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Author Topic: DiD's Dreams and Desires (M seeking Fs)  (Read 694 times)

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DiD's Dreams and Desires (M seeking Fs)
« on: July 19, 2011, 11:29:50 AM »
These are just a few basic ideas I'd like to play out.  None are really set in stone, if one interests you, or if one sparks your thinking, feel free to send me a PM or contact me through YIM.  These are just template ideas, all are meant to be customized with a partner, which is why the characters who go with them aren't fleshed out or anything yet.  I'm usually up for other ideas as well, so if something comes to mind and you think might style might suit what you're after, go ahead and hit me up for it.  In terms of fetishes or sexual play, I'm going to read your O/Os and use them against you, but I'm looking for real story as well as fun and raunchy interludes.

While I'm usually not terribly picky(especially when I see someone else's idea I like and want to play with them), with these ideas I'm mostly looking for moderately literate(a misspelling here or grammar mistake there isn't a problem, but I need to be able to read it and it needs to make sense) partners who can post 2 paragraphs+ (especially if we're doing a forum play)  I also prefer 3rd person posts if at all possible.

I'm available either for forum play, or for play over IM or chat.  Make sure you check my O/Os and my Roleplay Preferences for an idea of what I enjoy.  I'd rather you not post directly in this thread since I want to keep it somewhat clean to post more ideas and such.

The Devil is Miss Jones
Daniel Parker had enough one day.  Scrawny and awkward, he did not fit well with people, and was the constant target of disdain and torment in high school.  Some might consider him 'cute,' but between a lack of confidence, a lack of money, and a lack of whatever that other indefinable characteristic was that attracted women, he was never able to get a date, even for prom.  All he had were his studies, but as his mother had deserted he and his father when he was young,  and his father remarried to a stunningly attractive girl barely five years his senior, as soon as he was 18, he was kicked out of the house and cut off, so much for his college plans.

He found a job in a used book store, stocking shelves with old paperbacks and discolored hardcovers that smelled like dust at best and cat-piss at worst.  It made him just enough money to keep up a steady diet of ramen and rent an apartment that had started out life as a flophouse motel room and only suffered for the remodelling job.  Then, one day, at the bottom of a box full of the usual sort of new-age crystal-gazing crap "Find your Inner Goddess in 30 Days or Less,"  "The Total Idiot's Guide to Love Spells," "The Sexy Witch's Guide to Sorcerous Seduction," and more, he found something...  Unusual.  He found a black book bound in iron, with a lock that snapped open as his finger touched it.  The vellum pages inside were written on in faded brown ink, hand-written, several sections in Old English, Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, and a language he suspected was Sumerian Cuneiform.  While his employer, Mr. Terell was busy with a customer trying to put together a complete collection of old Conan books, he quietly snuck it out in a trash can to be picked up later.

The Latin and the Greek he could understand, the Old English required weeks to translate...  The Sanskrit and Cuneiform would take months, he was sure...  But what he did read both thrilled and frightened him a little.  It was full of incantations, names of a thousand syllables, and the descriptions of rites and safeguards.  He had found what appeared to be a genuine tome instructing the reader in the summoning, binding, and banishing of demons, djinn, fae, and other mystical creatures.

He had only read a quarter of the book so far...  And the part of him that remembered his fairy tales and morality stories said that trying to summon a supernatural creature was insane all by itself, but doing it without reading the whole manual first was tantamount to suicide.  Painful, awful suicide.  Then one day he came home to find his apartment trashed.  His computer was stolen, his CD player gone, and his third-hand, CRT television had been smashed, apparently out of sheer spite...  Something in Daniel's mind snapped that day, and he left the apartment to spend his last few dollars, returning with chalk, metal bowls, cheap emergency candles, and two pounds of ground beef.  Before he had any time to reconsider, he had already begun drawing the circle, already begun chanting the words that had sung through his mind every night while he tried to sleep since first he'd read them, and once started, the ritual could not be stopped...

Hooks: There is a lot of flexibility in this one, plot-wise.  It's open mostly to Demonic, Genie, and Fae characters, one of whom will be summoned by Daniel.  In the process, he unknowingly binds the supernatural to himself for a year and a day(possibly giving up his soul, or three services, or his first-born in return).  From there, how the play progresses will depend greatly on the preferences of my partner.  This could result in a D/s relationship with he as the dominant over a succubus, or quite possibly the reverse, with a powerful supernatural female bound to him and deciding that if she's going to hang around him anyway, she'll whip him into shape so that he's not quite so unpleasant to be around.  It could even wind up more like a 'supernatural roommates' sort of situation(particularly with a Fae-type) where they're forced to live together and nothing more, though she might take pity on him and help him try to improve himself, feelings starting to develop between the two as they get to know one another.  Hell, if it's a Djinni, it might even turn into a strangely perverted version of 'Weird Science,' I'm hoping for some real input and ideas from my partner as to how the story will go on this one.  There's room for everything from BDSM to romance to comedy and even some transformative play(all depending on my partner's tastes of course). 

 The story will progress over the course of the year and the day, with him being forced to try to keep up a job(which she may or may not understand, and may or may not want to help him with), and make friends and possibly even date mortal women.  There's components of jealousy to be played out on both ends(What happens if a male coworker surprises him at his door wanting to take him out for beers, and sees the ungodly beautiful woman lounging on the couch in panties and one of his old tee shirts?), not to mention what will happen if an occult investigator or demon hunter should get the scent of the supernatural off of him.  Finally, there will be that ever-present date ticking closer until she departs...  Taking his soul with him...  Or possibly his heart.

The Last Vampire War
A vampire play with a different twist intended for it. Expect my vampires to be somewhat of a melange of Old World of Darkness, Blade, Buffy and Trueblood, but that's sort of beside the point. Because even though the Children of Caine have spent most of the last half-dozen millenia content to manipulate the world from the shadows, something has horribly changed the balance.

In a sudden wave of darkness and blood, all the cities of Europe suddenly begin to explode with violence. Vampires are striking everywhere, or at least, that's what it seems at a casual glance. A deeper look shows that, while many dozens are roaming seemingly at whim in each city, killing tens of people per night, there are also coordinated strikes going on, seemingly targeting the military, the police forces, and engineering firms.

The vampires are building an army. Of course, they will not simply be allowed to do as they like. As long as there have been vampires, there have been vampire hunters, within the church, within the government, within secret societies... Or simple free-lancers, or free-stakers, as it were. They will be the first to question the randomness... And to wonder what's suddenly changed.

Hooks: Best for people who want to play vampire hunters or lone-wolf 'anti-hero' vampires who don't normally operate as part of the larger society of the night. Part of the adventure is meant to be finding out what's going on, while having some fun action and interplay with interesting characters. If you want to play a human just becoming a vampire though(especially as part of this wave) it'll probably play out a lot differently. I don't have a set main character for this, but if you choose one or two you like as we play, expect them to develop more. 

Mobile Infantry/Space Navy
Another sci fi adventure on a grand scale I've been itching to play out forever. It's probably not the newest idea, but it's for those who've seen(or even read!)Starship Troopers, Aliens, and similar scenarios with space marines. I'm thinking more along the lines of a corps here, possibly armored, but an actual unit type of combat(be it squads of 3-5 or what have you) as opposed to one super soldier going it all on their own. This works well with everything from body-armor and pulse rifles to full-on mecha-style power armor that you get in the Heinlein book or like you see in Warhammer 40K.

The basic idea itself is still kind of a general and nebulous sort of thing, it needs a good partner who can help me develop it further on the tastes we share particularly. My basic idea had been to have a small squad who had just been formed out of recruits, probably under the command of an experienced sergeant, getting ready to be dropped on their first mission. The basic flavor of the idea is the tight-knittedness of being in the squad, playing through triumphs and losses with them, their life aboard-ship, some fun alien combat(and maybe some alien "incursions" if that's to the other player's taste), and that sort of thing.

The other idea that goes along with this somewhat is what life is like aboard a large carrier ship in the midst of a war. Everyone knows about the space marines, but what is life like for the bridge crew? This isn't the Enterprise, where combat is rare and you have to be a science major to rate above ensign, but rather a full working warship on a combat footing, staffed by soldiers. Playing out great space battles, getting injured, losing their own, working out tactics, trying diplomacy when necessary...

Neither idea is required to be played along with the other, or they could both be played together(like in vignettes with multiple characters). Hooks are so numerously spelled out already they don't exactly need a separate section.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice  This idea has been claimed, but if it inspires another idea in you, or you want to work out something similar with me involving war in a fantastical land, don't be afraid to PM and we'll work something else out.
For two hundred years the Three Great Kingdoms have been at peace now. In Salantria, there lives the Great Sorcerer Talann Astarate, considered by many to be the finest in fifty generations. His age is a matter of some argument, for, in the way of sorcerers, he shows it not, and will not until the day he dies. What is known is that he rarely takes students.

Except, now he will take one. A young girl of extraordinary potential comes to him, and he finds he has little choice but to train her, else send her off to fall into the hands of those whose judgement he does not trust. He will be a harsh master to learn under, but fair, and enough time spent with him may start to unlock some of his secrets that aren't relating to the magic, and to see what kind of man he really is.

Of course, that assumes there will be enough peaceful time spent with him for such to be accomplished. Because not long after Talann takes his apprentice, war will come once more. The God-King of Thalassa dies, and a new one rises in his place, declaring that all the world is rightfully his. The words of the God-King are more than law to the Thalassians, and so it is they march to war. With their mage-knights and alchemical cannon, it is only a matter of time until the King calls on Talann to march to the defense of Salantria

Hooks: Any kind of young female magic user could probably do well with Talann's instruction. In general, there is the instruction between the two and their life together, any manner of possible magical accidents to be played with, then the war itself(which I have a few ideas for) depending on whether your character will meekly wait behind for her Master or not. Alternately, if you want to play a female magic user in need of an apprentice, I would not be at all averse to switching roles.

Space Opera This idea is taken, but I'm always up for shenanigans in space.  If you've got a space character you want to play, or just the start of an idea, go ahead and PM me, I'm sure we can work something out.
Captain Kelton Farsif of the merchant freighter Sirocco is a man who generally believes that the ends justify the means, and that when the ends are 'profit, lots of,' then just about any means are justified. He has a few scruples of course, every man's got to have a rule or two, otherwise he's no different from the ghouls flying ghost ships of the damned out on the edge of human space. In Farsif's case, the rules are pretty simple. He's not a slaver and he's not a drug peddler... Which isn't to say he won't transport either(or both) for the right price, but he refuses to get involved in the organizations themselves.

The Sirocco is registered out of Port Landin, Vega 3, which makes it nominally a Terran ship. But the Terran Federation currently finds itself in a very precarious position. Rapid expansion over the last 5 centuries(after the discovery of the quantum slip drive) has found the human race in contact(and frequently conflict) with over two dozen other star-faring species. And, as is to be expected of humankind, they're not helping themselves, with the Lunar Libertarian Legion having taken six systems for itself now and observing a very shaky ceasefire, while the United Scorpian Systems are currently waging full-scale war against their mother planet.

Some might argue that a man like Farsif, who trades freely with all sides and skirts or outright breaks the law wherever he chooses is nothing but a blight on his civilization. Others might say that his kind of personal liberty and willingness to trade with anyone, despite their origins or beliefs is the human spirit as its finest, and our best chance at a future. He'll tell you flat out that he doesn't give a damn for the universe either way, he's just getting by however he can.

Possible Hooks: Transporting a spy or precious cargo for one side of the three-way civil war through another's territory. Taking on a passenger without knowing beforehand that she's a wanted criminal and he's about to help her flee the authorities. Transporting or picking up a political or criminal prisoner in space and getting to know her. Encountering an alien ship, possibly leading to combat and boarding in one direction or another, or instead finding a damaged ship and attempting to claim salvage rights, only to find out there's still a survivor or two aboard.

Fandoms I Enjoy (Not a complete list, and read my O/Os, I don't play canon characters as more than NPCs)
-The Wheel of Time
-Anything Mecha
-Harry Potter
-Star Trek
-Star Wars
-The Belgariad(If you'd play a Polgara for me I'd fulfill your every fantasy)

Random Thoughts and Plot Elements
Midworld/Trigun - Weird/Sci Fi western with mutants and robots and pieces of lost technology.
The Quest for the MacGuffin - Fellowship of the Ring-type, maybe the other player is the MacGuffin, ala FFX
Skyworld/Septerra Core setting - An endless sea of skies with floating continents, each its own isolated kingdom, with only rare travel and trade between them. War is nearly unthinkable... Or it should have been.
Generation Ship - A slow-boat travelling between the stars. It's been hundreds of years since it left earth, and those aboard have started to revert into a more primitive, more violent kind of society.
Magic swords, only a handful of them, possibly sentient. Finding one begins your destiny to stop, or bring on, the end of the world
Magic bracelets that link the wearers together, giving them certain abilities, but making them unable to travel more than a certain distance apart.
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Re: DiD's Dreams and Desires (M seeking Fs)
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Shifted things around a little, added a new plot.