The prudish librarian (seeking creative female).

Started by Batsose, August 09, 2011, 04:18:12 PM

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TAKENI am looking for someone to play a very prude and uptight librarian character who happens on a mysterious book deep in the library that summons a male demon.  She goes to sleep at night, but the Demon puts her under a spell and during the night ravishes her sexual and awakens her own desires.  She thinks she is waking from a very erotic dream, but she also finds herself horribly horny.  So she uncharacteristically tries to seduce a co-worker who also a very bookish fellow who is already married by exposing herself to him in public while they are both working.  He is at first very offended by her seemingly audacious displays, but each time she does it he becomes more aroused and then finally confronts her with his growing desire for her.  What he discovers is that she has an insatiable desire for very decadent types of sex.  She wants him to do things to her that the demon does to her in her 'dreams,' but he doesn't think he can do it... but he begins to surprise himself and her....  I am very open to seeing where this goes plot wise.

Please PM if you are interested
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Sooo...Your description is both descriptive and sort of vague...I'm intrigued, but are you looking for something PC, or is there any sort of darker, NC/Extreme involved?
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