The School Play

Started by Sheehan, October 11, 2007, 12:52:42 PM

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Mr. Simms is a detestable delusional pervert. Who teaches theater and directs the school play. He is an inveterate masturbator, who fantasizes over the senior girls in his plays but has never had the courage to approach any of them. Each year he picks a favorite pictures both her and him in endless stream of S & M sex scenes. He has never realized any of these situations but this might be Mr. Simms lucky year. I can foresee the opening post going something like this…. If you are interested in this scenario, let me know.

Mr. Simms worked his way meticulously around the auditorium, checking first the main set of doors then the two side exits. All was locked and secure. He strode to the backstage area and called out. “Anyone here?” before flicking off the banks of florescent lights. The senior musical was coming along nicely and Simms wore a smug self-satisfied smirk. He had done it again, he gloated. He practiced humbly accepting the accolades of the adoring staff as he headed towards the dressing rooms and the green room.

He locked the boy’s change room while humming “On the Street Where She Lives.” Then, he entered the girl’s change room. The costumes from the dress rehearsal, hung neatly arranged on the rack. Simms turned the dead bolt on the dressing room door and approached the costumes. He reached down and squeezed the head of his cock as he did so. A growl emerged from his throat and he reached up under the folds of the gown worn by Linda Tompkins and closed his eyes. He replayed the twirl she had performed that afternoon when he had caught a glimpse of her pantied bottom. He took the dress from the rack and at the same time slipped his hand inside his trousers. He regretted that Linda was graduating. He had masturbated nightly to images of her, tied in various lewd positions, as he had his twisted way with her lithe body.

His dreams, danced with gags, cuffs, chords. He had harbored these fetish filled musings for years yet had never had the opportunity to enact any of his darkest yearnings. The inaction had only caused his perversions to fester and deepen. He was startled by a sudden “clunk” and nearly jumped through the ceiling. The clunk had come from the green room. Simms straightened himself out and crept out of the dressing room and down the short hallway to the greenroom. He stood in the dark and inched the greenroom door ajar. Through the crack he spied Miss Jarrod his assistant director and Linda Tompkins on the sofa. Their legs were entwined as they kissed passionately. Miss Jarrod’s hand was inside Linda’s blouse. Linda hands were kneading Miss Jarrod’s splendid ass. They were whispering breathlessly to each other. Simms had never seen anything so erotic and a wicked grin settled over his face. He was instantly struck with the expectation of fulfilling his most heinous fantasies.

He banged the door open and coldly announced. “I will see the pair of you in my classroom in ten minutes. Don’t be late. That is a warning.”….



I am a newby and will need instruction in terms of how and where we would post a game like this. Thanks.