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Author Topic: Kira's Magical Search Thread! (M/M)  (Read 3195 times)

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Kira's Magical Search Thread! (M/M)
« on: July 19, 2011, 01:14:03 PM »

Lets start off with a little introduction into what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for M/M games. Sorry, I only do those.

I don't really like to assign the positions our characters will take and like to see how they interact with each other and choose for themselves. Of course there will be characters that are more dominate or submissive but I don't like defining roles unless its necessary for the game.


  • Alright so I wanted at least 2 paragraphs with 4-5 sentences in each one. I usually match my partner's post length.
  • Please use punctuation and correct spelling. We all make mistakes, which is perfectly fine but lets not make it every other word.
  • Most of the time whatever you want, I’ll do.
  • Now remember that I have the right to say no to an rp.
  • Drawn/Anime pictures or written descriptions for character looks. >.< Real pictures creep me out and make me feel like a stalker.
  • And PM me with the request. I'm not likely to look back at this.

    Pairings That Would be Fun:

    Father x Son
    Brother x Brother
    Twin Brothers
    Best friend X Best friend
    Vampire x Vampire
    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Teacher x Teacher
    Professor x College Student
    Athlete x Coach’s Son
    Movie star x Movie star
    Movie Star x Fan
    Art Student x Model
    Serial Killer x Victim
    Mage x Familiar (turns into human, so like a shifter as a familiar)
    Mage/Sorcerer x Apprentice
    Thief x Thief
    Pirate x Pirate
    Pirate x Thief
    Pirate x Hostage
    Slave/Pet x Master
    Police Officer x Police Officer (Academy)
    Undercover Agent/Police Officer x Criminal
    Criminal x Criminal (Brothers/Incest)

    Fandoms: (I play original characters only, you may play characters from the series or original)
    Star Trek
    Harry Potter
    The Avengers/X-Men
    Lord of the Rings
    Dragon Age
    Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
    (Ask about others, there's plenty more)


    Harry Potter RP
    Percy Jackson RP
    Dragon Age (Origins or II) RP
    N/C Rp
    Elves, Elves, Elves, and More Elves. Lord of the Rings style~
    Alpha/Beta/Omega stuff.

    Plot Ideas for Some:


    Father x Son

    Serial Killer:
    The son knows nothing of his father’s death dealings but he knows that he’s keeping a secret. The son comes home early one day or to visit his father, depending on his age and catches him in the act of fucking and then straggling/murdering the current boy.

    The plot can take on two different stories now. One the son could threaten to go to the police but the father captures him and takes advantage of his own son. Keeping him locked away for a while before the son agrees to keep quiet of his father’s doing. Second, the son joins his father and agrees right off to keep his father’s secret but also creates some of his own. (This would be fine with any time period, though I would kind of like it Old England, 1500s-1800s. Something like that.)

    Taking Over For Mom:
    When the mother of their son dies suddenly everything is left up to the father of the small family. He doesn’t handle it all well. The teen age son, with seeing how much pressure and stress that his father is under, decides to take on some of the responsibilities himself. Including some unexpected ones. (Could include crossdressing and gender confusion)


    College Age:
    After spending a year apart at different colleges, the two brothers come back home. They didn’t really talk while they were at their different colleges so it comes as a surprise to one of the brothers that his brother was dealing with the fact that he was gay. And just to throw a kicker in there as well, that he’s in love with his brother. Of course the gay brother doesn’t tell the other about that part.

    High School Age:
    They have always been close, but they joined different social groups once they entered into high school. They were still close behind closed doors. But it all became too clear how close to one of the brothers when the other comes home drunk after a party and kisses him.


    Best Friends

    Just Another Day:
    The intimate encounters had started a while ago. They started as just as release for pent up energy. Something that their girlfriends wouldn’t help them with. It started to get complicated when friend A took friend B. They had never gone that far before. Now feelings are starting to get in the way and nothing can go back to the way it was before. They were starting to loose interest in their girlfriends, their grades were slipping. They weren’t gay. Were they?

    Undercover Agent x Criminal/Crime Boss:

     A government agent was sent on a mission to uncover the secrets of mob doings. He’s been with in for a little over the a year and has suddenly gotten to see and talk with the boss. Though something happens that he wasn’t excepting. The boss seems like a really caring person. Being in contact with him, the agent starts to fall for him. Which will compromise his mission and his own safety. (Doesn’t have to be the boss that he falls in love with, could be his son or just a member of the mob that he’s looking into.)

    Modern Day Slave:

    In a world set in the slight future, the cities have been divided into two sections. The slums and the mansions of the rich and powerful. In this new world slavery has once again taken over and the people in the slums worry about themselves and their children. They live in fear of the men that carry guns and chains, taking people that might catch the eye of an upper class citizen. Character A has been kept in the shadows by his parents, his mother even going as far as to make him wear make-up out of the house to keep the slaver’s interest away from him. Though when he turns 18, he throws it all out of the window. What happens? He’s captured within a week of his 18th birthday. Character B is open for negotiation.
Coach's Son x Athlete:

The coach always wanted to get his son into the sport that he taught, but he really never showed an interest in it. Finally, the coach decides that maybe its him and that’s why his son doesn’t want to learn the sport. So he enlists the help of one of his athletes, with the promise of starting or not getting into trouble (we can discuss the reasoning that the athlete wants to help out), to teach the son. The son has taken a better liking of the sport but its not because he found out how fun it was, no it was because he found the boy teaching him attractive and he wanted to impress him.

Medieval Romance:

It’s kind of a forbidden love story that I have in mind between a 16 year old boy and an older man. The boy is valued in the society for his looks as he was plucked from the streets to be brought into one of the aristocrats’ homes to serve them. (I realize this would never really happen but it’s an rp~) He works for the family as a servant but soon becomes more to the head of household and to the oldest son. Its then at the older man comes into town to story with the family that houses the boy. They start a secret affair that if anyone would find out would lead to the death of the boy.

Alice in Wonderland:

For many years Alexander had hear his grandmother tell stories of the wonderful place she had visited as a child. Of all the queer characters running around, of the Queen that would chop off your head with even just a whisper of a word against her. Tales of the never ending tea party where it was everyone’s birthday. Of the white rabbit with his pocket watch that had been constantly late for any event that took place. The shrinking of the growing that took place with a eating or drinking of strange foods and liquids. All of these stories had intrigued him without a doubt as a child and now that he was a teen he was still fantasizing about the most likely made up world. That is until one day he too sees a white rabbit in a waist coat with a pocket watch running through the gardens.

S. A. Payne Universe Role Plays:

Blurring the Lines:

Scenario 1
Character A is an incubus, one of the ones seized from the human clubs in the second round under Toshi. He is just getting used to the world without having to give his body in order to survive with humans. The others have tried to help him settle but still he’s uncomfortable with everything. It would come with the having been in the presents of uncaring humans since he was young and thrust into the world. Character B is another incubus that is the guard. He’s sympatric to the ones that came from the clubs and wants to help them as much as he can. He is drawn to Character A the most. He is the most withdrawn from all of them. The two form a kind of bond though; Character A is still highly suspicious of everyone around him.

Scenario 2
Character is a human; he was a patron at one of the many clubs that housed the incubus. He requested the same incubus over and over again till he fell in love with the being. Character B is that said incubus. He goes through the motions with everyone that requests him including the one that treats him differently than the ones that just want to use him for his body. When the clubs are emptied Character doesn’t know what he was going to do. He loved Character B but he couldn’t find him or if he did he probably wouldn’t want to be around the person that paid for his body.

Just to add a bit to my thread, some pictures that I was hoping to base a few role plays around.


Magician x Other Circus Worker

The magician and circus worker have been sleeping together for years. But finally the magician/circus worker want more out of the relationship then just sex. What happens when the other doesn’t feel that way? What happens if they break up their arrangement and the one that said they didn’t want a deeper relationship to see the other with another person?

Magician x Apprentice

Its time for the magician to introduce someone new to his craft. He has gotten tired of the parlor tricks that he uses at shows and wants to expand his world, but his current employment doesn’t allow him to do as such so he has to train someone new. Well that someone new that the owner picked, catches the magician’s interest. The boy has real talent but can he keep up with what the magician is pushing to teach him just to see how far he could go? (The picture I’m thinking more to the apprentice in this plot line but could work for the magician as well.)

Magician x Criminal Investigator/Police Officer

Murders have been taking place at the circus that the magician works at. He’s been in almost constant contact with the police force in this particular town since it started happening. One person in particular. Then one night he is almost the victim of the brutal murders and its up to the police officer to save him and keep him safe while they try to find the killer. (Could work with the magician helping the police officer in his investigations)

Feline Boys


These two feline boys were raised together. Born from the same mother and kept in the same compound. It is only when their masters want to split them up do they realize what they truly mean to each other. And like hell are they going to let each other go without a fight. They escape and are on a constant run from their masters at every turn of the way, while letting their relationship develop to more than just brothers.

Pets (With a bit of master on the side)

An elderly man wants companionship. What better way then to buy it? These two felines are shipped to his mansion. They have never met before, both coming from a different compound. They are meant to be companions to each other and to their new master. But they are also play things. Their master doesn’t touch them but he wants them to touch each other while he watches. Slowly they start to develop their own games to see who wins out on top in the end, being the devilish cats that they are.


Mage x Human

In a time when mages were thought to be extinct because of the hunt for that had taken place years before, a mage had been working undercover for years. Living in the same house away from the general public. Nothing giving himself away. His powers were kept under wraps and only used when he tried something new or just felt like it. He was the mysterious, handsome man to the locals that lived by himself and didn’t socialize with others. Kind a heart throb for the women. It wasn’t until a boy/man stumbled upon him one day that started his life in a spiral. He had caught him using his powers outside of his house and now the mage had to work to keep his secret safe. And what way did he choose? Woo the man. And if that didn’t work, threaten him.
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Re: Kira’s Search Forum~ (M/M)
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2012, 09:49:12 PM »
Added Medieval Romance and S.A. Payne role play ideas~

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Re: Kira’s Search Forum~ (M/M)
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2012, 01:17:03 PM »
Back and looking for new games~

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Re: Kira’s Search Forum~ (M/M)
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2013, 07:04:18 PM »
Updated Cravings~

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Re: Kira’s Search Forum~ (M/M)
« Reply #4 on: December 06, 2013, 06:30:22 PM »
Added Alice in Wonderland Plot

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Re: Kira's Magical Wonderland! (M/M)
« Reply #5 on: May 26, 2014, 08:22:09 PM »
Added some cravings, fandoms. Changed formatting.

Took away scenarios Composer:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Composer x Cleaning Boy/Maid

The composer has always lived a very busy life, basically just sitting at his piano. Not really moving from there besides to grab something quick to eat or to sleep for a brief period of time. That’s why one of his friends, who was rather worried about him after seeing his apartment, hired him a maid, or just someone to come and pick up after the man, but also with the implication of looking after him everyday for the few hours that he was there. Its during the time that the maid is hired that he starts to fall for the stubborn mostly silent man always sitting at his piano? And what does he do when his services are no longer needed?

Composer x Dead Lover’s Brother

The composer was devastated by the loss of his one love in the world other then his music. So what does he do? Write a song for him. Just at the same time, his lover’s brother starts coming to see him. It seems like he was the only family that he had left in the world and now that he was gone he was going to stay with whoever he was closet to. It through the composer for a loop because he didn’t even know his lover at a brother in the first place.

Composer x Musician

All composers have to have someone to composer for right? With the request to do a piece with multiple instruments, the composer goes on a search for a musician that will be able to play the piece that he has in mind. Of course he ends up with a prodigy that thinks he can do no wrong. They fight, they argue. Disagree on what should be written. One such argument ends up with them sleeping together. They don’t know why or how it happened but the question would be, where do they go from there?

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Re: Kira's Magical Wonderland! (M/M)
« Reply #6 on: September 03, 2015, 11:06:54 AM »
Changed and updated a few things including cravings, fandom, etc.

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Re: Kira's Magical Search Thread! (M/M)
« Reply #7 on: December 20, 2015, 07:53:30 PM »
Removed Ideas/No Longer have Interest.

The older brother has been in the criminal business for a while. Selling drugs, trafficking, thieving. Always staying out of the police clutches. It wasn’t until his younger brother came of age did he too take up the business. He’s not nearly as good at it as his older brother is though, so much so that he gets scared and wants to back out of every deal. Its after a little while that the younger brother gets into some trouble. What are the two brothers going to do?
Teachers (High School or Middle School or College)

Wait, what?:
Teacher A was a homophobic. A sever homophobic. He criticized students for being gay and even some of the other teachers for acting like it. He talked about public figures that supported the rights of gay citizens and the like. He voted against everything to do with them. What happens when the new teacher in town, teacher B, decides to give Teacher A, a lesson? And what if he liked it? (Can be dark or romantic)

Ghost x Living Man:

When the man moved into his new house he had no idea what he had gotten into. Along with freshly painted walls, new kitchen appliances, newly tiled bathroom floors, it was also furnished with a ghost that had lived in the house before him. Being the only one to see the ghost, the man has constant company. Soon with life becoming too much for the man, his own escape is the ghost that resides in his house.