Started by Zombie Apocalypso, October 03, 2007, 08:35:09 PM

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Zombie Apocalypso

Meh I am wanting a good Sci fi themed game, Maybe a bunch of goverment test subjects thrown in a room together with nothing but four walls and one another..

Or maybe even a prison where the genetically mutated go because they are deemed 'unsanitary'

I dont know I just think a Sci fi would be nice...


Maybe a prison where people are sentenced for life (once delivered, never leave).

Another idea might be a co-ed military unit (think Starship Troopers) where there are no boundries.


You mean like Haldeman's The Forever War?   ;D  Heinlein's MI were all-male.  The movie was more like the UNEF from Haldeman's novel.

I had a game involving innocent bystanders and a big bad box, but it died due to playerus vanishingus nopostingus...  :-\  I'd be willing to ressurect it.

Here's the Wushu-style One Sheet summary:

Setting Name: Perfect Strangers

Setting Description: A group of people wake up in a very strange place: is it a bomb shelter or a prison cell?  Or both?  Once they manage to escape, they find that the nightmare is just beginning...

Inspiration: The Cube, Rubik's Bunker (from, Silent Hill, Clock Tower, and Ico.  And, to be fair, there's a good chunk of Unknown Armies and Kult lying around in here, too.

Ticket to Hell:  The Victims, unbeknownst to them, have something in common: a dark secret that unites them and has brought them here, by hook and by crook, to face a nightmare.

Guts Is: a mixture of sanity, resolve, and physical endurance.  Whichever runs out first, you're in trouble unless someone's watching your back.

Sample Character Concepts:  College Student, Private Investigator, Former Convict, Housewife in the Wrong Place

Typical Tasks: Solving puzzle doors, running away, (rarely) fighting instead of fleeing.

Suitable Traits: (to be updated when I can think of some good ones...)

Suitable Frailties: Poor Eyesight, Out of Shape, Weak Heart, Annoying Jerk, Selfish, Fragile Grasp of Reality

Suitable Fears: Any (but the nightmare you choose can and will be used against you).

Suitable Needful Things: anything small and portable that would have greater sentimental value than practical value.  Watches, cameo brooches, photos...

Mooks: Shadowy creatures of various sorts, puzzle doors

Nemeses: Traps, The Unstoppable Lurker in the Dark

Example Description:  (to be updated)
Voluptas ailuri fulgentis decretum est!
Omnis nimis, temperantia ob coenobitae.
(Jes, tiuj frazoj estas mal─Łustaj. Pandoj fakte ne komprenas la latinan!)

One on Ones Suggestion Box
Group Game Suggestion Box
Pandariffic Ons and Otherwise
In Memory of Bishrook


I don't know if it's possible, but I would really love to play in a Star Frontiers  (Alpha Dawn and Knight Hawks) game where the characters are a Star Law Enforcement Team.  Have their own Assault Shuttle, the team could have a nice nice of types and have to enforce and create justice on the Outer Rim of the Frontier.
If only I had as much fun at my work as I work at my fun....


OMG.. I'm such a fan of the old Star Frontiers :)  I'm actually playing a completely different sortof game here set in the Star Frontiers paradime (one of those 'someone from modern age waking up after being frozen)

I had some long-running games from when I was back in highschool.. although in those games the PCs were merchants owning their own ship trying to make their fortunes wherever they could.