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Author Topic: Evil DM looking for female victims (D&D 4E) (Full)  (Read 589 times)

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Offline SethalaTopic starter

Evil DM looking for female victims (D&D 4E) (Full)
« on: July 02, 2011, 09:02:27 PM »
Update: I've got enough players already, so unless one of them drops out, this game's full.

This is a craving I've had for quite a while, and while I had another RP going on with someone on this idea, she's kinda disappeared, so I've decided to look for a player or two for another try.

The idea is pretty simple.  Your PC is out, exploring the world, trying to live a life of adventure... but adventuring alone is far from the best idea, an she often finds herself with more than she can handle.  Essentially, your character will fall prey to all sorts of tricks, traps, and so on.  She might end up captured and sold as a slave, be cursed with constant, distracting arousal, or whatever else I can dream up.  One general rule though, is that anything that happens to her is never permanent; if she's captured there will be a way to break free, if she's cursed there's a cure, etc.  Failing in combat won't end in death, but it will probably end in rape of some sort.

Plot-wise, I might come up with ideas as we go along, but I don't have anything specific planned.  If you have an idea for a plot, go ahead and run it by me.  The world will be mostly homebrew, possibly a few references to "official" settings, but mostly stuff I come up with on the fly.  The focus of the RP is primarily on the "bad ends" your PC has to endure, though an actual story might end up somewhere.

For combat, I'm likely going to abstract things a bit, as far as maps and positioning goes.  I won't have any clear-cut maps, but since there won't be as many characters in a fight it won't matter as much.  Fights will mostly be split with half of them being standard "difficult but supposed to win" fights, and the other half being overly difficult or near impossible fights that you're supposed to lose (or come very close to losing, at least).

I'm open to DMing for either a single PC or a few characters, depending on who's interested, though I'll probably cap it at two PCs.  Female characters only, please, but I don't mind cross-gender players.
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Offline Lithium

Re: Evil DM looking for female victims (D&D 4E) (Full)
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2011, 05:44:37 PM »
Alright, so here's the character fluff sheet that I promised you. Also looking forward to meeting my partner in crime and discussing our characters! ^.^

Edit: Character Stats Sheet

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Elaraith Thrysalys

Age: 25

Race: Elven

Personality: Above all else, Elaraith's mind is programmed to look after herself and her own interests. She's selfish, cold, possessive and often manipulative. She's also highly motivated to reach her goals of power, riches and fame, and will stop at virtually nothing in order to achieve them. She thinks very highly of herself and figures that her magical ability gives her the right to do just about whatever she pleases.

History: Unlike most elves, Elaraith was never raised as a forest dwelling, tree hugging nature lover. She was born in a technologically advanced metropolis which was home to many different races, although it was predominantly a human city overall. Elaraith was abandoned by her parents shortly after her birth for reasons which she's unaware of, but she was lucky enough to be adopted by a well-off human couple while she was still a baby, therefore never truly having to suffer the life of an orphaned child.

She was raised the same as any other human for most intents and purposes - that is until her magical abilities manifested themselves when she was ten. Far from being upset or horrified, Elaraith's parents were extremely supportive, even paying a full tuition for her at the most prestigious magic college in the city. The young elf spent the next decade honing her abilities while continuing to live a privileged lifestyle thanks to her family's wealth, even becoming one of the most promising students at the college.

So much so that she was often bored with the simple and - at least in her opinion - useless things that she was forced to learn and practice endlessly.  Elaraith often got into arguments with her professors, complaining that they were holding her back and that she wasn't being allowed to achieve her true potential. Eventually, she'd had enough of the college's stupid rules and restrictions. In her opinion, they were the exact opposite of what was conducive to truly mastering the arcane arts, so Elaraith concluded that she would be better off teaching herself from that point on.

The only thing that she regretted was having to upset her parents who had always been good to her, but she knew that they would understand and forgive her once she returned as one of the most powerful and revered individuals in the entire realm. Already envisioning her inevitable success, Elaraith set off on her adventure, ready to ascend to the greatness that she was destined for.
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Offline Flying Tengu

Re: Evil DM looking for female victims (D&D 4E) (Full)
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2011, 08:11:18 PM »
Hello!  I think I may be your partner in crime, as long as that crime is hitting things with a big sword.  And really, can we call that a crime?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character sheet, description, and background can be found here:

For ease of looking, I will reproduce the non-mechanical portions below:

Name: Selina

Race:  Elf

Description:Selina is slightly tall for an elf female, standing at 5'6".  Despite her apparent strength, she maintains the slim build of her race, with long slender legs.  Her dark-blond hair is impressively long, hanging down to her waist when allowed to go free, running over her shoulders and down her back in delicate waves.  When traveling, she like to keep it in a single long braid.  She has delicate features, with light-blue almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, and petite nose and mouth.  Her skin is surprising pale for an adventurer, with only a very light tan.  While her face marks her relative youth, it is clear from her body that she is an adult, with generous, full breasts, and gently curving hips.  As she walks, she moves with an unconscious grace.  Her normal adventuring gear is a light brown hide jerkin, laced up the front and leaving just a few inches of midriff bare, and hide leggings which end just below the knees.  Her blade, a well-cared for two-handed sword, is strapped to her back.  When not adventuring, she often wears a short green tunic, which leaves her shoulders bare, and her legs exposed to mid-thigh.

Personality Traits:Selina's most notable characteristic is her enthusiasm: it drove her to train hard to join Correllon's Blades, and it drives her now to adventure.  This turns easily to confidence, and sometimes overconfidence, as her training significantly outweighs her real-world experience.  She is neither outgoing nor shy, instead tending towards cautious friendliness.  When comfortable, she loves to tell and hear jokes.

History:Selina grew up in the elven community located in Highpeak Woods.  Prosperous and large, at least by elven standards, Selina had her pick of professions.  Her physical prowess led her to the warriors, where her pride and enthusiasm led her to become a member of Correllon's Blades: the elite warrior group responsible for the defense of the forest.  Her natural grace with a blade served her well, and she has just been made the most junior member of the order, only a few short years after reaching the age of adulthood.  Every junior member of Correllon's blades is required to take the Path, in which the new member must spend three years adventuring outside of Highpeak Woods, before returning with better knowledge of the world.  Selina has just begun her Path...

Offline Lithium

Re: Evil DM looking for female victims (D&D 4E) (Full)
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2011, 08:24:48 PM »
Hey Tengu, nice to finally meet my fellow adventurer. =)

Any ideas as to how our characters should meet? It would be easy to have them simply run into each other while they're both separately adventuring in the same location, but I'm open to pretty much anything.