What Jely Wants. {fandoms and originals!}

Started by jely anne, July 06, 2011, 01:30:32 PM

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jely anne


I'm jely anne. Call me Jely. C:

xxxxMy schedule is a little iffy. I'll be here most of the time, though. I can most likely give you a good couple replies a day, but know that some days I just wont feel up to it. Some days I might just give you one, and some days I might not post at all. Don't hassle me, please. Shoot me a PM if I haven't replied in a week, but seriously, I hate it when people are constantly bugging me about posting. >_> I'll return the favour. I really dont enjoy pestering my partners over posting, at all. Unless I'm really into the role play, or you specifically ask me to, I wont bother nudging you if you stop posting. Which, yes, means you can drop me without warning. But if you're so kind as to let me know, I'll greatly appreciate it.
xxxxQuality and quantity. If you could post more than three paragraphs, that'd be stellar. My length varies greatly depending on the situation, how I'm feeling, all of that. But so long as I have something to work with, it will never drop below two paragraphs per character that I am playing. On that note, I love to double/triple/etc. Let's play multiple characters! If that's not your strong suit, I understand. The only time I require it is if you ask me to play a canon to your original character and a few other exceptions. On that note, I usually consider the main female character in otome games as an original, so keep that in mind. Aside from those situations, it is not necessary. Just loved.
xxxxLet's talk about limits/kinks. Watersports, scat, vore, and bestiality are mine. Any permanent damage done to characters should be discussed beforehand. Don't hack off my characters arm without asking me about it first and expect me to be happy about it. I'll extend the same courtesy to you. Let me know what squicks you and what your kinks are before we start the role play, if you don't have an On/Offs thread I can look at.

jely anne


Fruits Basket
Death Note
Mariya Holic
He Is My Master

Video Games
Mass Effect 1
Mass Effect 2
Lost Odyssey
Persona 4
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age: II {CRAVING!}
Fallout 3
Harvest Moon
Soul Calibur

House M. D
Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Being Human
True Blood
Pretty Little Liars
Battle Royale
The Lion King
The Lion King 2 {CRAVING! pleasepleaseplease!}

Frozen Essence
Fantasia: Realm of Thanos
Fantasia: Requiem of the Abyss
Dir en grey

Possible spoilers.
Dragon Age: II ;; Anders x Hawke (1)
Set post-game, I play a dominant female warrior Hawke.
Some Potential Kinks: Tease/Denial, Bondage, Humiliation, Torture, Cuckolding, Forced Bisexuality, Pegging, Verbal Abuse...
Anders blew up the Chantry and Hawke is not happy about it. They had been in a relationship prior, and her feelings for him kept her from killing him for his actions, but that doesn't mean he's getting off easy. They run away from Kirkwall together as fugitives, where they end up is open for discussion. Anyway, Hawke is furious and she takes her anger out on Anders once they're relatively safe, punishing him for his actions.

Dragon Age: II ;; Anders x Hawke (2)
Set during the game, I play a blood mage Hawke.
Some Potential Kinks: Open to anything/nothing. Blood-play and mind-control/manipulation/whathaveyou would be very suitable, though.
Hawke has always been very interested in spirits, demons, the Fade, and other such things. When she meets Anders and discovers the spirit of Justice inside him, she is instantly attracted. She strikes up a relationship with Anders for the sole purpose of getting closer to and learning more about Justice. Unfortunately, she's quite good at acting like she loves Anders, and he quickly falls for her while she's starting to fall for the spirit inside of him. This is more of a Justice x Hawke x Anders thing.

jely anne


Can I Keep Her? Taken, but will accept another.
A powerful demoness has a rather peculiar hobby. She likes to collect the souls of attractive humans, so that when they die they are sent to her circle of Hell. To achieve this, since she cannot leave Hell herself, she made the very first human whose soul she collected into a demon. She treats this demon sort of like a pet, and she's very fond of him. He is sent to gather the human souls for her, and also is a source of companionship. Things get complicated, though, when he becomes attracted to a human girl whose soul he is sent to steal. At first, the demoness is angry and resentful of the human, and considers ordering the demon to simply kill her. But eventually she comes around, and decides that she will allow her demon to take the human girl back to Hell with him, to keep as a plaything. The main focus would be the relationship between the three of them. The demoness adores the demon, the demon loves/admires the demoness but his feelings are growing for the human girl, and the human... well, she's a little too busy being terrified of her new environment and companions to really know where her heart is.
I would like to play the demoness, and would like you to play the demon. The human can go either way, I don't mind.
Genders are all negotiable except the demon, I would like him to stay male.

No Boys Allowed! Taken.
A young princess lives away from the royal palace, on her own other than her many servants and maids, all of which are female. After a trauma in her childhood, one kept secret from anyone not in the royal family, she has become extremely resentful of men. There are rumours that the princess is sexually involved with all of the women in her house, and that with some of them she is not the most gentle of lovers. Growing bored of all the familiar faces in her home, she decides to hire another servant to add to the household. What she does not know is that the new addition is actually a very effeminate male, who disguised himself as a young lady in order to get the job.
I would like to play the princess, and you would play the new servant. The other ladies in the house are up for grabs for both of us, unless you would like me to take up all of them. It would be F/F and F/M, occasionally multiple females and one male if we give the female maids a bigger part.

An Angel by Day, a Devil by Night.
This could go a number of ways, though I mostly envision it in a Mistress/slave scenario. I would like to play a woman whose very sweet, caring, and loving during the day but sadistic, vicious and demanding during the night. The focus would be on the relationship between her and her partner/slave, and how he/she deals with the situation. It could be a split-personality thing, maybe one 'side' isn't aware of the other, there's a lot of possibilities. Leaning towards F/F, but I'll happily do F/M.

Bad Dog!
She's your typical spoiled brat. A daddy's girl who gets whatever and as it turns out, whoever she wants. She decides that she wants a new pet, but she's bored of the usual. Birds, cats, dogs, lizards, they just aren't interesting to her. She wants a boy to play with. Not one to deny his little girl anything, her father hires a boy to act as his daughter's pet. The boy might be a prostitute, a homeless kid, orphan, whatever. Doesn't matter, he just desperately needs the money, so he accepts.
I play the daughter and I want you to play the pet. F/M preferred, but we can make the boy into a girl and go with F/F if you really want.

Meow!  Taken x2.
The girl is naive, innocent, and extremely sheltered. She doesn't have any friends, since she is rarely allowed to leave the mansion-like house she lives in. Lonely, she pleads with her parents to buy her a kitten, so she has at least some company. They reluctantly allow it, buying a cat from a rather eerie pet shop that was recently built in their town. The kitten is actually a grown man, cursed by a witch to take the animal form after he showed her some kind of disrespect. Whenever the girl and the cat are alone, he turns back into his human form. However when anyone but the girl is around, he is forced back into the kitten body. The girl doesn't quite understand the difference between his human and cat form and treats him the same either way. Which includes having him sleep in bed next to her, changing in front of him, and even showering with him. She's also rather neglectful, and often forgets that she has to take care of him, leaving the poor boy starving for days at a time without realizing it.
I'd like to play the girl and I would like you to play the 'kitten.' F/M only.

Love Me.
Excitable and curious, but extremely emotional, with a ridiculously short temper and a peculiar love for bloodshed, Ivan is perhaps not the ideal lover. But he has a burning need to be desired, to be loved, and often kidnaps men and women he finds attractive. Once he has them, he courts them as best as he can, trying to earn the love he has never received from anyone. Unfortunately, he usually becomes enraged by any sign of rejection, including fear, which ends in the death of those whom he kidnaps. Will Ivan ever find someone who can love him, despite his many flaws? Or, at the very least, someone who can pretend to care for him, for the sake of not being killed?
Obviously, I would like to play Ivan. This wouldn't be a role play for the faint of heart. Non-Con would probably be prominent, unless you've got a character just as fucked up as him who enjoys what he does. I really don't care how this plays out, I would just like to play one of my favourite characters. Kidnapper/Victim seems the most likely place to start, though. M/F or M/M.

From Lord to Slave.
He was once a powerful lord, ruling over his vast territory with an iron fist. A fair but strong leader. In a moment of weakness, however, his wife of many years decides that she is more worthy to rule than he is. She takes an amulet from him, the very amulet that gives him his immense power. Without it, he can hardly be considered dangerous, and the wife takes control of the lands, reducing her husband to a mere slave. There would be other slaves in the house to take into consideration, and also the children of the former lord and his wife. Supporters of the lord could try to put him back into his supposedly rightful place as ruler. The husband could try to fight to take control back, or he could enjoy his new submissive position.
I'd like to play the wife, and I would like you to play the husband. We would both have to play multiple characters to move things along, though. It'd primarily be M/F, but F/F and M/M could and probably will occur, depending.

jely anne

I'd like to try to base a role play off of any of these.

"Love Me Dead" - Ludo
"He Wont Go" - Adele
"Turning Tables" - Adele
"Hurricane" - 30 Seconds to Mars
"Judas" - Lady GaGa
"Roll Up" - Wiz Khalifa
"Needy Girl" - Chromeo
"Never Gonna Leave This Bed" - Maroon 5
"Makes Me Wonder" - Maroon 5
"Wake Up Call" - Maroon 5
"How To Be Dead" - Snow Patrol
"Stay" - Safetysuit
"Not About You" - Jonathan Coulton
"Love No" - Soko
"Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance" - Vocaloids
"Rainbow Girl" - Vocaloids
"Magnet" - Vocaloids
"Just Like Daddy" - Tupac
"Me and My Girlfriend" - Tupac
"Dont Stand So Close to Me" The Police
"Promise Me" - Kill Hannah
"How Strange" - Emilie Autumn
"Marry Me" - Emilie Autumn