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Author Topic: War of the Olympian Demigods [M looking for F]  (Read 1151 times)

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Online Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

War of the Olympian Demigods [M looking for F]
« on: August 01, 2011, 05:57:29 PM »
Alright, this actually my first time doing a request. I'm going to use some elements from both the Fate/Stay Night and Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, but it's not required to be familiar with either series. This is going to be a story with no real connection to characters or events from either series, set in a universe of my own design.

The Plot

The Olympian Gods are real, and because of them the human world is about to fall into chaos. The lust of Gods and Goddesses is as great as any humans, or perhaps even more. They have mated with many humans over the centuries, and have given life to many children because of it. These children, known as demigods, often grow to become people of great importance in the human world, guided by the unseen hands of their godly parents, for they, powerfull and immortal they may be, are not able to interact with children directly. It is as forbidden as interfering with the free will of the humans.

But one day it all changed. The son of Zeus, Heracles (Hercules in Latin), rebels against the Olympian Gods, enraged by the loss of his wife and children, who he slew while under the effects of a strange magic spell. Suspecting the Gods, he starts to rally all the demigods to form an army to fight against the Gods. If a demigod refuses, he either slays them or has them slain. However, the demigods alone are not enough to successfully invade Olympus. One day word of the mythical titans, archenemies of the Gods, reaches his ears, and he decides to set out and find them, to free them from their prison and make them his allies   or slaves, depending on how cooperative they are.

The Gods, unable to interact with their children directly, send out all sorts of mythical creatures and monsters in an effort to stop them. The beasts all miserably, being of little challenge to the ever growing demigod army. In a last ditch effort, the immortals try to fight fire with fire. They send out servants to bring together the few remaining demigods who have not been found and recruited into Heracles' legion yet. Among those few are the young Palici twins, Alec and Heros, sons of the Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the gods. They are seen as the weakest among the group, and are treated as such by most of the others, because neither of the twins is able to controll fire or magically forge mighty blades like their father, only being able to produce a crude, subpar weapon at best.

This roleplay will be set in the modern day and age. The humans aren't aware of the existence of the Olympian Gods, but are becoming more and more suspicious after the attacks of the mythical creatures on Heracles' legion of demigods, which more often than not left rather great battlefields in their wake.

The story will start some time after Alec sets out with a pair of other demigods   having forced himself into the group with his hardheaded and persistant personality, despite multiple protests and insults to his (lacking) abilities   to investigate a rumour about an ancient weapon powerfull enough to slay even a titan. Months pass without any word from the group, and they are assumed to be dead. Heros, refusing to believe this, wishes to set out and find out what happened to his twin and the group. The leader of the demigod group rallied by the immortals, another son of Zeus, Carnus, senses this and allows Heros to search for his brother, despite the obvious dangers he would no doubt face. However, much unlike most of the other demigods in the group, he is genuinely concerned for the young man, and thus orders one of the more powerfull members (your character) to accompany Heros on his journey.

Now, we can do this two ways: either your character is already a friend of Heros   possibly also having developed some deeper feelings for him that will grow as they travel together    or she is on the other team, initially looking down on Heros for his lack of power, but growing to appreciate him more and more as their journey progresses and Heros grows to live up to his name and starts walking down the path of a hero.

I'm really trying to focus attention on the plot on this one. Don't expect smut anytime soon, though naturally there will be some when our characters become romantically involved. Speaking of your character, you can either go look for a demigoddess name or make one up yourself, because, to be honest, it seems most demigod children of the Olympian Gods seem to be male, so it might be hard to find a nice one    at least, if you want your character's parent to be a major God or Goddess, and not some minor one.

Anyways, send me a PM if you're interested. Also, please check my O/O to see if our tastes match, but I'm pretty open to most things (unless it gets a bit too extreme) and don't mind if some of my Ons aren't on your On list; I'm not looking to have them all satisfied in a single role play, especially one that's more plot than smutdriven.
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Online Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Re: War of the Olympian Demigods [M looking for F]
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2011, 02:32:57 AM »
Well, already have some replies to this, so I'm closing the topic. For those of you who send a PM: I'm currently looking at which of you might be the best partner for this, but, to be honest, I'm tempted to just do multiple versions of the play, since I like it so much (and don't have many other active ones going on anyway :P). I'll be sending you replies to your PM's soon.
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Online Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Re: War of the Olympian Demigods [M looking for F]
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2011, 05:13:59 PM »
Ok, I'm looking for someone again to do this plot. PM me if you're interested.

Closed again.
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