Lord and Lady of the Apocalypse

Started by Jester, July 29, 2011, 06:02:25 AM

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World War 3 has hit the world. Nuclear bombs, disease, famine and the human race virtually wiped out. Humans and mutants live in small communities fending off attacks from the bandits and those who wish to take advantage of a weakened race. What happens when a group of people put in Cryostasis for various fatal medical illnesses, wake up in a world totally alien to the one they left.  Their conditions healed and strange new abilities formed from them.

What happens when the world you knew is gone and in it's place is a feudal system filled with mutations, gangs and violence. 

How do you survive, how do you learn to live again when you never thought you would.

Am just looking for one female character to awake in the vault with me :-)


Ooh ooh! Ok. I replied to another idea, but I do like them both. :)