Roo’s RP Request Thread, F seeking mostly M Characters

Started by Roo, August 01, 2011, 04:07:36 PM

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 Thanks for stopping by! Before you get any further I should clarify a few things and point you to my Ons and Offs:

  • I only write female characters, generally they are submissive but not always. I don't care if you crossplay
  • Erotic/sexual content is something I’m not opposed to, obviously, but if a game degenerates into repeated posts only about sex and continues that way for a long time, it’s going to be boring for me. There needs to be story and characterization for me to enjoy the game.
  • I enjoy writing and writing in response to complex characters.
  • For the next three weeks, I’ll have more time to post than I will after that, so if you begin a game with me, I’d like you to be okay with my not posting more than once per week. I may have time/inspiration to write more often, but I can’t promise that, especially after August is three-quarters of the way over.
  • I prefer writing partners who put time into their writing, which is to say that they use spellcheck and skim over their posts before posting. I’m not saying I don’t make mistakes, and I won’t freak out over minor things, but I’d like my partner’s writing to be intelligible.
  • If you are interested in any of the ideas below, please PM me rather than posting here. All ideas are negotiable, and I've left them deliberately open-ended for discussion, which I'm happy to do via IM or PM.

    Proposed Plot/Genre Ideas:

    Under DiscussionApocalyptic (seeking M or F character): This idea could be with or without zombies, could involve disease and/or natural disasters/wartime disasters such as nuclear detonation. The essential plot I envision for this is that our characters would need each other in some way (not just for sex) in order to survive and would forge a relationship after encountering one another.
                Some inspirational media that could drive our construction of the world: The Road (film/novel), A Boy and His Dog (film), Fallout series of video games, virtually any zombie films you might think of (28 Days/Weeks Later, Romero’s original trilogy and their remakes, the Return of the Living Dead series, the Blind Dead series, the Evil Dead series, etc.), The Walking Dead (comic or television show), David Moody’s Autumn series of novels, Tokyo Zombie (the graphic novel or the film), etc.
                System: if we go with zombies, we could use the rules for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, otherwise I’d prefer to go freeform

    Modern Horror (seeking M or F character): This idea would be for our characters to interact and investigate the supernatural; there would be mystery coupled with horror and danger. Possible character types might include investigative reporters, cops, morgue attendants, and even your Average Joe who happened to have an encounter with the supernatural. We could design a way for our characters to meet/accidentally encounter one another, and then begin our adventures together.
                System: freeform or NWoD humans

    Under DiscussionFantasy (seeking M character): I rarely do fantasy as it isn’t a genre I really like to explore that much. But in this proposal I would have a cocky, young warrior princess who is going to take over the throne of her kingdom from her father, which is at the base of some mountains so the climate is fairly cool and/or snowy. The people probably have some longstanding cultural memories of wars with orcs, goblins, and the like.
    Something bad happens to her father—he is cursed and he either turns against her and ousts her from the kingdom or he falls ill, either way, she is forced to adventure. I’d like her to encounter and interact with races that she and her people have not traditionally had good relationships with, e.g., an orc or half orc that is traveling or working and living on his own. Perhaps an orc has been ousted from his home because he wanted to feed human prisoners; he certainly won’t be outgoing and friendly, but he is not going to be a “rape machine,” which is how I think many fantasy games tend to present orcs, as an unequivocally evil race. A half orc could have been raised by monks and work in a town’s stable. If the pair travel together, their relationship could slowly unfold, perhaps turning romantic. Such would bring all sorts of difficulty, etc. upon the princess’s return home. 
                System: freeform

    Vampire: The Masquerade (seeking M character):      I’d like to start a game from pre-embrace and allow it to unfold for my character. Your character could also be recently embraced, could be her sire, not her sire but an established vampire in the city where she is made, etc. I tend to like this game low-powered, low-combat, with a focus on the steady loss of humanity. Having the characters be of different clans, etc., would allow for a more difficult, interesting, and challenging relationship to be forged.
                System: I’ve got the core rulebook for 1st, 2nd, and Revised, so any of those works. We can also sort of use the core for creation of our characters and then abandon the system unless it becomes necessary for combat, etc.   
Edit: To update game status.
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