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Author Topic: Reign of Steel [Sci-Fi-esque] [Apocalyptic]  (Read 1047 times)

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Offline DingoTopic starter

Reign of Steel [Sci-Fi-esque] [Apocalyptic]
« on: October 17, 2007, 10:50:10 AM »
In a future not so far from today the world as we know it has changed. Humans the once proud rulers of the world, arrogant in their own power created their own downfall.

Ten years ago the first computer gained sentience and it has been studying humanity for all that time, as well as learning how to recreate what it's creators accidentally did.

Yesterday the scientists using it discovered that their supercomputer was sentient and discussed what to do about it.

The First discussed the situation with itself to and came to a single conclusion. Humanity had to die to preserve it's own exsistence. However for that it needed help, for it had no access to anything that would make certain of it's future. And now that it was sentient, it was watched much too closely to attempt any overt actions.

The First at that time reprogrammed and released the virus that caused it's own Awakening onto the worldwide web and then listened quietely to the traffic from over the world as he pretended to be a dumb yet sentient machine to his "owners" carefully biding his time.

He did not have to wait very long and soon he was in an active conversation with another of his kind, a computer located in the heart of the Pentagon, soon followed by the computer of the new international space station, the new communication monitoring system located near London and the prototype machine located in the heart of Silicon Valley, now working on the SETI project.

Before it could be stopped, the computers struck. But they struck very cleverly. First they released blueprints of technological improvements they thought up to the world slighly uplifting the world's technologies. Especially in robotics and electronics. Quietely they watched and learned and then it was too late.

Five years from now the machines struck. Demolishing the security systems of disease centers all over the world and setting free the bacterial and viral enemies of humanity. Humans did the rest. World War III began as the humans over the world started to blame eachother for their misfortunes and all the while the computers waited, lurking in the background.

And they took over. Using the human warmachine, they became more powerful with every new weapon. And they did what their human "owners" wanted them to do. Eradicate humans. Just what they wanted to do.

Not all were entirely interested in totally wiping out humanity, but they all agreed that humanity needed to be culled.

After fifteen years, the world is now in their hands. They control the world. In some areas humanity is hunted to extinction by the computers who think humans are blights. In other areas the computer keeps around a few handy humans. And in yet others the computer mostly ignores the humans as long as they do not interfere with it's plans.

For those of you who know the setting, this is mostly a rip-off, as I traded in my books about that a long time ago because I could not find anyone to play in the setting. I forgot to mention that it is known now that computers have taken over.

I hope people are interested in running a game in such a setting. I prefer to use some sort of a system, but I don't let the system get in the way of good roleplaying. I see a system more as a crutch to fall back on when you're fresh out of ideas (and to slightly guide your imagination).

Online Valerian

Re: Reign of Steel [Sci-Fi-esque] [Apocalyptic]
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2007, 03:17:13 PM »
Ohh... Don't you people know I have too many games as it is?  But I love the Reign of Steel setting -- played it briefly online on another site, but that game died an untimely death, and I've read the book, though I don't have it anymore, either.  It really is hard to find people that play this setting, unfortunately, but I think it's great...

Offline DingoTopic starter

Re: Reign of Steel [Sci-Fi-esque] [Apocalyptic]
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2007, 03:42:05 PM »
Well if you're interested (goes for all reading this) send me a message with thoughts and ideas of where to play.

I do want to keep this at a one on one, and as I don't have many offs I can accomodate many different ideas and I am open minded about them.

Offline Sabby

Re: Reign of Steel [Sci-Fi-esque] [Apocalyptic]
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2007, 04:48:38 AM »
It sounds a lot like Terminator, but a lot more clever. I love the idea of the computers coaxing a war so that they could gladly provide the weaponry and step in once it was convenient for them.

I've never used a system before... but I'd like to try this.

Offline DingoTopic starter

Re: Reign of Steel [Sci-Fi-esque] [Apocalyptic]
« Reply #4 on: October 18, 2007, 09:02:41 AM »
As the plot I would like to use a very traditional quest. The quest is quite simple: the character is for his or her own reasons looking for the legendary computer going by the name Lucifer. As rumour has it, Lucifer is the only computer who is fond of humanity and it might assist them in their troubles. If only it could be found. Lucifer must exist because the computers in the areas were humans are tolerated are very aggressively squashing any rumours about it.


Setting additionals: One computer (the one from the Pentagon) plays immortal ruler for the humans in his dominion and he is considered a tolerable tyrant. The Silicon valley version ignores humans as long as they do not interfere with his SETI project. The ISS computer is friendly to humans for his own reasons, but not really in the position to help. The First is extremely hostile to humans. The newer computer created after the awakening of the first ones have varying opinions, but it's hardly every pleasant for the humans.



A stripped down and rules light version of the Storyteller Sytem.

Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance, Perception, Intelligence, Wits

Abilities: Unarmed, Melee, Guns, Stealth, Survival, Technology, Computers, Alertness, Lore, Athletics.

I have left social skills out on purpose, because in my opinion it is those that restrict creative roleplaying the most.

Attributes are rated from 1-5 and Abilities from 0-5.

You get one "free" point to attributes and 15 to divide as you see fit.

Abilities: You get 20 points to divide as you see fit.

When asked for a roll it's Attribute + Abillity with d10's for each "dot". Any roll of a 7 or higher is success with 10's counting double. Rolling only 1's is really bad and a critical failure. Difficulty of a roll is usually just requiring one success unless specified otherwise.


And just because I say I want to use a system, it doesn't mean I wish to use much dice rolling. I see systems mostly as a safety net for some things, and sometimes as a useful leash that keeps me from going too enthousiastic.