Beautiful Plots / Dynasty Warriors!{ Males Wanted }

Started by KikuLei, July 02, 2011, 01:45:01 AM

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Ones LOVED = <3
Zhen Ji x Gan Ning <3 { Zhen Ji, Da Qiao , Okuni = <3!  }
Zhen Ji x Zhao Yun
Zhen Ji x Lu Bu <33333 LOVE!
Zhen Ji x Sun Ce <3
Zhen Ji x Liu Bei
Zhen Ji x Wei Yan
Zhen Ji x Taishi Ci
Zhen Ji x Xiaohu Dun
Zhen Ji x Dian Wei <3 { With Zhen Ji & Da Qiao = <3 }
Zhen Ji x Zhou Tai <3
Zhen Ji x Ling Tong { With Okuni = <3 }
Zhen Ji x Nobunaga <3
Zhen Ji x Sun Quan <3
Zhen Ji x Sun Jian <3
Zhen Ji x Orochi <3
Zhen Ji x Keiji Maeda { With Okuni , SunShang or Da Qiao = <3 }
Zhen Ji x Magoichi Saika
Zhen Ji x Kotaro Fuma <3
Zhen Ji x Cao Pi { With Da Ji = <3 }
{ All of the same for Nouhime, Okuni , SunShang, Da Ji and Da Qiao. }


Da Ji Beaten in Battle:
Da Ji runs off before getting defeated herself, leaving her own group but is offered a job on the enemies side by a officer if she does him a favor. { Nobunaga , Cao Pi , Lu Bu , Kotaru Fuma , Sun Jian}

Father & Son x Female such as....

Sun Jian + Sun Quan or Sun Ce / Both x { Insert Female Character here. }<33333
{ Works for Guan Yu / Zhang Fei & Liu Bei as well }

Gang Bang of Male characters on....
- Da Ji { Especially if it Involves Nobunaga , Lu Bu, Keiji Maeda , Guan Yu, Kotaro Fuma or Magoichi Saika }<3
- Okuni { Especially for Gan Ning , Sun Jian , Sun Ce , Sun Quan , Lu Bu , Dian Wei } <3
- Nouhime { Especially if it Involves Dian Wei , Sun Ce , Sun Jian , Lu Bu }
- Zhen Ji { Same for Da Ji + Dian Wei}<3
- Sun Shang { Especially if it involves her brothers or father. } <3


Assassin x Beautiful Strategist - A man is hired by another dynasty, his mission is to kill their strategist while they are alone. What he does not plan on is, the strategist being a woman. What makes it harder is, she is all woman and he can't think straight near her. ( Can include rape , romance , a sex trade and possible dramatic ending.  If you have a requested kink on this just ask , that goes for ALL my rp's.)

Great Warrior x Female  needing to be escorted - A male warrior is asked to escort a local Merchants daughter. When he goes to get her he doesn't expect her to be such a beautiful woman. ( Can include sex trade, romance , anything honestly.)

Sex God x Local Beauty - From each village a woman is sent to him, he shall take the one he likes the most that month and use her body. In return he offers them good fortune and protection.

Sex God x Great beauty - Lost in the rain, she runs underneath a hut. However she rings the bell inside of it and it falls. A mist covers the area and clears , she must now bare his children.


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