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Author Topic: Hentai Alien Sex (Unenviable Female Posision Available)  (Read 29395 times)

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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

Hentai Alien Sex (Unenviable Female Posision Available)
« on: October 09, 2007, 08:56:49 PM »
Okay, now that I have your attention, let me toss this idea your way.  This was imspired from the twisted Jabbah the Hut/Princess Leah relationship that happened in Return of the Jedi.  Only more x-rated.  I have a parter and we started this scean.  We went for pages... it was great.  He was cruel to her, and she just played along with it.  He pumped her full of nanites to make her heal faster and hormones to make her horney and lactate.  He made her get around naked on her hands and feet, wearing corsets, breast bondage, clamps, etc.  He finds her pain as relaxing, so when he eats, he has her brought to him and has her breasts and thighs beaten to relax him and ease in digestion.  I lost my player, though, but still find the scenario as very compelling.  I had a local girl who seemed interested in playing it out, but shes kind of faded on me as well.  So, I had to see if anyone found such hardcore hentai alien sex as interesting.

Oh, point of interest.  This is going to be space oprah.  Aliens of all sorts form a motley crew of pirates whom all lust after beautiful human women.  Humanity for a time dominated the galactic empire, and thier ideals were projected deeply into intergalactic society.  So a strange 'eartherphilia' has developed among some of the criminal underclass.  Anyway, here are a few posts that began the storyline before.  Of course, changes can be made if someone decides to join me with this and has a different idea on the matter.  Here goes.
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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

Re: Hentai Alien Sex
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2007, 08:57:24 PM »
Thread Title     : The Black Nova's Prize
Max Characters   : Not sure.  So far only three.  I want to do an extra toon.
Genre            : Dark and Gritty Space Oprah, starts on the Black Nova
Originator       : Lord Helwroth(alien captain of a pirate armada & bases)
Partner(s) Wanted: Discussed via PM

Concept:A brave heroic princess gives up her freedom for her family and friends escape and promised contined safety.  She must willingly serve this disgusting alien mongral who lords it over his ship and enjoys petty diversions of female flesh.

Writing Partner Specifications:I want imagination and participation.  I want someone who cares about what they write and has enough sophistication to enjoy and keep with the story.  IM looking for a Hentai feel.  A brave beautiful princess and the terrible plight she finds herself.

Posting Rate Desired:Love to see posts every day or twice a day, but realisticly job, school, life will interupt.  A post every day or two would be a nice outside limit.  In hot or particularrly interesting sceans, it would be nice if we could pick up some banter with some nice posting speeds.

Lord Helwroth
Alien Pirate King and Scourge of the Spaceways

Lithe yet powerful female Lieutenant of the Horde

The Balracii Syndicate
Alien Horde of Scum Sworn to Helwroth's Will

Slave Princess
The Princess is a tall (5'10") and beautiful full figured girl with a buxom chest.  She has long slightly wavy black hair and dark blue eyes.  She has a fair complexion from her pampered lifestyle.  She is flexible and moves very gracefully like a dancer, in an energetic way.  She currently only has few ear piercing currently. 

Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

Re: Hentai Alien Sex
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2007, 08:58:22 PM »
     The hulking, beastial form watched the monitors from his control dias.  Around him various aliens bussied themselves with various subsystems, shutting down valves and venting the irradiated gases which gave the strangely shappen black ship its special qualities.  In the middle was a large round raised area.  In the middle, his oversized throne compleat with monitors built into it.  Around the dias various chains shook, hanging from the cieling.  Being very athletic and powerful, he could hang upside down easily and move impossibly quickly for such a huge being.  He was easily eight feet tall, with a width almost as thick.

     Steepling his hands before him, he watched his pet, his newest prize standing there, saying her final good byes to the life she'd had before.  A beautiful young woman, just approaching the ripe marrying age of the Brightstar nobility.  Still in her refinery, he allowed her a few moments to ponder as her precious yaught and all she knew of home slipped into the void of space.

     Quietly, he reflected.  He had lost a lot in this arrangment, such a valuable spaceship.  So meny potential hostages to trade for military favors and vast sums of money, but when he saw her, he knew what he really wanted.  He wanted a new pet.  He wanted everything about her, when all the tittles and alduvian silk dresses were torn from her.  With some chilling negotiations she had struck an accord with him.  Releacing the nobility and thier luxurient vehicle, for her willing servitude of his every whim.

     Still reflective, the hulking pirate lord awaited.  Soon, she would be by his side, or in his lap.  Soon, there would be nothing in the cosmos for this lovely pampered princess, but his wishes and perverse delights.

     The crew worked around her.  They were cruely held to galvanized levels of discipline, so the work that needed attending was getting done, but they were keenly aware of her standing there.  Still looking regal and beautiful in her dress and nobil jewelry.  She still presented the immage of a princess, head held up high.  This wouldnt last long, the crew knew.  The laughed at each other in passing, darkly eyeing thier newest addition to the quirky crew.

     The Lord had promoted from within his own ranks the most vile and talented alien scum to serve faithfully by his side on his flagship and in his palace.  Meny shared the dark perversions he enjoyed.  This was a dangerous and cuthrout place, the darkest spot in this stellar cluster.  A place where meny are swollowed up and never heard from again.

The princess said her final good bye’s to her family and friends.   She and they knew she was sacrificing herself for their good and the good of the rebellion.  She gave her sister any of her special jewelry, knowing some scum would probably steal it anyway.  She watches as everyone she knows turns and walks away, wishing they could do something.  She wiped a tear off her cheek and she turned from them and walked towards the pirate lord.

She was dressed in a dark blue silk dress with a waist length jacket and high heeled boots.  She has on some simple gold jewelry earrings and several rings.  Her hair is done in a french braid  down her back to her waist.

She walks proudly up to him with her head held high.  She bows slightly to him “My Lord, what is your wish” This disgusts her but she knows she has to do it.  She wonders how long this hell will last.

     From one control station, the ships cyborg unit, a special robot who was wirelessly connected to the ship at all times like a walking forklift/ship coordinator, stepped repetitively forward.  Pausing, it spoke its words in metallic tones, "Princess Aurora's Brightstar nobility shuttle has cleared our sensory range.  Projected course is taking it to her home world.  We have sent the clear signal.  No one will be inerupt thier return flight."  Having said its piece it began painfully slowly making its way to its main control pannel, its hydrolicks whirrling with each jumpy step.

     Looking her over, he paused, noting what the cyborg said before tawdling off.  "You have already begun on the wrong note," he said menacingly.  Suddenly he charged out.  His speed and ferociousness immediately apparent.  He leaped and grapped a chain, swinging easily to another one very close to where she stood.  He was hanging, a huge beast with the humanoid body of a lion crossed with a eight foot ape hanging off the chain just above her.  His face almost level with her, swinging lightly.

     Dropping down suddenlly, like a cat instantly finding his footing, he stood up directly beside her.  Taking her small head in his powerful maul, he forced her to her knees.  "YOu will address me from now on from the floor.  Not standing.  Standing is a privaledge for myself and the crew, but not for you," his evil leer so close to her face.  He could feel her breath.  Moving just as fast, he drew his powerful jagged claw down her expensive silk dress and jacket, even her bra, his claws almost sliceing her skin as well.  After doing this, he easily in two swings threw himself back into his throne.  Posed possessively on it.  Turning languidly, he grinned his evil smile.  "....and remove those fineries.  They are too good for you now.  Since you are my slave, and my lowest ranking subject on this flag ship."  He watched coldly from a good fifteen feet distance.  He showed her, though, just how fast he could cover that area.  She wasnt safe.... around him.