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Author Topic: Lots of new games (All comers welcome) updated 7/11  (Read 1125 times)

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Lots of new games (All comers welcome) updated 7/11
« on: July 08, 2011, 07:05:20 PM »
I am looking to start one or two new games, and here are a few that I had in mind.  I don't mind varying things if you have an idea but want to tweak it some.  If you are interested please send me off a pm and we can talk.  Hope to hear from you.


A wealthy businesswoman (my character) has fallen on some hard times, as he wealth has been all but depleted in a series of bad investments.  She is in debt up to her ears, and jail time is a certainty.  That is when a new option is presented to her by a fellow business man she has dealt with before.  He will pay off her debt for her, and save here from that mess if she agree's to be his slut.  At first she is appaled by the idea, but soon comes to realize that it is her only way out.  (Dom, sub senario, starts out in private, but could spill over into work.  lots of ways to go with this. could also be a business man in trouble with a businesswoman coming to his aid depending.)


I realize that this has been done before but I wanted to give it a shot with.  Based on alice in wonderland, only with sexual based stuff, I would play a character (could be male or female) who ends up in a strange world where sex is everywhere, even the plants crave it.  (looking for someone to play the role of all the obstacals and NPC's my character might encounter as they navigate sexland trying to get home.)

The Job

This is a pretty simple idea.  There is an opening at a company, and my character is in desperate need of a job.  They come in for an interview, but what they experience isn't anything like what they had been expecting.  (looking for coercion in this one, and I left the gender of the characters in question so that I can play either a male applicant, or a female applicant.) 

Demon's Bounty

Angels and Demon's have always been on opposite sides of the spectrum.  Don't really have a plot for this one in mind, but I am looking for some kind of bondage, non-con senario, possibly extreme, involving a captured Angel, and her demon / demoness captor

Brother we shouldn't

A brother and sister have grown up with pretty much just each other for friendship.  They we're always on the move so making friends wasn't easy.  As they grew an reached young adulthood, the brothers feelings for his sister begin to change as she develops into a beautiful young woman.  As he feels the burning passion in his loins for her, he starts coming onto her.  She is resistant to the idea, at first, but he has always been the more dominant personality between them.

Early Release

In the not too distant future, the United States is forced to move away from traditional punishment for minor crimes.  Theft, drug use, and other small non-violent sorts of crimes are now given the opportunity to go through a special program where they are trained to take on the role of personal companions (this could be anything from a personal house keeper for the length of the sentence, to any number of other things such as a sexual companion.  Obviously murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals are not eligible for this program. 

Once the convict has gone through the training program and shown that they will not cause problems, they are taken to auction, and clients bid on them.  Once the auction is over the convict is sent off with their new keeper.

(I am looking to play the con, I don’t care which gender I play as long as I play opposite of your characters gender)

Urban Predator 

A rapist is on the lose in the Emerald City, hunting worthy prey in the concrete jungle of the city.  He is a very cunning hunter who uses all of his skill to get what he wants.  His MO is never the same.  Sometimes he’ll attack in a home of the victim, other times in public.  Sometimes his method of attack is simply to abduct, other times he will lure the victim to a place of his choosing and subdue her there.  Because of the randomness of the MO, the police are not close to identifying the suspect.

Lead detective on the case Harmony Jackson, is the new target of the rapist, though she has no idea at the moment.  The fact that she is hunting him and getting closer to him has made her his greatest prey ever.

(Here is the scoop on this one.  I am looking for someone willing to play the rapist.  I’ve left the details of his identity up to you.   I am looking for someone who can do cunning and cleaver.  Also I am not looking for him to immediately grab my character.  This should first and foremost be about him stalking her as she draws closer to him.  I want to see some suspense before he captures her and does whatever to her.  Also he doesn’t have to be a killer.  If played right its his way of boasting that he can do what he wants leave them alive and they would still not know who he was.  So do I have any takers)

Fallen Angel

An alien princess who was traveling across the cosmos to meet with a delegation of another world finds herself unexpectedly crash landing on a primitive world known as earth in the middle of nowhere, where she is found by..... (Its a very short description I know, but I want to leave it open to whoever decides to do the other character. 

New Toys

In the not too distant future, the era of virtual intelligence will grow by leaps and bounds to a point where machines can actually seem like they are interacting with you.  As one might have guessed, the sex industry has taken to this new technology and have developed revolutionary toys for those with the money to purchase them. 

Imagine is you will, an artificial human, who looks real, feels real, and best of all is completely obedient to its master.  They can be whatever you want them to be, allowing people to explore there wildest fantasies.  Or, if androids aren’t your thing a new virtual program that actually makes you feel like your are there.  Pick your perfect partner from skins to personalities.  The possibilities are limitless.

(I am looking for someone to play the human role, and I will play the Artificial character, be it an artificial human or a virtual creation.  Will play male or female depending on what you want to play.)  On a side not I am planning for my character to be beyond ordinary, breaking free of the VI mode, to being true AI)

Daddy’s Little Slut

This is going to be a game with incest, and I will say up front that I want to play the daughter.  Now if you’re still interested I’ll go on. 

I can see this one going a couple of ways actually.  Her mother is dead, and a 17 year old girl is sent to live with her father who she has had limited contact with since her she was ten years old because of the physical distance.  From here it can open up a lot of ways.  He could come onto her early.  She could be the flirt and tease him, and things go from there.

Another variant on this that when she comes to live with her father, he starts using her when he has friends over as entertainment.  (This would probably be a group game unless one person wanted to control multiple characters)

Yes mistress

Just as the name suggests.  I don't have any concrete idea's for this one, just want was play opposite a dominant female character.  If you think your up to it and have an idea let me know.
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Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Lots of new games (All comers welcome)
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2011, 10:21:25 AM »
I forgot about our pretender game actually.  With everything that was happening in my life it got lost in the cracks.  I would however certainly be interested in doing another game with you though and I like the possibilities that this one provides.  I'll have to do some thinking on my character and I'm not 100 percent sure where I want this to go.

Offline Jarod1Topic starter

Re: Lots of new games (All comers welcome)
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2011, 09:35:03 PM »
sure either one of those would be fun.  I would like to play the virtual character or artificial human if we did that one.  Otherwise I'm still thinking about what kind of character my human will be in the alien one.

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Re: Lots of new games (All comers welcome) updated 7/10
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2011, 06:58:42 PM »
Added brother we shouldn't to the list.

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Re: Lots of new games (All comers welcome) updated 7/11
« Reply #4 on: July 11, 2011, 02:08:24 PM »
I have added games to this section

The Job