DBSK craving and YYH craving [MxM]

Started by Junkyo, July 31, 2011, 03:19:23 PM

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I have another search plot with a lot more plot, but I decided to make a simpler one for the plots I'm really craving at the moment. They're in order of craving. PM me if you're interested and feel free to look at my O/O on my signature.

DBSK ((I really want one of these))

Flirting that goes too far

Jaejoong has always said how Yunho never has really considered him like a man and how he feels nervous when they hug, but really that was just some thoughts he had had nothing serious. The both of them are very close especially around the apartment where they would touch and hug and even sleep on each other on a regularly basis. They cared for each other and nothing else. But at some point those unthought-of of touches seem different and more dangerous. Maybe their just stressed or on edge, but the both of them can feel it. Small touches that were innocent before now take gasps from the receiver and soon at some point they decide to see what it is that is making them so tense. ((Would love to play Jaejoong))


In Heat

Demons go into heat every so often and fox demons are the worst of the all. Kurama begins to feel ill suddenly and can’t remember what it is that is wrong with his body. But whenever he get closet to Hiei he can’t help, but want to throw himself at him. Will Hiei comply or run away? If he runs then Kurama stays in pain in his room or he could threaten to go find someone else. And what happens when the Yoko comes out in him? ((This scenario can go with either Yusuke or Hiei you choose. I would love to play the sex wanton Kurama ((whose a switch with Hiei but not with Yususke. Meaning the Yoko is dominant with Hiei and Hiei is dominant with only Kurama, but with Yusuke there is no Yoko.))

Hiei’s evil side

Hiei has always been possessive of the things he considers his and Kurama is no different in his eyes. The fox has belonged to him ever since the first time they begun to work together. At least in his mind that’s how it works. So when he sees Kurama and Yusuke drunkenly exchanging kisses and wanton touches he looses it. ((I play Kurama))

Twin I never knew

I role-played this a while back and found it very interesting and I would love to try it out again. The idea is that the twins were born and about a year later their mother died and the father lost it. The twins resembled their mother so much that he ended up taking one for his own as a play thing. As few months after the mother passed the father put one of the twins in the house's basement making so that the other never saw the light of day again. The twin has spent his entire life locked down and enduring his father's abuse while knowing that upstairs lives his other half in a normal and happy life. He feels anger and resentment whenever his father praises the other son while he tortures him. Now the other twin has no idea he even has a twin because they only spent a year together. The rp starts when the second the unknowing twin stumbles into the basement, against his father's wishes, and finds his twin tied and with evident marks or sexual events from a prior night. From the on the unknowing twin feels guilty and offers to try and help him out, but the second one tells him it will be useless and that he wants nothing from him. The abused twin then decides that if the other wants to help the  he will let him take out his frustrations on him however he pleases. So now the abused twin find himself in the position of power and something inside of him is just yearning to abuse it. I need someone to play the father as well as the unknowing twin. twin. In this idea the father is abusive towards the first twin while the first twin will begin to take out his anger upon his other half.  Along the way I do want the father to find out and possibly force them to keep doing acts with each other as well. I play the twin that is locked in the basement who will torment his twin and be abused by his father. This plot can include a variety of things in the extreme category.

Forced enslavement [MxM]

Character A woke up one day to find himself in the house of a very rich and powerful vampire. His job was to please and feed the other whenever he was called upon, weather he wanted to or not. Now the vampire has also taken in Character B, a former acquaintance of Character A….really who are we  kidding they used to be very close before Character B confessed his feeling for Character A that is. After that Character A made his life a living hell. But now they were both in the ownership of the vampire and under the same rules. Now the vampire is interested in feeding from both of them, but he is not so interested in touching them at least not alone. Their new owner seems to be more entertained when they are both forced to take upon sexual acts with each other or when one is forced to watch the other with him. ((In this rp I’m willing to play either of the two characters A or B, and we both take control of the vampire depending on the situation.))