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Author Topic: Bob's House of Roleplays  (Read 578 times)

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Bob's House of Roleplays
« on: August 10, 2011, 02:57:06 AM »
I'm just making a topic to put RP ideas over the forums that I'm interested in. Let me know over PM if any of them interest you.

#1 (The Criminal Duo): [VAN-EX] The general idea of the RP I have is of a pair of criminals (think Bonnie and Clyde, but with a female Clyde), but all I have is that general idea. If you are interested, but want something more concrete, PM me with your ideas, and we can work on a way to integrate the two together.

#2 (Escape from the Lab) [NC-EX]:
Your character sees mine heading into a bar, asking for somewhere to stay, covered in a cloak. It's obvious she has nowhere to go, but why is she being so secretive? Why is she covered in a cloak? And why is she asking for a place that won't ask her questions when she rents it? You are rather interested, and decide to give my character a helping hand. But you may be getting more than you bargained for...

#3) Blackmail or Master/Slave [NC-EX]: This one is self-explanatory. My character is either being blackmailed by your character, or is a slave to your character. Either way, she is being forced to do anything you want...provided it is within site rules and not on my list of offs, that is.

#4) Vigilantes [VAN-EX]: Your character and mine are a pair of vigilantes in a very run-down town, doing our best to prevent crime where we see it. However, no superpowers on either side. Just two humans, trying to stop other humans.

#5) Captive [NC-EX]: My character is being held captive by yours, to be used and treated however you wish. Pretty simple concept, and I will go as far as you want on it.

#6) Stuck in a Lab [NC-EX]: Kind of a blend of #2 and #6, my character is a cross between a snake and a human (human anatomy, but scaled and cartilage bones) and the only one like it, created and held in a lab. She's becoming quite mature, so now it is time to find out her exact physiology, and find out every statistic matter if she's willing.

#7) Target [VAN-EX]: My character is a target of yours, an assassin. When the two meet face to face, however, is your character able to go through with the job, or will they be forced by their heart to protect her, whatever the cost may be?

#8) Death Course [EX]: Your character has been captured. How, it's hard to say. The point is, someone has dropped you in a room. As your character wakes up, your kidnapper talks over an intercom, telling you that you are trapped in a maze, with the only way out being through deadly obstacles, with other people attempting to keep you inside the maze...permanently. Will you make it out? And will you find the person responsible for putting you there? If so, what do you do to punish them?

#9) Battle Couple [Any]: We seem like just any other person in the arena. We go in, fight for money, and leave. But behind the scenes, we are something more. However, what if we get caught? The arena does not like personal involvements. Will we be punished? If so, how?

#10) Assassins [Any]: This is fairly similar to number 7. However, rather than an assassin and a target, we are a pair of assassins. We compete against each other, but at the same time, we are a couple. We've managed to hide it from our respective hirers, but how long can we hide what is obvious to us?

#11) Angel vs Demon [Any]: This one is slightly different than most. My character would be a demoness attempting to take control of Hell itself. Your character would be a recently captured angel she's trying to get to join her. But how hard will she have to push to get the angel to help?

#12) Decommissioned Weapons [NC-EX]: This RP would take place in a sci-fi setting. My character is a rogue super-soldier, who has apparently snapped, going AWOL and killing a few soldiers who tried to stop her. Your character would be a member of the same program sent to hunt her down. What happens when they cross paths? What lengths will she go to to escape? And what lengths will your character go to in order to take her out, as per their orders?

#13) Halo RP [Van-Ex]: Our characters are a pair of Spartans on the bad side of our superiors. We have been sent to scout a city that has been attacked by a rogue group of Covenant. However, will the battle against the seige of Covenant push the two together to an unprofessional degree? And how badly will it affect their mission?

#14) Assassin Training [EX]: This one is similar to my Fighting Arena idea, but with a twist. Instead of being just generic fighters, the people involved are training assassins, encouraged to practice on each other. If they are successful, it teaches the victim where to improve. If they don't, the attacker also learns where to improve. Of course, certain measures are taken to ensure no one is killed. At least, not permanently, thanks to the multitude of talented healers around.



Be warned, the vampires and werewolves are not at all like the ones from Twilight.

Pre-Established Universes (Please note, I tend towards OCs, because I'm horrible with staying within established characterization):

#1) Mass Effect [Any] (OC): This one is a little different. It's based in the Mass Effect universe, but takes place after the first game. Your character would be a human Spectre, sent to investigate a bombing in the Citadel tower, which only avoided eliminating the Council due to them not being there. My character is a quarian C-Sec agent attempting to become a Spectre, sent to help you investigate and analyze the data, while trying to prove herself capable of becoming a Spectre.

#2) Halo RP [UN, most likely VAN] (OC): Your character and mine, both Spartans, have been sent by our commanding officer to recon on a distant, most likely non-threatening world, the closest they could do to kicking us out of the army for insubordination, refusing an order to nuke a city full of civilians to eliminate a group of Covenant. Now that we are stuck on a planet away from the eyes of the army, how will our relationship bloom?

Other ideas (these are ideas I've had that are on a separate request page): Dragon RP
More detailed vampire RP
Prison RP
More detailed Werewolf RP
Another Mass Effect RP
Criminal RP
Jungle RP
Death Arena RP

As a final note, I have pretty much zero limits in what I will and will not allow in my RPs. In fact, I have a great enjoyment for the extreme taboos. If you are not of the squeamish sort, please do not be afraid to contact me.
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Re: Bob's House of Roleplays
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2012, 10:46:34 PM »
Having been gone for a while, I changed one of the ideas slightly, and am once again in the hunt for an RP.

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Re: Bob's House of Roleplays
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2013, 11:04:03 AM »
New idea posted.