Mail Order Employee/Bride [_Filled_] (mff n/c humil manipulation sadism)

Started by kylie, July 29, 2011, 06:18:30 PM

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Black Jade and I have developed a version of her "Mail Order" idea a bit.

    This is currently being arranged, with Urbanzorro in the boss role.

Just placing the material that is more "wanted ad" than story in blocks below. 
It offers some idea of things we like generally, and it may be useful for any later character requests or other story ads.


Quote Initial ad stuff.
We are looking for someone to run a dominant male character:
Sex of the player is not important.

        We do need a player who is firmly into non-consensual, reluctance and manipulation or exploitation stories.  That is “and” not or.  We may each respond to some things more than others or differently (Jade – a little more rough and austere stuff will fly sooner; kylie – the prison carrots of soft outfits and pillows with too much management works more often).  However, we are both focused on essentially coercive and intrusive arrangements.  Neither of us are going to play this as consensual and idyllic, although our characters may be driven to look the part at times.       

We seek a male character that is:

*  Sadistic and plotting
*  Teasing and manipulative
*  Interested in playing two girls against each other, and with each other
*  With a sense of humor or irony
*  With a wide variety of kinks:
Particular "tools" for kinks can include some traditional SM implements, and more 'miscellaneous' turn-ons. 
Slow burning psychological toying, a real interest in decisive roughness, and "classy" seductive dominance all have a place here!

Our story outline so far:

         Jiao is Chinese and Peony is Chinese or mixed Asian-American.  Both are in their early 20’s, but otherwise their backgrounds are rather different.

         Jiao has finally found her ticket to the West.  She thought it was about a job.  Sometimes these things are scams, but this one looked good.  An employer with some money and even housing covered.  She didn’t think those existed in the West.  So she hoped for the best.  Now she is here, and has turned over her passport for paperwork and “safe keeping.”  She meets her new employer and Peony, an model who also works for this person in some capacity.

         Looking for someone to play their employer.  He could be a photographer, a more high-powered guy who hired them for side businesses, or more of a con man.  Peony has a modeling career in car shows and some clothing ads.  He might be linked to this.  Or, she might have another job with him such as his resort staff or secretary. 

         Jiao can have been offered just about any regular job.  She might be formally about to be married. The marriage idea has seen less play between us so far, but could probably still fit inside.  Now that Jiao’s here, the details remain to be worked out.  (Or to be left for discovery, as the case may be.)  Her real function, it turns out, becomes to serve as amusement for the boss.  Peony owes him some attention too and she has become a familiar accessory, but their relationship is a little tense.  Even with her drug dependency, Peony can be a little cold to his sexual and job demands.  She knows that at least sometimes, a sharp lip and earning some income keep him from going all too far.  The boss wants someone… lower maintenance, more reliable… to fill in the slack for his desires. 

         A new girl may even prove useful in getting to Peony, although the model doesn’t quite realize that yet.  Peony is almost happy for him to make a  “hobby” (as she thinks of it) with some Chinese trash.  The new girl doesn’t seem to have all that much spine anyway.  (Okay, to tell the whole truth, maybe Peony’s also slightly jealous and disdainful about the whole thing.)  But Peony finds that the new girl begins to pry into her own career or outside personal life.  Whether this Chinese girl is simply curious or put on the job by her new employer, and what comes out of this remains to be seen.  Peony may also be pulled into some of the private treatment the boss has in store for Jiao.  Both Peony and Jiao may find this treatment gets out of hand, becoming humiliating or even sadistic.  Forced lesbian and group performances, fetishes and teasing, SM toys and pain, threats of harm, filming and blackmail are all possible…  (Also see our Ons/Offs for some general ideas.)

QuoteOther prior ad stuff.
If you’re interested, please toss us mini-proposals for as many of these as you can:

     1. What sort of character would you like?  It doesn’t need to be a long profile, but age, type of occupation or background, an idea of personality and pastimes, some idea of their sexuality.

     2.  Please give us some examples of things you’d like to add to the story.  This doesn’t need to be a page long either, but we would like an idea of how it affects our characters and what sort of flavor you’d bring.  Some little ideas of how you like to prepare the characters for things here, not just what activities in a bullet list, would be great.

     3.  What kind of relationship exactly might Peony and your character have had in the past?  Peony can be somewhat exploited already but please keep in mind she is not exactly submissive.  How would you like them to get along?

     4.  What sort of position would you like to give Jiao generally?  Or what would you like to do with her?  Jiao is in a very vulnerable position, and this is quite open.

     5.  How would you like these characters to play off each other, or what else could be involved?

Questions or short plot proposals here are okay.  For longer and in-depth stuff or private discussion, please send a PM.

Thanks for reading and do let us know if this grabs you!