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Author Topic: New Ideas Thread [Seeking Sub M or F's]  (Read 15425 times)

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New Ideas Thread [Seeking Sub M or F's]
« on: July 09, 2011, 06:20:47 PM »
Hello there, welcome to my revamped requests thread. Here you will find things which inspire me, plots which I am craving to do and general goodness. Kindly make sure you have gone through O/O's before you approach me. Don't just tell me you want to do X story, tell me what excites you, what is your perspective on it. I want to do more than just your usual roleplay but I want to create something beautiful and unique out of our collaborative writing. An experience which shall be rewarding to both, myself and my writing partner.

Though the stories mentioned below state that I am looking either for M or F partner, it pertains to the character as the gender of my partner is irrelevant to me as long as you can play the role I am seeking in a convincing manner and in a fashion which shall be enjoyable for both of us.

Current Cravings: Stories with pre-made characters Max Brucmann, Irina Rubev and Ann Marie.

There are number of stories advertised here. Even if you see some of the stuff as claimed/reserved, feel free to approach me as I am often up for giving multiple versions a go we can come up with some different spin for the tale together.

The thread is broken into following broad sections.

I. Modern Day Plots
II. Science Fiction Plots
III. Fantasy Plots
IV. Historical Plots
V. Fandom Plots
VI. Historic Settings
VII. Pre-Made Characters
VIII. Reserved Plots
IX. Taken Plots


The Special Relationship

Genre:Action, Spy Drama, Romance
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The British Spy
Seeking to Play: The American Spy
Themes: Espionage, Opposites Attract, Culture Clash, Romance
Inspiration: Spy vs Spy, James Bond, The Coldest City

She’s an American Spy, a Black Knight of sorts who is a hard realist, not afraid of bending or even breaking rules in order to get things done. Someone who is willing to use every skill, every resource at her disposal to get what she wants. An all around ruthless badass who is defying the convention by being in a position, a role which one would never imagine belonging to a woman given the times that this is set in.

He’s the British counterpart, the White Knight. Belonging to the nobility, he comes from the uppermost strata of the society. One that things women should be safe at home, especially during a war with his traditional perception of roles of men and women in society. Someone who is mystified as to why she would put herself in danger while he could give her a vast estate, mink furs and dazzling gems to decorate herself with while she finds him a prude and puritanical in his ways.

Their paths cross when both of them least expect it as they are doing their best to foil an enemy operation for their respective nations. Unaware of who the other is, the tango continues on numerous occasions until finally they learn that both of them are on the same side of the global politics, being tied up with The Special Relationship as their paymasters put it. Both of them are paired in a joint operation together and end up forming a formidable team with occasional clashes on account of just how different they are from each other.

When trouble hits he is someone who comes to her rescue and she is the one that hates being rescued, even when she needs it, but is happy to gloat when she has to rescue him. Eventually with each rising stake, the sexual tension explodes as they end up half naked and in each other’s arms as they keep the world safe, one encounter at a time.

The era here can be anything ranging from 1920’s until 1960’s. Open for any decade in that bracket. This is essentially a lighthearted spy romance with good bit of action as our heroes do some seriously badass antics with their super gadgets and saved the world from all sorts of threats multiple times whilst finding romance in most unlikely of spots. A world where lines between truth and lies are about as blurred as they come.

Turnin’ On the Screw

Genre:Neon Noir, Crime Drama
Pairing: F/F, F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Salvatore ‘Sal’ Russo + NPC’s
Seeking to Play: Anna Maria “Ann Marie” Briganti + NPC’s
Themes: Organized Crime, Crisis Capitalism, Power Games
Inspiration: Gomorra, Point Blank, George V. Higgins, Elmore Leonard

New Lyonesse is slowly beginning to rebound from the collapse of 2008 in the wake of the sweeping economic changes, reform packages and so forth. There’s money being funneled in from all sides and with that, massive public works projects, expansion of docks, construction of bridges and so on.

But this time round, there’s a change. The money is coming in from a different player. The Cholas. And the city council is openly favoring the said enterprises as opposed to the business arrangement they had with the Mob. The Family is taking hits and they are losing ground. Fast and the pressure is rising from New York and the Commission for swift action to prevent this downfall from escalating further. To mount a rescue operation lest the New England Mafia might take its biggest hit in recent history and weaken like anything.

That’s when a brilliant idea come from mind of Ann Marie, the de facto in charge of the Outfit in the city. A deliberate labor union strike for public works. The garbage collectors, raw material suppliers, the dock workers, public transport, all of it will be brought to a grinding halt lest deals were cut under the table to make sure the ‘right’ firms get the contracts and it’ll be business as usual. A massive crisis that leads to tons of garbage on the streets, also building towards public health crisis until they step in, beat everyone else at the price. Any outside labor/work force that is brought in was prevented from doing their job, leading to massive losses to those who attempted that.The legit businesses that refused to cooperate begin to be driven out as the rescue job becomes an aggressive and very successful operation even if it leaves a trail of bodies in its wake.

But every action has a reaction. The people who were putting money in? They were serious. They had contacts that ran as deep as The Family.

Ann Marie had turned screws on them and squeezed them out by retaliating against this encroachment. Now she was going to deal with the war that was to follow. A war that was going to make life for herself, her lover, family and the entire city of New Lyonesse interesting to say the least.

Note: The Antagonists here can be anything, it’ll be for us to decide. Looking for someone willing to weave a complex world and play multiple characters to bring the story to life.

The Inheritance

Genre:Mystery, Neo Noir, Romance
Pairing: F/F
Forum: Bondage
Role Sought: The Gold Digger
Seeking to Play: The Daughter
Themes: Ruthless Ambition, D/s, Dub Con
Inspiration: Raymond Chandler, James Hadley Chase, yesiroleplay, Paolo Sorentino

”My father is dead and now I’m in charge. I know you wanted to be his next trophy wife but unfortunately for you he died before you could close the deal. Fortunately for you, I share his taste in women.”

"The rules have changed honey. I know you had my father wrapped around your little finger.  He even seemed to respect you."  She laughed as a hand slipped behind the beauty and firmly gripped toned ass.  "Respected a tramp like you!"  She shook her head, snorting away the laughter.  "But the rules have changed baby."  Clothing began drifting to the floor. "You are never to enter this house wearing underwear."  She slapped the now-bare ass hard enough to bruise. "Wearing any sort of underwear I don't tell you to put on will result in immediate." 

Another welting pop on the rear. "And severe punishment. You may kiss me now, and convince me I should keep you around. As you know, I'm all about results. Performances. Those who don't deliver,'ve seen the way I deal with incompetency."

She pouted, lip quivering as she fought back tears of pain.  The bitch hadn't been playfully slapping, she had hit hard enough to hurt!  And while she hadn't been wearing much to begin with, the bold dyke had stripped her down to the high heels in record time.  "So you don't respect me?"  She asked, lip wet and still quivering as she moved in to press herself against the fully clothed body.  "How do you think that makes me feel?" She asked as she tilted her head and moved in to press lips to lips in a long, slow, deep, and breathtaking kiss.

The kiss was a sensual one. The gold digger may have her flaws, but she wasn't lacking in skills in the department that mattered for sure. The question was greeted with an amused smile. "Change your act a little honey. Now let's be honest, you've never been much about respect." One hand roughly fondled with the breast. "Some transparency goes a long way. Now you're going to hang by my arm, be there at the moments that matter, be a good girl and I can think of a thousand ways to make you feel good. Just remember, you don't set the rules anymore dear. I do."

One arm sensually rose to fall loosely atop the woman's shoulder, then curled in so the hand could play with her hair as the other arm rose and fell to the other shoulder, arms draped loosely around the slender but delightfully powerful neck, she smiled.  "You know." She mused. "A woman as rich and powerful as you can do anything they want.  She grinned and winked.  "Marry anyone they want."  And then she melted forward into another long passionate kiss.


This blurb above was written in collaboration with incredibly talented yesiroleplay and that has culminated to me writing this advert.

As it sets out, the father dead. Exactly was he running? Was it a business? Was it some enterprise with questionable interests? A crime syndicate? It could be anything, each of these prospects providing enough compelling possibilities. The era can range from 50s to present day.

What I’m looking for here is a blend of dark romance and mystery. I think it would be especially engaging if the gold digger continues with her scheming ways before truly falling for the daughter, whom she had always seen as a rival initially but then is unable to resist the ultimate aphrodisiac that power can be.

Approach me with any compelling spins that you might have, this is deliberately open ended so that we can indulge in exploration together.

Codename: Lazarus

Genre: Action
Pairing: F/F, F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Rescuer
Seeking to Play: Lazarus
Themes: Espionage, Trauma, Secret Societies
Inspiration: XIII

So I found myself revisiting couple of issues of XIII recently and thus, here comes the craving again. Previously I had written the game with a John Doe, but feel  like twisting things a little into Rule 63 here. The premise is your simple Jane Doe one, where a woman ends up washed on the shore in the aftermath of a notorious storm. The place she ends up at is a small town in the middle of nowhere, for most part secluded, sort of cut off from the rest of the world. A closely knit community so to speak. She’s rescued by someone living in the town. When she does wake up, she’s unable to remember anything about herself.

She’s carrying no identification and all that is found on her are two guns, a key to a hotel, two keys that are presumed to be of safety deposit boxes. Photograph of someone who is presumed to be a family member, five gold chips each with a different symbol on them and some tats on her body, one of them reading ‘Lazarus’. They guess various meanings of it, planning ahead to trying to heading out in the city, maybe go to the hotel to which the key belongs and attempt to find the truth.

The person takes her in as she heals, maybe they stick around. The small town whispers about the new woman. Some cops show up but they’re unable to find much of anything. That is, until one day a group of rather nasty people show up at the house during the night. Lazarus saves the day by kicking their ass, the training reflexes kicking in. Maybe it’s someone jealous from the town that has tipped those attackers off, either ways they are dead and now?

Now these two have to flee and attempt to find the truth which very well might prove to be far more stranger as well as dangerous than the wildest fiction either them could imagine.

I have kept this vague deliberately as I want someone to build this with me, thicken the mystery, bounce ideas back and forth, introduce NPC’s, complicate the world and make an exciting high octane action/adventure story.

My Wife, an Assassin

Genre: Action, Black Comedy
Pairing: F/F or F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Husband/The Wife
Seeking to Play: The Wife
Themes: Criminal Underworld, Life on the Run, Angst
Inspiration: Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, John Wick

Your life is nothing short of incredible currently. A great job, where you just got a big promotion and are one of the rising stars of the corporation employing you, a new house in a posh suburban neighborhood, you contribute to the community and of course, your lovely wife. The woman who stole your heart the day you set your eyes on her few years ago and since then life has been nothing short of a dream. One might even say she’s the lucky charm in your life that changed everything.

At times you do feel lonely though for she travels a lot. A claims adjustor for a multinational, she keeps on globetrotting all over. But that’s fine for when you’re together, its magic. After all, you made certain sacrifices for your own job too, right?

One fine evening you’re returning from your job, it’s been a particularly satisfying day. An important deal inked, target achieved. You buy some wine, chocolates…in the mood for a small celebration. When you park, the house is deathly quiet. The door, surprisingly enough its unlocked. You step in and the first thing you notice is bloodstains on the flower. You call her name out, concern grips you as you rush in the living room. It’s empty bar a dead body on the floor in a puddle of blood. Prompting you to head in the bedroom. The sight that awaits you shocks you beyond your wildest imaginations.

For there are three dead bodies lying in there as well, each utterly destroyed and there is your wife. Perched atop the bed with two guns, bruises over her face, a bleeding lip. While you’re gagging utterly baffled, speechless, she’s the epitome of calmness.

“Well honey, they sent some people to kill me. But don’t worry, I’ve taken care of them. It’s all fine…oh and I was just waiting to find the right opportunity to tell you that I’m an assassin for hire. By the way, I think it would be better for both of us if we start packing right away…because staying here for a long time? Not a very good idea…and I would hate to have something happen to you.”

Your life of suburban bliss will never be the same again.

The Spider’s Web

Genre:Neon Noir
Pairing: F/M, F/F, M/F, M/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Remy Canet & Julia Carter, Marie Benoit + Anyone Else
Seeking to Play: Helga Ross, James McDowell, Larry Burns, Claude McKay + Anyone Else
Themes: Ballardiana, Secret Societies, Investigations
Inspiration:  James Hadley Chase, Cocaine Nights, Super Cannes, The Fourth Man

Santa Isabel

A city which is known for many things. It's many faces attracting people from all over. Some came in because it presented a lucrative business opportunity for them, some came there just for vacation whilst some, came there for fulfilling some of their deepest and the darkest of the desires. It's a place which seems like the nicest place on planet when one lands there, their gaze undoubtedly going over the skyline of the city, dominated by high rise buildings ranging in style from Art Deco to Bauhaus to Cubism, variety which always manages to catch one's eye. It's a place where cultures from all over the world merge into each other in a strange clash which unleashes something almost otherworldly in it's charm. The people are warm, welcoming and friendly and happen to have a knack of making one feel like they are right at home. And yet, at the same time the city has a darker side.

A dark underbelly which is often hidden from the sunny exterior for which Santa Isabel has been known for. It's the side of the town which only the bravest seek out and dare to experience. It's the side of the town which is the habitat for the fucked up and the degenerate, for pimps and their whores, for the immigrants who are constantly under the threat of being exposed, for the homeless living underground, for the thriving subcultures which one couldn't even imagine would be in existence.

It's that dark side of the city which just might suck you in, chew you until you're dead and then just spit you out as if you're nothing. This is one of those stories. which take place under the bright neons, in the mansions and old vast private estates of Santa Isabel. The kind of the story in which there is no wrong or no right, no good or bad but everything is moving in shades of monochrome.

Harry McDowell is a prominent media tycoon in the city of Santa Isabel. When he’s found dead  at the end of a party by the beach where the rich come out to engage in deviant and depraved acts. The immediate suspicion lies on his younger socialite wife, Helga. A psychologist by profession, she has a past which is laden with death and an aura of mystery. Harry is the third man in her life who has turned up dead. Thus, begins an investigation into the murder. Helga is a deviant woman, a maneater much is talked about her and yet no one quite knows the truth about this enigma. A self possessed sexual dynamo who is as dangerous as she is sensual, capable of pulling people into her dangerous games and unleashing something in them despite their attempts to resist.

At the same time, there’s Harry’s son James who would like nothing more than to see Helga completely burned due to the way she drove a wedge between him and his father, drove him out of inheritance just to spite him to the point that James waged a war against Harry with their mass media outlets competing against each other. He’s slightly older or younger than Helga, a brilliant businessman in his own right with a very cold and calculating vision. James’ also had a concern for his father despite of their fallout and actually had Harry and Helga tailed to the best of his abilities in an attempt to keep an eye on the inevitable that he could see happening to his father.

This is the basic premise. Now the idea I have is to break the story into two separate threads and have them proceed in exact parallel manners before they merge into a third thread as it moves towards its conclusion. I have described the two ideas below which offer a glimpse of things. These are skeletons that we can develop in any manner that we wish and I would require someone creative enough to tackle the challenge with me.  I am looking for a specific vibe here, a combination of high and low aesthetic so to speak. I’ve run this before a long time ago, but unfortunately my partner had to leave the story due to RL. So here it is, being revived again.


The Spider’s Web: Widow’s Mate

The case comes to the detective Remy Canet and his partner Julia Carter. Remy digs deep into the investigation, focusing on his immediate suspect while Julia begins to focus on others. I want the cliché of Helga seducing Remy, turning him under her thumb while destroying his life on multiple fronts as he finds himself unable to resist her. She’s having an affair with her young butler Larry Burns who is a complete and utter tool. This would be the one side of the story as Canet goes on to investigate, finds about Helga’s deviant world, able to feel a thrill he has not felt in the longest of times, being pulled in the web of a domme.


The Spider’s Web: Widow’s Prey

Investigating the murder is an investigative journalist Marie Benoit, who thinks there’s much more to the story. When Marie comes to James for an interview, he offers to use his significant contacts to aid her in the investigation if possible. He also informs her that Helga has a penchant for frequenting underground clubs and initiated Harry into some of them. However, he is unable to provide any other information beyond that about the same.

Marie begins the search and through the vast trove of cyberspace, it throws up a former investigation by reporter Claude McKay. An experienced reporter, who is now a burned out recluse spending his days writing for a small time sleazy tabloid and boozing. Evidently, his investigation had been shut out and he was destroyed by the powerful people who were part of these elite rings. She wants to approach Helga, but not overtly.

Convincing Claude to work with her, Marie manages to enter undercover on Claude’s suggestion to infiltrate these places and that, is where she comes to attention of Helga. How that happens, how much time it takes and all the stuff, we can hammer out, but in sum she becomes Helga’s prey finding herself drawn into her world.

Raw Deal McCoy

Genre:Neon Noir
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Tannin Bates
Seeking to Play: Raw Deal McCoy
Themes: Organized Crime, Investigation
Inspiration:  The Limey, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Point Blank

Glacier View is tightly controlled by the Bratva, its five quarters under control  of various Bratva factions. The Luccis ousted a long time ago and having firmly been prevented from making headways in the Glacier View by Bratva even in the aftermath of demise of Vasili Rubev. His children have disagreements, but keeping everyone else is out is one thing they agree on and the city has functioned like that for several years now.

However, Lucci’s are making moves again, befriending some politicians, attempting to gain licenses for some businesses. Tensions are building up and it is amid all of that Alexei Kubachek, one of the restaurant owners also acting as a front for money laundering activities under protection provided by Andrei Rubev  is found murdered on Crescent Moon beach with a warning for the entire Rubev clan. None of them are going to take it lightly and first suspicion goes towards the Luccis who deny any wrongdoing in this particular death despite of their intentions to make forays and try to take back what was taken from them all these years ago.

Things come to blows when Bernardo Allegri, a medium level mob member ends up dead at the exact spot where Kubachek was discovered. Now both sides are denying any wrongdoing and everyone is about to go to the war. But cooler heads prevail momentarily for war when the Feds are crawling all over the Glacier View  is not a good thing. War, is also not a good thing for business. So an independent investigator is called in.

That’s what brings Morgan ‘Raw Deal’ McCoy into play. An independent arbiter among the criminals when things are about to go out of hands. She’s a honest, tough woman who’s rather respected among her community. I see Morgan as an experienced one, having dealt with good bit of problems in past and notorious for being fair and honest. Two traits that have contributed to making life more difficult for her instead of making it easier.

So Morgan shows up in Glacier View along with her assistant/sidekick Tannin Bates and thus, begins their investigation that takes them deep into the criminal underbelly of Glacier View, its history and all sorts of shenanigans while the entire city is holding its breath, potentially to explode at any given time. The actually proceeding of the investigation, I would like to discuss with potential partner. I do have an idea for the culprit, but I would not put it out here. Any information you might need about Glacier View, I’ll provide it to you so as to give you a better idea about the setting.

The biggest appeal for me in this is a criminal themselves investigating a crime but while taking a rather clinical approach. Morgan is unbiased, objective and holds no vested interests and that gives things an entirely different dimension.

The Widowmaker

Genre: Crime Drama
Pairing: F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Valerie Palmas
Seeking to Play: Angelica Leticia Diaz aka The Widowmaker
Themes: Revenge, Drug Trafficking, Turf Wars
Inspiration: Semion Mogilevich, Mexican Organized Crime

”What are the odds you think I am going to beat this, become more popular than ever and a pop culture phenomenon? Any of you boys here willing to take bets? I promise I'll come good if I lose.” – Angelica Diaz

Angelica Leticia Diaz is a mob queen popularly known as The Widowmaker, but one far different than the usual crime lords who like to sit clandestine, control their empires or just go about some ruthless displays of their power. Not only is she someone with an absolute disregard for lives of those who she finds to be a threat to her throne of power but likes to hint of her exploits in subtle manner over popular social media like Instagram or Twitter, something that has gained her a fan following of sorts in certain communities.

Born into a family of criminals in Guadalajara, she was mostly educated in America, where as a young woman she did her masters in field of economics, and forensic accounting working for number of corporations for few years before returning to her hometown. The prime reason why she chose to come back was due to the potential crisis the family was facing and with her brilliance, Angelica was able to route most of the illicit money through complex mechanisms and bring in cleaner revenue streams along with other techniques that made the balance sheets much more logical, preventing a disaster.

Since then, she went further and further, becoming entrenched in family business. When her father was gunned down and both brothers were arrested by the FBI, Angelica took it upon herself to manage the cartel, quelled a potential civil war and kept the drug trade, prostitution rackets and the good stuff going and even expanding it. Along with investments in number of government projects garnering her a position of further influence. The growth also brought enemies due to turf wars and that's what led to her arrest on charge of drug trafficking and calling out a hit on two of her rivals.

The case didn't stand, led by her defense attorney, confidante and lover Valerie Palmas along with some careful witness intimidation and coercion to go with it. Now Angelica is out. She's looking to destroy those who tried to bring her down and she won't stop until every single trace of them and everything they care about is wiped from the Earth.


So this is the basic premise, I am looking for someone to play Valerie Palmas, a woman who is as intelligent and smart as Angelica with a similar ruthless and cunning edge about her along with sharing load of other NPC's. For instance, I am sure we can split handling of people who tipped the law enforcement off about her, perhaps someone from her own cartel who ratted her out along with someone from a rival cartel while the big bad could be leader of some cartel that had friendly relations with Diaz Cartel who had orchestrated the whole ratting out in order to become the most dominant players in the market. Plus there would be others vying for dominant position that Diaz's hold in terms of drug trade and so forth and law enforcement officials seeking to nab Angelica. Her brothers...the room is endless here.

Bad Neighbors

Genre: Dramedy, Black Comedy
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Bondage
Role Sought: Joshua Thompson + NPCs
Seeking to Play: Dominique Rochefort + NPCs
Themes: Slice of Life, BDSM, Stoners
Inspiration: 90s Indie Cinema & Music

Dominique's life is in a quandary. She's a young woman who works as a rather popular dominatrix, thoroughly enjoying her lifestyle and work, blending her passion and vocation together. But that also makes her life complicated. Dating is difficult and while she has many a satisfied customers, her career has left a void in her personal life since most can't seem to come to terms with what she does for a living. She's an intelligent person, who graduated in something that easily could have given her lucrative career like say, finance or law but chose to pursue her passion.

Joshua, has a slightly similar problem of his own. A marijuana grower, he's been at it since high school. He loves the plant, likes a laid back way of life and knows how to make the most fabulous of blends. His own life hasn't exactly been the smoothest ride in personal department since being a pot grower isn't exactly the most legitimate venture, yet his passion is something that most can't understand, leaving him exasperated on occasions.

When he moves in the house right next to Dominique's, a place that has been empty since a while, both of them are instantly curious about each other.

That is, until he begins to spot a bevy of people showing up at her doorstep at designated times, before recognizing one of them. It's one of those people for whom he used to sale weed before. Suspecting Dominique for a rival dealer, he begins to observe her. Until one day he notices a strong smell of pot coming from direction of her house.

And they begin to talk.


So, this is a quirky story about two people from different walks of life, each having their own passions that are perceived as deviant by people at large. It has been a long time since I have written anything romantic and I have been craving of late to do so. I aim this to be far more lighter than my usual stuff, but at the same time we could incorporate a good deal of black, deadpan humor and forge an engaging blend of comedy and drama.

Part of the aesthetic that appeals to me the way the bond builds among them, first from the confusion that thrusts them into each others life until common threads are discovered between each other and in process, they learn more about themselves as much as they do about each other. I don't want all of this to be sunny and fine, they should have disagreements, their own fights, struggles. There will be ups and downs, overcoming certain odds and such.

I can elaborate more on Dominique for any prospective partners since I decided to keep this advert on the shorter side. A large part of the inspiration for this was 90s music, the culture and low key aesthetic of so much of independent cinema from that decade. It is not necessary for you to be into this, but if you are, all the more wonderful. :)

Confessions of a Femme Fatale

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Neo Noir
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Psychoanalyst
Seeking to Play: Femme Fatale
Themes: Manipulation, Deceit, Fact vs Fiction
Inspiration: The Usual Suspects, Jean-Claude Brisseau, The Five Obstructions

Cynthia Gordon is a billionaire heiress of a fortune. A woman shrouded in mystery, born and having lived her life into opulence, she likes to live on the edge. When you have every luxury in the world at your feet, every pleasure, every toy you can wish for yours at a moment's notice what do you turn to?

You choose to make toys out of people.

She unscrupulously plays games with people, with their minds and even worse, with their hearts. Seemingly serving as the kiss of death to anyone on whom she sets her sights, pulling them in her web of lies and deceit until she enjoys conquering them, finding their weakness and orchestrating their fall from grace. Now this fall in itself can be anything, from psychological destruction of someone, to destroying someone's public image or could be something as small as cuckolding someone, point being it's something that is precious to that person in that moment that she takes away from them and discards them, the toy having become boring to her.

The story begins when she's being interviewed by her psychoanalyst for her weekly sessions for the first time,  as they begin to get to know each other, she tells him one tale after another. Some of them are true, some are lies, some are a blend of fact and fiction. But exactly  what is real? He finds himself wondering as she pulls him in her web.

The idea that I ha was to delve into those tales as one narration while keeping this other 'present day' narration track at the same time. However, a writing challenge for both me and my partner would be to keep each 'past' episode of no more than 50 posts, in effect creating an obstruction. Another probable and challenging yet fun narration exercise that could be included is when the analyst maintains his journal entries interspersed with more personal notes about their encounters.

Furthermore, the prime notion that drives me to construct a story of this sort is that often, we see Noir explored from point of view of a 'protagonist' but never do we see a world that is entirely explored through the mindset and eyes of a femme fatale and that, is something which would be a fantastic exercise in stylized writing in my opinion which allows us to experiment substantially with form and composition. The time period here is flexible from 1970's to present day, although I do find myself slightly leaning towards present day setting.

California Sunshine

Genre: Romance, Drama, Black Comedy
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Light
Role Sought: The Writer
Seeking to Play: Starlet
Themes: Celebrity Life, Fame, Unrequited Love, Persnality Clashes
Inspiration: Californication

First off, credit for the plot seed goes to wonderfully talented writer, CorruptingPower. This is a story which we had going a while ago and it is dead and I would like to revive it.

It's about a spoiled starlet, who basically has the whole world at her feet. Born into old money, rich enough to burn money for her amusement she's someone who is born in attention. As if fulfilling a prophecy she becomes a supermodel and eventually enters the world of acting. The films she does? Action movies and rom-coms is what she's stuck into. She tries, but critics don't respect her whilst her films continue to make money like anything, turning her into a very bankable star but buys her little credibility. She's notorious for her wild life and partying antics along with her penchant for controversy has made her a constant fodder and endless speculation for media to partake into. Arrogant and callous not a very nice person but at the same time not someone who is essentially evil. What she seeks is respect for her craft and after years of big explosions and romantic fluff, she yearns for something more serious and complicated which shall allow her to show off her acting chops seriously and shut mouths of all of her critics.

Your character is an author. Think someone like Bret Easton Ellis or Douglas Coupland. One of the perfect inspirations would be Hank Moody from Californication. Loves his craft, very passionate about arts and life in general. He's been struggling to write his fourth book and in the meantime has two of his novels adapted into Hollywood films which in his opinion, are shit and have been killed off by big studios and mainstream production. So when she learns that this actress has basically bought rights of his book with an aim to produce it independently, it drives him insane.

But here's the catch, she wishes to do it the right way to the point of approaching him for writing the screenplay. The story, is meant to be about how their relationship develops. How both of them make each other grow as a person and most importantly, find the love which they never thought would exist. It is meant to be littered with pop culture/film/literary/music references [Well, at least old version was haha.]. They shall butt heads, he would dislike her immensly initially. I imagine loads and loads of witty banter, until he warms up to her. She is a male fantasy to say the least. Their dynamic is both funny, deviant and at times fueled by the disagreements they tend to have every now and then. It's not 'Let's jump in bed' thing, but more like something which builds slowly over the course of time.

There are so many ways it could proceed. The movie they are working on? Does get made eventually. Plus there's her career, other films, promotional appearances. He's able to inspire her and she is able to do the same to him by helping him actually finish his next novel which he been working on for like forever. Meanwhile, this thing calls for a large cast of NPC's, playing which would be a blast, ranging from her agent [and his literary agent for that matter.], other celebrities, director, professional rivals, studio executives, rest of the cast of the film etc. Most of the NPC's I am willing to play, however if my partner wants to share the duty? It's more welcome because it offers room for far more interactive fun.
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Science Fiction
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Brass Skies & Coal Smoke

Genre: Dieselpunk
Pairing: F or Futa/M , F or Futa/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: GM/Any
Seeking to Play: Captain Julia Molyneux
Themes: Sky Pirates, Treasure Hunts, Pulp, Harems, Exotic Lands
Inspiration:  Jules Verne, Pulp Novels, H. G. Wells, Bruce Sterling

So, this request is pretty straightforward. Of late, I’ve been hankering to play a dashing female sky pirate full of rougish charm who’s about as notorious as it gets with her plundering ways, more than often robbing the merchant ships of the British, French, Spanish, Dutch empire and vanishing with the loot. She’s a woman of mysterious past who has gained infamy, for it is unheard of women to be doing what she does.

I am looking for someone to play GM for her adventures which would be a good blend of action, adventure and romance in equal measures as she goes from one exotic locale to another. There would be treasure hunts, encountering some magical artifacts, lost civilizations, romancing noblewomen much to the chagrin of their men, dealing with rival pirate factions, venturing into Asia with brushes with Shogunate, Chinese Empire and all sorts of pulpy goodness, all the while the Empire trying to cleanse skies of this woman who’s proving to be a thorn in their side. I imagined plot/smut ratio to be 60/40 for this, leaning in a slightly more smuttier direction than I usually tend to.

Should you really wish, you can even choose to bounce a single character off Julia and we can share load of NPC’s together. I am also not opposed to playing Julia as a futa. [in fact, I would cherish that opportunity as I’ve been on a futa kick of late lol].

Meteors are a Girl’s Best Friend

Genre:Action, Dramedy
Pairing: F/M, or F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Best Friend
Seeking to Play: Andrea ‘Andy’ Summers
Themes: Superheroes, High School
Inspiration:  Various Comics, Pulp Novels

Andrea Summers was just an average high school senior at Ridgewood High. A bit alternative, different than usual girls in the school. Her interests were esoteric, putting her in the circle of oddballs that was there in every school among the various cliques. Basically, one of those people who are just there in the hierarchy.

When Chen’s comet was passing through, her best friend Eli, a young wiz kid suggested they catch the sight from out of the town. Excitedly, she agreed and off they went to catch the most spectacular meteor shower in recent memory.

It was all going fine until Andrea was struck by one of the meteors from the shower as it landed right on her arm. The accident put her out of commission for couple of days but she finally recovered, only to find that the meteor had left a strange imprint on her forearm. The words, she could decipher them in some way.

Little did she knew that it wasn’t just an imprint. But instead, they were nanites from an alien civilization that had attached themselves into her system, rapidly adjusting to the host and evolving along with the same. When on a night out with Eli, she did accidentally recite the words as he was examining them, she underwent an instantaneous transformation and was transformed into this powerful, musclebound superheroine blessed with superstrength, durability and agility and so begins the adventure!

So this is the kernel. It’s deliberately kept open ended so we have plenty of room to evolve it the way we wish to. I was thinking her best friend has a bit of a crush on her and is further enamored by awe inspiring super form. I find the prospect of charting adventures of a teenage superheroine like this while she and her confidant try to keep the secret an exciting one. I am looking here for a cutesy, playful, laidback vibe. The adventures initially will be driven by typical teenage thrill seeking. All this while the two try to cover up property damage and explain her disappearances to her parents, considering she probably doesn't have a social life to blame it on while the town is left to wonder who’s this mysterious heroine who keeps on showing up whenever there’s some trouble. This could even be bumped up to college instead of high school should the partner wish for it.

Neo-Amazons: Trouble in Themiscyra

Genre: Action
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Infiltrator + NPC's
Seeking to Play: Queen Kris Robarn + NPC's
Themes: Post Apocalypse, Political Tension, Femdom
Inspiration: Heavy Metal, Mad Max

Finally World War III happens as humanity goes bat shit insane and ends up pushing self destruct button real hard, eventually leading to what has essentially become scorched Earth. Vast wastelands constitute majority of land. Nation state for most part has become extinct. What now remains is small settlements of scavengers, perpetually at war with each other. Resources are scant and humanity has regressed back to technology of yore in many cases.

Fossil fuels, somewhat primitive technology of guns as opposed to advanced weapons of war that were in use before. Although, occasional objects of intrigue are found or even developed but nothing of the scale there was before. In sum, very foundation of the society on the whole was not only shattered but also redesigned in the aftermath of this. Another nasty side effect is horrifying mutations that have taken place, leaving us with horrible, deformed creatures, bloodthirsty zombies and all sorts of assorted goodness. When the various settlements aren’t warring with each other, they’re busy thwarting these strange entities.

Nestled near a rare oasis amid the endless wasteland is the settlement that proudly calls itself Neo Amazons. Fashioning themselves after the famous Amazons of centuries bygone, it’s the only settlement where matriarchy forms the basis. Not out of need or desire for some revenge but the entire settlement is founded on one simple belief.

That men are incapable of becoming good, benevolent leaders that humanity as a race needs. All the wars, destruction, chaos of the past is their creation. They are the ones who blinded by hunger for power have usurped nations, prevented progress of human race on the whole and have created virtually every problem through their ineptitude. Men, quite simply are not nurturers nor are they able to exercise the judgment that is necessary for a ruler.

The settlement named by them as Themiscyra has come under attack from neighboring much larger ones and has firmly overseen them, more than enough giving them a dishing that has sent their enemy away licking wounds. Men are forbidden to enter the same except husbands chosen by the Neo Amazons for breeding. The husbands are allowed two annual visits, any other man who enters without blessing of the Queen is to be killed at sight. Sole exception is the trader caravans with whom treaties are in existence. At childbirth, if the child is a male it is sent away with the father while women are retained. The society is driven by natural selection with preference for strong to prevail.

They live a Spartan life although architecture is quite notable. Primary water supply is from Lake Themiscyra, which is also rumored to give them their extended lifespan and also superior strength which more than often has proved to be more than what merely a strong woman might possess. They are a warrior  society, presently led by Queen Kris Robarn who gained the throne six years ago when she defeated the prior queen Shara Wildner in combat.

Kris has proven to be an adept ruler. A skilled politician who has relied on tact than just shows of strength, she has quelled trouble for most part, opened up more trading by being less isolationist in her policies. She’s popular, but some hardliners don’t like her moderate approach. At the same time, other settlements, unhappy of Neo Amazons control of the crucial trading paths are getting rankled. They know little of this society, their prior attempts to attack have failed.

Now, they want to aim for deception as they send one of their successful spies to infiltrate by posing as a trader. Leading a caravan, he’s to enter and so he does and thus, begins the game of political intrigue.


As ever, here is the basic premise. I want someone to enrich this world, introduce rival settlements to that of Themiscyra and thicken the mystery. The mission could be more than just spy, but to sabotage and so forth. I imagine excuse that he could make to stay longer than necessary could be breakdown of his vehicles. I do see Queen taking him as pleasure toy and she can authorize a man to stay longer than needed, after all…she enjoys company of a male lover every now and then as opposed to females that she constantly has in her harem, maybe he does stay for some more time. Maybe he goes, comes back again…anything goes. My primary inspiration was punked out dystopia that so many Heavy Metal stories present in wonderful manner. Strange tech, odd societies, tripped out, psychedelic craziness that was so there in the comics, that’s what this is about!

Death Has a Price

Genre: Action
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Detective
Seeking to Play: Cassandra Thorn
Themes: Vampires, Secret Societies,  Revenge
Inspiration:  Bauhaus, Curve, The Chemical Brothers, My own old stories

Cassandra Thorn is a hitwoman with a remarkable success rate that has made her a reputed name in the murky criminal underworld that infests underbelly of every society. After all, when you have a 100% success rate, people do take you in high regard. Of course, what is not known to many is that she’s also a vampire, an aberration having been infected with a virus a long time ago.

During the Victorian era, she used to a whore plying her trade by selling her body to the man who would offer maximum money for ephemeral of pleasures. When a gentleman introducing himself as Lord Rohmer approached her, asking for her entertainment and company for a party arranged among  his ilk at a mansion in the English countryside offering a rather obscene amount of money for a simple woman like herself. Against her better judgment, she accepts the offer. As it turns out, Rohmer and his friends are vampires There are some other girls too. They are happy to comply, until the reality dawns upon them as majority are murdered while trying to escape. Cassandra manages to stab one of the vampires, having no effect on them apart from exciting them even more.

As a cruel revenge on her, she’s raped and then given a bite, transferring the vampirical viral strain into her bloodstream and left to rot. She survives, healing miraculously but is now scarred forever. Decades have passed since then as Cassandra has found her niche while trying to find those who did this to her with no success. Some of the old libraries and archives have led her to several red herrings but that’s about it. When a hit is called on by a clandestine contact on well protected CEO of a small corporation, she takes the job and when she does have the man cornered, he recognizes her. From all those years ago, revealing himself to be a vampire as well.

Eventually Cassandra does manage to kill but not before coughing out information from him. She learns that the vampires who turned her are part of a clan that calls themselves Aeterna. A group that has existed since several centuries. They have often played a role in toppling governments, manipulating markets, consolidating their power over the years.The man’s personal archives provide good bit of insight and now, she has list of at least part of its members and what they are up to now. As she goes on a bloody rampage, bodies begin to pile up and investigations open up, prompting a detective to look into the case.

I see Detective as someone who actually believes in these aberrations, the supernatural-like phenomena etc. Think Fox Mulder or Dale Cooper. He’s smart, intelligent, vastly knowledgeable but someone who is deemed as ‘weird’ and thus, unable to fit in with the norms. He’s able to find a common thread among all the murders of some kind,  at some point able to deduce who’s going to be next target. He and Cassandra cross paths at some juncture, she’s able to show him just how much control these people have over him/his people. I like the idea of them working together to get to the bottom of this. Some good ol’ vigilante justice every now and then with Thorn taking out some nasty bastards at his request in exchange for his cooperation, access to government archives/files and so forth.

Of course, all of this is open for discussion and can be tweaked in any which away we wish to do. The detective can as easily be female if you wish. They could even be a part of some clandestine government agency and not just the detective as well.


Genre: Science Fiction, Action
Pairing: F/M & F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: GM or Anyone Else you wish
Seeking to Play: Morgan Phillips aka M
Influences: Pulp Novels, 60s B-Cinema, Transgressive Fiction

In near future, as advancements in science and technology gets rid of most of the diseases [and perhaps, gives birth to equal amount of newer ones!] there is only one thing that seems to elude.

The old age.

Numerous attempts and experiments have been made in an attempt to rejuvenate the material decay that humans as species go through and none of them have garnered the necessary results. One of such projects if Project Methuselah spearheaded by renowned geneticist Arne Dahl.

When the formula that is developed by Arne and his team does garner results, he's worried about the potential problems that his invention might cause. The relentless growth of population, the way this could potentially bring about a wave of new consumer culture and beyond that, the psychological effects of a substance such as this, capable of reversing one's aging have been baffling for him. Considering the animals he has tested them on have either gone insane or have become mentally incapacitated despite of visible results in their external appearance.

Morgan Phillips is one of his assistants and an intelligent researcher in her own capacity. An old, heavily disfigured woman who knows she, at best has few years left to live. When she offers to become the first human on whom it is tested, Arne firmly refuses.

They have an argument but when Arne is working late at night at his private laboratory, Morgan, driven to the darkness by her own desire for youth and more life, enters the laboratory and stabs him before using the drug on herself. The next morning she finds herself rejuvenated, having become a beautiful young woman. Having secured herself the components, she wrecks the lab, making it seem like an accident and wipes out the security footage before walking away, pleased that a bright life awaits her.

But there's one catch. The drug, untested affects her own mind in a peculiar way much like it affected animals. It unleashes her most amoral, corrupt tendencies, blessing her with a line of thought most diabolical, capable of rivaling any criminal mastermind and then she sets out on a scheme to do exactly that.

She becomes M.


We live in an age of cinematic re-appreciation because of a slew of DVD releases, internet, reruns of old cinema that we imagined would never see the light of the day after it was originally made [and forgotten except for those with a fondness for that]. I rather like 60s and 70s fare of guys like Jesus Franco, Mario Bava, Georges Franjau and so on.

It's cinema from that era blended with a dash of b-movie ridiculousness that populated some of Eurotrash floating around the same time clashed together with a more high art concepts of retro futurism, neon noir that has led me to writing this game advert. [How dialectical if I may say so!]

As it can be seen, I would like to play M, the ruthless criminal mastermind and chart her ascent to the top of the criminal underworld. Meanwhile, it would be particularly fabulous if my prospective partner would perhaps play some detective or a law enforcement official who is trying to nab this mysterious new criminal. My character would be morally bankrupt, exceptionally intelligent [because destruction of her moral compass essentially, unlocks limitless possibilities of her own mind] but if you wish, you are free to play some other character in this upon brainstorming.

The factors that limit Morgan aka M are of course, the need to constantly take the currently unnamed drug [I really need to come with something nifty for it] so that every time a 'cycle' is over, she can retain her youth. Not to mention there can be a number of other obstacles, bad guys, good guys in gloriously over the top action all round. Also, while the advert mentions 'near future' it can as easily be set in 60s or 70s or even any other decade. The possibilities are endless here!


Genre: Post-Cyberpunk, Black Comedy, Satire
Pairing: F/M or F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Target + NPC's
Seeking to Play: Shannon 'Cyanide' Morrison + NPC's
Themes: Cinema Verite, Sports Entertainment, Fanboyism
Inspiration: J.G. Ballard, Nightcrawler, Videodrome, Antiviral

In a future where the world hasn't gone entirely kaput but due to overpopulation, depletion of natural resources, new diseases and forms of crime, corruption and such, there's a situation where the systems are stretched to the max. The business conglomerates that long ago took over the existing forms of government structures can't provide for everything and most of all, public safety given the corruption in the ranks of law enforcement.

That's where the bounty hunters come in. Not only are they people who would go to any lengths to get the job done, they're also celebrities in their own right as their antics are showcased in what has become the hot reality television entertainment for the day and age, giving hungry people a whole new level of realism in the whole deal given how bloody and gruesome some of those encounters turn out to be.

Shannon 'Cyanide' Morrison is one such bounty hunter. Young, popular due to her supermodel looks, relentless blood thirst for new and gruesome forms of killing her targets and wit to accompany the same, she's the sort who has figured out the art of utilizing this new form of entertainment coupled with all pervading social media to her maximum advantage, leading to a seemingly endless stream of revenues from endorsement deals, media appearances, product placements during her killing time and so on.  She's a highly selfish and self serving woman for whom anything that gives her more power or wealth is worth it, essentially someone without a moral compass but not evil for the sake of being evil. With skyrocketing ratings, sky is the limit for her in terms of her career as a prime celebrity in this new age.

But now, she has to face her biggest challenge as she not only has to hunt down this rogue bounty hunter whose family she had killed off in a raid who has specifically demanded for her to show up after disposing off these other bounty hunters, the stage is set for a showdown that's no different than main event at a PPV in terms of our present day context.

Shannon is more than willing to take him up on the challenge and there ensues a massive showdown until she finally has him captured and about to deliver him to those who had placed the bounty on him when he reveal it to her that sole reason for all of this was the fact that they are one of her biggest fans and after being rebuffed on the social media for their attempts to contact her, this seemed like the only way to do so.

Amused, Shannon doesn't kill them, but being impressed by their skills offers prospect of teaming and participating in a new hunt that is about to take place with her, leading them to forming a formidable team. I am imagining this an examination of celebrity into this manner which takes the obsession that we have today to a whole different degree which has been prophesied by people like David Cronenberg, Ballard, William Gibson, Ellis etc. while having this bleakly humorous outlook at a society that's reached the extreme end of capitalism and is fractured at its seams.
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Wolves at the Door

Genre: Fantasy [Open to prospect of Science Fantasy too]
Pairing: F/M or F/M/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Werewolf
Seeking to Play: Baroness Dietrich von Hessen
Themes: Mind Games, The Hunt, Servitude Loyalty, Ruthless Ambition
Inspiration: Fantasy in general

It's the middle ages, Baroness Dietrich von Hessen is the sole heir of her family name and the last von Hessen carrying the legacy of the protectors of their lands. She's also a renowned werewolf hunter in the lands of King Saladin IV, something that in turn has allowed herself to ensure autonomy for her small yet prosperous region in certain key areas such as trade tariffs, taxation, laws in exchange for military protection and so on.

A woman who controls her lands with an iron grip, she has a particular penchant for skinning her favorite prey alive and make goods for her own use out of them, firmly believing in inherent superiority of her own specie over these lesser beasts.

However, of late a new problem has cropped up. Werewolves who are able to not only control their transformations, but also maintain the human form at will, effectively managing to blend in the society should they wish to. Savages attempting to one up the civilized. It falls upon Dietrich to deal with this peculiar problem.

Her solution? To capture one of them and do something that she had never done before. To tame a werewolf.

She gets her hand on one of them, breaks them down through various means of torture, psychological games but most importantly, by chopping off their tail, a symbol of independence and pride of a wolf and thereby, humiliating them to the point that their own clan would reject him. So he begins an important even if unwilling tool in her hunts, at least at the beginning. Yet, he is bound to her by the bonds of captivity that she holds because it is almost certain his own clan would destroy him, so the only option is her.

Initially I imagine there would her breaking him upon capturing him, but afterwards it could be a series of raids and hunts where he sees her at her most vicious. Then, it could move towards more complex mechanisms like someone in King's courts attempting to reduce autonomy of her territory or even other supernatural creatures that they have to deal with and so forth.

The point I want to emphasize on here is that, Dietrich is not a nice person. She is demanding, brutal and highly intimidating in general. She is not someone you would be fond of. Her fist and foremost goal shall always be to consolidate her own influence and power coupled with that of the people over whom she rules over.

I would also not be opposed to turning this into a F/M/M tale with two captured werewolves if someone is willing to double or make it a small group game if there are two people who I trust with this or even if one person is willing to double and play two characters because for some reason I see this working even better as a F/M/M game.


Genre: Supernatural Noir
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Musician [1970's], The Writer [2000's], The Private Detective [1940's]
Seeking to Play: The Woman
Themes: Crazy Cults, The Grotesque, Psychedelic Culture, Post-War
Inspiration: H.P. Lovecraft, James Hadley Chase, Thomas Pynchon

1970, Mulholland Drive

The psychedelic decade is at its height, he's one of the many people trying to hit it big in L.A. rock & roll scene, one of the small time musicians. As he's driving home from one of the many late night parties he spots a naked woman hitchhiking on the highway. Curious the sight is, but not unusual. She looks like she's in a daze.

Aren't the girls always in these days? It was just probably after some crazy acid trip.

But something is peculiar. There's smoke coming off few hills behind her. Little does he know she's the cause of that. He offers her a lift.

Turns out, she's a no name model trying to make a name for herself in the plastic city much like himself. But she has an effect on him, inspires him. He hits a productive peak. This mysterious woman and so do his bandmates.

But people are on her tail.

Not just people, but something more. An order that calls itself The Keepers of the Second Coming believing in the coming of gods, who are waiting for the right time. Funded by sources unknown, machinations controlled by faces never seen, but they are fronted by a man known as Lester Morovich, with ambitions of his own of ascent towards the 'Heaven' where these 'gods' reside. A charismatic figure akin to say Anton LeVey or Alestair Crowley who is behind many of the unusual events like Manson murders for instance. The same cult/the group of people could potentially have some ties to groups like Thule Society.

They need her, for in her veins is the blood of the gods. To summon them, it must be spilled.

How she bonded with it is unknown.

Themes explored would be the counterculture, neo noir, eventual transition into 70's, crazy cults, attempts to solve the mystery as this enigma of a woman who shall have magical powers of her own enters the life of these young musician by a stroke of luck and proves to be his good luck charm. I have some ideas of how it pans out for the young man and his friends, that I can discuss with prospective partners instead of laying it out here.

While I envision this opening up in the year mentioned above, I have a rather ambitious and more complex plot progression in mind. I imagine the Cult has been chasing her since a good while, since the last 'summoning' was interrupted by her due to a sheer accident and in effect she got the taste of the blood of gods granting her powers and abilities that she didn't really ask for, but are hers. I imagine them to be of a parapsychic nature, her being able to gaze into what one's biggest fears are, essentially giving her massive leverage to manipulate those whom she encounters and perpetual bloom of youth. Another thing could be that this 'binding' makes her a crucial key for summoning them again perhaps?

The timeline shall flip between 1960's/70's to the 2000's wherein the chase is on, but perhaps the conclusion of prior 'chapter' has deviated in some different manner. Maybe she has exiled herself away somewhere and one of the surviving bandmates looks her up or The Writer, who has been writing rather successful mystery novels, this young blood causing waves; spots her by sheer chance and recognizes her from the notes and pictures of his father, blowing her cover? A third probable timeline that could be explored along with this is post -WW II wherein she's managed to ensconce herself in with the Mob as a gangster's moll, manipulating them by surrounding herself people, making her untouchable so to speak while at the same time her path crosses with a private detective who dangerously finds himself coming into contact with this power hungry group of people [who morph into a 'cult' in 70s for well, marketing purposes.] while investigating a mysterious disappearance.

An added bonus could be all three men are from the same lineage.

This will require a writer who is more than happy to tackle a challenge and comfortable with darker themes.
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Sword of Doom

Genre: Historical, Drama, Action, Jidaigeki
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Slave
Seeking to Play: The Dragon Eye
Themes: Femdom, Pacifism, Moral Guilt, Honor, Feudal Japan
Inspirations: Jidaigeki Cinema, Ninja Scroll, Sogo Ishii Films

Mitsuko 'Dragon Eye' Himura is a prodigy. A swordwoman paralleled by few others, someone who is seen as a most efficient killing machine since the day she took up sword. She's a Gaijin Ronin who was once in the employ of Yamaguchi Clan. Throughout her life, she has shed incredible amount of blood for the sake of Shogunate until at one point, during one of the uprisings that nearly toppled the government, she watched her entire clan and especially her school of swordsmanship get destroyed into nothingness. Finally, peace is restored, but at a great cost.

That was when she decided to renounce her ways and swore never to kill again. Now she wanders carrying her sword and preaching mantra of pacifism, seeking repentance and helping those in need, attempting to do good to others to the best of her abilities. Her name is synonymous with bloodshed and as a ruthless assassin for government, she has dispatched who knows how many people in past. It's guilt, that haunts her as she tries to come to terms with her own past, lost in her own introspection. She also suffers from tuberculosis and is certain that sooner or later, death is coming to greet her.

Before that, she has one goal. To continue her school of swordsmanship's lineage. So during a slave auction at one of the ports, she purchases herself a man. With goal to train him and to turn him into a pacifist much like herself. He can be anything, he's your character and beyond this outline, I would not dictate anything about him. So begins their adventure as they meet countless obstacles ranging from people who seek revenge over Mitsuko, zealots who want to challenge her for a duel to test themselves against the legendary swordswoman, to the other problems they face such as villagers getting harassed by a gang of bandits, landlords trying to usurp lands among countless others. I want adventures they have to be of an episodic nature.

The story can either take place in Tokugawa or Meiji period, knowledge of both is not essential but would be helpful. I am by no means an expert in Japanese history nor shall I be a stickler for it. Primary goal is here to craft a fun story. I am also up for creating a world by making blend of several famous historic figures like Miyamoto Musashi, Sasaki Kojiro, Musashibo Benkei, Yagyu Jubei etc. and make our own pastiche-esque world. I do see universe as blend of magic and realism. I want this to be a nice, slow paced game that captures essence of the genre and the sheer intensity it has. I have a backstory for Mitsuko and all, that explains what a gaijin is doing what she does. Alternatively, we can also remove the Gaijin bit, the seed is written like this because the game is inspired by pictures above.

The Weird West

Genre: Acid Western
Pairing: Multiple Characters
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Manute & Two Tooth Tony
Seeking to Play: Henry Connor & Claudia Cantrell
Themes: Gunslingers, The Grotesque

1880's, The American West

The setting is a desolate, near post-apocalyptic western landscape. Vast, seemingly endless region ravaged with war, robberies and chaos. An entire generation of men and women who have become accustomed to this life that they seem to know of nothing else. Legendary gunslingers and bounty hunters roam these dusty trails, on a journey never ending, in hunt of a prophecy that has been written for a wanderer. A world in which vampires, zombies, wendigos exist in this surreal, nightmarish version of the West and though not the majority, are known to hunt and attack humans quite ruthlessly; on rare occasions populating ghost towns in their own grotesque societies. This makes the region a rather profitable place for a gunslinger to be in.

There is talk of magick, of two uniquely crafted guns named War and Famine over two of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is said they were constructed by a mad preacher before he killed himself and prior to that, set them off in a boat in Mississippi, or so the legend goes. Some claim they were made by a Naive Indian Shaman along with him, imbuing them with mystical properties of peyote, giving them a life of their own. The guns are elusive, they have appeared in places before, in various markets in small towns. Most call it a hoax but for majority of gunslingers and bandits wandering about, it has become their holy grail for the guns are said to be the ones who shall deem who is worthy of wielding them and those who are, shall never miss a shot and shall become the fastest draw in the whole of west. That they shall be able to cause greatest of destruction if they desired so, becoming invincible. They claim some of the legendary figures were seen with those in past. But whenever they have appeared, they have caused great bouts of violence, shedding rivers of blood in their wake. Their mystical properties is what draws those in search to them, those who believe it not to be a mere legend.

Two Tooth Tony is one such bandit, riding with his band who are based outside Santa Fe. He has been on the hunt for these guns for last several years, scourging every corner of the West that he can think of. He has spent time with Indians, who loath him like anything, he has even tortured missionaries who might know about this artifact but nothing comes to him. Tony, at this juncture is getting frustrated. He also happens to be the quickest draw and the most lethal man with weapon on either side of the law, using his superior skills who has put many to death. Often inviting even the lawmen for a dual for the sake of thrill of it. He's a vile, morally corrupt and an opportunistic man who shall stop at nothing for furtherance of his goals, his band inspiring fear and terror in hearts of anyone they cross. A nightmare come true as not even children or women are spared from his reign of terror. Tony has eluded law quite swiftly so far. One of his biggest strengths and also his equal weakness is his addiction to the venom of a scorpion, which only he is able to not only consume but also digest according to the tales which surround the man and that, is considered to be the source of his impeccable skills, blessing him with sharpness which most can only dream of.

Claudia Cantrell is a woman on the hunt for Tony with her trusted Navajo companion Manute, a man disowned from his tribe; after Tony and his men attacked their farming settlement, murdered her husband and children before raping Claudia brutally and left her to die, leaving her with not much  to do except pick up a gun. Equally wanted as much as Tony all over the West, Claudia and Manute are not without their own darker stories which I would not wish to reveal on here for plot purposes. But they also know of the fact that if Tony is to be beaten, only those mythical guns are capable of doing so.

Father Henry L. Connor is a bounty hunter constantly on the move from one boomtown to another. Preaching his way whilst putting some bullets in head of nastiest, meanest beings he can encounter. His posses consisting of gun toting, provocatively dressed nuns is a rather colorful band who, are essentially a harem for him. They are also the most lethal bunch of hunters in these parts of the country. They have wiped out zombie settlements on their own, nabbed vampires before burning them; most of these deeds Connor indulges into without any returns engaged in it as his own brand of service to mankind as he likes to think. Henry Connor is a man with his own strange code of honor and morality which he follows feverishly and now he has set his eyes of getting rid of the two of the most wanted characters in the west, Claudia Cantrell and Two Tooth Tony.

It's a hunt which is a romp through this hazy, weird west. The mythical guns themselves shall feature every now and then but are more of a backdrop for the story. Crazy mythos, spiritual visions, peyote and a noticeable element of supernatural shall be featured in a story which, is meant to have a large scope and plenty of adventure/action for all the principle characters involved. The plot can go variety of ways. Maybe Claudia has her revenge, or Father Henry Connor gets the job done or perhaps Tony becomes the all powerful man that he wishes to become or none of that happens. All of this, is for us to decide!

What I am looking for:

  • I would like to play Claudia Cantrell and Father Connor and looking for someone to play Manute and Two Tooth Tony.
  • Willingness to experiment. This is a hybrid western and I want to expand the world, try different writing styles etc. with this.
  • Large NPC cast. A disgruntled sheriff who has stopped believing in notion of law and order, saloon owners, farmers, nuns which accompany Father Connor [who would make fantastic little additions and some very important NPC's in fact!], miners, men of law, other gunslingers...the room is endless.
  • Character death. There is every room that some or even all of the characters that are included here might die at one or other point in the story. I am not saying it has to happen but it is very much in the realm of possibility and I want my partner to be comfortable with that.

Fierce Grace

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Supernatural Horror
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Mohan Roy, James MaCauly
Seeking to Play: Vita Roy, Sadhu

Fierce Grace

Oh you the creator, you the destroyer, you who sustain and make an end, Who in sunlight dance among the birds and the children at their play, Who at midnight dance among corpses in the burning grounds, You Shiva, you dark and terrible Bhairava. You Suchness and Illusion, the Void and All Things.

Kali is the goddess of destruction, the Clawed Hands, the Blood Drinker... And that's one side of her, as it is for any god. If you knew her for thousands of years you'd know she could be all colors. The sky is black at night, but if your eyes were good enough, they could see the different lights of a million stars. Death is part of her because death is part of life.

You are the lord of life, and therefore I have brought you flowers. You are the lord of death, and therefore I have brought you my heart. This heart that is now your burning ground. Ignorance there and self shall be consumed with fire. That you may dance, Bhairava, among the ashes. That you may dance, Lord Shiva, in a place of flowers, and I dance with you.

1880's Benares, British India

The Empire is at the height of its powers. Union Jack is flying high and mighty all over the world as Victoria reigns supreme over the vast lands and countless nations. Our story takes place in the holy town of Benares in India. It revolves around a daughter of an American missionary from Boston named Vita Gardner; a charming young woman of American-French upbringing who has traveled from Americas to Europe and then crossed into Asia and married a Brahmin youth named Mohan Roy upon falling in love with him and settling down with him in town of Benares; his ancestral town. She's a confident, somewhat outspoken woman who loves life and whilst a charming young woman does not always behave in the most ladylike of ways. More information about the character can be discovered in spoilers text pasted below.

Mohan Roy, a young man educated in the West as a lawyer and a staunch Atheist came with his young foreigner wife to live in his hometown. There is of course shock a bit of a scandal as she is not quite easily accepted in the traditional and strict society. Not to mention her unconventional ways and thought coming from free world is seen as an anomaly of sorts. The British society in town also seem to view her with indifference as that American woman like the way many from the nation are seen as uncultured, brash and assertive in this clash of sorts and her manners perceived as borderline arrogant and ruffian. Either ways, she has faces issues of a distinct sort from both stratas of society yet after few years on, there seems to have been formed a stalemate or even mutual understanding of sorts as she takes up position as a teacher at a local convent. Englishmen stationed are intrigued by her boldness and vast knowledge.

It is at this juncture that there has been a series of grisly murders in town. Mostly simpletons and people from towns far away who come in the town on pilgrimage. Inspector James MaCauly posted in the town has been charged with finding this deaths which seem to have a most peculiar method to them. All murders, committed with a sharp weapon and bodies have been grossly mutilated. Deprived of their limbs, arms..and even genitalia in many cases. Post-mortem fails to produce anything overly significant and the mystery simply continues to get thicker. Locals, even the men who work under MaCauly claim it is a sect called Aghoris. A cult who use the bodies as human sacrifice and then to feast upon them as blessing from god. This particular cult and its men are known to gather at specific places in cemeteries but natives out of fear induced by superstition refuse to do anything about it. James MaCauly of course a man of progressive thought and rubbishing such foolish notions of natives decides to investigate the whole issue on his own.

Vita herself of course is intrigued by this cult which locals speak so fearfully about. Her husband, dismissing such thought as rubbish musings of simpletons carries on about his life with her, laughing it away whilst Vita herself engages in wanderings in the town of her own, until she actually chances upon a ritual at a cemetery which seems to alter her life forever as much to her surprise, one of the strange nearly naked men is not only able to approach her but also speaks in fluent English introducing himself to her stating this was a meeting which was pre-destined for she since her arrival has caused shockwaves in their circles on account of the fact that right before her arrival in town head priest Nathu Ram died before making a clairvoyant prophecy about arrival of a woman from West who shall be a reincarnation of Shiva. These revelations and the strange connection which Vita is able to feel to these surroundings leaves her puzzled before she flees.

Meanwhile MaCauly lands at dead ends until one night he finds Mrs. Gardner-Roy wandering around in a daze without a clue as to how from her evening stroll she ended up in the cemetery. Blood is smeared over her face and her countenance in general is of a terrifying nature. In ways unknown to her she has landed in this place subconsciously and her menacing sight causes his blood to freeze as she stands in all of her glory, giving in to the call of her true nature in the cemetery as remnants of a ritual are clearly seen about her. Inspector dare not approach and he flees.

This is the basic narration so far I have built up in my head. Of course the story is meant to kick off upon the marriage of Vita to Mohan and go through all the episodes mentioned above before delving in an element of supernatural as elaborated above. What happens after incidents narrated above is for me and my partner to build upon. It's a seed which I think can be constructed into something truly complex and my primary inspiration as the plot came to me was to transport Edgar Allen Poe's Gothic style, particularly Fall of House of Usher [Madelaine coming up from her coffin, that excerpt pretty much spawned this thing!], Ligeia and few others and blend it with someone like Rudyard Kipling from his own horror stories about East. The clash of old world vs new world, particularly in light of a strong protagonist is something which comes to me from Henry James.

Just in case you are wondering about Aghori as a sect, you can find more information on their wiki page here. I see them apart from some extreme practices in certain ways similar to Thelemites, Left-Hand Path. I am not looking in here for one hundred percent accuracy or anything to that effect and I certainly don't expect that from my partner either. The intention is to craft an fun and enjoyable horror story which might offer some chills.

What I am looking for:

  • I will be playing Vita and the mysterious Sadhu so I need someone to play Mohan and James MaCauly. Alternatively, I also don't mind playing Vita and James MaCauly with my partner taking on other two 'primary' roles mentioned.
  • Culture clash of multiple kinds.
  • Non-linear narrative. Perhaps move back and forth. Maybe start with an entry from journal of horrified James MaCauly; I dunno.
  • Development of relationship between Vita and Mohan. They are starry eyed lovers who are easing into maturity and love each other dearly. They will be a deviant couple to say the least and after initial arc how these strange happenings affect them as a couple.
  • Interactions between high society of the town. I see Roy family as noblemen since generations and Mohan Roy is probably even popular with the Englishmen on account of his well educated nature and unconventional line of thought, able to garner their respect.
  • A vast cast of NPC's including a loyal butler, tantrics, local townsfolk enjoying gossip etc. Apart from three characters mentioned above I also imagine a character who might serve as Nathu Ram's successor as head priest [the one who approaches Vita.] as a very important character. His past mysterious and sketched. I am keeping him blurred in this advertisement purely due to malleable nature he has.
  • Discovery and coming terms with the fact that you indeed are reincarnation of a god/goddess and being faced with throngs of worshipers though small in nature are so extremely deviant, transformation which she undergoes as time passes and actually embracing the prophecy after initial denials. Vita though having a Christian upbringing is much like her husband an Atheist and to face such improbable only to have it come true in front of her eyes would be fascinating to explore.

The Atrocity Exhibition (1880's Paris, Psychological Thriller) - Reserved

Primarily inspired by the picture above which shows a man who just might be deranged and his psychologist sitting behind him. Other inspirations include Alain Resnais's masterpiece Last Year at Marienbad and Alain-Robbe Grillet's L'Immortelle. The title is shamelessly ripped off from J.G. Ballard novel of the same name since I couldn't think of anything else.

Our story revolves around a mysterious family named Raunet's. Of incredible wealth and opulence since last several centuries, over the years Raunets have shown a decline in their fortunes. Once what used to be a vast, extended family has shrunken over the years. One after another them dying away due to old age, illnesses among other things; finally dwindling down to the last two of Raunets. Charles and his brother Auguste.The present heir of the the Raunet fortune, Charles Raunet is a nobleman who was renowned for his sharp intellect, extravagant life and for often the mysterious affairs that he liked to indulge into, embarking upon several adventures in strange continents. But his primary occupation is that of a painter whilst his brother happens to be a violinist. An aura of mystery surrounds Charles who is known to be as eccentric as it can be. For last couple of years Charles has not left the house. Visitors are shunned, guests are scared off. Speculation rages on as to what has happened to him. Some speak of an illness most horrible, some speak that he committed murder and that drove him insane that he has to be kept locked all the time. Many colorful stories are abound about him and his brother as they have retired almost entirely from public life except the rare times when Auguste comes out of the mysterious house that has been so aptly named Bruit Blanc which has now become a decaying, crumbling estate singing its swan song, yearning for its glory of yore.

The truth however, happens to be far more stranger than any of the fiction. The fact is that there has always been sibling rivalry between the two of them [I have an extended back story that I am willing to explain to a potentially interested party. For the time being, lets just say that Raunets are one strange family to say the least.] and over the years both of them have attempted to outdo each other with Charles coming across as victor most of the time due to his own cunning nature much to the anger of the younger Auguste. Both brothers are psychologically disturbed, although they would never quite realize that and in their own ways on the brink of insanity, having lived in isolation for the longest of times. Both of them have committed every horrible deed one can imagine there to be. However, Charles is even more far gone among the two. Auguste happens to have taken on role as his de-factor caretaker in the nightmarish, isolated world of their home which sits in the middle of Paris, has decided to utilize the opportunity to prove his own superiority by breaking Charles down and driving him completely insane.

But Charles though teetering on the edge of insanity much like Auguste, has enough control on his wits to thwart plans of his brother. Time and time again they have failed for both of them have turned out to be a match for each other with their brilliance borderlining on downright viciousness that seems to be growing all the more with the way more and more possessed they become with the singular thought of destroying another. The latest game that Auguste has initiated is of inviting a psychologist to interrogate [Maybe one of those early German ones who were a pioneering force during those days?], examine and possibly understand more of Charles in a bid to solve the enigma under the guise of curing his brother. The said psychologist who shall be played by my partner shall be someone who is quite ahead in his niche field, known for his daring approach which shatters shackles of convention. He decides to take up the offer most unique and as tight lipped as it can be and walks in the strange world of Bruit Blanc where nothing is the way it seems, faced with the impossible challenge of tackling Charles Raunet.

Charles is a fiercely intelligent man who though might seem docile or even ordinary initialy is capable of weaving yarns and mind games most dangerous. Where Auguste is more blunt, focusing on a direct way of looking at things, Charles is the subtle one for whom everything is done with an artistic finesse. The said psychologist shall get challenged by both brothers who are playing this mad game of chess with each other. He shall get sucked in the world they inhabit as he becomes a fascinating third wheel of the entire situation that possibly ends on a tragic note for him with him being the one who is driven insane at the end of it all. It can go multtude of ways honestly. I am also not opposed to making Charles a mute due to something that happened in his past. I shall be playing Charles/Auguste and any other servants that exist in the household which won't be a lot actually.

Please take note that there is extremely slim chance of the story having any element of smut; but on the contrary it is meant to deal more with horrors of mind, the depraved nature of the same and other themes which enter the realm of the extreme unless of course we do find a good way of including the element of smut. I want this to be a slow moving roleplay with each successive visit of the psychologist driving him closer towards that inevitable descent into the blackhole of complete and utter madness. Then there's Auguste with his scheme, what if he succeeds? What if Charles manages to outwit him at this too? All of it is for us to write out!

Inherent Vice

Genre: Revisionist Western, Drama
Pairing: M/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Widow
Seeking to Play: Criminal
Themes: Redemption

About a man, a criminal who is on the run from both sides of law. Shot in the leg, he lands on ranch relatively outside town. Owned by a widow whose husband died under suspicious circumstances pretending to be a journeyman, who got attacked by bandits he asks to stay until he heals. She finds him suspicious but allows him in. In fact, she fully knows he has sold a false story to her, but at the same time so has she. Both of them have their own dark pasts and both seek redemption and the tale is supposed to be about how they find it together.

Like, the ranch could get attacked by some bandits. Maybe Sheriff comes asking for him, she could have her own enemies, perhaps local businessmen who want to usurp her estate. An atypical western where characters are more busy questioning their own morality as each of them by virtue of this strange occurrence holds mirror in front of the other instead of firing bullets and shooting cool one liners but is more about introspection, a study of one's own morality and coming to terms with who they are, their past and making peace with the same before finally moving forward.

One reason why people want to usurp her land is that there's perhaps a treasure buried in there or there's something entirely different. Illegal gold, some jewels robbed off some foreigner perhaps. There's no way they could ever get to it without being shot. The woman of course isn't aware of it. Maybe her husband was? Or it could contain a valuable mineral. The more material aspects of the story can be worked out whichever way we wish and are malleable. The story is meant to be more about the themes that I describe in paragraphs above than anything else.

There will of course be an array of zany side characters. The local industrialists, other ranchers, town freaks and all other assorted things. I am looking to play the man mentioned in the seed and seeking a partner to take on the role of the woman as their primary character.

Dispararme de Nuevo

Genre: Western
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Bounty Hunter
Inspiration: The Proposition, The Retrieval, Apaloosa.
Theme: Redemption, Revenge, Bandits, Manipulation, Haunted by Past

Anthony Mercer is a bounty hunter. A former outlaw who turned over a new leaf upon being captured few years ago, who decided to use his remarkable skill with the gun for a more legal purpose instead of robbing banks and killing people. His is a past that's riddled with blood, destruction and chaos associated with it all. Each day for him is a healing process, a man who found god in the aftermath of his capture, deciding to do right his own wrongs.

He has a good gig going, a sought after hunter with a good woman and decent family life. That's until Mitchell Bergman, a local cattle ranch owner with vast riches shows up at his doorstep one day, making him an offer that he neither can refuse, but shatters his closeted existence in bliss of his own in every which way.

Bergman wants him to capture a woman. Not just any woman, but a woman nicknamed Demonio Blanco, someone who has avoided clutches of law for good few years now, leaving a trail of blood in her path. Law enforcement is clueless as to how to tackle this problem as her company, residing at a small village in Mexico close to the border of Texas have unleashed a reign of terror which led Bergman to lose his only son when his entourage was attacked and slain in manner most ruthless, making Bergman childless and widower in a single stroke.

Mention of Demonio Blanco, whose real name is Elle Porter, the one who leads the group of bandits, opens up old wounds, for that same woman? Is the one who rode with him once until she put a bullet in his back and left him to be captured, making him the man he was today in more ways than one.

So Anthony sets out on a mission unlike any other he had undertaken until now and one that very well may cost him his life.

For this, I want something that is both a homage to classic westerns while retaining some serious element of badass, cool fun that you might be able to spot in cinema of someone like Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez. Anthony can meet several fascinating characters throughout his journey as he's given a shot at life that would allow him enough riches to even give up bounty hunting and be a civilian for his family while Elle 'Demonio Blanco' Porter is someone who's a maverick, who would elude him, maybe capture him, mindfuck with him in the surreal landscape that is her empire of terror until it all leads to an epic showdown.

There are countless ideas that I can offer up regarding what happens midway through it all which I can elaborate in PM's with right partners on case by case basis. I would like to play the outlaw and can even GM this entire universe if you wish for the same. :)
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This post contains all the varous fandoms based plots which I have been craving to do. I am merely going to list pairings in most of the cases in here simply because I would like to put our own spin on the stories and hammer out the details with my partners. I will be playing the characters mentioned on the left. I have tried to add whatever plot ideas which popped up in my head for most of them. The pairings which don't have anything mentioned next to them, well they call for a brainstorm! They are broken into following kinds.

A. Comics Based
B. Movies/TV/Book Based
C. Video Games

A. Comics Based

Batman Beyond

Inque/Terry McGuinness
Inque/Bruce Wayne [Slightly younger than he is in series, maybe their first encounter?]
Terry McGuinness/OC

Other DC Characters

John Constantine/OC

I'm a huge fan of Hellblazer series and John Constantine is probably my favorite comicbook character of all time. What I like most about him is the fact that unlike other characters in comicverses he has aged as years have went by. Which essentially to me, makes him a mirror of changing society and our changing morality in a sense. Starting off from a smooth talking, sarcastic young man he's aging gracefully and still as fucked up as he ever was. This, could be sent in any of the decades during which Constantine has been around. All I ask is that it be more in concepts and themes of the comicbooks instead of the movie.


Vertigo's Lucifer series! Oh man it's probably one of the finest pieces of graphic novels ever created. In this game, I would like to play Lucifer, either paired off against any of the characters in Vertigo universe or even an OC. One thing I can think of is Lucifer after his fall as he goes through various periods. Maybe now he's just bored and wants to toy with minds of all the people and those who brought about his fall. Perhaps we could trace him through various historic periods. Or we can simply follow the outline of the comics.

Anything involving DC's Earth-11 Universe. Which happens to be a world of reversed gender wherein every character's gender is opposite to that of 'normal' Earth.

Sin City
Sin City Universe

Gail/Dwight McCarthy

For this one, I have a plot of my own. People, are falling dead in Sin City once again. But this time around, there's a newer addition. The Girls of the Old Town. Two of them have been found dead, murdered in the most gruesome manner possible. Bodies mutilated to the extent of being unrecognizable if it wasn't for their clothes and jewellery. Many have been speculating just who it is. Is it someone influenced by Roark's? Or some entirely new force? The violence doesn't seem to have a pattern. At least not the one which anybody could notice. The cops are as useless as they come and the girls, led by Gail are doing their own investigation but so far they haven't turned in any results. Who do they call in? Dwight McCarthy. Now it's up to Gail and Dwight to work together to find out who murdered those two girls and exact revenge upon them. Because, nobody messes with the girls and walk away. In a city which is already dead and just rotting away, another river of blood is about to flow. Revenge couldn't be more sweeter than this.

We could set this up in any timeframe we want to. I would like this to be pretty surreal and gruesome with incidents which put both of them and their sense of morality at test more than once. In a world which is as fragile as it gets, they have to wade through one nasty surprise involved in Sin City's underbelly after another to find out the answers they seek. Again, how the mystery proceeds after this, is something which me and my partner would build together whilst exploring more of the relationship between Gail and Dwight. Also every once in a while we would have to play supporting characters like Marv, Miho etc if the plot calls for it.

Ava Lord/Dwight McCarthy
Dwight McCarthy/OC

American Vampire
VI. American Vampire Universe

Pearl Jones/Skinner Sweet
Pearl Jones/Henry Preston
Skinner Sweet/Henry Preston
Skinner Sweet/OC

B. Movies/TV/Books Based

These are primarily broken into fandoms with a more thorough plot based elaboration about them and fandoms for whom I have simply listed fandom and characters I can play from those. The latter can be developed into well rounded full fledged plots. I am usually pretty flexible with whom I play can be paired and am almost always open for crossovers as well.

Fandoms With Plots/Elaborations

BBC's Sherlock

Since it started, this is a show which has continued to impress me. I am a gigantic Sherlock Holmes fan and its just awesome to see the whole canon adopted into a modern era in such a brilliant and effective manner. This, is and probably shall always be a craving of mine. Mentioned below are characters who I can play, against whom I can play them and if I am willing to play genderbent versions of them as well. Plots, I have for fair bit of them but I would not want to lay it all out here because then it would just be an endless plot-a-thon xD.

Also please take note of the fact that I do not, I repeat do not want any of these to degenerate into a smut-a-thon. The primary elements I am looking for is building a complicated mystery which keeps on unleashing one surprise after another and putting the puzzle together with a like minded and creative partner.

1. Sherlock Holmes
Can be paired against:  John Watson, Moriarty, Irene Adler, Molly Hooper.
Can also be played as FemLock! In fact, I have a super craving to unleash an awesome FemLock bouncing off against a male Watson.

2. Mycroft Holmes
Can be paired against: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, James Moriarty.
This, is a character which I shall only play in its genderbent version. There's something about playing a Fem!Croft which excites me so much.

3. Irene Adler
Can be paired against: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, James Moriarty, Molly Hooper, Greg Lestrade.
Available for play both as female or male version.

Liquid Sky

I ran this game a long time ago before I had a muse-crash and it led to its death. This is meant to take place in the universe of the 1980's cult classic film Liquid Sky which incorporated New Wave culture, science-fiction and rest of the assorted weirdness into what in my opinion is perhaps one of the coolest films ever. I am looking to play the character of Jimmy from the film, the notorious bad boy model who works in the underground fashion scene. Your character can either be an OC or even someone from the film. That is a choice I leave to you, although I am inclined to think this is the kind of story which should work best with an OC.

I don't have anything in the form of a traditionally structured plot as this is meant to eschew traditional structures and norms much like the film and instead intends to create a hazy, surreal world of its own. One potential plot strand could be Jimmy taking an up and coming model or someone from the 'scene' who admires him greatly under his wings as both of them enter into one depraved antic after another. Jimmy is an asshole extraordinaire, who is known to play mind games, toy with heads of others just for his moments amusement and is hopelessly addicted to heroin, an integral theme of the story [and the film.].

To those curious = is link to the films IMDB page. Please keep any communication regarding the story to the PM's instead of posting in here.

Fandoms with Character Lists

Structured as: Fandom [Character(s) that I can play].

Aeon Flux [Aeon Flux]
Alias [Sydney Bristow]
A Song of Ice & Fire [Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Eddard Stark]
Avalon [Ash]
Barb Wire [Barbara "Barb Wire" Kopetski]
Basic Instinct [Catherine Tremell]
Battlestar Galactica [Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, Number Six, D'Anna Biers aka Number 3, Saul Tigh]
Californication [Hank Moody, Lew Ashby]
Cowboy Bebop [Spike, Vicious, Faye Valentine]
Cracks [Miss “G” Gibben]
Doomsday [Eden Sinclair]
Dredd [Mia-Mia]
Eastern Promises [Nikolai Luzhin]
Fight Club [Tyler Durden]
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series [Seth Gecko, Richie Gecko, Santanico Pandemonium, Earl McGraw, OC]
Haywire [Mallory Kane]
Hellblazer [John Constantine]
Hellsing [Alucard, Sir Integra Hellsing]
Heroes [Candice Wilmer, Sylar, Nathan Pitrelli, Traci Strauss, Nikki Sanders]
Ichi the Killer [Kakihara]
Kill Bill [O-Ren Ishii, Bill, Elle Driver, Sofie Fatale]
Law & Order: SVU [Olivia Benson, John Munch, Elliot Stabler, OC]
Liquid Sky [Jimmy]
Machete [Machete, Luz]
Maurice LeBlac's Arsene Lupin [Arsene Lupin]
Reservoir Dogs [Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Mr. White]
Salt [Evelyn Salt]
Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, James Moriarty, Irene Adler]
Showtime's The Borgias [Rodrigo Borgia, Niccolo Machiavelli]
Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow [Fransenca "Franky" Cook]
Snatch [Boris the Bullet Dodger, Turkish, Brick Top]
Once Upon a Time in Mexico [Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, El Mariachi]
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [C. Auguste Dupin, Fantomas, Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Captain Nemo, Arsene Lupin, Dean Moriarty, Mina Murray, Gulliver, Sal Paradyse, Allan Quatermain, Schehaezede, Nikola Tesla]
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [Blondie, Angel Eyes]
The Matrix [Trinity, Neo, Morpheus, Agent Smith, OC]
Thomas Pynchon's V. [Victoria Wren]
Tomb Raider [Lara Croft]
Twin Peaks [Dale Cooper, OC]
Ultraviolet [Violet Song Jat Shariff]
Underworld [Selene]
Whitley Strieber's The Hunger Trilogy [Miriam Blaylock, OC]
William Gibson's Sprawl Trilogy [Molly Millions, Sandii, Fox, Chrome, OC Razorgirl, Henry Dorset Case, OC]
Xena: The Warrior Princess [Xena]

C. Video Games

Soul Calibur
Ivy Valentine/Anyone
Ivy Valentine/OC
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Historical Settings
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This contains a brief list of historical settings I enjoy writing in. If anything strikes your fancy I would love to discuss story involving them with you.

Weimar Germany

This is an era which I have always found interesting. I love Bauhaus and things associated with it in general and admire it greatly. It was a time of uphevels, the nation going through effects of WWI but the 1920's boom during which there was significant cultural developmets particularly due to influence of American culture which changed society in several ways before ultimately the republic collapsed with rise of Nazis. Perhaps a group of artists exploring about their craft. Students at Bauhaus being all deviant before being arrested.

British Egypt/British India/British Malta

I. British Egypt [1882-1952]

Another fascinating set up about which I rarely ever get to write. Occupying Egypt for this long was they had never anticipated but they had to for one or other reason. There's the element of exotic associated with Egypt which has always stood as the most powerful nation in its region. Cosmopolitan nature of a historic city like Alexandria, the historic artifacts. So many possibilities be it straight laced drama/romance or epic adventure, mystery...the list goes on. Please note that at times what I would be looking to construct herein would not be an overly realistic view of the nation as it is seen today but from a time when it was perceived by the explorers/adventurers as a land of mystery and intrigue with as stated above a strong element of exotic thrown in for good measure. When in the old world there was still novelty and a strong curiousity to most of the things of East.

II. British India [1858-1947]

In case of India, it has a distinct cultural flavor of its own which makes for some fascinating setups. Be it a place like Calcutta or Simla for that matter. I often think of Rudyard Kipling and his intriguing tales or East of Suez by Alice Perrin which a friend of mine introduced to me sometime back. Mystical orders, sadhus, shaitans..even a horror story in this setting would be a blast to write. Plus there's the massive fortune of Kings. Maybe a treasure hunt, again an epic adventure to play out. Romance between a prince and princess or prince/nobleman falling for a European person and vice versa. Forbidden romances etc,

III. British Malta [1813-1964]

As for Malta, well Valletta. Need I say more?

Imperial China/Macau/Hong Kong

Another highly colorful setting. I can't help but think of a highly effective fish out of water scenario for this. As my plot Chinese Connection above reveals, it would be so brilliant to have a white Collar European actually embark upon this incredible land which was so different than iron curtain it is today under its imperial rule. Preferably post-Opium wars China which garnered western nations significant autonomy in specific regions. Maybe an opium deale who becomes fond of a whore, perhaps a merchant who takes shine upon a young boy...or a man on the hunt for a criminal who has vanished in depths of this vast nation full of people with some valuable artifacts...endless possibilities. I think I am somewhat influenced by Fu Manchu, a character which I find most entertaining with just how pulpy he is.

The Beat Generation

I think youth movements in general throughout history have shared the common thread of rebllion, rejection of outlooks of 'past generation' amongst other things laced with different kind of ideologies which gave them their distinct colors. The Beats were an interesting bunch with their non conformism, sexual liberation etc. and in several ways precursors to Hippies and the whole Summer of Love thing. Not to mention the influence which Jazz musicians which exerted on them. In a post-WWII USA I often think they were a generation which was neither belonging to the one which had been through World War II nor exactly post-World War II as well, but somewhere in between. [Which in turn makes me think of Maurice Ronet's character in Le Feu Follet!]. I am a huge admirer of Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs in particular. The possible plots can range anything from the road trips, unconventional lifestyle, a stylized exercise constructed out of experimetnal writing techniques.
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Pre-Made Characters
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Terry Squeeze
Name: Theresa Velasquez
Nickname: Terry Squeeze
Gender: F
Age: 34
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Orientation: Lesbian
Occupation: Plumber & Ex-Con

Likes: Women, Cigarettes, Beer, Working Out, Tattooes, Money, Con Games.
Dislikes: Men, Cops, Authorities, Liars, Addicts, Her Boss.
Personality: Terry is a strong woman. She has seen a lot and survived all of it to tell the tale. She takes shit from nobody and those who try, usually get burned by her acidic wit. She's aggressive and usually likes to call the shots. Has a serious weakness for damsels in distress and likes to play gentleman for women she's around. She's a smooth talker and is usually able to talk her way out of some rather difficult situations. But at the end of it, Terry's just a simple woman who likes to enjoy her life and all she wants is a good house and a pretty woman to keep her bed warm.

History: Terry Squeeze was born Theresa Velsaquez to father who was a construction worker and mother who was a waitress in a house which contained seven other  siblings in the city of Los Angeles. She was the second oldest kid in the family and since childhood was notorious for getting in the trouble, nearly getting expelled from school multiple times. Her rebellious behavior caused strained relationship between her and her parents and other family members. She started dealing drugs at the age of 16, dropping out of the school by next year. It was at the same time she was discovered in bed with her then girlfriend, Maria which led to her being kicked out of the house.

Theresa, by then nicknamed Terry Squeeze by the gang for which she worked as a pusher and was doing pretty well for herself by building good connections and even participating in other small scams like threatening or minor financial scams through which she built her reputation as a reliable woman to work with. She saw her share of ups and downs and was about to make a major drug deal which would've boosted her street cred like anything when it was busted by the cops and Terry along with few others landed in jail. She has spent last 7 years in jail and is now finally released on parole and plans to go straight this time around by getting a decent job in a small construction firm as a plumber and a painter.

Max Brucmann
Maxine Charlotte Brucmann

Name: Max Brucmann
Codename: Scheherazade
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10”
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair: Natural black, varies.
Eyes: Black, varies.
Orientation: Heterosexual, nature of her causes her to be flexible on occasions.
Family: Elizabeth Brucmann [Sister, 24], Charles Brucmann [Father, deceased.], Emanuele Brucmann [Mother, deceased.]
Nationality: Swiss-American
Occupation: Field Agent for Echelon
Languages: Fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Cantonese and Russian. Conversational Japanese, Arabic and Mandarin.
Skills: Excellent with most weapons and vehicles, tactical operations, high level of aptitude in problem solving, charismatic, well versed in Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai.

Likes: White Wine, Eastern Philosophy, Surrealism, Literature, Adrenaline Rush, Danger, Arthouse Cinema, Jungian Psychology, Privacy.
Dislikes: Unnecessary Violence, Bureaucracy, Snitches, Lying, Threats to her loved ones, Being controlled beyond a certain extent, Paranoia.

Personality: Some people are made into what they are, some are a product of their circumstance while some get to choose their destiny. Max is one such person who was in envious position of having everything in the world at her feet but the adrenaline junky inside her made her make the call that has made her one of most remarkable spies the muddled and often buried annals of the spy game has seen.

Max is the sort of person that you can count on, be it in her personal or professional life. She is the Miss Dependable who can fix a mess up if there's one. She's professional, cool, clinical and most importantly, loyal. Everything that one might want in an Echelon agent or a best friend. Ruthlessly cold blooded and efficient when it comes to her work, Max is more than capable of leaving her moral compass locked at home when it comes to her job, however when the rush of the mission ends and a job is accomplished, often she's left haunted by the deeds she has committed. Considered to be a natural reaction by her peers with the typical explanation that the ends justify the means, but in Max's case, the moral dilemma makes her pose an even bigger question.

Are the means really justified? She knows most of them deserve it, but the paranoid within her has made her question more than once whether she, in her expertise has been used as a tool to advance some other more subtle means? Being used as a pawn in someone's game is a thought that repulses her, being the furiously independent woman that she has always been. As a result of that, over the years she has grown paranoid, an aspect about herself that she strongly dislikes.

Her whole life, she has shown exceptional loyalty to Echelon and though not a product of propaganda that the agency likes to hammer its recruits with nor falling prey to false, idealistic notions of patriotism, having had her wake up call far more earlier than most of the others tend to do; Max looks upon her work as something she genuinely enjoys, having learned the sole grim reality of what she has become a part of.

That nothing is ever what it seems and the only thing that you can do, is to keep on turning the page because once you are in?

The only way out is death.

History: Max was born to Charles and Emmanuele Brucmann in a blue blooded family that can be best described as obscenely rich. Charles, a Swiss-American tracing his roots to Zurich owned a successful Oil Company, Brucmann Enterprises that held stakes in operations over Texas and Middle East and chain of exotic resorts named L'Ange Dor over the Luis Bunuel film, spread over Europe. While her mother was a small time actress from the same city who had few bit parts before retiring for good after marriage with Charles and moving to America.

Max's childhood was spent globe trotting before she was admitted in The American School in Switzerland, where her younger sister joined her few years later. At school, Max excelled in Soccer and International Baccalureate programs and exhibited a natural aptitude for learning languages, something that was highly encouraged as she went on to acquire more skills in that arena, adding Spanish and Italian to her repertoire of English, French and German.

Graduating from TASIS, Max went on to study International Relations at University of Basel, graduating before moving back to United States to be with her family. Unfortunately, couple of years after working for her father's company, both of her parents died in yachting accident near Tangier. Majority of their vast wealth was already converted into trust funds and equities in name of Max and Elizabeth, while everything else was left to both equally. Deciding mutually, sisters gradually sold stocks and most company shares while retaining few profit sharing options in takeovers that they allowed, giving themselves a lifetime of leisure for neither of them had any desire to have hassles and headaches of running a corporation, wanting to live life on their own terms.

However, Max wasn't the one to be sitting idle. It was at that time, searching for an unusual career path, she applied to Central Intelligence Agency for position of a junior analyst, owing to her expertise in various languages and educational background. Max was accepted but soon enough, upon analyzing her rising graph of performances during the basic training that every employee was expected to undergo, Max was offered an option to opt for Directorate of Operations and undergo training at The Farm if she desired to do so or go for the desk job that she had originally applied for.

A choice that she made and has both loved and regretted it over the subsequent years for good and bad things that have happened to her. DOO put her through Camp Peary and Harvey Point, grinding her through their complex training procedures before she was transferred to the secret arm of the intelligence services, Echelon.

Nika Tereshkova aka Styx
Nika Tereshkova aka Styx

Name: Styx
Real Name: Nika Tereshkova
Aliases: Claire Whitmar, Celeste Sautet, Reileen Himura
Age: 49, looks about 34
Height: 6'1”
Weight: 221 lbs [163 lbs body + 58 lbs implants]
Augmentations: Neural Implant, Heat Vision, Night Vision, X-Ray Vision, Enhanced Relfexes & Strength, Nervous System, Hand Razors.
Skills: Polyglot, Expert in variety of Firearms & Martial Arts, Basic Cyberspace Skills, Corporate Espionage, basically the kind of badass that you would want on your side.

Personality: Cool, detached, cranky, sarcastic with a wry view of world surrounding her. It's a decaying land and she wants out of the shithole at all costs. But the question that awaits her, where to? Over the years Styx has gradually sacrificed more and more of her humanity to stay ahead in the mercenary game. She's experienced and knows her value, but she also knows that it's a life on the edge. While she revels in danger and adrenaline rush it brings, she would rather go clean, have her history completely wiped out from every known record and live happily ever after. Except, fairytale endings are never in store for anybody in this world. She's a professional through and through. Though jobs Styx may undertake range from clandestine to downright illegal, she has a sense of morality beneath all of that, which helps her in operating and that, morality has a lot to do with her success as a mercenary for so long, a game where most people can't last beyond few years.

History: Styx, whose birth record, at least the last one known before the Zaibatsu that had groomed her, Kagawa-Weis Bioware Corporations imploded; was born as Nika Tereshkova to Nikita and Helga Tereshkova in Chiba City before being moved to Shinjuku at a young age.

Her father had been a loyal Zaibatsu man, working muscle for them for several years. Coming of age, she followed father's footsteps and stepped in the same game, as she exhibited a natural aptitude in combat and espionage which led to Kagawa-Weis hiring her in their armed forces division. Her life was that of a corporate loyalist, something she had found stifling over the years. At that point Kagawa-Weis considerable portion of Siberia and Japan. Styx was involved in certain significant operations for the Zaibatsu until a stock market crash triggered by a virus known as Happy Hours sent by a rival burned them into nothingness.

After the collapse, many of Kagawa-Weiss went freelance, essentially nameless ones as taking opportunity, several chose to go invisible and wiped their records out. Nika was one of them. She quickly developed street cred as a top notch mercenary. Word didn't take long to spread on the street anyways as she began to be offered more and more jobs. Her rep was fantastic. But the rate of innovation outweighed it. During a particularly lean period, she sold memories of first sixteen years of her life for a simstim module, giving them up for good for a noticeable price. So a large portion of her childhood has been wiped out except brief excerpts here and there.

Selling of those memories has left a void in her mind, that can't be filled by anything. Ever since she has sold those memories, Styx has found herself yearning for those bits or something close to experiences of a child, teenager etc. That, in turn has turned her into an Angelspit user. While not entirely dependent like some to the point of its lack crippling her, Styx is a regular user and amount of money she has to spend to acquire it is also one of the reasons why she has not been able to upgrade herself.

Over the years she has found her upgrades weakening. She needs a new upgrade and that demands money, something which Styx sorely lacks at this point. She works at Bunraku parlors as a high class escort and participates in cube fights to raise money while the jobs she has to work are medium grade work, a good few notches below what she would be hired for few years back. It's obvious, mere talent isn't good enough, it needs to be propelled by quality hardware.

Belinda MacHeath
Name: Belinda MacHeath
Age: 32
Sexuality: Bisexual
Job: Psychiatrist/Socialite

Likes: Mind Games, Psychology, Experimentation, Violence, Extreme BDSM, Jazz, High Fashion, Film Noir, Traveling, Alcohol.
Dislikes: Prudes, Conventions, Classical Music, Judgmental People, Lack of Appreciation.

Personality: Belinda is a complex person. Someone who enjoys toying with people just because she can. She's beautiful, charismatic and is capable of winning trust of those around her, learn of their secrets and then abuse it in worst ways imaginable. For her it is not about the ends or means but it is about the process and the thrill which she gains out of it. By nature she's a deviant; someone who thrives in shattering the norms and exploring the unknown however frightening or dangerous it might be. One might even say she does so because she's well, immensely bored with her privileged and unusually rich life that the excitement she seeks comes from the strange deeds but you can never be sure.

History: Belinda MacHeath was born to Christopher and Madelaine MacHeath. Christopher was a real estate baron whilst Madelaine was a former Ziegfeld Girl turned housewife who met Christopher during one of his sojourns in Europe during his youth before marrying him and moving to United States. Soon enough Belinda was born to them and when she was seven years old, Christopher died in a car accident when his car crashed into a truck being driven by a drunk driver leaving Madelaine and Belinda behind. The blow left her mother shattered and it wasn't until two years had passed that she actually felt comfortable even interacting with others; leaving Belinda mostly in care of nannies and caretakers during that time. Finally after two more years she remarried to Vincent Ashby a New York playboy she met whilst vacationing in her native France with Belinda. Little did she knew that Vincent was merely interested in her money and vast estate she represented. Belinda had never liked the man; perhaps it was instinct of a child perhaps she just had an innate gift to read people. But after few happy months of marriage; one evening at the pretext of fixing drinks for his wife and himself Vincent drugged his wife and had also drugged Belinda's milk which she utterly hated so had refused to drink before being put to bed, dumping it in bathroom.

It was deep at night that a thudding sound woke up Belinda when she could spot her stepfather drag knocked out body of her mother and then methodically slit her throat in the living room through the partially ajar door. That was the pivotal moment when everything changed for her. The realization that this devil had not only killed her mother but had planned to do the same to her as well just so he could continue his playboy ways infuriated her like anything. One might even say she went completely insane in a very...methodical way after that episode as she carefully tiptoed, rummaging through the storeroom procured her fathers old hunting knife and catching Vincent by surprise stabbed him repeatedly in stomach before making sure he was dead and then placing the weapon on him, called the cops in the morning. A formal investigation was conducted but not much was discovered before the case was shut down. A trust fund had been created in Belinda's favor by her mother after Christopher's death and as sole heir all the estate went to her anyways with her being allowed complete access when she turned 21.

Ever since she was young, Belinda exhibited unusual intellect and excelled in school, acing her exams with excellent grades. That translated into college as well where she majored in psychology before moving forth in the field of research where she was mentored by Dr. Anthony Colt who specialized in treating violent and volatile beings who often showcased destructive streaks. It was during this research that she wrote a paper named Human Nature: Serenity through Chaos specifically focusing on violent nature in humans and how controlled 'chaos' or violent psychopathology could be employed to actually achieve a 'calmer and more productive' state of mind and thereby, society on a grander scale by sucking out aggression through such things in order to prevent larger problems such as a large scale war or mass hysteria etc. which happen to be a product of slow deposition or 'build-up' of such thoughts and desires and also deviced a series of tests which she was given name MacHeath Scale which related to the level of experimental environments which a person might be put into in order to 'unleash' their suppressions to induce clarity of mind.

The notions however were dismissed on account of being too radical and impossible to put into practice on account of that. Belinda fought hard to make it count but in the end too much was stacked against her that she had to retreat quietly. This was the end of research field as far as she was concerned as she retreated back and opened her own private practice going about her own unique brand of treatments albeit nothing as unconventional as theories propounded in her papers. Her methods though unconvenitonal garnered results although she was always viewed with a lens of suspicion and danger. That was when she put up an advertisement in local daily for an assistant and what she got was something which she never had expected.

Francis Connor
Name: Francis 'Frank' Connor
Gender: Female
Identifies As: Male
Age: 32
Height: 5'10”
Weight: 153 lbs
Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Teacher and Social Worker/Amateur Writer
Religion: Atheist

Likes: Photography, Traveling, Heavy Metal, Electronica, Action Movies, Marijuana, Soccer, Porn, BDSM, Smoking, Literature, Quiet evenings at home, Comics, Old school video games.
Dislikes: Liars, Judgmental People, Hypocrites, Chick Flicks, Anything Feminine, Organized Religion.
Areas of Interest: Pacifism, Anarchism, Political Science, Eastern Philosophy, Working Out, Postmodernism.
Favorite Authors: Jack Kerouac, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Bret Easton Ellis, Jules Verne, Alan Moore, Kurt Vonnegut, William S. Burroughs, Douglas Coupland.

Family: Jean Connor (Father), Delta Connor (Mother), Mercedes Connor (Sister, deceased.), Michael Connor (Brother)

Personality: Frank is a friendly woman who is instantly a likable person. She firmly believes in the policy of live and let live and is the sort of person who would never really judge anyone for who they happen to be. She enjoys helping people and is known for her fierce determination in general. Once something is on her mind, catching her eyes like anything and the moment she knows she wants to pursue that thing, she would go for it zealously and won't feel at ease until that goal has been completed. Having seen some messed up things, she has a slightly cynical outlook towards things accentuated by a wry, sarcastic sense of humor. Francis has an immense dislike for violence or unnecessary aggression and is the kind who would like to avoid conflicts at all costs, always preferring peace and calmness over frenzy and mad bursts of rage. She tends to be slightly possessive about her near and dear ones and would gladly go to any lengths for the people she really cares about.

History: Francis Connor was born to Jean and Delta Connor who ran a small interior decoration firm. The oldest child amongst the three, she grew up as a loner. Often preferring to spend time on her own, ever since young age she picked up the hobby of reading which provided her own universe to get lost in. Books fascinated her and since childhood she has dreamed of becoming a writer one day. She had a special bond with her younger sister, Mercedes who was three years younger to Frank, who unfortunately died in an accident when they were riding on their bicycles in the neighborhood and a junkie's car struck them. The very accident in which Frank, then aged twelve, lost roughly three years of her memory due to damage she suffered causing retrograde amnesia. The event traumatized her to a great extent and it took a long time for her to recover from the shock. As she grew up, Francis had always found herself questioning her identity, for her something just didn't feel right. She hated the things girls around her were into, the silly acts they did, all those new fads they partook in. For her it didn't make any sense. She despised her periods, her breasts made her feel uncomfortable. However none of the things out of fear of being ridiculed she never really discussed with her parents or anybody else for that matter.

Upon graduating from the school, initially she wanted to enroll in Art School before finally deciding to become a teacher. It was around that time, she was introduced to Smile. A non-profit body which worked with underprivileged, old people and orphaned children. Frank actively took part in their work and eventually became an integral part of the body's team. She continued to stay with her family for a while before finally moving out with her boyfriend who has been with her for a long time now. She has a healthy relationship with her family and her brother and sees them often. Since her teens she has been producing her own output of stories and poetry. Some of it has been published in small time magazines and Frank wishes to pursue writing as a serious career. Throughout all these years, her internal struggle has not extinguished and has kept on rearing her head every now and then. The fact is, she has always seen herself as a male but has never really admitted the fact to herself one hundred percent until now. Sure she has always been a tomboy and even a butch as she hit adulthood, however the realization that she is at the complete end of the spectrum is something which she hasn't come to accept until recently to her own mind. Now the turmoil has become too much for her own good and an eruption is waiting to happen.

Ann Marie

Ann Marie

Name: Anna Maria (“Ann Marie”) Briganti (nee Gualtieri)

 Age: 48

Gender: Cis-Female

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Orientation: Bisexual

Family: Giovanni “Gio” (husband - Deceased), Carmela “Carm” (daughter), Giacomo “Jackie” (son)

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Italian

Occupation: Attorney/Mafia associate

Languages Spoken: English, some Spanish and Italian

Education: BA - Business Management University of Narragansett, JD - Merlyn University

Skills: Hand to hand combat, pistols, state property law, criminal law, schmoozing

Likes: Her daughter, smoking, seafood, high fashion, history

Dislikes: Her son, sexism, compromise

Personality: Ann Marie is tough, mean, unrelenting, and sarcastic. She's not a generally easy woman to deal with but everyone who does so seems to agree she's intelligent, crafty, and determined. What she lacks in personal charisma she more than makes up with her striking looks and fantastic fashion sense.

Kristina Schentinina

Kristina Valentina Schentinina

Name: Kristina Schentinina

 Age: 34

Gender: Female

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia

Current Residence: Hong Kong, West Berlin, Kiev

Family: Oleg Schentinina [Father], Nadia Schentinina [Mother]

Nationality: Russian

Ethnicity: 2nd generation Chinese-Russian

Personality Type: INTJ

Occupation: Assassin for Hire, former KGB Spy

Languages Spoken: Russian, Mandarin, French, German, English, Portuguese, Japanese

Education: BA In Economics from Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Masters from Lenin Military-Political Academy

Skills: Polyglot, Disguise, Expert in Jiu Jitsu, Comfortable with most weapons, improvising.

Likes: Money, The Good Life, High Fashion, History, Sociology, Hedonism

Dislikes: Sexism, Compromising, Do-gooders, Naïve patriotism

Personality: Cynical , sarcastic, hedonist and extremely self serving. At any given moment, Kristina has well being of only herself in mind and none other. She’s a consummate professional who likes to carry out commitments she has promised and has a reputation for being able to do so and of going to great lengths for that, giving her a reputation that is well deserved. But there is one thing she has learned, no alliance is permanent and if you hope to survive you need to buy and sell loyalties as situations demand. The politics no longer interests her as she finds everyone to be equally dirty, just that the mask that they put on is a different one. She’s not much for family anymore, out of fear that if she showed her face in Vladivostok now, it would be surefire death or trouble for them. She has faced enough shit and biased attitudes in her own life being a woman and of mixed ethnicity and that has been a contributing factor into making her a tough woman that she is today. She perceives life in motion perpetuum, seeing herself as a nomad for the rest of her time, as long as it might be.

History: Kristina was born to Nadia Schentinina a school teacher and Oleg Schentinina, professor of literature. Her life was for most part a pleasant one during her childhood. She exhibited unusual aptitude for information retention and problem solving, which also culminated into her being able to learn languages rather quickly, leading into a fascination that has eventually helped her in what she does today. After school she enrolled at Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok where she studied economics before enrolling in the armed forces during the changed policies in post 1960 environment.

Excelling there, she was plucked by the KGB and trained to become a field operative. Operating in some highly sensitive clandestine operations, the notions of patriotism that were hammered into Kristina since the day she was born were shattered for good when all she saw around her was greed. Figuring out it was better to look out for herself than perpetually dangling sword of a pointless death at smallest mistake or to become tool of the West in case of a defection, she went rouge in the mid 1970’s, surfacing in the murky underground market as a freelancer, offering her services to powerful business conglomerates, crime syndicates and intelligence agencies to get the jobs done which they had deemed impossible or couldn’t do in an ‘official’ capacity.

This has led to bizarre situation of her even being hired by her former employers on occasions even though she is still rated as a fugitive. There have been attempts on her life in past and Kristina knows she’s a hunted woman by several quarters, but she’s not an easy person to kill and the death she has left in her wake is a proof of that. Also, with the kills she had conducted for powerful people, she has often demanded intangible returns, ensuring a good life for herself and managing to tread the ropewalk of remaining alive even after what she has done in her life. After all, all that understanding of market forces had to be put to use somewhere.

Note: While set in cold war, the character can easily be tweaked for present day should prospective partners wish.

Darth Ira

Darth Ira
Name: Darth Ira
Prior Name: Shandra Thul
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 34 years
Height: 6'1”
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Natural Blue, now, Yellow
Home Planet: Alderaan
Midi-Chlorian Count: 11,972
Trained at: Jedi Temple, Coruscant, Valley of the Dark Lords, Korriban
Weapon: Twin Lightsabers that can be joined at hilts to form Double Bladed
Commonly Preferred Abilities: Midi-Chlorian Manipulation, Force Choke, Force Drain, Force Lightning, Consume Essence, Force Crush

Personality: Even prior to her succumb to the Dark Side, Shandra Thul was an ambitious woman, perhaps a trait that she inherited from her parents and held a pragmatic attitude towards things, both things which she could  feel intensify during her early forays into exploring dark side of the force. When she finally gave in to the darkness within, Darth Ira also discovered something important that many practitioners of dark side had failed to grasp at.

In their relentless search for power, often defined by something traumatizing, they had forgotten to use the art of manipulation to its maximum potential. So consumed by the anger they often were that in their fits of rage they lost the focus on the long term prospects. Fear and control were more potent, more powerful than destruction. A single swift blow is capable of achieving far more than chaotic destruction. That's the philosophy she operates upon.

Her fears are that of failure of defeat or simply being not good enough for which she considers herself to be destined by now i.e. being the Dark Lord of the Sith being unable to climb higher or hitting a glass ceiling in her pursuits to consolidate maximum amount of power.

For her, the ends shall always justify the means, which makes the modus operandi she is going to employ and unpredictable one, turning her into a formidable foe. Ira's more sustained and focused approach also gives the dark energy within her a far more proper channel, letting her harness it in a more effective manner and also without causing internal destruction of her body as it has occurred to many individuals who wielded the dark force in past.

That is to say, Darth Ira would not hesitate in wrecking havoc when she feels that's what it's going to take, but her motives, intentions are never direction, anything and everything she says or does forming a part of a labyrinth that many have found themselves to have been trapped into, never to get out of her web.

History: Shandra Thul was born to Tannis Thul and Ramona Thul, sole daughter of prominent politicians on Alderaan. Her abilities as force sensitive came to light slightly later than they were noted and young ones were recruited at the Jedi Academies when a visiting Jedi was able to sense the strong presence of force within the surroundings of the mansion, prompting him to collect her blood sample revealing a high midi chlorian count.

Taken to Coruscant Jedi Temple at the very epicenter of the Old Republic and the Jedi Order, Shandra was trained by the Jedi Master Ro-Tahn Loran. Exhibiting above average capabilities and considered a promising young prospect, she was eventually taken on numerous missions as she grew older and came of age. Journeys to quelling various threats followed. However, Shandra having an avid interest in the history had found herself to be fascinated by the ways in which the force could be bent, manipulated and new ways of its use could be achieved.

That's when she began to feel her first dissatisfactions with the Light Side which she felt, severely constricted the potential that lay in the force that if unlocked could lead to so much more. That secretly led Shandra to begin experimenting on her own secretly with some of the darker elements of the force, a gateway she had found. The second defining moment came when this came to light and thus, she was declined knighthood which was a surefire thing until the discovery and disgraced.

Forced to continue to be a Padawan until she had rectified her ways and conquered the darkness within, Shandra resented this. It was during one of the ventures at during the cosmos when a strong dark side presence had been sensed on Tatooine. Given the desolate nature of the planet, concerns were expressed that something might be up, a larger gathering and potentially initiation of a hostile takeover. At Tatooine came Shandra's first real brush with the Dark Side as the base was indeed discovered and skirmish ensued. However, when she was battling with her master Ro-Tahn Loran with Darth Malingus that she came face to face with the immense potential of the dark side.

Slaying Ro-Tahn Loran, Shandra became Malingus's apprentice as the Sith were forced to retreat. Now renamed Darth Ira, her training resumed, sensing her dissatisfaction, anger and most importantly frustration at not being allowed to achieve what Darth Ira believed to be her maximum potential, Darth Malingus pushed her to her very limits, in sum allowing Darth Ira to unleash the fury bubbling within. She became his most trusted aide and played significant role for Sith before gaining his mantle upon defeating him and executing him in combat.

Since then, she has established herself as a permanent thorn in the side of Jedi as hers is a name that is spoken in hushed tones and with fear in various corners of galaxy.

Irina Rubev
Irina Valentina Rubev

Name: Irina Rubev
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0”
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Green
Orientation: Bisexual
Languages: Fluent in English and Russian. Conversant in Ukrainian.

Likes: Smoking, Alcohol, Electronica, Fashion, Power, BDSM, Literature
Dislikes: Disorder, Chaos, Unnecessary Violence, Lack of Loyalty, Law Enforcement.

Personality: Irina is a classic case of an INTJ: Introversion, Intuition, Thinking & Judgment. She's a driven woman whose primary driving force in every decision she undertakes is logic and whether any call, no matter how harsh or ruthless it might be, is going to serve an end or not. She would shed rivers of blood in the most ruthless and efficient manner if need be, but only if its going to achieve some purpose and with a keen foresight on things in general, rarely allowing sheer impulse to drive her. In her everyday dealings, one might even consider her to be a pacifist.

She does not see herself as a criminal or an empress despite of having all the power of an autocrat in her sphere, but perceives her role more as a manager of resources and people.

The detached cool allows her a perspective that people usually lack, being able to remove any semblance of emotion from her thought process, a technique she has gradually mastered over the years makes her an extremely formidable enemy and bestows with a strong sense of intuition. Though she might seem like an extrovert due to the vibrant and quite noticeable presence that she makes in The Hacienda, Irina's case is of someone who is very much in the public eye but perched atop in her own private Ivory Tower.

Little is known about her personal life and no information ever escapes. Decadence is a well known fact, but just who is the woman behind it all? Is she humane? Is she a mere machine in every aspect of life, are facets that remain hidden from the public eye. That is to say, Irina does enjoy living life to the fullest, has her share of passions that she indulges into, in and out of the public eye. She's quite the charismatic woman, that is capable of commanding attention of any by merely walking in an through her sheer presence alone.

This doesn't necessarily make her exactly a likable person, but its something that she doesn't give a fuck about as Irina isn't here to please anyone except to retain control of her fortress and make sure the wheels keep rolling. She was born for this and is someone who has actually fulfilled her prophecy.

History: Irina was born to Vasili Rubev and Nika Pushkin, a model that Vasili met during one of his sojourns in France and someone who became his third wife in matter of months; in 1974. Soon enough Nika moved to Glacier View, Vasili's undisputed empire. Since childhood, Irina grew in the family and though unusual for a girl to be put into the grim business, Vasili actually pushed and encouraged her to be part of the game much to Nika's dismay and protests. Nika was gunned down by the Tongs when Irina was a child.

Growing up, gaps between her siblings were vast and though there was obligatory family gatherings and dinners, Andrei and Anatoli were already forging their own worlds and in Andrei's case, his own empire by the time Irina was even born. She was the one who perhaps spent most time with Vasili in her childhood, a privilege extended to her out of being the youngest child of the family perhaps. Nobody particularly expected her to delve in the affairs of the Bratva with such zeal as she grew into a teenager and exhibiting a keen eye for business.

Educated in Europe and having always lived life of plenty, Irina, much like her brothers was groomed with a single goal in mind. To rule over an empire. She has embraced it thoroughly, working as an interrogator from her youth when Andrei used to give her contaminated water from Lake Knox to force feed the defectors or sellouts until they coughed up truth. Her brazen approach even in the face of most gruesome things proved to be a test of her character over the years, but nobody expected her to survive when she was given the lucrative Hacienda at young age of 25.

But Irina excelled, partly due to her own strategic acumen and genius and equally out of her absorbing her father's old core trio into her own Bratva. These were loyal men who had foresight and stratagems to help Irina in her decision making during those turbulent early years when Hacienda was attacked time and again in an attempt to wipe out who was perceived as the weakest Rubev. It was when those who dared to attack had a taste of their own blood and faced some serious humiliation that they not only began to not only be careful but also universally respect her and see Irina a one of the equals among them. A formidable force to be reckoned with and one, who if had ambition could make a bid for takeover of Glacier View.

She has remained despondent about capturing other regions and probably always shall, lest something drastic happens that forces her to make that sort of call.

Tattoos: 1. Phoenix rising with a circle of flame surrounding it on her back. This one was tattooed on Irina in 2004, when after 5 years had passed upon Hacienda being taken over by her and its meteoric rise that nobody expected. An honor that was bestowed upon her by compatriots in Russia, inked by an old Bratva man with them for last several years in St. Petersburg.

2. A dagger in shape that resembles a cross. Symbolizing a cold blooded killer, who is driven by a moral compass, on her left forearm, 1999 in Glacier View, right before Vasili's death.

3. Qui est Veritas?, Latin text on her right forearm, summer of 1990, personal preference, Glacier View.

4. An eye inside a triangle on her lower neck, to indicate her omnipresence and that she shall have an eye on you no matter what, Moscow, 2006.

5. Eight point stars on both of her knees to indicate her role as the Pakhan of her Bratva, 1999, right after Vasili's death. Glacier View.

Julia Molyneux

Julia Molyneux

Name: Julia Molyneux

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 165 lbs

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Orientation: Pansexual

Birthplace: Marseille, France

Current Residence: Albatross Island, Pacific Ocean

Family: Pierre Molyneux [Father, deceased], Constance Molyneux nee Brannagh [Mother, deceased].

Nationality: None as of now. Formerly, British.

Ethnicity: French-English

Occupation: Sky Pirate

Languages Spoken: French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese

Skills:Leadership, Polyglot, Proficient in Hand to Hand Combat, Comfortable with most weapons, improvising, all around scary badass.

Likes: Money, The Good Life, Hedonism, Adventure.

Dislikes: Sexism, Compromising, Do-gooders, Naïve patriotism

Personality: Julia is an intense woman. A grizzled veteran of the world who has seen a lot and has survived a lot. She’s mean, unrelenting, extremely driven and proud. However, there have been moments when her pride has gotten in way of better judgment in past. She’s someone who in many ways embodies power and thoroughly enjoys wielding that power.

History: Julia Molyneux was born to Pierre Molyneux a French diplomat and Constance Brannagh, an English heiress when romance bloomed between the two of them during Pierre’s posting in London. Her mother was very much active in suffragettes movement and since young age she was encourage to forge her own path which led to her becoming part of the first women who were recruited in the armed forces and eventually ended up joining the RAF., flying numerous missions for the glory of the Empire all over the globe. During one of which she lost an eye.

However, as she found out the hard way, all was not as fine and glorious as it was often made out to be and during a particularly nasty mission in Africa in the grand game between world powers that continental wars had become she was simply abandoned on account of orders of the higher ups due to her refusal to bomb a strategic location primarily populated by civilians and instead, she was shot down from the skies for that specific thing.

Crashed and left alone without any of her company and thought to be dead. Captured by the tribes in Rhodesian forests, Julia managed to survive and subsequently make it outside with the help of another person who was captured. The man, Clarence ‘The Ace’ McCarthy was a pirate who invited her to join the crew that he was part of. With her life in the world she had known all but erased, belief in everything shattered, Julia agreed and joined the fray and began to plunder the skies with the crew of the ship The Howling Executioner, then under the control of Captain Dirk Lescott. Ambitious as she was, Julia’s knowledge and ways led to her forming a faction under her own command, resulting in a mutiny in which she became a decisive victor and she has led crew ever since. She was also the one who discovered the Albatross Island, named after the ship that she built after Howling Executioner and has made the largely uninhabited island her personal base of operations.
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Reserved Stories
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Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes - Reserved for Airindel
Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes

Genre: Crime Drama
Pairing: M/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Wife
Seeking to Play: Rich 'The Professor' Weaver
Themes: 70's Culture, Unrequited Love, Criminal Life, Psychopaths
Inspiration: The Getaway, Elmore Leonard, Jim Thompson, Hunter S. Thompson

He has waited for five long years and finally, the day is here. The day when the infamous 'The Professor' gets out on parole upon doing his time for a robbery that got botched because of their contact man for delivery of money bottling it at the last juncture.

Five long years and every single day he has found motivation, courage to go through because he knew the day he would walk out, she would be there waiting for him and she indeed is, his wife.

Now the two of them are reunited and they set on a spree of murder and revenge unlike any other. The aim here is to explore not only their relationship but to see the world through eyes of both characters. He has been behind the bars for half a decade, during which world changes significantly, from Summer of Love, the hope of it all, the height of counterculture, the free wheeling use of LSD, he's into this world that's familiar and yet has changed in certain manners that is entirely new to him.

He's a former professor of psychology who had been advocating some unique methods in past to treat the conditions and researching on the same. Hence, the nickname 'The Professor'. A distinguished man who's not your usual criminal, possessing a high degree of finesse blended with a distinct touch of deviancy about everything he does.

Her, she's always seen him as the only man in her life, a former student of his affair with whom and experimenting with psychoactive substances cost him his job before he married her. Everything else about her is totally up to you.

I choose the 70's decade because well, it was an interesting time. The counterculture's hangover was still there, people still believed in a ton of things they won't today. Plus the whole style, architecture, music, fashion sense and most importantly cinema from that era was quite cool and it would be great to have a story set in early 70's I felt. Along the way there shall be numerous NPC's and I do have ideas for good few of them ranging from fellow criminals to victims they swindle, to lawmen and so on.

The Devil's Advocate - Reserved
The Devil's Advocate

Genre: Crime Drama, Black Comedy
Pairing: M/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Lawyer
Seeking to Play: The Mob Prince
Themes: Opposites, The Criminal Life
Inspiration: Jim Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, Eastern Promises

He was a Mob Prince in his mid 20's, youngest of four brothers. Someone who was cunning, ruthless and running successfully the small operation that he was handed. But at the same time, he was mercurial, his extravagant lifestyle, all the bombast and his carefree, playboy ways attracting unwanted attention that his elders despised. But the point is, he's efficient at what he does, giving him a slight reprieve that has lasted so far, but when he goes too far in punishing someone when a drug deal goes wrong, the higher ups aren't too pleased with sensation it causes.

She was daughter one of elders, a lawyer with a razor sharp wit who in short span of time had become a crucial component of the team that handled the litigation front for the Mob. An intellectual. They had grown up together, not by their own choice, but out of being part of the closely knit clique that their families had been. She disliked him for being a charismatic asshole while he thought she was a prude, a pretentious person who didn't deserve his respect.

The elders decide to put him to guard her both as punishment to him when her old guard is gunned down in a drive by shooting, pushing his rank down by several notches while at the same time trusting his abilities. She finds it ridiculous that she has to be around someone shallow like her while he's miffed over having to spend time babysitting someone, in particular a person he doesn't have much liking for.

They would have witty exchanges, caustic even at times. But should come to warm up to each other. Perhaps an attempt is made on her life by a rival clan with some interests tied up in a court case where she's representing the mob and he's there to save her life. In that, in the defiance that she exhibits in the face of it all, he's able to appreciate her courage as both of them come to see that there's more to the other person than what they initially imagined to be. I would like for them to become best of friends slowly before becoming eventual lovers with him finally taking over the mantle and her as his equally cunning right hand all told with a really, really dark sense of humor.

The mob here could be anything from Bratva, Mafia, Yakuza,'s open ended and for us to figure out. Each option represents its own share of cultural paradigm and in that, gives us something unique to play with. The potential story arcs could involve turf wars, law enforcement agencies shutting their significant operations down, infighting that they might have to quell...many options. This game is not as fully fleshed out as some of the others, so it would require potential taker to be willing to brainstorm extensively and work the nuances of the story beyond the broad strokes here.

The Lead of a Lifetime - Reserved for Wistful Dream
The Lead of a Lifetime

Genre: Romance, Sports Drama
Pairing: F/F or F/M
Forum: Light or Bondage
Seeking to Play: The Racer
Role Sought: The Journalist or Documentary Filmmaker
Themes: Overcoming the odds, Chasing the Dream

The Racer is the first woman chosen by her team to race in Superbike Championships. When the season is stopping at a particular race track [we can pick any], The Journalist, working for a local newspaper is sent to cover the story as one of her first assignment at her new job. She's not too thrilled, having little interest in the whole deal.

But that's where she spots the Racer for the first time who in a first actually manages to win that particular race, assuming it was a guy until she takes off her gear and climbs the podium. Curiosity piqued, she meets the Racer afterwards, deciding to make her the subject of her story. Finding her story intriguing, The Journalist decides to follow her throughout the season and eventually romance develops between the two of them.

It's pretty straightforward but I think there's plenty of scope for developing it the way we want to and that's part of the reason why I haven't made the advert very thorough. For instance your character could be a documentary filmmaker instead of a Journalist looking for some new subject.

Secondly, I by no means want Racer to win everything or something. If anything, the beginning race would be where she has peaked in the season and eventually she finishes somewhere in the middle. It's more about the heart, overcoming the obstacles and of course, the prejudice, breaking ground etc. and exploring these themes from her perspective.

My knowledge of motorcycle racing isn't very thorough nor is my knowledge of vehicles, but I have done some research, am always up for researching more. But I would like to stress that it's more about the characters than technicalities of things.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Reserved for Falanor
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Neo Noir
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Rich Man
Seeking to Play: The Cat Burgler
Themes: Adventure, Life on the Edge, Flirting with Danger
Inspiration: Neo Noir

She's an art student who moonlights as cat burglar with the name Nyx. Often leaving her calling card after she has burgled a place, or even announcing days in advance that she's going to burgle a particular place and succeeding at it. Her specialty? Rare paintings and pieces of art that fetch a vast fortune at underground markets. She's effective, smug to the point of outright arrogant and proud of what she herself considers to be her own art.

When a never before seen Monet is discovered, hidden away in Germany during World War II, it's brought for sale in the open market. The painting causes massive intrigue in relevant circles and in ensuing auction it's purchased by The Man after a fierce bidding war. He installs it in his private gallery and the day he does so, she sends him a reminder that he's on her target and she will strike on certain day.

She has prepared for it methodically as usual. She enters his mansion, everything seems to be going according to plan, but this time round, Persephone has met her match for he has laid a trap for her. The painting is somewhere else entirely and all she has is a cheap knock off. Through his own meticulous planning, he captures her much to her dismay. But instead of giving her away to cops, he gives her an offer.

To remain what is her current business, except in his employ and to accumulate the goods for him. For he has his eyes set on certain things and wishes to expand his collection at a very rapid rate. Reluctant and with no choice left, she agrees to that, kicking off a series of globe trotting adventures where she is able to experience challenges she had never imagined before. Slowly but certainly, he finds beguiled by her charms, falling for the significantly younger woman, almost half his age.

But she's a free bird and though with remarkable comfort, it's still a caged life. How long would she remain his willing thief? Are even his, a libertine and notorious playboy as one they come, feelings real? And what about the private investigator hired by one especially ruthless stock exchange baron that they have burgled, who has been on their tail now?

Revenge - Reserved for Falanor

Genre: Neon Noir
Pairing: F/M, F/F or F/F/F or F/M/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Michael Chambers, Jessica Chambers
Seeking to Play: Angelica Schlingensief
Themes: Blackmail, Corruption, Power Play
Inspiration: J. G. Ballard

Michael Chambers Michael Chambers is a high school senior, popular among his ilk, he's one of the bright stars and is looking forward to college. His mother, Jessica is a hardworking woman who runs her own business and has single handedly raised Michael, making substantial sacrifices along the way. Their life is seemingly perfect.

That is, until Angelica Schlingensief sole heir of the Schlingensief fortune who had left the city years ago right after her graduation has returned. And she has also returned with a purpose.

For there's a past, when Jessica had bullied Angelica when they were in high school. Years have passed since then and their lives couldn't have been more opposite. Jessica's life hasn't exactly been a fairy tale while Angelica, the blue blooded trust fund baby, went on to college, worked as stock market analyst and has had a life of comfort for most part. A fortune in her name etc. Think your classic older femme fatale. Where middle age has hit Jessica, Angelica is still the glamorous one, having morphed into a swan from an ugly duckling that she was bullied as in school.

She would sink her claws in the thing that Jessica finds most precious, her son Michael and pry him away from her before destroying him, manipulating him by playing him against his mother and thus, drawing her out. Her goal is to humiliate both of them and have revenge for all that Jessica had put her through back in the day.

Some things you never let go of. Some things you never forget. Sometimes, revenge is the only closure you have.


So, here's the advert. I have no conclusion in mind for this and it could go any way really. The potential supporting characters I can see are other people in lives of all principle characters. Though mother is conceived as single parent, she could easily have a husband or even the parent character could be switched to male or the son could be switched to daughter should you wish.

One prominent idea I would like to explore is in order to release son from her clutches, Angelica demands a similar servitude both of sexual and non sexual nature from the parent, effectively developing means of blackmailing both.

The directions where we can take this is very open. While the element of seduction and sex will play a part in the story, I want a deeper exploration of the mind games that are laid out, and overall character development to accompany the same. Angelica is not afraid of going to any lengths to get what she wants will push the Chambers to their very limits.

Escape from Singapore - Reserved for Falanor
Escape from Singapore

Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Pairing: F/Any
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Authority Figure + Others
Seeking to Play: Cobra + Others
Themes: Race Against Time, Dystopia
Inspiration: Escape from New York, Tokyo Gore Police

2154 AD

The world has changed dramatically and a new world order has reasserted itself as World War III emerged at the turn of the century as a result of escalating population, polar caps meltdown, rise in terrorism, unfettered capitalism and host of other problems that were not paid enough heed in time.

There exists a union most unlikely between Russia and USA, effectively creating a singular state which is a puppet democracy propped up by megacorporations.

Japan, China and India among other smaller nations in the region have unified into a pan Asian military power that is a counterweight to the brutally capitalist Russo-American state.

Middle East was nuked during WW III, the world has moved on to alternative energy resources with oil being obsolete for most part. South America received extensive damage and is occupied by American forces while Europe though free in theory, remains under occupation.

America retained its control over smaller islands in Asia Pacific region and as the world reshaped itself at the end of the war, a host of problems emerged. The biggest being new diseases, new mutations due to various vicious biochemical weapons of war such as bombs targeting people with specific genetic traits and such were utilized. This led to the biggest waves of diseases recorded after World War II with heavy body count, while among those who were infected, few were able to develop immunities, but no definitive cure nor a vaccine could ever be developed.

This, in effect led to a quarantine zone being created in Singapore where also the most notorious criminals were dumped, left to die as there is precious little that can be done to control the massively rising crime levels. The island is surrounded by army bases, a massive wall several meters high is constructed all around it. Nobody knows how so many people have remained alive inside despite of the initial quarantining when there were severe viral outbreaks.

When President of Russo-American State [I really need to find a nifty name for it.] or even some important authority figure, say head an important corporation is flying over it for an diplomatic visit in Vietnam, their plane gets hijacked and it ends up crash landing bang in the middle of Singapore. What once used to be a ridiculously organized and advanced city, now is a dystopia where decay is the norm. With less than 24 hours to mount a rescue and there being little scope for an out and out assault due to the VIP being held hostage.

At the same time, a new prisoner is being transported in. A former military operative named Cobra who was tried and found guilty of treason when she refused to bomb a group of children purely because they were 'enemy'. What makes her unique is not only her decorated career but also that she is the only one in the vicinity with an immunized system, for no one from the 'outside' has went inside the walls since the quarantine occurred. She's given option for a clean break if she saves this important personnel.

So begins her mission and a race against time that she cannot afford to lose.


Escape from New York is one of my favorite films of all time and this is effectively a recycling of it born out of my desire to do a crazy homage of sorts to it lol, albeit in a different location and culling influences from strands of Japanese extreme cinema of Miike or Sogo Ishii, creating a hybrid of sorts. I was thinking that along with its on social structure, this world behind the walls probably has developed distinct subcultures, some unusual mutations among its inhabitants, a whole different civilization of punks, burnouts and outcasts in a dystopia. Crazy new cults, biker gangs, techno fetishists it'll all be in there and so much more.

Why Singapore?

I think Singapore is effectively a modern day dystopia on an ideological level. It would be a nightmare to live in a state that is almost totalitarian with its notion of a capitalist utopia that it purports itself to be, but in effect is so far off the spectrum. I find it haunting how tightly controlled it is in every conceivable regard. William Gibson's brilliant Disneyland With Death Penalty being a very apt description of the island state.

All this backdrop makes it a unique place for something of this sort to take place in my opinion.

So, your character can be anyone and totally up to you. All I ask is that they be someone important. All the while, both of us shall play various characters that'll provide for interactive fun. I leave this facet open and vague in advert so that we can brainstorm and engaged in fund world building together.

The Adventures of Lady Blackhawk - Reserved for Falanor
The Adventures of Lady Blackhawk

Genre: Dieselpunk
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Ace & The Kid
Seeking to Play: Lady Blackhawk
Themes: War, Over the Top Action, Black Comedy
Inspiration: Iron Sky, Retrofuturism, Piecraft, Pulp Fiction

The war may have been over but now the world stands on the brink of another disaster. A heavy price was paid for it by all the humanity as the entire order crumbled, leading to rise of gangs in the wasteland and colossal number of defectors from the armed forces forming various pirate havens. The very future of human race hangs in balance now.

Are we to remain civilized or are we to be savages?

Lady Blackhawk and her companions The Ace and The Kid, each with an intriguing story behind them are the ones that stand between the absolute disaster and peace as they waltz around the world. She, the most fearless female flyer the world has ever seen and first of her kind. He, a grizzled veteran of psychic wars who is given his nickname because of the ace of spades scrawled over his beloved plane.

Together with the Kid, a child prodigy and mechanic most brilliant they shall combat all the terrors ranging from Lovecraftian gods, Neo Nazis, Crazy Communists, Aliens, Brute Capitalistic Corporations, obsessed Luddites and occasionally, Dinosaurs along with god knows what else. Lady Blackhawk knows how to distinguish assholes from innocent and she punishes assholes!

She's fearless.
She's brave.
She's justice.
She's Lady Blackhawk!


Okay, so if the main advert wasn't pulpy enough, this is meant to be an action oriented dieselpunk romp taking place in a world that is as gritty as it is bleakly humorous. I am going to ask my partner to go all out on the creative-o-meter here and work with me in creating something amusing and quirky. I enjoy Cyberpunk greatly [and virtually every eventual -punk offshoot that has spawned in the wake of it over the decades.] and had when I saw that image, I couldn't help but think of something of this sort and so, here it is.

Cloak of Feathers - Reserved for Wistful Dream
Cloak of Feathers

Genre: Fantasy
Pairing: F/M or F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Prince or Princess
Seeking to Play: The Warrior
Theme: Machiavellian Politics, Femdom, Ageplay, Culture Clash
Inspiration: Heavy Metal, The Sword track of the same name

Kingdom of Mordina has been engaged in war with Shantilla since last several generations with nobody really emerging as victor. Until finally during the reign of current King and when King Praetor takes the throne in Shantilla upon his uncle's death, a truce is made that has a final boundary drawn between two lands with disputed region being declared neutral territory. There's air of goodwill and peace all around and amid that, Royalty of Mordina, including the young Prince Gabriel is to visit Shantilla.

Preparations for the visit are underway and the mood in general is of a festive nature. That is when one of the Mordinian guards at the outposts spots a figure wandering aimlessly in the neutral land where nobody is supposed to venture before the figure attempts to climb over the walls only to be nabbed by Mordinian guards. It's quite obvious she's from Shantilla, the armor itself is more than enough to give the idea along with her mannerisms.

She says she wishes to see the King for she has something important to tell that ought to be listened to. Taking her for a lunatic, they are about to deport her back to where she came from, until their captain is able to sense the focus with which the female knight is speaking and though bloody and bruised, she appears very much in her senses. He contacts the ministers, who in turn drag her to court to be put before the king for judgment.

Turns out she comes with a warning that a plot is in place to kill Prince Gabriel, King and the entire royal entourage before waging an absolute war and use the shock factor to their favor. Praetor has killed his uncle and claimed throne to himself. A woman of high honor, coming from a blue blooded family that went back several generations, when she learned of this backstabbing plot, she tried to oppose it, only  for Praetor to call for her execution. She fought her way out, barely making it over in the neutral territory and now she has divulged the truth.

Most don't believe it, deriding her despite her warnings and she's left imprisoned for she has no proof. That is, until even the word from the spies from Shantilla confirms the same, leading decoys being sent by Mordina's royal house as well. Only  for the carriage to be sacked brutally en route and occupants killed. Therefore, the truce collapses and once again, that stalemate situation is back. This is where first chapter of the story ends.

King confronts the warrior, asking what she wants. Her answer is simple, a sanctuary and to be a part of Mordinian forces for the service she just rendered, stating she can't bear loyalty to someone who is metaphorically raping everything her own land has ever stood for. The King hesitates, but is persuaded after what she just did. Over the years, she rises through the ranks, actually proving herself as an able and loyal warrior for Mordina's forces.

But it's when she saves Gabriel's younger brother, Lucas' life when an attempt is made on his life by unnamed assassins that she catches King's attention once again. He requests her to become his bodyguard when he learns of how Lucas' own guards floundered completely and succumbed to death with remarkable ease. She hesitates, preferring the life on the borders much more but it's something that she can't refuse. Accepting the offer, she becomes guard to the young prince and also his mentor. I see Lucas someone who is a bit cocky, having an overestimation of himself and not overly thrilled at being protected by a woman in what is very much a patriarchal society. But over the time begins to see just how effective she is, beginning to appreciate her qualities while she is able to see beyond his surface as well.

The Knight has a past that's shrouded in mystery, something that she refuses to talk about. She has her demons that haunt her greatly which are unknown to anyone. Maybe her own family was assassinated when Praetor came to power, maybe she has some other moral burden which gnaws at her i.e. not being able to do anything/being too late when the very King she had sworn to protect was killed by other members of Kingsguard in her absence.

There shall be constant looming threat of war which eventually shall happen. Drama, political intrigue and all the good stuff. I see Mordina as a state that's more about business, prosperity, rich in resources than a military state. It's not without its forces, but is more a well rounded society which is strongly patriarchal in nature, making the Knight stand out like a sore thumb. As opposed to that, Shantilla is larger in area, poorer compared to Mordina where a larger class divide exists. It has a history of coups but had experienced a long period of stability lasting good few centuries until recent uprising and sudden shift in power dynamics.

As ever, I offer a half concrete world here for us to play in and build upon. Everything above can be tweaked any which way me and my potential partner would see fit. It's nothing more than a skeleton, mass of concepts so to speak for us to build a cohesive story out of.

This can also be played as a F/F game with Knight being asked to be a bodyguard to Princess.

Stormbringer - Reserved for Wistful Dream

Genre: Fantasy
Pairing: M/F
Forum: NC-H or Extreme
Role Sought: Princess
Seeking to Play: Targ
Theme: Warlords, Stockholm Syndrome, Barbarians
Inspiration: Heavy Metal, Luis Royo

Targ is a barbarian warlord and the most feared one, with his vicious army that has raised havoc all over the vast lands of Ilyria. His is a name that's feared. There have been times when his men have passed through the gates of some merchant states, they have been held open, giving them a free pass at anything they want in exchange for not absolute sacking the place. Nobody knows where he came from or what his origins are.

However, Targ is not an expansionist, instead he is a nomad, constantly moving from one adventure to another. He's ruthless, cunning and quite simply a thoroughly unlikeable character. Having wandered for a long time, he now yearns to settle. He has set his eyes on the prosperous kingdom of Shalom. It's a state that's rich in resources, particularly gold.

Initially he asks Shalom's king Astriedax for hand of his daughter by sending a messenger, only to have messenger beheaded and his offer declined rudely and so, he sacks Shalom. After a fierce war,  Targ's men finally take the small kingdom and he beheads Astriedax in the very hall from where the man ruled. Now he intends to make the princess his, whether she likes it or not. Our story shall kick off at the point when Princess is brought before Targ by his men and he makes his intentions clear. Claiming her in the very quarters, he proclaims himself new King, making his next foray in his plans of domination.

There shall be heavy element of non consensual and extreme bondage/torture as Targ shall not only make the Princess submit to him, but utterly break her will, redefining her, showing her that she belongs by his side in his harem. There shall be other political games that would come in play in the future after the above mentioned first story arc comes to an end. The Princess can attempt to escape, maybe helped by a surviving priest who was a loyalist to king, so many ways we could twist it.

Subsequent story arcs could consist of Princess actually coming to terms with her status and helping Targ in expansion of his empire, or something along the lines, but I would like to leave those aspects open for discussion with potential partner. Princess character is entirely up to my partner, all I would want for her to be a woman of class and innocent for Targ would claim that innocence and deflower her.

The game shall kick off in a very much smut heavy form, but I would really like for it to evolve into something much more than that as we continue to add more and more layers to the story. All the names and the title are of course changeable, I added them because I couldn't really think of anything else while writing the game advert.

The Six Strings that Drew Blood - Reserved for Airindel
The Six Strings That Drew Blood

Genre: Acid Western
Pairing: M/M
Forum: NC-Exotic or Extreme
Role Sought: The Priest
Themes: The Grotesque, Moral Burdens, Forbidden Lust, Supernatural, Horrors of Mind

The Wild West, 1880's. Town of Milton is one of the many boomtowns dotted on the map of the country in the state of Texas. Railroads and mining is the norm. But also wandering about are the strange creatures that wander in the night. Bloodsucking vampires that populated these desolated landscapes, at times even turning the entire towns into ghost towns at a single go with their clans that have been engaged in clandestine wars with each other.

Some of these vampires have evolved in their own way. Some can walk in sunlight but are weakened in it and have extra thick skin due to that, some are unable to take a human/close to human form at all and take refuge in caves, coming out only when its time to feed.

Lincoln 'The Loner' Rawley is a dhaphir. A half blood vampire . Think someone akin to Vampire Hunter D, who has wandered around the west for over half century since he was turned during the time his coach was attacked and he narrowly escaped before being infected with a bite. He's an enigma, one who is almost devoid of his emotions. His past, is a mystery that is known only to him. Now Lincoln has his eyes set on town of Milton as reports emerge of people vanishing in manners most peculiar. He rides in the place, establishing himself in town inn and all. His goal is simple. To wipe out a particular vampire clan that he has been on the hunt for a long, long time. What this vampire clan is can be figured out by me and my partner.

Most of the town still dismisses notion of creatures like that to be foolhardiness and refuse to acknowledge their existence, led by the town Priest [insert name]. Who himself is a gun toting badass known for putting criminals out of their misery. The very night Lincoln appears in town, there's a flurry of murders and he winds up as the prime suspect, with Sheriff coming down hard on Lincoln. He also immediately becomes suspect in the Priest's books. Little does anyone know that Sheriff himself is either a vampire or in cahoots with vampires who are bribing him with good money to get rid of Lincoln.

Consider this like a Tarantino film with several unusual character, plenty of stylized violence. The relationship between Lincoln and Priest himself is something that I imagine might start on a non-consensual note that eventually evolves into a consensual one. There can even be strong element of religious burden on the Priest as his norms and beliefs on this plane get violated. This is not as concrete as most of my usual stuff as it can be written in a number of ways. For instance, the entire supernatural thing can be done away and instead of vampires our antiheroes could be simply chasing some nasty, mean, enigmatic criminal who is almost an otherworldly figure, a local legend for his canny nature and has sought refuge in the hills surrounding the town. His past entwined with Lincoln's and that of the priest in their own peculiar ways.

What route to pick, be it supernatural or more grounded in classic spaghetti western style is for you to decide should you choose to bid and win this story in the auction. Title comes from brilliant Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song that you can listen to here.

The Sons of Perdition - Reserved for Airindel
The Sons of Perdition

Genre: Historical [US Reconstruction Era], Southern Gothic
Pairing: M/F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Woman & Various NPC's
Seeking to Play: Brian Greene and Christian McCarthy & Various NPC's
Themes: The Grotesque, Surreal, Haunted by Past, Horrors of Mind
Inspiration: Ambrose Bierce, Jay Munly, Flannery O'Connor

This is a story that takes place in the aftermath of American Civil War. The nation is wounded, almost torn into shreds as the war finally draws to an end. Brothers who pulled weapons against each other, families that were merciless to one other due to beliefs as towns drenched themselves in rivers of blood with carnage that is unseen.

Our story takes place in a Southern town when two heirs of the most affluent families in the town return having fought in the war. Brothers by bond they are, even if not by blood, relations between their families stretching back generations. When the men come back, they are looked with suspicion, shunned even by some for they fought on the side of Union, rejecting the ideology that their entire town and forefathers were preaching. Having seen the horrors of war, both of them have changed. A shade of their former selves, their minds evolving in diametrically opposite directions.

Waiting for them is the woman betrothed to Christian McCarthy, the third wheel among them who was equally inseparable while growing up. There are celebrations, plans for a big wedding and whatnot. While resentment may lurk beneath the surface, wealth and power have a way of suppressing it and everything seems fine and dandy. That is, until Christian starts to act strange. For an inherent darkness has birthed within him. While he seems his usual jovial, positive self, Brian and his betrothed can see the changes that have taken place in him. He vanishes, returns at strange hours. Is found wandering in oddest of places at times.

Most attribute it simply as an aftereffect of what he saw in wartime, but Brian knows there's more to the story than that.

Then the defiling of graves at the local cemetery starts. Folk passing by the town in the night are found dead every now and then, their insides gorged out. People are puzzled. Secrets of some are divulged. Some go mad from paranoia and terror.

Slowly Brian and the woman begin to investigate mysterious antics of Christian, commencing an impromptu investigation of their own through which they come to know it's Christian's doing, but there's nothing to back their claim up and so they take things in their hands and if that is going to make them sully themselves? So be it. Amid that passage, they find themselves falling for each other. Moral conflict they face, but the desires give birth to temptations that are impossible to resist. Innocence faded away long time ago, Brian is a man who knows what he wants and she's a grown woman with similar beliefs. A moment's indiscretion evolves into a full blown affair.

But fate makes best laid of plans go awry. Perhaps they have bitten more than they can chew. For McCarthy's, especially Christian is a man you don't want to go on the bad side of.

What is initial exploration here is of Christian's PTSD and an eventual descent into madness from that. Madness so pristine and clean that it makes him an efficient serial killer and a cannibal. At the same time, there's open room to delve into a more magical side of things if you would want. Maybe Christian was dead, got possessed by some depraved spirit, made a miraculous recovery and whatnot. The evil that lurks within him wanting to unleash hell and perhaps consume the spirit of the pure woman who held nothing but unrequited love for him. Either ways, supernatural or not, Christian is in a deeply dark, demented space. What caused that? What had he witnessed that led to such disintegration?

Then there's Brian, a man overcoming his own hauntings by war. He did things that he's not proud of, the bloodshed he caused, brutalities he committed, but he also knows he won't change his choices even if he had chance to do it all over again. Developing feelings for a woman that was no different than a sister to him, coming to terms with the hard choice that he may have to make when push comes to the shove.

Lastly, there's the lady, who shall be played by you and I leave her entirely in your hands. Along with these, we both shall handle an eclectic cast of townsfolk and of course, the families of protagonists. What is sought here is the mood, the element of paranoia, horror interspersed with something highly tender.
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Taken Stories
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The Black Diamond - Taken
The Black Diamond

Genre: Crime Drama, Neo-Noir
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Handler, possible GM?
Seeking to Play: Monica Darling aka The Black Diamond
Themes: Espionage, Moral Redemption, Struggle for Freedom, Hedonism
Inspiration: La Femme Nikita, KISS Song of same name, Retrowave & Space Age Pop, Pulp Fiction

”Don't let her talk, her words will get inside your head faster than you could put a bullet in hers.”

Monica Darling aka The Black Diamond is a notorious thief whose identity is not known to anyone. Having committed some of the biggest jewel heists in memory, she's a name that has topped the most wanted lists and has repeatedly eluded the law, leaving the law enforcement agencies everywhere frustrated. She's a materialistic playgirl who enjoys her life, goes for what she desires and primarily driven by money, truly doesn't care about much else. She's a smart, cunning woman , a femme fatale who has faced number of challenges and has emerged from them unscathed.

But finally, she's captured and her identity is exposed as well while attempting to board a flight after an information leak where one of her contacts, one of the few people to have actually seen her face rats out against her. Facing inevitable prison, she's offered a shot at redemption by the [insert nifty agency name, real or fictional] to work for them in retrieval of sensitive information/goods and espionage in general.

Left with no choice, she takes the deal and she's paired with a handler whose job is also to keep an eye on her and essentially compelled to do whatever missions that the agency tells her. [I have ideas about the kind of deal she cuts that I can elaborate upon to prospective partners]. I do imagine there to be romantic attraction between the two of them and her partner/handler, though an effective operative in their own right, should be a bit naive, falling for her after initial reluctance and clashes.

Initially I see them using just for her machinations and her ultimate goal of freedom but I want her to like them ultimately. There will be good episodic fun, I am not looking for 100% realism but a playful vibe with focus on thrills and action. Interspersed along with that, I would love to include excerpts of her past told in flashbacks, maybe when she converses with her partner which I think would be very fun to explore.

I Want You - Taken
I Want You

Genre: Psychological Drama, Dark Romance, Transgressive Fiction
Pairing: F/M or F/F
Forum: Bondage: Human or Extreme
Role Sought: The Man
Themes: Postmodern Life, BDSM, Avant-Garde

I . II . III . IV . V . VI

Truly rich can never expect to find people to love them for their inner selves. Partially, because people often want one or other thing in return from them and those who are willing to offer unconditional love? Find a being that is devoid of any emotional reciprocation to offer back to them because of the very unique position that these people are in. The blue blood is a curse of its own kind that can be understood only by those who are born with it running in their veins.

The Man has everything. Riches that have culminated into a point of saturation as he has entire world lying at his feet, catering to his whims. Raw male ambition whose appetite sees no end except more and more conquests in stock markets, expansion of his empire. He also considers himself to be almost dehumanized because of the very thing that drives him. To feel, he desires to and is most definitely struggles with that. Those around him, flatter him to please him. Their fake nature repulses him, turning him into a temperamental recluse. Moody, highly irritable his emotions swing as wild as pendulums as he attempts to fill the void with one or other thing.

That is, until he meets The Dominatrix. Married to one of his jet setting friends, his latest muse, she is another person living an equally emotionally void life. Enamored by her charm and sensuality, The Man enlists her services and an entirely different world opens up for him. Robbed of his control and more importantly to be humane even if for little bit of time  as she gives him a taste of pain and pleasure that emanates through it. Their games continue to escalate, reaching newer and newer heights as being deviant is the drug The Man needs and becomes addicted to. It's the fix for him that soon enough develops into an obsession.

The Dominatrix herself is ambivalent towards the entire thing. Gradually she finds herself falling into love with The Man, yet it is unknown whether for him his emotional attachment towards her, that grows into a crippling one at times is part of their games. As transgressive as they come, both of them are quite simply, terrible to each other and thoroughly unlikeable every now and then with caustic, spiteful interactions.

This is the story of two people who are living in such wealth and opulence that they have near about sacrificed their human nature. Their interactions stilted as instead of facing the frailties of their modern lives they would rather choose to hide in their high rises and glass windows, looking down upon the bourgeoisie with disdain. Something so distinctly Ballardian. The setting can even be near future or something past, but no less than 15-20 years in both cases.

My sole caveat for this is, the characters shall remain unnamed. They will be referred only as The Man and The Dominatrix and remain nameless enigmas throughout. Everything else, is as always for us to build!

Heartbreaker - Taken

Genre: Romance, Psychological Drama
Pairing: F/F
Forum: Light or Bondage
Role Sought: The Girl
Seeking to Play: Ivan Favraux
Themes: Angst, Emotional Turmoil, Unrequited Love, Coming of Age
Inspiration: The Duke of Burgundy, Romantic Bohemians

Ivan Favraux is a famous author who has been struggling with her work of late. A practitioner of the avant garde in a relentless quest to find out what shall push her limits more, what shall open her doors of perception to degrees unseen before. Seeking means to unleash her creativity in directions she has not explored them until now. For her art, she would sacrifice anything even if it means burning herself out if that's what it's going to demand.

She is also a known womanizer with a taste for younger women, always moving from one woman to another. Often, each of them serving as an inspiration to her in some ways but the side effect is a trail of broken hearts in her wake as Ivan, not one to be tied down to anyone, lives a life that's fast and her dalliances nothing more than a blur, momentary excursions as she mercilessly seduces and moves on.

That was until she met one particular girl. The sort who usually ticks all the boxes for Ivan. Young, gorgeous, passionate with a taste for arts.

But for once, someone who actually resists her charms. She has her own plans, her own goals. For once, there's a girl who isn't starstruck by Ivan's status but on the contrary is content with being well, herself. Their worlds and their ways couldn't be more different.

Will Ivan romance her and then forget about her as a notch on her bedpost like so many before or she the 'one' and the girl that Ivan has always needed in her life?

True Grit - Taken
True Grit

Genre: Action
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Recruit
Seeking to Play: Rachel Sterling
Theme: Espionage, Femdom, Shady Underworld
Inspiration: Mission: Impossible, Doomsday

Rachel Sterling is textbook definition of what a superspy is supposed to be. She kicks ass, takes names and is renowned for performing some seriously tough missions in her time. A veteran operative in her mid 30's, she holds an excellent reputation at the agency. [Note: The agency can be CIA or any fictional one of our own creation, really. An open ground there.]

When she's coming off a successful assassination mission, she's given instructions to meet at an agency safehouse in a lazy, nondescript town. Rachel gets in, prior to that, she checks in a hotel where further instructions shall be awaiting for her. In an attempt to unwind, she hits the bar. Enjoying the evening, she hits it off with a man she meets at the bar, good few drinks in, they end up in bed together having a one night stand that leaves both of them quite pleased before going their separate ways next morning.

Turns out, Rachel along with bunch of other agents has been called in for an ambitious project called Icarus Program which shall consist of pairing a rookie and a veteran together. The particular rookies chosen for this program consist of ex-military folks. The person who is supposed to be paired with Rachel? It's the very man she had a one night stand with much to the amusement of both of them. She's not exactly thrilled to train someone like that.

The first story arc would revolve around Rachel training the younger man, over USA/Canada. I would like them to eventually fall in love, despite of being fully aware of th complications of the same and not wanting to, but unable to stop the attraction. When the training's over, it's time head to the field, which can be the second story arc. I can think of a number of missions for them to embark upon, each with its share of challenges. Traveling around the world, exotic locales, big explosions and of course, the murky underworld where nothing is ever what it seems, with more layers than one can even imagine.

I would really like for this story to capture that element of being in 'transit' on a perpetual basis, that point where you feel like you belong to nowhere in particular and where your notions of right and wrong are blurred so much that you don't even know what you are doing is right or wrong. But I am getting ahead of myself, for those are elements to be explored well ahead into the story. I see the rookie as someone in his mid 20's, some youthful idealism still lingering about him.

He could even be a person whose area of specialization could be grounded in technology, proving complimentary to her set of skills which is more action oriented. But those are possibilities for us to contemplate upon.

I am looking for a glamorized take on spy game here that has been propagated by pop culture over the years here where style shall take precedence and of course, there shall be heavy emphasis on character development with a thick plot.

The Ultimate Score - Taken
The Ultimate Score

Genre: Neo Noir, Crime Drama, Mystery
Pairing: F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Femme Fatale
Seeking to Play: Terry Squeeze
Themes: Mind Games, Criminal Life

This, is another film noir tale wherein I would want to play the role reversed to the one I will be playing in Femme Fatale plot mentioned above. For this, I would like it to be a neo-noir story, set in perhaps early to mid 1990's around the time wave of neo-noir films had flooded the cinema with rise of Basic Instinct, Red Rock West, The Last Seduction etc. It is partially inspired by the 1996 film Bound which put a lesbian twist on the noir motif. For this one, I am looking to play the character Terry Squeeze which you can see mentioned in the pre-made characters post below.

The story shall revolve around a gangster's moll played by my partner and an ex-con out on parole looking to live a straight life played by me. Akin to the opening of Bound they would meet by chance when my character who happens to be working as a plumber is sent to fix some things in the house by the agency where she is working.

The moll, wanting the gangster who happens to be the boss of the local Mafia has been married to him for couple of years now and is sick of him. She wants him out and the plumber, finds herself unable to resist her. Which in turn draws her back in the very life of criminal underworld she has sought to leave behind. In part it's the lure of the riches and means to get out of her dead end job, in part it's the seduction on part of the moll as being the perennial thrill seeker, she finds herself being sucked in the netherworld she swore to leave for good like a junkie.

The duo ultimately hatches a plan to steal substantial money that the husband is going to keep in the house for brief period before transferring it to a safehouse when his wife over hears the scheme [Details of which I have kept open.] and escape together. Of course it doesn't go as per plan and how it takes place, what the plan is or what are the possibilities which we want to explore is for me and my partner together to brainstorm and decide. The underlying question would be, whetehr the moll is using Terry to get rid of problems in her life and then leaving her hanging or genuinely likes her? She will be charming, confident and will play with Terry.

Terry herself would dominate your character like anything, but your character will, in a twisted psychological sense be in the driving seat whilst being the bottom. Ultimately, I don't see things ending very well for Terry..perhaps she ends up back in jail, dies or maybe they actually do end up escaping together after this crazy adventure or even something entirely different takes place. There are numerous possibilities here and I believe the story has a lot of potential.

The Assassin's Apprentice - Taken
The Assassin’s Apprentice

Genre: Action, Black Comedy
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Apprentice
Seeking to Play: Ava Zen aka The Assassin
Themes: Student Mentor relationship, High Stake Power Games, Coming of Age
Inspiration: Luc Besson films, Guy Ritchie, John Wick

Ava Zen is a highly sought after assassin in the clandestine world of international espionage, calmly disposing off anyone that is requested of as long as the price is right and her demands are met. She has catered to number of clients ranging from intelligent agencies to crime syndicates. Holding an insurance policy of evidence against some pretty powerful people, Ava, unlike so many others who operate in the line of work that she does has still managed to keep on going strong. In large part due to wisdom of her mentor Daniel Lundstrom who taught her tricks of trade, plucking her from an orphanage when she was a child and trained her to be who she ended up becoming today.

On the eve of her 35th birthday, Ava has to carry out a hit on a man about to testify in a prominent trial regarding leaks from intelligence agencies. She’s able to carry it out successfully, but not before facing an incredibly close call. The sort that she hasn’t experienced in several years. Always  having considered untouchable, Ava barely escapes, the episode serving as a reminder of her own mortality, in the high pressure field that she operates in.

That’s when she remembers a promise that she had made to her mentor right before her ‘graduation’. That she would train someone like the way he did to her and pass the multitude of skills on. Life is short and thus, she begins to scourge for a potential Student whom she finds among one of the people ‘under the grid’, not even seen as  ‘people’. A teenage delinquent, she pulls them out of some trouble they are in before offering them deal of a lifetime.
The kid accepts and so begins their journey as she begins to train them. The first story arc would consist of them getting to know each other, then there could be some hit, or even a retrieval job where they have to secure some asset for someone and hunt down who stole it. I see this as loaded with action, good deal of cynical, sarcastic humor and wide array of colorful characters that these two would encounter.

Blood Moon - Taken
Blood Moon

Genre: Science Fantasy/Mystery
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Man
Seeking to Play: The Vampire
Themes: Revenge, Resurrection, Unconditional Loyalty
Inspiration: Tiamat, The Sisters of Mercy, Vampire Hunter D, Bauhaus

He was on the run.

He had little idea what had he done or why did they want his head as he ran through the forests on the outskirts of the city. There was blood on his hands. But wasn't that on everyone's? That's what the war had done, hadn't it?

They chased him deeper towards the Black Sands until he entered the sprawling complex, sought refuge in there and the hunters though not meant to enter this cursed land, still did so on the order of their commander, such was their lust for revenge.

Blood moon continued to shine in the skies in its eternal night. He went in deeper and deeper and that's where he found the drawings. Then it dawned upon him what the complex was. It was a tomb. Said to be of an abomination long dead. As he rushed inside, the footsteps echoing behind him he found the inner chambers.

He did what none of them were meant to do. He set the mechanism in motion by accident and woke her up from her slumber. An ancient vampire that had been put into hibernation several generations ago.  Rising up, she kills the men who are chasing him. But stops short when he offers to his servitude to her as gratitude, binding himself to her by a blood oath like he had done to the house that he served.

She has a goal. She had come down here with a goal before she had failed. The undead, who couldn't be killed, she was buried. Tales of her have become part of folklore and most look upon her with apprehension over the episode that led to her burial.

The vampire agrees to spare his life because he roused her from her hibernation and let go of him only when he has served her in what she seeks so begins their journey in this strange and fantastic world.


The idea that I am obviously looking for here is that the Male character in here is a werewolf who has finally transformed for the first time and went in a blood rage, possibly killing someone of prominence that has led to the hunt on him. He's clueless, confused about evolution and what has happened to him and how his evolution would go on further.

Werewolves are beasts who are meant to be summarily executed and deemed to be a nuisance in general. They haven't been seen in good few decades and appearance of one is deemed to be both a bad omen and a sign of burgeoning trouble in general.

Maybe the vampire is able to sense that and the latent power within his blood and that would be one of the reasons why she doesn't kill him outright.

The game would explore elements of D/s, loyalty, trying do wrongs that went right, relentless nature of a quest.

I have kept the world an open ended one on purpose except a very vague outline because I would love to craft it with my potential partner. Only thing I see that it is not Earth and that it is a science fantasy world with grim, noir-ish vibes about it.

Altered Carbon - Taken
Altered Carbon

Genre: Cyberpunk, Action
Pairing: M/F, F/F, M/M, F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The Scientist
Seeking to Play: The Bodyguard
Themes: Posthumans, Evolution, Espionage, Megacorps

Partially inspired by Richard Morgan novel of the same name and discussions with Dariusfallenstar.

Altered Carbon takes place in the year 2144 and is loosely based on the novel of the same name. In this sci-fi world, humans are, by law, integrated with data-collection devices at birth. These devices are embedded at the top of the spine and are neigh indestructible; they also happen to store a record of all a person's thoughts and feelings, separate from biology. In essence, these “stacks” store a person's soul in 1s and 0s. Thanks to the invention of stacks, people can transfer and duplicate their consciousness among multiple bodies or even into the bodies of animals. Occupying multiple bodies with a single consciousness is, however, highly illegal. If a wealthy person purchases a specialized body built to order, that person must transfer their stack from one body to another; duplication of consciousness would result in one of the two being summarily destroyed.

Earth on the whole is under control of various megacorporations dominating various territories of the planet. Global warming has continued to increase, the World War III essentially wrecked the structure of governments of the yore that society was familiar with, but instead finally paved way for Zaibatsus/Megacorps to exert their influence in an obvious and overt manner instead of calling the shots behind the scenes. More than any other resource, technology and scientists capable of innovating that technology become the most valued commodities on the market as intensely dynamic and constantly evolving nature of tech continues to push boundaries of human lives and the way we are known to live. Coporations maintain teams of 'corporate extractors' whose job is to commit industrial espionage and industrial theft, which not only consists of stealing tech but also persuading scientists to rope in with a different corporation. An act, which is considered no different than high treason in the dog eat dog world. Typically once someone becomes associated with a corporation, they are in it for their lives. Designer drugs are the norm, constantly newer and illegal substances are made. Some with disastrous effects, some produce permanent damage; some have proved to be LSD of the new age and so on. Military and medical technology has progressed apace, and flying cars exist – though are expensive. From a cultural prospective, people are less protective about bodies and gender-ideology, allowing cloning and medical technology to reached amazing heights. Full stem-cell technology allowing disease mitigation, regeneration, etc. all exists.

Our story revolves around one such brilliant/young scientist in his late 20's/early 30's whose father sold his corporation to a larger zaibatsu before he was born when he was given ultimatum of being usurped for a handsome sum of money and perpetual security versus eventual annihilation. What kind of scientist he is, is for us to decide. It can be anything ranging from Artificial Intelligence, to innovation in stacks to Nanontech. He's quite the genius one and a valued asset of the corporation he works for, someone who is sought by many over the years. A child prodigy who has fulfilled the prophecy. At the same time he feels a bit disenchanted with the whole life, not being given control of the work which he deems to be is own creation, he yearns to be free. Released from the shackles of his superiors, he wishes to fly on his own. He also, happens to be one of the least augmented individuals in the society he lives in, understanding perils of the same long time ago. This will be played by my partner, i. e. you.

My character is someone who is almost twice or almost thrice older than him, she is someone who is bodyguard of your character and before him used to be bodyguard of your characters father. She was handpicked to be your characters protector when he was born. Heavily augmented, as years have gone by...she has shed more and more of her humanity with every change she undergoes. She's a badass. A strong woman who is  mature and fiercely loyal. Having seen your character basically grown up since day one almost feels maternal towards him. After having done some of the worst one can do quite ruthlessly to others and having seen the things she has, a sense of world weariness hangs about her. Already on her second stack, for her notions of gender or sexuality have been blurred for a long time now. She is someone who is also sick of the chained life which they have been forced to lead and yearns for freedom despite of never really mentioning the some. A deviant one, she is also the wise voice in YC's live because of her wealth of experience.

And then both of them plan to show their middle finger to the Zaibatsu and go freelance. This is their story, a cyberpunk noir set in glitzy futuristic city of our own choosing. The stack technology opens route to make this into a M/F, F/F, M/M and F/M story as our characters would of course have to go through various 'incarnations'. I would like to explore all the pairings, ramifications of augmentations, that point where the machine inside you is more than the human and what being a post-human means. That point when you ask yourself, just what have I become? and you don't really have an answer. YC and MC aren't lovers, but I am not opposed to them going that route either. I would very much like this one to be a long story. I do have several ideas, which I am willing to discuss through PM/IM with the right partner. I am aiming for tech-noir vibe of early William Gibson here blended with elements of post-cyberpunk.

Anathema - Taken

Genre: Supernatural Noir
Pairing: F/M, F/F, M/F, M/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Anyone You Wish?
Seeking to Play: Lucienne Durant/Lucien Durant
Themes: The Grotesque, Haunted by Past
Inspiration: H. P. Lovecraft, Deep Purple, Tiamat, Orlando

Lucienne Durant is an ageless demon hunter with a mysterious past. She has lived through ages and times both as a man and a woman, blessed with ability to shapeshift. Coming from a family of hunters,  none of them remain anymore when they were wiped out in a werewolf assault ages ago. Worshippers of the Old Gods, Lucienne, the sole survivor of the ambush, made a blood offering to the old gods, yearning for nothing but revenge and driven by hatred. The gods answered the call, giving her the blessing she sought and granted her with certain supernatural abilities. In return, they spliced her soul in two and took half of it with them, essentially being able to force Lucienne to do their bidding when they wished to and yearned to meddle in affairs of the mankind. She was to be their blunt instrument.

Since then, Lucienne had continued to hunt the supernatural, the disturbing creatures that plague and harass the innocent. But as centuries have passed on, she has also been forced to do something equally nasty in return for gods. Partake in incidents that have resulted in toppling of empires, loss of lives of innocents and so forth, all for machinations of gods. She feels enslaved to the destiny of her own choosing and for eons has attempted to regain her lost soul to be free of them. This, charts her journey to do so all the while dealing with various entities that she encounters and takes on. Perhaps there’s a mythical jewel or a weapon that she eventually wants to gain ability to wield that would allow her to confront her makers to regain her soul. Maybe something else…it’s open for brainstorming.

The world for this story can be anything, but I would like the ‘universe’ to possess an array of locales. For instance one could be this dense urban setting that could be straight out of a film noir/film gris…another city could be straight of high fantasy, another possessing a steampunkish tech and ways and so forth, giving chance to throw different styles against each other and see how this blend of worlds works, complete with usual aspects one might associate with the environments.

Your character can be anyone. A partner, mage who comes in contact of Lucienne knowing of her quest, some client who asks her request. Ideally, I see a fellow Hunter working best or a supernatural being that has befriended her somehow…but I’ll leave that totally up to you. 

The abilities I see her possessing are perpetual youth, shapeshifting [I think she has a male form], proficiency with weapons, spell casting, mind control. However immortality doesn’t mean she’s not susceptible to wounds, Lucienne can be maimed, killed or hurt by weapons and every time she utilizes mind control or casts spells, it’s something that exhausts her psychologically, the mind control cannot be maintained for longer time over individuals of stronger disposition and stronger beings of greater intellect/abilities can break through the same.
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Taken Stories [Continued]
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There Will Never Be A Better Time- Taken
There Will Never Be A Better Time

Genre: Neo Noir
Pairing: F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Laurie Hanson
Seeking to Play: Anna Maria “Ann Marie” Briganti
Themes: Romance, Criminal Life
Inspiration:  Point Blank, Killing them Softly, Parov Stelar, Ron Don Volante

It has been couple of years since Ann Marie’s husband is dead and since then, everyone has been trying to snatch the remaining vestiges of the Buccola Family in New Lyonesse but using her contacts, predominantly in real estate sector and city council Ann Marie has been instrumental in thwarting the attempts to overrun the Cosa Nostra by Puerto Ricans, the smaller Irish outfits and most of all, a rather corrupt group of racketeers in law enforcement agencies. The situation is far from one might construe as stable during the heyday but a disaster has been averted as she begins her rebuilding job. Something, that she sees as her calling, having been involved in the Family for generations and since her birth in one capacity or another.

The nightclub Screaming Mimi was one such establishment that had been under the protection for a long time. When they hire a charming new singer named Laurie Hanson, she’s a sensation, drawing the patrons out with her jazzy tunes in the club renowned for having an old world charm. Ann Marie, a regular patron of the club given its under her protection,  becomes quite fond of her as well. Hanson is going out with someone son of an associate, who tries to get too handy with her after her breakup.

Ann Marie ensures he never is able to get too handy with anyone ever again and thus, two begin to talk  and eventually find romance in the unlikeliest of place.


They told me dating someone in The Mob was a bad idea, that it would be hazardous to my health. Well they say that about a lot of things nowadays. But I'm not dating some everyday lowlife chump who takes out the garbage. No. I'm dating the Boss herself. The big babe who tells all the little mice below her what to do. She talks, they listen, or else. I can get anything I want, whenever I want. I'm not some cheap singer in a sleazy bar anymore. I get to eat fancy any night I want, I sleep with the hottest woman in the city, and I never have to worry about the bills.

However, unlike some other mob wives, I don't make demands for diamonds or caviar every single day, and I know to keep my fuckin' mouth shut when my Wife tells me to keep it shut. I know this world is dangerous. Control, and Respect are just as important as Violence, and Money in the seedy underworld. There is always someone looking to gain power, or position by any means necessary. I always have to be on the look out for those types. To protect my Beloved from those that would try to usurp her.

In return for the good life, I give my beloved all the reassurance, and sex she needs. All the loving pillow talk is genuine, i'm not in it for the money. No, never the money. Not the power either. I'm in it for her. She is my everything. The keeper of my heart. I'm on top of the world here with my beloved, and nothing is knocking us off. Even if I have to get my own hands dirty.

They told me dating someone in The Mob was a bad idea, that it would be hazardous to my health. Well they say that about a lot of things nowadays. But I'm not dating some everyday lowlife chump who takes out the garbage. No. I'm dating the Boss herself. The big babe who tells all the little mice below her what to do. She talks, they listen, or else. I can get anything I want, whenever I want. I'm not some cheap singer in a sleazy bar  anymore. I get to eat fancy any night I want, I sleep with the hottest woman in the city, and I never have to worry about the bills.

However, unlike some other mob wives, I don't make demands for diamonds or caviar every single day, and I know to keep my fuckin' mouth shut when my Wife tells me to keep it shut. I know this world is dangerous. Control, and Respect are just as important as Violence, and Money in the seedy underworld. There is always someone looking to gain power, or position by any means necessary. I always have to be on the look out for those types. To protect my Beloved from those that would try to usurp her.

In return for the good life, I give my beloved all the reassurance, and sex she needs. All the loving pillow talk is genuine, i'm not in it for the money. No, never the money. Not the power either. I'm in it for her. She is my everything. The keeper of my heart. I'm on top of the world here with my beloved, and nothing is knocking us off. Even if I have to get my own hands dirty.


The above excerpt is written from perspective of girlfriend, taken from Lustful Bride’s free plots thread.

Ann Marie hasn’t found romance ever since her husband Gio has died couple of years ago. She simply hasn’t felt like it, barring occasional one night stands, some boytoys/escorts for the sake of fun but that’s about it. In large part also because she hasn’t had time for it. Handling her legal practice, being a single mom and now intricately woven in delicate Mob politics has almost made her forget the very notion of that until Laurie Hanson comes into her life and that, alters her life in more ways than she had ever imagined.

That is the story, exploring the world through the eyes of these two women and an array of characters they encounter/inhabit in the murky underworld that they are a part of whose duty load we can share together. I see Laurie as 15-20 years younger than Ann Marie. Her background and how she ended up in New Lyonsse is completely up for discussion. Suggested FC for he would be Adele but I would not want to restrict your creative vision in that regard.

Ann Marie

Ann Marie

Name: Anna Maria (“Ann Marie”) Briganti (nee Gualtieri)

 Age: 48

Gender: Cis-Female

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Orientation: Bisexual

Family: Giovanni “Gio” (husband - Deceased), Carmela “Carm” (daughter), Giacomo “Jackie” (son)

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Italian

Occupation: Attorney/Mafia associate

Languages Spoken: English, some Spanish and Italian

Education: BA - Business Management University of Narragansett, JD - Merlyn University

Skills: Hand to hand combat, pistols, state property law, criminal law, schmoozing

Likes: Her daughter, smoking, seafood, high fashion, history

Dislikes: Her son, sexism, compromise

Personality: Ann Marie is tough, mean, unrelenting, and sarcastic. She's not a generally easy woman to deal with but everyone who does so seems to agree she's intelligent, crafty, and determined. What she lacks in personal charisma she more than makes up with her striking looks and fantastic fashion sense.

The Woman from P.A.I.N. - Taken
The Woman from P.A.I.N.

Genre: Action, Spy Dramedy
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Sidekick + Others
Seeking to Play: Dominique Rochefort + Others
Themes: Spy Games, Saving the World, Conspiracy Theories
Inspiration: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Luc Besson, Wonder Woman, Pulp Novels, Old game.

This is a sort of rerun of an old game I had going a long time ago based on a similar slant.

Dominique Rochefort  is a professional dominatrix and a rather highly sought one. People like the services she’s rendering and the money is good. One day when hanging out with her friends at the coffee shop she frequents she mentions something about a particular client of hers talking about how he’s some big-shot bureaucrat, deep into conspiracies, super soldiers and so forth and is having a good laugh about it all.

Little does she know, that the man indeed is speaking the truth, the session merely serving as an outlet for the pressures he’s been feeling of his job. He has been noticed coming in and out of her house and thus, she’s being tailed as well and the stories do add up, confirming suspicion of this shady organization hunting the man. When a session gets interrupted with some well prepared goons bursting in, chaos erupts. Amid the deluge, the man throws her some blotters, telling her to consume one of them.

Reluctant and not really wanting to die, she does and that turns out to be a super-soldier chemical, capable of boosting strength, reflexes and ‘sixth sense’ of warning to near supernatural levels for the duration of its effect. Long story short, she kicks ass and saves the man before angrily kicking him out, angry that her life has been disrupted. He warns her against that saying that now she’s too deep in it to really do anything about it. Soon enough when she returns home from outside few days later, she finds the entire place turned upside down and then to find some really nasty people waiting for her, nearly gets killed only to be saved at last moment by the same bureaucrat she kicked out.

He gives her an option either she joins in given she’s left with no other option or else he can always throw her to the dogs and moreso, he can apply pressure too by making people in her own life vanish one after another if she doesn’t comply. Large part of the reason why they are so keen is the fact that the chemical has showcased an exceptional reaction in her, better than anyone else before.

So now, our heroine is a reluctant leather clad superhero spy who gets put through her training, joining the agency P.A.I.N. [Pan American Intelligence Network], an operation between multiple countries in Americas aimed towards thwarting the threats that world faces.

If you have made it this far, thank you for bearing with me. This is obviously a game that is meant to have a light hearted and action driven vibe with a good deal of BDSM-ey touch to all of that. The aim is not to have an over the top story dealing with bunch of conspiracy theories and stuff. For opening adventure [after all that is described above has taken place, which I would of course like to write out] I have some ideas that I can pitch to you.

I want someone to play the sidekick that gets assigned to my character. Someone who’s a hard-nosed and has always been an ‘agency person’ so to speak, taking everything extremely seriously as opposed to more hands on, slightly aggressive approach of my character. I would like them not to be on the ‘juice’ so to speak for the sake of contrast and thus, fun. My character’s past is left obscured intentionally and I have ideas about that too that we can expand about. Meanwhile, she would want out of this life and basically just get back to living the quiet and happy one she had before but the more she continues , deeper she gets in and an exploration of that would be engaging too.

Dar Kragen - Taken
Der Kragen

Genre: Spy Drama
Pairing: F/M or F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Anyone You Wish
Seeking to Play: Der Kragen aka Ilsa Schroeder
Themes: Nazis, Double Life, Post-War, Conspiracy Theories
Inspiration: Host of paranoia thrillers

She was a notorious spy for the Axis powers. A dedicated member of the National Socialist German Worker's Party. Someone who believed in the cause firmly and would have gone to any lengths for the sake of it.

Installed in various places during the war to carry out strategic assassinations, she was given the nickname Der Kragen.

Little was known as about this entity except what was spoken in hushed whispers. One never knew the strike from this entity might come. Attempts were made to discover them but all of them led to nowhere.

When the collapse occurred, she felt distraught. But then, the survival instinct kicked in. While her cohorts were attempting to flee to avoid trials, potential troubles that awaited them, she made her inroads back to motherland and offed the two people who knew her real identity and burned every documentation that lay in one of the record rooms.

She survived Nuremberg unscathed and unlike so many who attempted an escape to South America and elsewhere on the globe, she settled in Berlin. In West Germany.

A good life, white collar job, a loving husband, two kids. Fifteen years of relative peace followed. Until one day, she found a note left on her doorstep. It read.

“Wir wissen was sie gaten haben.”

Evidently, a hidden record room was discovered. With identity of every single undercover operative from the notorious era and things they did. Hers was a sheet that ran a mile long. She knew her time was up and now she had to move.

Remorselessly, her husband and children were shot in the night before she fled. Changed her appearance, identity and everything for the umpteenth time.

But now there were many who were on her tail. From zealots who wanted to see her sort dead, to Mossad to even a faction of her former cohorts who felt she had 'betrayed' in her bid for self survival.

She soon found out she was alone and so began a game of cat and mouse.

The only question was who was playing who?


I have attempted espionage as a genre number of times, but never have I written a character like this. I figured it would be interesting to explore from point of view of a character who was not a victim of propaganda or anything but genuinely believed in and still believes in the ideal and the her inherent superiority. She would not be a likable person, has done plenty of horrible things in her past and would not hesitate to do again for her survival. In many ways, her amorality in that regard is her biggest strength. To put it simply, she's the 'bad guy'.

Who you throw against her is entirely up to you. I here only present premise and leave rest for our collaboration. However, I would say that there will be some racist themes in this story and fair bit of body count with some grisly action when situation comes to that.

One of the potential routes could be she sets up her base somewhere else. Say a nondescript town in Italy or in Tangiers, and the life there, meets someone.

Also, I would like to stress that I am in no way a racist nor do I condone it any way.

Desire Lines - Taken
Desire Lines

Genre: Romance, Dramedy
Pairing: M/F
Forum: Light or Bon-H
Role Sought: Escort
Seeking to Play: Neal Pinehurst
Themes: Muse, Bohemian Life
Inspiration: Jack Kerouac, Californication, Hunter S. Thompson

Neal Pinehurst is a man who has issues. In fact, many issues. But the biggest of them that has been currently haunting him is not being able to finish his yet untitled, yet still in stage of first draft since last seven years novel. He has tried everything in his power and yet he finds himself floundering in that regard while his agent and publishers often keep on inquiring about it.

However, the straw on camel's back for Neal is when his ex-girlfriend asks him to attend her wedding to her current man who Neal deems to be an asshole, in part purely to rub it in his face, in part because the son he fathered wants him to be there. He attends the event, but in the middle of bolts like his ass is on fire because it all becomes too much for him. First thing he does?

Board on a flight to Amsterdam so he can be his hedonistic self in best possible way, put all those worries and pressures behind until he feels comfortable with coming back. With plans to stay under the radar as long as he wishes to. While indulging into once vice after another, one day he meets an escort who catches his eye. Someone with whom he enjoys the evening so much that he enlists her services again and again and again, feeling enamored with her as time passes by.

She, in return is courteous, professional for a long time, but senses his feelings and attempts to distance herself away from him. But at the same time, she's a bit star struck because he happens to be her favorite author. Eventually maybe she too develops feelings for him, perhaps it's too late by then. Maybe there's a happy ending in store, maybe not. Whatever happens since their first evening is open ended. There can be others, maybe some of his newer friends, maybe some from her own social circle etc. But beyond it all, I want her to be someone who makes a better person about him, making him realize how he's wasting himself away and thus, becoming his muse in more than one ways, inspiring him to finish the work that he has been struggling with for so long. In return, he could be able to give something beyond the fake, artificial things she has been accustomed to since ages, to actually be able to see an honest, passionate person person that's most definitely there beneath Neal's hedonistic, seemingly shallow self.

I imagine Neal as this young literary prodigy like Bret Easton Ellis who burst on to the scene at a young age and since then, has been writing at an erratic pace. His writing is provocative, flirting with transgressive nature of things and treads into postmodern fiction with surreal touches. When the story kicks off, he's in mid 30's. Neal enjoys the fast life, often experimenting with drugs and is a terrible womanizer. He's passionate about his art and when he delves into something, be it anything, he doesn't hold back.

Last few years haven't been quiet for him. He has had his book turned into a film he detested but doesn't care anymore because it granted him fat paycheck not to mention a gigantic boost in sales of his novels, learned about a child he had no idea had fathered and is trying to kick his drug habit but not really wanting when it comes to episodes like these. The sketch I have given of Neal is fairly open ended and can be tweaked any which way.

The Escort is entirely up to my partner. There's also scope to move action to Bangkok, Las Vegas or Ibiza or even somewhere else if you wish for.
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The Graveyard
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Contained here are old plots in which I have presently lost interest, perhaps due to passage of time or due to muse being iffy. You are free to contact about them if you feel like, although I might take some convincing or some very original contributions to inspire me about them again.

She Killed in Ecstasy
She Killed in Ecstasy

Genre: Neo Noir, Mystery
Pairing: F/M, F/F, M/F, M/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Stefan Lafavre & His Family, Private Investigator, Cops
Seeking to Play: Louise Bouquet and various other NPC's.
Themes: BDSM, Mind Games, Moral Corruption
Inspiration: Edouard Stern Scandal

Stefan Lefavre is a playboy, a business tycoon who is found dead, his body discovered  his mansion in a rather unique fashion, choked to death while being arranged systematically in a Vetruvian man like figure after what appears to be an extreme BDSM session. His death is something that's sensational, capturing public imagination and sends waves through the corporate world, bringing a rarely publicly seen side of corporate deviancy into public eye for a brief time.

The last person with whom Stefan is seen is his long time mistress and dominatrix, Louise Bouquet at a night club before he departs with her, as revealed by surveillance footage. An investigation is opened up and soon enough police at doorstep of Louise, who is a professional dominatrix and one very much high in demand, catering to clients who are often powerful politicians, businessmen, corporate lobbyists and the sort. She's a woman who carries secrets of the individuals with whom she has dalliances, in a sense making her far more dangerous than she appears to be due to the leverage she's able to exert on someone when she wishes to.
The truth is, Bouquet indeed has murdered Stefan and she has done it entirely on her own will. Now here, it presents multiple routes as to the reason. First could be that someone actually influenced her to do so, offering her riches beyond wildest dreams in return when Stefan is about to fight election for some prominent post or something, second is she does this out of some ulterior motive of hers or thirdly [and my personal favorite] is, she does it entirely out of power trip, upon getting too much into it, perhaps even giving into her subconscious desire to do so, for the games they played between the two of them have always been of a highly dangerous, deviant nature, brazenly flirting with death every now and then.

Lefavre's family openly denounces his death and also hires someone to investigate the matter personally. Soon enough Louise has all sorts of characters landing at her doorstep. She's a cool, calculating woman who knows she's in a fix, but shall also navigate her way out of it. Maybe she had Stefan under her thumb all along, squeezing him dry with what she held about him, perhaps now what she needs is someone new and that private investigator sounds perfect for that, or perhaps the young attorney who is left as executor of Stefan's will, which bequeaths significant assets in her name, even over his heirs and wife, who also have an agenda of sorts against Bouquet once revelations begin to occur about the depraved affair between Stefan and Louise. Then there's the reporter who keeps on snooping around.

This is about the deviant nature of mind and how Bouquet, a woman with an interesting history of her own [which I shall reveal to prospective partners. I do imagine her as an older character, in her mid 40's.] engages in a battle of wits against those who wish to nab her. If you so desire, it can even go in territory of a sensational court case, which again opens up a whole different realm of possibilities for us to toy with. The story itself can be set anywhere from Miami to French Riviera to blistering Tokyo should you wish to, leaving scope for expats and a culture clash to boot with present themes/plot. There shall be focus on style, mood, atmosphere and vast cast that shall be handled by both of us beyond the principle characters.

All Hail Me
All Hail Me

Genre: Neo Noir
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Randy Bowden
Seeking to Play: Alissa Hodgson
Themes: Blackmail, Corruption, Power Play, Corporate Ambition
Inspiration: Disclosure, James Hadley Chase's An Ace Up My Sleeve

Randy Bowden is a success story by all means. A self made man who has climbed up the corporate ladder with ruthless efficiency over the years. Coming from humble beginnings, he has not hesitated to burn his rivals, even bury his friends for his own sake. He's in his early 50's, living a prosperous life with his wife Rosalind and two children. However, his is a past that is marred with sin and debauchery, something that he cleaned up as he got older.

Alissa Hodgson was a faded memory from Randy's past. Someone who came from a wealthy family, worked as an intern under Randy several years ago when she was in her teens. In terms of family history, upbringing an antithesis to Randy. She was also someone with whom he had a minor fling out of a bet made among his colleagues, an absolute boys club if there was one, as to who would be the one to bed most interns. Needless to say, Randy got over this little conquest quickly but not before letting Alissa know just exactly how he used her, leaving her fuming over it.

Now there's a huge promotion coming up at the company as they branch out into newer territories, maybe an entirely new industrial sector that they've been eying, divisions, it can be anything. Randy expects for a newly created position of significant power to be handed over to him. This is something he feels is rightfully his. But much to his chagrin when the announcement is made with much fanfare, it's not his name that's announced, the woman in unveiled is ghost from his past, Alissa Hodgson. Not only that, but the situation now calls for him to work under him, something that he is not very pleased to.

Turns out, after he left her and forgot all about her, Alissa herself continued to push through the corporate ladder, jumping through various companies before landing up in her current, highly lucrative position. In subsequent years, she has become as cunning and vicious as Randy, being fully aware and an expert at the power games that one needs to play at this level. Now she has Randy where she can make or break his life and she decides to exact her revenge on him and thereby, also remove the only credible threat to her own supremacy in her new job.

She seduces him, aims to systematically destroy his family and eventually drive Randy into absolute despair, leaving him a broken man. But Randy's not the one to take it down lying, for he's equally cunning and while he tries to maintain cordial relations with Alissa, even rejecting her attempts to liaison with him for her own amusement; when pressure begins to mount on him, he digs up her past only to find out that it's a past of similar episodes, where Alissa has used her charms to beguile and release destruction around her. Except there's one problem, Randy has everything to lose, his family, his job, his stock options...everything he worked his whole life for, if he fucks this up. While Alissa has nothing to lose for she's in position of power, it's her word that's believed and not his and most importantly, money has never been a concern for her.

Power is.

This is a tale about two thoroughly unlikeable people who are so ruthlessly ambitious that they would literally go to any lengths to destroy each other. Alissa is a scorned woman, but she's far from a saint and is utterly corrupt. An amoral opportunist and Randy is no different, despite turning a new leaf in his family life over the years. I imagine Alissa to be in her early to mid 30's. The names are of course mere placeholders. What the company is, we can pick any field and roll with it.

As ever, evolution of the story is open for me and potential partner to decide. What's needed here is style. Something to capture the cool, detached, almost predatory nature of the two people who already theoretically have everything, but are always about more. Said nature has been dormant in Randy for a while now, having mellowed due to age while Alissa is in her absolute prime, brining out the beast within Randy as they play one twisted mind game after another with each other where stakes only continue to get higher and higher.

Dissolved Girl
Dissolved Girl

Genre: Psychological Drama, Slice of Life, Tragedy
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Light: Human
Role Sought: The Journalist
Seeking to Play: Musician
Themes: Celebrity Life, Addiction, Character Study
Inspiration: Juliana Hatfield, Sonic Youth, Liz Phair, Veruca Salt, L7, Douglas Coupland's early novels

The time is 1990's as the Alternative Nation is raging like anything. This is a story about an alterna rock goddess who had it all and decided to throw it all down the gutter, deliberately tearing apart all of her fame in name of her ideals and D.I.Y. ethic amongst other things.

Someone who worships her art and looks at it with an uncompromising view. Scaldal follows her, she's unapologetic, angry even downright horrible at times to those around her. This is a story of young woman who lives fast and dies young; starting off in late 1980's rain drenched Seattle. The paranoia of cold war, post-fall of communism scenario as Generation X takes its root and makes an impact with her as one of its icons. All of it told through the eyes of the journalist who documents her story and amid that engages in a volatile, explosive on and off relationship with her.

A muddy mass of concepts is what I have for offering as ever. My musical inspirations for this are Juliana Hatfield, Sonic Youth, The Nymphs, Liz Phair, Veruca Salt, L7, PJ Harvey and the likes. I grew up on this music and it has left a huge impression on me. It was when alternative music was truly 'alternative' to the mainstream in more ways than one I feel.

But yes, I am looking to play the rock star whilst seeking someone to either play journalist and create host of NPC's with me or if they wish to, even GM it. It's a story which is about a woman who did what she wished to in the ways she wished to come what may, of a free spirit and at the same time a story which is dark, depraved and downright ugly at times ending on a bleak note because the musician here is definitely on a darker path. It's not a question of how, moreso a question of when for inevitable it is.

I am not looking for happy endings here and I intend have it finish off with her death.
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