Call me Pony!~~ My OC's and Storylines~

Started by PonyRoxas, July 10, 2011, 03:18:20 AM

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Hello everyone ^^ This is PonyRoxas. I am a major fan of RP's and a great lover of wolves. As you can tell my favorite anime/ game character is Roxas from Kingdom Hearts.
I play many different roles but here are a couple original characters that I have played as and would gladly use in an RP with you of any sort ^^

Name: Rhen Solkres
Sex: Female
Age: Can range from 17- 20
Looks: Dark brown hair that extends to the middle of her back; often in a ponytail. Emerald green eyes and a slim build.
Personality: Bright, Spunky, Bold, but tends to never think things through.
Bio: Depends on the RP.

Here is another:

Name: Ryker Ravenwood
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Looks: Dirty blond hair in a short, messy style. Icy blue eyes and a strong, muscular build.
Personality: Calm, brave, has a level head, depending on the RP he can have more.
Bio: Depends on the RP.

On another note... I prefer to play OC's because I can get into a storyline better with a character who does not have a set personality. I also prefer to play one on one. I find Group RP's to be.... rather confusing ^^ Any other questions just message me and I'll get back to you.
Are you protected by wolves?


Here are my RP ideas. Hope you enjoy!

~Lunatic Summer~
It is the year AD 2020. The summer sun beats down on a small town called Desrador. The town is peaceful until the cries of beats pierce the sky. Creatures from an unknown realm or planet? (who really knows) have surfaced and tear apart most of the residents and, soon, the world. It is up to the survivors to stop this plague of beasts and perhaps save mankind. But with the sun growing ever hotter, and time against them, the odds are impossible.
Hmmm...sounds a little like a movie lol

Now this one is for those of you who enjoy Pokemon lol. I know I do ^^

~Beat the Best!~
This story is simple. Role play as a Pokemon trainer or coordinator bent on becoming the best. You can have a set team already or make it up as you go ^^ Also, anything goes. Want shiny Pokemon? Go ahead! Want legendary Pokemon? Go ahead! Although legendary Pokemon should be found in their respective places and there should be a bit of the story leading up to it lol

Here's one for those of you who play Monster Hunter.

The world of Monster Hunter has become advanced and high tech. Though the traditional swords, hammers, and lances are still used. A research facility located in Moga Woods (Monster Hunter Tri) is requesting that monsters be captured and brought to them for research of course. You can start out as a rookie or a fully fledged hunter (maybe a scientist if you want ^^) and complete the ridiculous quests that they ask of you. Even if you have never played this game you can still do this.

If you have any ideas feel free to tell me. I will add more story lines sooner or later ^^
Are you protected by wolves?