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July 07, 2022, 11:29:23 am

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Author Topic: Ribenheim: New Beginnings  (Read 1190 times)

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Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Ribenheim: New Beginnings
« on: October 13, 2007, 08:56:38 am »
I've decided to restart my group game that went dead during my hiatus. I can now spend the time and effort needed to maintain it. If you are interested, i suggest checking out the website i have created for it as it will explain a lot about the game world and the type of characters I am looking for. There will be a main, important core of characters (Royalty, etc) who i need dedicated players as they are a main part of the main plot. Secondary characters are allowed, and people wishing to play Merchants and the like may do so. Ideas as far as storylines and plots for the 'lesser' characters can be entirely left for you to create, though at some point i imagine everyone will be caught up in the main storyline.

Here is the game descriptions:
      The World of Ribenheim is a turbulent place.   Humans have battled Elves for as long as anyone can remember.   Dwarves have faded into the Myths and Legends of Time while Goblins, Minotaurs and Faeries exist only in the minds of children.   Magic has left the lands, those that are touched by it are exiled or killed by villagers seeking to please the Gods.
     Ribenheim is the largest of the Eight Human Kingdoms, nearly as large as the other seven combined.   But while the Lesser Kingdoms, as they have come to be called, battle each other for dominance, Ribenheim has fought bigger, stronger foes: its Elven Neighbors, protecting all of mankind from the hubris  Elves.   Hatred for the Elves runs blood deep in Ribenheim.
      But all is not well.   Even as the King returned from War, a peace-treaty with the Elves in hand, the Queen was stricken down with an illness, though luckily she survived.  It was rumored to be an Assassination plot, though one never was launched at the Prince. .   Should something happen to the Crown Prince, however, there are many that would be willing to take his place on the Throne once the King dies.
      Speculation as to who did it and how flooded the court.   Some suggested poison, others that her Chamber Maid had poisoned her.   Other rumors were much harder to believe, but all were silenced when the King returned and banished all such talk in the court.   He needed no talk of Rebellion at this time. Peace with the Elves has bought him time, how long will it last?
      The King himself looks aged beyond his years, war weariness and the weight of the World on his shoulders weighing him down.   The Tides of War are coming again, he knows, but will Ribenheim be able to weather the Storm alone? The Prince, 18 years of age, is of age to be married.   The future of the Kingdom lies with him and he will need a wife.   No simple task as there are many that wish to pursue him.   Some options are better then others and the fate of the Kingdom rests in the decision.   
     If all that was not bad enough, an upstart Religion preaching about the One True God has spread like wildfire across the Kingdom.   The Old Ways are on their way out, or so it would seem.   If the people do not keep to the Old Ways then the Gods and Goddesses were surely leave Ribenheim to its own fate.   But will this new religion fade out like so many before it? Will the Old Ways still remain? - Ribenheim - In The Dark Forum

A word of Note:
This game takes place on GothicFires board - In The Dark - as the number of threads exceeds the number of players, thus the game would not be able to perform to its full functionality on Elliquiy due to the #ofPalyers:Thread ratio. This is not seen as trying to steal players from Elliquiy, as i believe everyone on ITD is also part of Elliquiy. It is just a new forum and the place where my game is hosted.

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: Ribenheim: New Beginnings
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2007, 10:47:19 am »
Here is a list of characters needed: In No Particular Order

The Prince - Aged 18 - 20, womanizer, naive, sheltered, out-to-prove-himself
Adventurers - Any and all sorts welcome
Elven Princess - Regrets leaving Elven Kingdom, doing this for the better of her people
Queen + Chamber Maid
Nobles - Lords and Ladies
Elven Delegation (Lady in Waiting - Captain of Guards)
Foreign Princess + Lady in Waiting -Father sent her to go 'get married' when in reality he does it to save her life as her Kingdom is consumed by Civil War
Any Other Occupation is Acceptable

We have a King, High Priest, Elven Princess and Priestess so far, and the game is just getting underway. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.