until the connection was broken...

His writhings took him forward again, and the weight touched down. This shock pushed him over the brink. He would not be denied. Eyes wide, wailing into the gag, fingers clawing at his ass, his hips thrust forward, he came with an all-consuming violence. Wave after wave rippled through his body, which bucked and writhed in erotic abandon as seemingly endless streams of cum spewed from his engorged cock.

The master admired the naked young slave spasming before him. His head was thrown back, and he shook it back and forth as he came. Insistent moans came from his gagged mouth. His muscles strained against his bondage, the weight scraped along the box, and his torso writhed delightfully. His balls tensed and his cock a deep red, his juices dripping down its shiny thick length. He was a spectacle of unchecked eroticism.

When his climax subsided, he slumped again and fell heavily onto his heels, only to arch upwards again when yet another shock hit. He looked up through frightened and exhilarated eyes, his mind and body saturated with the intensity of his pain and pleasure.

His master smiled at him, flicked off the lights, and closed the door, leaving him to his frenzy of torment."

Unfortunately this story isn't mine, but it's always been one of my favourites. I was thinking of ways to expand it out into a full roleplay. Admittedly, the idea is a little clichéd - a young man targetted for immediate capture and restraint on the whim of an older admirer. The young man's slow descent into the world of servitude, suffering and, as seen in the story, unimaginable pleasure.

Of course, the natural reaction would be to fight back - who wouldn't? But as time passes, the young man comes to find himself feeling quite natural in this life of servitude. He tries to shake these off, but at times, he does want to stay with, and not escape from, his new unexpected Owner and Master. So does he submerge himself and give up his old life, or fight back for what he once lived for?

I hope that if you're still reading you have some interest in this idea. I am looking for a partner to play the male Owner and Master; I had considered 'him' being a Mistress, but I think a story with a Master and a male submissive has more interesting dynamics, especially if the young man doesn't identify himself as homosexual - does he change his sexuality, enjoy serving a man and not a woman, or does he do it only to gain rewards? This I think could be the most interesting part of the game. Of course, I am very happy to have a woman play as the Master, if she felt comfortable writing as a man.

I look forward to hearing from you!