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Author Topic: Angel's Roleplay Ideas .... looking for Males please  (Read 600 times)

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Offline AngelOfDarknessTopic starter

Angel's Roleplay Ideas .... looking for Males please
« on: July 23, 2011, 04:48:47 AM »
Hey there people

Seeking out someone to roleplay with who doesn't mind a storyline, romance which could start from strange places as you may find out, possibly a love story, and of course there is a sexual element but it won't be the basis of the roleplay sorry.

Here are some ideas of mine but if you have any please feel free to let me know

A married man with a high profile (senator/billionaire) starts to see an escort and eventually becomes her only client. They kinda fall for each other but don't really mention it. His wife has tried and failed to have a child, the couple talk about surrogacey and after being told the escort offers to carry their child, little does anyone know but its not the wive's baby. once pregnant though the husband and escort coem clean about their feelings, they start a secret relationship. After the birth the escort is paid off and is left with nothing. Worried the man visits her while she's dealing the post natal depression, he's hurting seeing her like this. he decides to leave his wife and then a fight begins for the baby. Will they get their baby back?

The children of two crime families meet each other unaware of the families they belong to. Becoming friends they are happy and gradually they fall in love with one another. Eventually their families and them find out about their history, the pair are kept apart but meet up secretly. The girl eventually falls pregnant to the boy and chaos begins again …..

At a party a young guy gets drunk, a girl attends that likes this boy, he ends up raping her and not remembering it. Sometime later he hears this girl is living on the street as her father is the local pastor, once he finds out she’s pregnant he does anything he can to help her, giving her a place to live. (might get closer and become a couple and live through life)

 An undercover government is placed in the house of crime family, as a bodyguard for the leader’s wife. During his time in the house he sees the wife used as a punching bag. He takes his chance and takes her out to be a witness against her husband. She’s put in a safe house and protected till the trial, while her husband sends people to take her out.

A kingdom is invaded and taken over, the king and queen killed. The new king is tyrant and has his own family. When the prince is older he meets the servant girl and gets to know her, while going through suitors to find a wife. Eventually he beds the servant girl and sees  a birthmark that is familiar, he does research and finds she is the daughter of the king and queen his father had killed.

A princess, who is the only girl out of 5 children, is given to a neighbouring king who is know for his rough brutal nature, as gift so he will not conquer the land. Once they've left the castle the king can do what he wants with the princess. Though she was given away cause her father couldn't understand a gift she had or where she got it from, though being the only girl she got it from her mother. (I guess the mean king could find out about it)

She met a guy and finally she had found someone who made her smile, they would talk on dates and get to know each other and they all in love. All the while he was the new leader of a vampire coven after his father had been killed. But his brother wanted to be the leader and when he finds out about the mortal he was dating he tries to get her to fall for him as well. A battle and love triangle begins.....

 In a coven there was a hidden human, her scent was hidden by the coven leader as he felt sorry for her, her mother had given her up as payment so she could get a fix of being a vampire. He keeps the coven a secret and has a cover story that the girl believes for a long time.
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Re: Angel's Roleplay Ideas .... looking for Males please
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2011, 08:05:55 PM »
added idea

Offline duke76

Re: Angel's Roleplay Ideas .... looking for Males please
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2011, 10:53:04 PM »
Would love to play any of the above with you.

Offline AngelOfDarknessTopic starter

Re: Angel's Roleplay Ideas .... looking for Males please
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2011, 12:33:43 AM »
pick your top three in the order you wanna play them and we can chat about it hehe

wow someone actually wants to do one of my roleplays