Tree°'s Plots (seeking m/f for m; BDSM appreciated/story based)

Started by Tree°, July 11, 2011, 10:16:15 AM

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ONs and OFFs include sexual tendencies, roleplaying habits, preferred settings and character preferences.

I play heterosexual and homosexual males.

Plot 1: A Journey to Freedom

Seeking male partner for male character.

It's the story of a young black man that has been taken by the colonists to their newly taken land as a slave. By the time the story relevant event takes place he's been living on a farm in the south two years already. He's gotten to know the language, the habits of the Englishmen and his immediate surroundings. Due to an unplanned incident though he kills a whip leading man on the farm and has to flee. He makes it far over a mountain pass where he is taken in by the Indians. And has to leave his sister behind that is still somewhere on another farm in the South.

The owner of the farm the slave has escaped from is a man that is rich, proud, and well aware of what belongs to him and he won't let it go without a fight. He makes the black slave's sister his own and sends a young white man out to either return or kill the slave.

The white man manages to follow him up into the mountains where he seems to have crossed a mountain pass. Before he can make a decision to either call him dead or follow him over an accident causes him to lose his consciousness. When he awakes he is with the Indians, and the black slave is there, too.

As it develops the black and white man travel back to the colonies together to free the slave's sister, without the black man knowing that he is actually brought back to the farm by the white man. But they get closer, a sexual relationship develops between the unequal pair.

And from there the story needs to find its own development. Will they be caught, what will the white man do when they reach the farm, will they even reach the farm? What happens when or if they manage to free the sister?

I'm looking for someone to play the black guy.

Plot 2: In the Devil's Clutches

Seeking someone to play the demon.

When Dean Thomas (23) returns from a trip to a healer to bring medicine for his ill wife he finds his whole village burned down and his wife dead. He is devastated and his mind is broken, driving only for revenge. He finds shelter in the burned down remains of his home.

Dean, formerly a smith, comes up with the addicting thought to build an overly strong weapon to find and kill those that have killed his wife and burned down the village. One night while he is working on it a man appears in Dean's house. He is quiet and has not been seen. Tall, dressed in black leather, black hair and the coldest golden eyes even possible. Without a sound he stepped behind Dean and grasped his hair, pushing his throat down over the blade he was working on.

"I killed your wife."

Dean turned his eyes to the stranger and horror, rage and pain rang through his soul.

The demon chuckled at the sight of Dean's expression. "You want revenge? Come and get it."

He released Dean and spread his arms as if to give his body to Dean's revenge.

Dean follows the demon in fear and rage, unable to kill him. He becomes one of the demon's clan and a sexual partner of the demon. Not through attraction, but through the intense sexual power of fear and hate, and through the pain the demon is ready to give to Dean, and the pain the demon is ready to take from Dean. Something that helps Dean deal with the loss of the woman he has loved. Until he realizes what he is doing as a part of the demon clan.

Whether "demon" is metaphorical or actual can be discussed.