Submissive female seeking dominant male [Closed]

Started by ZhenShanMei, July 15, 2011, 07:05:36 AM

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I don't usually come up with roleplays like this, but it's been coming up lately and I have a desire to try it. Here is goes:

A certain girl has been a closet sex addict for as long as she could remember. Though she's never actually had sex, she thinks about it at least 60% percent of the hour every hour and is addicted to porn and masturbation. It's a compulsion and she can't stop. She's very ashamed of it and keeps her secret hidden from everyone. In an attempt to force herself to stop, she begs her mother to send her to an all girls school without telling her why. Her mother thinks it a good idea and sends her packing. At first Scarlet feel's refreshed, but soon the compulsion creeps back until she can suppress it no longer. Unfortunately, the school's internet, even wireless prevents her from logging on to her favorite sites and there are no boys around at all to even crush on. The tension becomes too much and she goes into a kind of withdrawal period in which she resembles a kitty in heat. Unable to control herself any longer, she excuses herself from class one day and hurries to the back of the school to get some release.

After she is satisfied enough to last for the rest of the day, she soon realizes that she had been watched by a certain young male teacher who decides to give her what she wants. Like a druggie in need of crack she accepts without question. Of course, it's only the first one that's always free . . .

Basically I'm looking for someone to play the teacher. He takes full advantage of her addiction for his own gain. Despite her desire to control herself, she cannot stop and continues despite the shame. She becomes almost like his pet or slave since only he can give her what she so desperately wants. I'd like for this RP to include Force, Teasing, Coercion / Blackmail, Hair Pulling, Sexual Frustration, Face-Fucking, Cock / Balls Worship, Face Slapping, Cum Facials, Masturbation, Dirty Talking and Verbal Abuse. Like I said I don't normally like these kinds of roleplays but I've been wanting to try. 

Please send PM if interested.