An Out-of-Hours Appointment (M for F, bodymod, twisted romance)

Started by Númenor, July 04, 2011, 06:57:00 PM

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She was young, she was pretty. He'd wanted someone like that.

She'd come in for an out-of-hours appointment. He didn't need a bunch of patients and fellow peers watching his every move.

She'd recently emigrated from her own country and was now living in his, all alone. Family contacts could have made life that touch more complicated.

She was perfect. It was then or wait another agonising year before another suitable patient came along. He took his chance.

In this story I'm looking for a suitable female writer (or a male capable of writing well as a female) to play the aforementioned patient, a pretty young woman coming into a hospital clinic for an out-of-hours appointment. The doctor she sees will be the last person she sees again.

For the doctor in question is looking for a certain test subject to toy and 'experiment' with, the word used in the loosest possible way. I'm thinking a variety of piercings and different types of body modifications, rising up to the extremes where shape and form are potentially up for moulding. This game would not be primarily sexual, so if you like a traditional romantic or highly sexually charged story, this probably isn't for you. If you do, however, enjoy experimenting with body modification and other areas, PM me and I can offer you some of the ideas that I have.

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