A walk through Imagination (M seeking F)

Started by Mira Willow, July 19, 2011, 11:33:50 PM

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Mira Willow

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by, her is a quick idea of what I am currently looking for.
I will keep this as up to date as possible, but of you are not sure, feel free to ask.
Like I stated before these are not set in stone. the best stories we come up with together, so lets talk and figure out what works best for the both of us.

One Path
Jacob is a young angel and under the guidance of his master Michael has learned all about the world of man. For Jacob was born and angel and has never been to earth. Now after so many long years his final test is to go to the mortal world and carry out a vision he saw. What Jacob saw though was a girl being murdered. And at first he is fine with it for it is god's will. But he quickly falls for this girl and tries instead to keep her alive, which calls the forces of heaven to pick up where Jacob couldn't. Now together they fight survive and hold to their love against all odds.

Ms. Maria's School for the Gifted
To the public this school is known as a prestigious private school for the exceptionally smart. But under the surface this is no such private school. It is in fact one large social experiment based on the idea that as kids are developing and dealing with their sexuality they develop bad habits do to social phobias. This lead ps to the spread of STDs on a larger scale. So instead of casting sex as a tabu they instead teach it in school. With a dress code to reflect and classes based on certain sexual practices.

A Family Matter
Desmond grew up in a different kind of family, one that didn't see the need for social standards in their house. It was their family, and they owned the property so they would do what they wish with it. You see Demond and his sister grew up with nudist parents who when they had kids didn't see the need to stop being what they where. Ergo they raised kids to be open and naked in the house. This lead the parents and kids to be comfortable with conversations about sex and in general being very open with each other. Now Desmond loves his sister, but not like he should, and even though he is generally an open person he is not comfortable taking their relationship to the next level.

Forgotten Tribe
In the deep forests their exists a tribe of anthropology creatures long forgotten by man. Where Michael A cat-folk wants to try opening up their tribe to the world but the elders are extremely uncomfortable with this idea.
So he brings in a human girl who deals with animal life to life among them. Hoping this will show the elders that humans and anthropology can co-exist

Open for a lot more ideas this is just all I got rolling around in my head right now, if you like any of them, or got your own just PM me. So let's get together and have some fun.