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May 24, 2018, 10:35:41 PM

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Author Topic: The Link / Cassil's Curse (multiple ideas)[w/Pics] [Open] M/M  (Read 361 times)

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Offline DonaGothikaTopic starter

I have two ideas that have been batting around in my head. . . Note recently been very inspired by 3 dimensional art works online (Thanks to artists Feimo and Heise--for inspiration (was not getting so much of late). . .

Idea 1 ~ Cassil's Curse

I am a huge fan of the world Jacqueline Carey created in Terre D'Ange (if you even have an INKLING of what I am talking about I think I love you!!!!) If not. . . here is a quick one-two skee-do:

Terre D'Ange is  pre-renaissance vision of France. Basically all the inhabitants feel they are the offspring of humans and angels. Everyone has near perfect beauty and they believe strongly in the idea of: "Love As Thou Will". As a result of that precept and the belief that their Gods followers (fallen angels) did what ever it took (even laying with humans) to make him happy--the population subscribes to a rather UNIQUE set of standards when it comes to sex, sexuality and love.

The wiki dry explanation/background:

Still with me? Goody. . . One of the most INTERESTING things about the world of Terre D'Ange is The Night Blooming Court, which for the sake of getting to the point--is the nobility equivalent of high priced escorts. A kind of religious prostitution, held in very high regard as a form of worship. D'Angeline people believe that Naamah, one of Elua's (God/Jesus/Etc) Companions, gave herself to the King of Persis in exchange for the freedom of Elua. As Elua and his Companions wandered looking for a home, Naamah would lay with strangers in marketplaces in exchange for coin when they were in need of money. This is held either as an act of great sacrifice, or alternately, as a eager exchange depending on who is asked. It is in her honour that some members of d'Angeline society choose to enter this form of religious prostitution, thus becoming "Servants of Naamah."

The Court of Night-Blooming Flowers is a self-governing, institutionalized group of Servants of Naamah. Made up of 13 Houses, they foster young children, and raise and train apprentices in-house. The marque (tattoo paid for by services until completed) of an apprentice is owned by one House, and may be sold to another House prior to their debut if it is deemed that the apprentice would be better suited to another House. Some marques are also sold to independent citizens of Terre d'Ange, who then own the child's marque, and who train them as Independent Servants. Once a person has debuted, they are considered to be full members of their House and are bound to it. All members, and former members of each House bear it's name as their surname of fosterage, rather than their surname of birth.

Courtesans are effectively full-time employees of their House, and their time is distributed accordingly. They tithe a certain portion of their earnings to the House, and are expected to assist in the training of younger apprentices and adepts as well as taking their own patrons and pursuing hobbies. They have the most free time, working what is effectively a standard business week. They are expected to maintain their House cannon and comport themselves in a fashion befitting their House. Should they wish to pursue a different profession, outside of their House and the Night Court they must resign from the Night Court (though they may remain Servants of Naamah). If and when a courtesan chooses to leave their House, they must make arrangements with their Dowayne regarding the separation. They are considered to be former members of the Night Court and most remain on very good terms with their House. The specific arrangements will depend upon the House and the Dowayne in charge.

Their Marque is signified by a tattoo upon their back, also called a "marque." This is done in homage to Naamah, as it is said that her patrons bore the marks of her fingernails upon their backs for their entire lives. Patron gifts are applied to paying the marquist to limn their skin with this marque, to tattoo their back inch by inch starting at the base and rising to the nape of the neck. Once the marque is completed, the period of indenture is over and all of the courtesans earning are their own. This is a very expensive process, and if a patron chooses to pay for a marque to be completed rapidly, they also owe the bondholder recompense for lost earnings. Some choose to stay in their House or the house of their bondholder after this point, giving over a portion of their earnings and possibly engaging in other services according to private agreement, others choose to strike out on their own, marry, open their own salons, retire from service and/or begin another profession.

The design of the marque is unique to each Independent Servant, and common to all members of a House of the Night Court. It is considered inappropriate to show an incomplete marque in public, and the public display of a complete marque is considered a declaration that the courtesan is actively taking patrons.

**Note: For the sake of speed. . .Will only deal with the House of Dahlia in the Night Court:
When Naamah offered herself to the King of Persis, she bestowed herself like a queen.
Motto: Upright and unbending
Canon: dignity and regality
Regal and confident, Dahlia is a House of pride where adepts understand the allure of reaching the unattainable in touching royalty, and being deemed worthy. They hold themselves to be Kings and Queens in their own domain, who bestow themselves upon patrons, honoring clients with their presence and sexual favour.

Now with that roughly explained. . . .On to the RP. . . .

Protagonist 1: Étienne nó Dahlia (Age 21)

It has been one year since he has completed his mark. Since then he has worked as the Queen's "personal adviser" (in actuality he's quite the spy for her). The queen passes his "talents" on to visiting nobility. Because Étienne has the regal bearing of nobility he easily blends in to any political situation, and puts nobles at ease speaking in his presence. In addition, he has striking flaming red hair that is apparently quite rare and valued in Terre D'Ange.

Basic Personality Characteristics: Witty, Highly Intelligent, Spoiled & Haughty like a Prince/King. Has a photographic memory. Quick to anger and absolutely terrible once roused. Easily Offended.

Protagonist 2: Isaïe (ee zah EE) Du Gautier (Aged 30)
(A Cassiline Brother. . .One-Two Skee-Do On That Here: )

After an incident, The Queen sends for a Cassiline Brother to act as Étienne's bodyguard, and safety escort. Isaïe is rather mature and MORE than a little peeved to have been hired as guard to the Queen's "favorite spoiled little pet". he is also chafing at the fact that Étienne is apparently under mistaken impression he is a "servant".

Basic Personality Characteristics: Stoic, Expert marksman/warrior/swordsman, deeply disgusted by what it is the Servant's of Naamah do. Does not like confrontation. *IMPORTANT* VIRGIN (in every sense of the word).


When story begins Isaïe is assigned to escort Étienne to the barbarian king for intel and to foster trade talks. The journey is long and arduous, made more so by the forbidden growing attraction between the two (Étienne being a political pawn must obey the Queens wishes (mostly), and Cassiline are monks for all intents and purposes).    

So I basically need a player who is willing to try something new. . .You have your choice of protagonist. I once thought of a similar idea but I think I explained it poorly (hopefully I have given a better place to go from)--Live and Learn right?

Idea 2 ~ The Link  

On planet S' Laan, the inhabitants are one soul split into two called. The first soul born is called the Experience. The Experience is always born 900 years BEFORE their "Linking Soul". The Experience is usually dominating, logical, analytical, and rational. Physically they are extremely tall, with gladiator builds. They're fast, and usually excellent with weapons, devices, ships, and machinery. Most Experiences until they link, take employ off S'Laan as soldiers, or mercenaries and they extraordinarily difficult to kill. Think of them as the left brain of the souls. Experiences, win wars. However around their 999 season (birthday), Experience must link to their counterpart, or die. To foster this union--instinct will compel them to return and link (it' s a mental compulsion and physical one (with a heightened bodily sensation, and an almost sexual fever--that's impossible stop no matter how much sexual activity with non-links they engage in).

On the other hand. . .

Born 900 years LATER, is the Understanding. The Understanding Soul is intuitive, sensitive, emotional and somewhat submissive (the degree of submission directly complements the level of dominance in The Experience, more dominating Es have LESS submissive Us). While smaller and frailer than their counter part--Understanding is born with metaphysical abilities which appear on their 50th season. Unfortunately until they link with their Experience at sometime near their 100th season--they can not tap their full abilities. Understandings are not compelled to seek Experiences neither physically nor mentally (they lack any sexual response or need to anyone aside from their own Experience (this is how most Understandings find their Experience they come across a S' Laanian they desire).

So that's the rough back story once again . . .

Protagonist 1:Eri (Aged 99, is the mental/physical equivalent of a 18 year old human)
He is the Understanding. His meta ability is over elements and objects. Having recently learned of the Link Ritual (and more importantly the year of carnal exploration with an intimidating Experience leading up to the final link), he has run away from S'Laan in hopes of avoiding the whole Link. He gets captured by bounty hunters and put up for slave auction.  

Protagonist 2:Kousei (Aged 999 would be the equivalent of 35 human years)
Kousei is not exactly eager for the Linking Ritual either. He enjoys his freedom as a mercenary/pirate , and hates the idea of being linked to a weak Understanding. He is resigning himself for the trip back to S'Laan, when he stumbles across the slave auction. However he is livid to find his body reacting to runaway Eri after saving what he thought was just a foolish Understanding from being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Now the unwilling pair are stuck with each other and the one year they need to make everything right, BEFORE they get back to S' Laan for the linking ritual that will unite their souls as one. 

I would prefer to play Eri in this one. . .

**NOTE**: It is the HIGHEST taboo for a S'Laan Understanding to engage in sexual activity (even forced) with anyone not their Experience. Much of Eri's and Kousei's tension will stem from Kousei's mistaken belief that Eri has been "ruined" at the slave auction (Further hindered by a stubborn Eri's discomfort and sexual innocence about just what goes where to constitute having been ruined). . .

Any of these ideas can be altered if you have better input--or a character you think would fit better in the scenarios